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by Matt Brogan

Ford Performance Vehicles has celebrated its 5th birthday with a Limited Edition GT Falcon.

In what promises to become a highly collectable piece of Australian automotive history, the FPV 5th Anniversary Limited Edition will be limited to a build run of 200 examples only.

Specific to the 5th Anniversary GT are unique 19″ multi-spoke alloy wheels finished in Alpine Silver with Brembo six-piston front, and four pot rear callipers.


A special decal and side stripe package, including Boss 315 hood decal, build badge, floor mats and leather seats (embossed with 5th Anniversary logo) distinguish the model above the regular GT.


Powered by Ford’s 5.4 litre quad-cam 32 valve Boss 315 V8, the 5th Anniversary GT produces 315kW of power and 551Nm of torque. Delivery comes compliments of the TR6060 six speed manual or option ZF six speed high torque automatic transmission with Sequential Sport Shift.


Also featuring Dynamic Stability Control, Front, Side and Curtain Airbags the 5th Anniversary GT is available in Lightning Strike (Silver) and Silhouette (Black) only.

Orders can be placed as of today at AIMS or your local FPV dealer.

  • Mitch


  • Indy

    Seriously, why even bother?

  • Wopenka

    I’m very disappointed. Because its the 5th Anniversary Limited Edition and all they have done to it is put some badging on. I’m an FPV fan but only because of how good they look and the F6 performance. The GT’s performance needs to be raised higher than the F6 as they are ment to be the flagship cars of FPV.

  • pg

    fpv with fiesta wheels, and more decals?

    so i expect a 10k price drop?

  • http://faster DanMan

    OMG it’s the GT SR!

    Not even a token 5kw more… GT 320 would not have been hard to do… FPV and Ford just dont care about the customer do they. This isn’t hard Ford. If you dont want to build cars with passion, we wont buy them.. You go bankrupt. See how that works?

  • Stav

    Rims look good, classier, but there is no diffrence really besides the deacals and 5th anevesary things on it, why dont they bring back the GTHO limited at 200 cars only that would be great an OLDIE but a goodie always works.

  • Bavarian Missile

    40th Edition GT and Cobra I can understand but 5 years for FPV is hardly worth bothering with and thats coming from a Ford lover !

  • Devil666

    I’m guessing the V8’s just aren’t moving… gotta find some way to sell them… slap some stickers on old stock and retrofit some airbags woo.

  • BJ

    Seriously, that is the BEST car I have EVER seen… especially the 5th anniversary sticker. Can’t wait to get one in my driveway, hopefully 2 but I may have to extend my driveway – but we all have to make sacrifices right?
    Might have to sell my Monaro GTS now

  • http://skyline The Salesman


    Good luck finding a buyer for the Monaro.
    I am sure a Ford salesman will sees all his Christmases at once when someone like you walks into the show room and makes a bee line straight to it.
    Keep an eye out for old stock before you make a commitment.

  • BJ


  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Yeah TRD know about old shockers, opps i mean stockers.

    FPV will sell every one of the limited 200 run.

  • Name (required)

    boring the sr falcon got a bettr face lift
    looks gay and im a ford fan far out fords going down even more evry dai so much for a special car to celebrate the 5yrs of fpv pfffft least holden comes out with somethng decent as a celebration car
    sad dai to b a ford fan

  • ScottB

    Seriously, FPV have got to stop with these “special editions” that have nothing more than a different tasteless sticker on them than the regular models. They’re nothing more than exercises in marketing cynicism.


    Hang on everyone stop cying about Ford doing this, when bluddy this company (GM-Holden-Daewoo) do the same thing if not more so…

    For me this would have to the best looking Ford on the road today and probably ever. makes the Holden SSSSSSS look very boring indeed take a look at the stupid stripes they used, doesn’t even suit the car…

  • Oz.

    I think Some people were expecting something very special like a GT-HO. All it is, is just a new set of wheels and 5th anniversary stickers. BTW, I didn’t expect any thing better than this anyway.

  • Name (required)

    somethng i dont get is y ford try and sell the gt and xr8 everyone knows that the turbo is keeping the fords alive
    i no thats the onli reason i still love ford

  • Andrew M

    dan man,
    doesnt toyota build cars with out passion???

  • Bavarian Missile

    hahaha yep,evening AndrewM .Hows the new ute ?

  • http://porsche Millatime

    Attention Ford and FPV;

    For the love of God please release the GT-HO. With supercharged all alloy 5.4 V8 and around 400kw should do it. Also while your at it, to celebrate the end of the l6 4.0 what about a F6-RR also producing around 400kw. These two ought to be stripped out light weight track attack thermo nuclear weapons AND YOU WOULD SELL EVERY SINGLE ONE YOU PRODUCE!

    Lord hear our prayer,



    Like the wheels, like the fact it doesnt come in that breeze colour but they should have given it a tickle.

    In regards to a GTHO, id rather they wait till the next model and go ballistic, think bonnet decal reading BOSS429. That thought alone turns me on.


    Also, are Ford going to give the GT a decal change every October in the week before Bathurst…….? Then the idea of limited edition will wear out……

  • Bavarian Missile

    mmmmmmmmmmmI think 427…………..Same engine they stuck in the concept Shelby Cobra…………..V10

  • http://porsche Millatime

    The blown 5.4 can be dialled up to whatever horsepower you like.. 450kw, 500kw no problemo!

    And the GT-HO needs some serious rubber, not the povo 245 stuff on GT and F6.

    Check out what BMW stuff under the wheel arches of the M5/6. Seriously!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hell yeah Millatime…………but you also need something smooth and drivable………more cubes will give you that.Traction………..they need more than the black stuff !

  • http://porsche Millatime

    Bavarian Missile

    Any idea why Ford havn’t increased the capacity of the 5.4?
    It’s allready a long stroke engine so you probably don’t want to increase the stroke further (I’m not a mechanical engineer though!), but what about increasing the bore? 5.5? 5.6? Is the block at capacity allready? Or is it simply cost?

    BTW, my long since deceased XF ute had 295 rubber on the rear (& 3 carbs up the other end) and was still joyfully loose in the tail.

  • Andrew M

    Hey BM,
    the new ute is simply awesome.
    its true what they say, “you wont want to get out of it”.

    ill send some pics through when i get a chance.

  • Stevo

    With the large car sector falling faster than a “lead Balloon” It really makes you wonder if this the only way that FPV can move stock? First the 40th Anniversary model, then the Cobra. How many more special edition will there be Mr FPV?
    I really can’t see the premium cost for decals and badges (on the seats and on the car).
    Come on FPV if you are serious about a LE version give us the GTHO & not just decal & badges special. But with a serious power (KW & Torque) advantages over HSV, suspension upgrade & 20″ wheels this time! over the donor car.
    Are all of these decal & badge specials really going to command the high prices of their older siblings (IE: GTHO’s) Or is this really just marketing Hype?
    Does the Ford Falcon 25 year Anniversary Special & for that matter the 30th Anniversary special command extra $’s over the standard XF and EA falcon models? Simply NO! Nobody cares I really think this is where FPV limited edition decal/badge specials will end up as well. Nobody will give a “toss” in 20 years unless the LE really is unique. IE: A very special motor and drive train maybe like how the T-Series/Pursuit 250 (T3 in particular) was done with a fully hand built motor with the signature of the guy who built it.

  • Stevo

    Seriously Mr Barrett, this is starting to get very boring releasing LE versions that are no more than an FPV version of the Falcon SR. Granted the Cobra has 12 more KW over the donor car. But I have to say as an owner of two FPV’s I’m about to dump your brand and go somewhere else. You are starting to patronise your loyal customer base! We are not all “Westie Bogan, moccasin wearing idiots” some of us actually make serious money and have highly responsible jobs.
    To me it looks like: A: FPV has no more passion to build exciting LE edition cars OR B: FPV is not selling cars and you have simply run out of money due to fuel costs and next the financial crisis.
    If you’re serious about your customers build the HO and do it with passion. If not close FPV down!

  • Wopenka

    If they are going to remake a GTHO it needs to be of awesome power.. because thats what the GTHO. If they make a GTHO that can only compete against the HSV GTS than forget about making it.

    Also fords I6 motor should be used in an F6 coupe. Shorter, lighter, 340kws, 600nm torque and maybe AWD. That would kill anything just about. But that would be nice to see.

  • JT

    I would pay an extra $4200 for this .It has a different look to the standard GT.It has enough grunt for us,so stop fooling yourself and take one for a test drive.While your there go across the road and take the 40th anniversary GTS for a drive.Try and see the difference with the kids in the backseat dreamers.

  • GT

    If u want a proper engine for the GTHO, get the 5Ltr Cammer modular engine. All alloy quad cam 32 valve V8, starts off with 400hp bt can be brang up to 750 hp in supercharged form!!! Thatl fix the front end dipping and diving and enough power to blow anything off in australia

  • Zoe

    Well 4 all u F6 fans, mi dad had 1, 4 onli 3 months, dnt get get me wrong it is a great car and exceptionally fast but he missed the roar of an 8 with his previous BA GT-P. He ended up tradin the F6 in on a 5th Anniversary GT & hasn’t yet 4 1 moment regretted it!

  • paul

    I Think the car looks great……..there alot better than holdens buy a long shot.As for everyone out there complaining…these people who complain are the ones that can never afford a car like that ………