by Matt Brogan

Headlining the Kia stand at this year’s Australian International Motor Show is a preview of the new and very stylish Kia Cerato sedan, due for release to the Australian market early in 2009.


New Kia Cerato will be the first Kia released in Australia to feature the ‘new face of Kia’, the H-grille design from the pen of Kia’s global chief design officer, Peter Schreyer, who joined the company in 2006 from the Volkswagen Group.

Schreyer’s corporate H-grille echoes his car design philosophy. According to Schreyer, design is the No.1 purchase influence but it is essential that new designs match both the Kia brand value and the vision of the Kia brand.

The new Cerato is the first mass production Kia that embodies Peter Schreyer’s thinking, and introduces the new Kia ‘face’ that is sporty with an element of aggression.


Eye-catching integrity of design is just one factor in new car buyers’ minds. Customers want quality, safety, reliability, value and low total cost of ownership. That’s where the efficiencies of Kia’s highly-developed production facilities are displayed in the all-new Cerato, building cars in a smarter way with more efficient use of materials.

New Cerato is the perfect choice for people seeking a modern, well-engineered and more efficient car to reduce their ownership costs without compromising quality, safety or reliability.

The new model will bridge the gap between small and medium cars with the space, performance, features and value that many Australian car buyers are seeking, without having to pay more for a medium-sized car with a larger and less economical engine.

Longer and wider than the current Cerato sedan and in fact more roomy than the first generation Toyota Camry sold in Australia, the new Kia Cerato has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor with a more spacious and comfortable interior room for five occupants and a bigger boot.

New Cerato will feature a new, efficient 2-litre engine with Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) for class-leading power and torque, delivering the pulling power and responsiveness of a 2.2-litre engine without the fuel consumption of a bigger engine.

Like all new Kia vehicles now sold in Australia, the new Cerato will be covered by Kia’s 5-year/unlimited kilometre warranty for private buyers (5-year/130,000kms for fleet buyers).

The final specification and pricing for Australian vehicles is still to be determined but the new Kia Cerato is unquestionably an eye-catching design that will match the space and performance that Australian small car buyers want and an outstanding value-for-money price.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    This time next week i will have driven one of these in Korea. Looks great and Kia dealers are very keen to get them into the showrooms.

  • alborz

    I’d say Honda Accord Euro actually…

  • Frontman

    Looks like the TGA reasonable priced car might have some genuine competition…….(bait)
    But seriously, at least KIA is being allowed to follow it’s own style and not the fluid curves of it’s parent. They just need to make the panels not so Shoppind centre prone.

  • ScottB

    A huge improvement on anything KIA has done before, regardless whether it apes the styling of other cars or not.

  • Milsie

    The employee at Kia Australia replonsible for displaying a metallic blue car should be shot… Silver or Red makes much more of a statement. Kia is trying to modernise it’s image (with the new Soul & even the new facelifted Optima coming soon) and blue just attracts retirees (oh and did I mention the front & rear mudflaps on the podium model?!).
    This is a car designed by the same guy who designed the previous generation Honda Accord Euro – stop playing it safe Kia Australia.
    Kia Australia should have adopted the new name used in Korea, where the Cerato is known as the Forte. They should also have taken note from Kia Korea’s marketing campaign…

  • Baji

    Even that blue colour reminds me of the Accord Euro. Its not a bad looking car. Very innoffensive. But it still lacks the eyecatching good looks of the new Mazda 3.

    However im sure it will do okay. Its a step up in design and quality from previous kia models.

  • Yianni

    =”Baji Says:
    October 9th, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Even that blue colour reminds me of the Accord Euro. Its not a bad looking car. Very innoffensive. But it still lacks the eyecatching good looks of the new Mazda 3.

    However im sure it will do okay. Its a step up in design and quality from previous kia models.”

    Well said mate.

    This thing does look nice and most of us are forgetting that at the end of a day its a cheap car.

    If it can be priced well under its competition, the 3, Focus, Civic then KIA might have a winner.

    Hopefully they wont make the mistake of thinking that it can challenge its well established opposition right off the blocks and price it in the same range.

  • http://faster DanMan

    Rememeber SALESPERSON dont eat the kim-chee. Its not for western digestive tracts..

    Also Kia were notorious for ‘ comfort hosts ‘ to entertain western businessman in the nineties.. care to confirm that fact when you get back… i wont tell!

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Best not to ask, just eat and add alcohol.
    Comfort hosts hay, didn’t have them in 2004, I got ripped off.(Damm you Kia)
    Will let you know if they have improved the “hospitality”.
    Of course I will be a great ambassador for my company and my country, international relations are of the up most importance.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    So ‘The Salesman’ has now outed himself as being on the payroll of a Kia Dealer and is not ashamed to admit it on this site.
    Nothing wrong with Kias, but shouldn’t he disqualify himself from talking about them here?

  • http://faster DanMan

    Not really Captain..

    Probably gives him more right to an opinion, you know might be backed by actual fact… just saying..

    Anyway post by salesperson in 3…2….1…

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Captain Mainwaring.
    Just work that out did you, it has never been a secret.
    We don’t just have Kia, also
    Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, Proton, Ssangyong, Landrover, Volvo, Isuzu. And used cars.
    Why would I be disqualified?
    Because i am a Salesman, you got a grudge or what, you racist. I put it to you that you should be disqualified sir. GOOD DAY!

  • Sam

    Ford is the Worst on that sorry list of mediocre car brands. And before I get nasty replies, I agree that mediocre is a very generous way to describe a Ssangyong or a Ford.

  • eh179driver

    Note to KIA. Change the name! The current Cerato is a heap of crap and you are going to saddle a new car with the same name. The current car is woefully underpowered, is just about the worst in class for fuel economy and has a shocking re-sale value. Do waht you did with the Optima and change the name.
    New car looks like an Accord Euro. Oh well Kia has copied other cars before. Just look at the Sorrento (another heap of junk). Its a Benz rip off. Just Kia doing what the japs did years ago. At least the Hyundai parents are a bit more creative.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Kia to eh179driver by way of The Salesman,
    The current Cerato out performed Kia’s expectations, it performed well in its market segment and we expect the new Cerato to increase our share of this market place. So keeping the same name helps us build the market we have established.

  • Frontman

    Umm, Salesman, that wouldn’t be a large semi rural NSW group recently owned by a brisbane based group would it?

  • http://skyline The Salesman



  • Falcodore

    Did Subaru lend Kia their designers? Looks a bit like an Impreza to me.

  • eh179driver

    Hi Salesman. Are you talking about your emplyers expectation or KIA Australia’s? KIA seem to make ok cars since the buyout by Hyundai. But you have to admit the current Cerato if a pretty ordinary drive. If the new one is as good as an I30 or the current Elantra then it should be a vast improvement. I guess if they have built up a good following then keep the name. It’s just what I see, hear and read and my own experiance of driving them, a change in name might have been a reasonable idea. But then you don’t want to do what Nissan did and kill of the Pulsar name. What a success that was!