2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

Update: Isuzu D-Max Ute Limited Edition

A third of the way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast exists a place called Sirromet Winery, one of QLD’s better known producers of fine wine, and a careful play on words of the name of the owner, one T. E. Morris!

What an excellent location to launch a new brand and model into the Australian market.

– by Alborz Fallah

Isuzu Ute Australia is a Japanese company wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation (note – different to Mitsubishi Motors) and for many years Isuzu had been selling a ute, which till very recently was called Holden Rodeo.

2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

The Rodeo is now called the Holden Colorado and will soon stop production in Thailand.

Instead Isuzu will soon export all the parts to GM plants in South America where the car will be assembled. So then, say hello to the new legitimate kid on the block, the Isuzu D-MAX.

The D-MAX is one of the world’s most popular utes and like nearly all other utes on the Australian market today, it’s assembled in Thailand, the world’s second biggest ute market.

Australia will receive 11 different D-MAX models, all powered by a 3.0-litre, turbodiesel engine with 120kW and 360Nm (333Nm for the automatic). Pricing starts from a very competitive $23,300 and goes all the way to $42,500 for the fully-kitted, automatic,  4WD LS-U crewcab ute.

2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

Instead of focusing on petrol and diesel, Isuzu will instead take a “boutique” approach and concentrate completely on diesel to build a brand image focused on reliable diesel utes.

Despite being closely related to the Holden Colorado mechanically, the D-MAX is different enough to raise a few eyebrows. Public relations spokesman Richard Power said unlike the competition, which set a high recommended retail price then discounted heavily (hurting resale) Isuzu will enter at market rate.

Starting later this week, Australia will become the 83rd country Isuzu competes in and it’s a good market to be in. Last year 140,000 one-tonne utes were sold in all of Europe, which might seem like a lot, but for a market of 17 million new car sales a year, it’s not all that much.

During the same period Australians on the other hand, bought the same number of utes out of a pool of one-million new car sales.

Isuzu plans to sell 4000 D-MAX utes in Australia in 2009, with that number climbing to 6000 and then 8000 for the following two years.

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2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

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Over the 11 variants there are three trim levels: EX, SX and LS.

The ES is the no frills farmers ute, a single cab/chassis manual only, which misses out on ABS and airbags, but instead comes with 4WD drivetrain, seating for three, hi-ride suspension, air-conditioning and a 16x 7-inch drilled steel wheel and 245/70 tyre package as standard. The ES retails for $27,800.

What’s really the low cost entry model into the D-MAX range comes in SX flavour. Four SX variants exist and Isuzu believes it will be the volume seller. All SX variants come standard with ABS with EBD, dual front airbags, power windows with driver’s window one-touch auto-down and remote entry via a single integrated key/pad.

2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

The SX rear-wheel drive variants are available as both a single cab/chassis and crew cab ute. Moving up to the 4WD, choice exists between single cab/chassis and crew cab/chassis. Like the ES, the SX range is available only with a five-speed manual transmission.

Topping off the D-MAX range are the LS variants, three different crew cab utes (LS, LS-U and LS-M) each offered with either automatic or manual transmission.

On top of the SX, standard equipment includes: cruise control,  16-inch alloy wheels including the spare, leather steering wheel rim and shift knob, electro-luminescent instrument cluster, five-function trip computer (trips A &B, instant & average fuel usage and outside temp), projector headlights and front fog lights, rear step bumper, power-adjustable and remote fold back door mirrors with LED turn indicators, flush fascia CD/FM/AM audio with MP3/WMA and six speakers and more.

Inspired by 2WD versions of SUVs that look virtually identical to their 4WD variants, the LS (2WD) and LS-U (4WD) D-MAX models look identical (except for the ‘4WD’ decal on the LS-U tailgate).

2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

To top of the range, the D-MAX LS-M is made for those of us who enjoy a little bit of proper off-roading. The car is differentiated from the LS and LS-U by being available with a scratch-resistant grey front bumper, grille surround and wheel arch flares, grey gloss finish grille, black finish for the rear step bumper and exterior hardware and vinyl flooring instead of carpet.

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Isuzu has a reputation for building reliable utes, just ask our friends in Thailand where the D-MAX has been the best selling ute for the greater part of the past decade (beaten last year by the HiLux).

The Tokyo based company hopes to build on that reputation but also has other ways of tempting Australian customers.  The diesel powerplant offers the best combined fuel economy rating at 7.9-litres/100km, making the D-MAX 2WD the most fuel frugal of all the 3.0-litre entrants in the one-tonne ute class. The 4WD variants manage 8.1L/100km, the best result for a 4WD one-tonner in Australia.

2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

Behind the wheel the D-MAX feels nearly identical to the Holden Colorado. Through our 20km drive route the one-tonner behaved itself without too many issues. The gearbox takes just a few minutes to master and combined with the strong engine, there is a feeling of confidence in the drivers seat.

Engine noise is evident but it’s not over the top and the stereo is more than capable of keeping you entertained.

Tackling the small 4WD course (oddly situated at Sirromet Winery) was a little more interesting. With low-range engaged (via a button on the dashboard) the D-MAX is capable of climbing nearly anything. With a 34.6 degree approach angle and a 48 degree traverse angle, getting stuck in the outback is unlikely.

Safety is perhaps one of the few weaknesses of the D-MAX. Tested by EuroNCAP, the D-MAX barely scored a two-star safety rating in the frontal impact test. Local crash tests for the D-MAX will be taking place soon.

On the face of it thought, the ute comes standard with ABS and EBD and dual front airbags in all models except the farm-truck EX, plus anti-submarining front seats.

2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review
2009 Isuzu D-MAX Review

Reliability should not be an issue but for peace of mind, all D-MAX models come with a three year/100,000km warranty and backed by 24/7 roadside assistance during this period.


  • SX single cab/chassis 4×2 – $23,300
  • SX 4×2 crew cab ute – $31,800
  • SX single cab chassis 4×4 manual -$32,000
  • SX crew cab chassis 4×4 – $36,700
  • EX single cab/chassis manual – $27,800
  • SX single cab chassis 4×4 manual is $32,000
  • SX crew cab chassis 4×4 – $36,700
  • LS-M 4×4 crew ute manual – $38,700 (auto $40,700)
  • LS-U 4×4 crew ute – $40,500 (auto $42,500)

  • realcars

    I am confused which isn’t hard.LOL.

    If the Colorado and DMAX are the same ute bar the drive train then the Colorado with the alloy tech would be the better choice given the durability issues with the 3.5 v6 isuzu(good for about 150 to 200klms)and also better economy of the Holden unit.

    Petrol Four cylinder unit far more durable than isuzu 3.5v6.

    Know several individuals with either plus industry buzz on this issue.

    • Tony

      Never buy a petrol motor in a 4WD, they are a car motor in a 4WD thus sucking more fuel, deisels have more low down torque anyway and last longer in life, you dont see any petrol semi’s driving down the road do you.

  • realcars

    d max diesel only?

    • dmax ftw

      Yes the new australian ones are i donno about oversea’s models but here they are i own a new one bought it 2 months ago and it is the best thing ever i was new to the 4wd market coming from a falcon xr6 turbo ute and the only thing I find not the best is the interior but all 4wds are fairly basic inside its not bad but its not like a falcon interior but they are the best have started making it into a moto x sexy ute

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    Realcars, the Diesel engine in the ISUZU, according to the company, is capable of at least 400,000ks.. Of course durability is one thing we cant test.

    As for diesel utes, last year 58% of the one tonner market was diesel so Isuzu decided to stick with a diesel only option for now.

  • Alibenco

    I was hoping the D-max point of difference would be a fully spec’d version in the single cab chassis, instead it’s back to plastic & grey cloth if you want something other than a token tray out back.

    At least it makes it easy to walk in to Holden & ask them for a D-max deal.

  • realcars


  • Erien_88

    Wha? No Isuzu D-max Space Cab Hi-lander?

    That was my favorite variant of the D-max range back in Thailand! (I have a soft spot for extended cab pick up trucks.)

    I don’t get this part;

    “The Rodeo is now called the Holden Colorado and is no longer put together by Isuzu, instead the Japanese company exports all the parts to GM plants in South America where the car gets assembled.”

    I’ve always thought that the Holden Colorado is made in Thailand.

    Chevrolet Colorado (Thai market version)= Rayong.

    Chevrolet Colorado (Canada, North America & Mexico)= Louisiana.

    Chevrolet LUV D-Max (Basically an Isuzu D-Max with Chevy badges sold in South America excluding Brazil.)= Venezuela

    Chevrolet S10 (Still manufactured and sold in Brazil.)= Brazil

    PS: In Thailand, the Isuzu D-max & Mu-7 (Basically a D-max with an SUV rear.) are sold as Isuzu Gold Series (Basically a D-max & Mu-7 with Gold badges on the exterior & steering wheel.).

  • Reckless1

    Durability issues with Isuzu 3.5 V6 – self destruct at 150,000ks – what utter B/S.

  • paul

    What is it with Jap Diesels..

    3.0 litre capacity and only 120kw, and not even 400Nm of torque..

    the Nissan D40 Navara has 2.5Litre capacity diesel and puts out 126kw and over 400Nm of torque.. the main difference – this is a European diesel.. (Spanish)


    • mitchell

      do you know how they make that much power lots of boost they are pushing 21psi standard that is the maximum efficiency of the turbo not to mention the problems with the clutch in the manual

      • Luke

        SPOT ON WITH THAT MITCHELL!! Another big fault of the D40 is the 7 sets of brake pads you go through before you get to 30,000 ks

    • Tony

      You cant substitute cubes with boost, one pin hole in your boost system and you back to 100kw if that. My brother has a D40 and wishes the hell he never bought it, his on his second clutch in 20,000 km, and for the same price as a DMAX

  • realcars

    Know of company with a fleet of the petrol four potters and well over 300klms before rebuild.

    Correction,know three people who have put new grate motors in their Rodeos earlier version 3.2 ltre v6 at between 150 to 200klms.

    Probably just luck of the draw.

    Nice looking trucks Collorado and dmax.


    i think the auther of this article has fast tracked where the colorado is being made…it will be made in brazil,but for now is made in thailand(i have seen the thailand stickers in the cigerette ashtrays).in 2010…new colorado.as for the numbers quoted(projected sales figures),i really think g.m. will do EVERYTHING to undermind that(look at what happened to ford’s new model falcon…ouch).can’t blame them for going solely diesel but,the 3.5 v6 was a thirsty dog.

  • greenroom

    “Safety is perhaps one of the few weaknesses of the D-MAX. Tested by EuroNCAP, the D-MAX barely scored a two-star safety rating in the frontal impact test. Local crash tests for the D-MAX will be taking place soon”.

    In my opinion, this dismal result is an admission of failure. Poor final effort Isuzu. Go back to the drawing board. The T Model Ford would probably score better.

  • phaeton

    I think Isuzu will do well as they only have to market and build Utes whereas the other brands don’t.

    As for safety only two vehicles in this segment earn 4 stars the Hilux and Triton; so next gen of the Ford/Mazda trucks, GM, VW will easily better 4 stars.

  • Andrew

    Paul, that is a very good observation and one that I personally found brought up by customers who shopped the ML Triton against D40 Navara.

    The Triton features a 3.2L common rail turbo diesel, a variation of the upgraded Pajero engine. This engine produces 118kW and 343Nm which pales slightly in comparison to the specs of the Nissan 2.5L engine (126kW/403Nm)

    I must mention, I am comparing specs between dual cab Triton GLX-R manual, and dual cab D40 Navara ST-X (according to Nissan spec sheet, single cab gets de-tuned engine).

    Now the compression ratio of the Triton 3.2 is 17.0:1, compared to 16.5:1 for the Navara. A difference in power can be attributed to the Navara’s variable vane turbocharger, but the question remains, how much are they boosting this motor and as a result how, over time, will this affect durability? The Triton’s 3.2L has already proven itself to be reliable in it’s 1st-generation guise in Pajero.

    I just wonder what potential the Triton could have with the Pajero-spec motor…

    • Brad

      The Triton looks like an egg. I wouldn’t be seen dead in one, they’re deadset ugly. Surely they’re only selling because they’re cheap. Nowhere near as good looking as the Navara and the D-Max.

  • Fenno

    Andrew, last I heard the navara was running in the vacinity of 1 bar (14.7psi) from the turbo on the 2.5. They did the same with the Garrets on the ZD30, which were notoriously unreliable. Nissan’s figures on paper always look the best but somehow never really equate to what you get when you drive (both the Hilux and Triton walk away from a Navara in the real world-both make less power/torque and have less gears).

    On topic; Alborz did they mention a dealer network? Are they being sold through Holden Dealers or do they have their own network in the pipeline? Will we see other Isuzu’s down the track?

    Like what Realcars says in his first comment “i’m confused” (colorado/d-max…too similar – Aussies will stick with what they know)

    Methinks that Isuzu will probably sell their D-max’s mainly to larger fleets based on price alone (which will then contradict their reduced pricing to save resale arguement) just to establish a footing here before punters will start to investigate (look at Ssangyong – btw; finally saw one on a worksite the other day and the drivers mates were all rolled over in stitches at it’s ugliness).

  • Cameron

    On another note for safety – if you look up Rodeo for last years ANCAP – it recieved 3.5 star. Euro NCAP and Aus NCAP is alway different. I’d rather go by the ANCAP. atleast they test for the incidents that do happen in australia.

    As for Nissan having more power – D-Max still has better fuel economy on all factors. As they have recently done a fuel economy run with the 4×2 cab chassis – 1548km from one tank. Shit, i’m sure tradies would like to see a servo every second week, not every week

    • Luke

      not sure where you got those figures from one of my friends drives a dmax 2×4 and only half an hour ago he was telling me he gets in the 700ks to a tank range.

  • andrew

    perhaps you should consider the dmax’s incredible fuel economy, go ahead; researh it and you will be amazed

  • Marco

    The isuzu is much safer than navara, maybe it only has two stars, but navara can’t even get one star, research and you will know. Nissan is not a good choice, despite its six speed transmission.

  • Robin Graves

    The Nissans have a LOT of reliability problems. Look around on the internet for complaints on cars in Australia, half of them are Nissan Navaras (I own a 1991 Nissan Navara that is bulletproof – pity the new ones aren’t the same)

  • Marko

    Hi guys,
    the Rodeo was an ISUZU and only a rebadged HOLDEN. What you guys bought for years was in fact an ISUZU.
    The new Colorado is basically still a Rodeo/D-Max, but has a different face. GM will introduce a new Colorado in about 2 years, which will be introduced to US/AUS markets, but will be built in South America.
    The current US Colorado has a similar face to the US Colorado.

    Isuzu is the second largest Diesel engine manufacturer in the world! they know what they are doing!

    The Navara Diesel is based on a 2.2 Litre Diesel used in Europe. The specs are doubtful, as Diesel engines in AUS are usually de-tuned cause of poorer fuel quality!

    I like the looks of the D-Max much better than the colorado and would give them a go.
    I’m sick and tired supporting US companies (Holden is owned by GM) with bad management which will cost many people their jobs.

    • Mr Dan Moon

      Hey mate, dont diss dihatsu’s. i am a big fatt radioactive chicken. ha ha poo.

  • Karfeetix

    Go drive a Colorado, then go drive a D-MAX, I have, then bought a D-MAX.

    The D-MAX has the 3L DOHC 16 valve version of the 4JJ motor as opposed to the Holden 3L SOHC 12 valve version of that engine.

    On paper, the numbers all match, save the fact that the D-MAX has a much bigger torque curve from 1500rpm to 3500rpm.

    In my case, I tow upto 3 tonnes regularly, the D-MAX does it easily and still gets good fuel economy.

    By the way, my EX D40 Navara, although the numbers were good on paper, was beyond crap at towing, the torque band was narrow and near useless.

  • Michael R Medrow

    Hi, You like the Navara? Im Germany are 3000 kg for a trailer (12%) allowed. with 2000 kg the clutch was smoking, the engine was running, but the truck was still standing…
    The front axle comes from a personel car and the motor will be too hot in the desert. I think, 170 hp are too much power with the 2.5 …
    greetings from Germany

  • Aaron Kelly


    I’m an ABN holder and chasing a new 4×4 single cab ute. I have looked at basically everything currently on the market and I’m looking to spend about 30k for an 09 build. The Hilux is too expensive, iv been to 3 dealers and they won’t budge as I was quoted the same price from all 3. It seems Toyota are of the opinion that the Hilux simply sell themselves because Toyota were not pushing them where as other dealers such as Holden are practically falling over themselves to get your business . I’m leaning towards either the Colorado or the d-max. With regard to the Colorado I am a bit worried about the position that GM is financially as a business, there is talk that they may be forced into liquidation and I’m not sure of repercussions that this may have for Holden.

    The Izuzu looks great and affordable, it would be nice if the ex came standard with air bags but not to worry. Im just after some advice with respect to the 2 models and ultimately some help in deciding which ute to purchase. I also liked the triton but I was told that there are no 09 build 4×4 utes available in Australia and that there would not be for some time.


  • RED2

    Aaron, I can definately recommend the D- MAX has the different motor (Karfeetix got it right,above,)and the feul economy is the best, SX 2wd is loaded all the time great ute.

  • RED2

    D-MAX proud owner.

  • Bret

    Colarado/D-Max and Navara fare the worst for safety – check ANCAP.

    Don’t even consider a Mahindra (although ANCAP results show it to be twice as safe as a Mitsubishi Express)

  • JOE

    D Max Owner – VERY HAPPY !!!

  • Pink

    Can someone please tell me what size the fuel tank is on the 2009 Usuzu D-Max Ute. How many litres it takes.

    • Mr Dan Moon

      Dont try and cheat for the comp u sore loser. have a guess like everyone else. how rude.

  • Ned

    Ii is really annoying that the D-Max’s fuel efficiency is not given anywhere. They just talk about it everywhere, but no concrete figures. How much do the two versions do per 100 km?? (3.0L and 2.5L diesels). Thanks!

  • Ned

    I live in Canada; we get no Isuzu here. Nor do we get any diesel engines in the small pick-up-truck segment. I am considering importing a D-Max diesel engine and mounting it in a Ford Ranger. Anybody with technical expertise to tell me, if that is doable/ advisable (body and gear box compatibility)? Or, suggest a better diesel engine for a small truck?
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Mark

    Pink- the fuel tank is 76 litres, average fill will get you about 68-70 litres, as they have a large reserve.

    Ned- we only get the 3.0L motor in Australia, the 2.5L is available elsewhere though. The ADR fuel consumption is rated at 7.9L/100km for the 4×2 single cab manual, through to 9.0L/100km for the 4×4 dual cab automatic, and all the others slot in between those 2 figures.

    Selling plenty of these utes at the moment, very good honest truck.

  • Ned

    Thanks Mark!
    A word on my question in my second post regarding mounting a D-Max diesel engine in a Ford Ranger?

  • Mark

    I don’t see why it couldn’t be done, but there would be a fair amount of work involved I would think. The electicals would be the tricky part I would suggest.

  • Louisa

    Mark – do you know how many average k’s you get out of a full tank of diesel with the 4 x 2’s? thanks. (thanks you answered pink’s question and that’s what i was going to ask). I see the consumption rate of course but we have never owned a diesel other than a 2 tonne truck. we want to compare it to our 4 x 2 petrol rodeo that we have right now as we area really considering the next vehicle to be the Dmax 4 x 2.

  • Neal

    D-max LS-M just got 2009 best 4×4 ute by 4WD-Action.

  • http://carz.com/ Carz

    I love Isuzu cars. Aside from it’s fuel efficient, I’m satisfied with its performance. I own an Isuzu car (though it’s not D-max), but still I can say that this particular make is worth every penny.

    • gibbo

      i am the same carz.i have a 1992 rodeo 2.8turbo diesel with 417000ks on it and have had it since new and it still gives 10k/litre and still rattles the same as when it was new.i just hope isuzu can stop all of their oil leak problems that have plagued me over the years in their new dmax

  • JOE

    Louisa – I have an LS -M 4×4(auto)& I get just over 10 kms /litre in city driving conditions. I use normal diesel from woolies outlet, although BP have their brand of ultimate diesel, which supposedly gives more mileage -I don’t know.
    I have done over 6000 kms now in my truck, in about 2 and a half months & on highway driving sticking to the speed limit of a 100 -110, the computer shows anywhere between 13 -15 kms /litre (depending on conditions). If I use cruise control I tend to get a lower mileage..

  • Lou & Chelle

    any recommends on D-Max top of the line 4×4 vs Colorado top of the line 4×4 – in auto / diesel guise only – we are in the market buyers and have narrowed it down to these two for value for money ( our other car is a touareg r5 – superb drive ). and yes, toyota hilux is out of race as they are ” up themselves ” with price negs’ – as was mentioned earlier by someone!
    thanks in advance guys…

  • Brett

    I have a 2008 rodeo the very last of them before the colorado. They are a great car get around 8-9l/100km now you cant fault that. looks better than a colorado I would buy the d-max over the colorado as they look better. The bonnet scoop on the colorado looks budget, the moulded bonnet looks heap better. As far as the hilux goes overpriced, navara a lot of power from a small motor, think reliability will be an issue in years to come, thirsty too. a friend has one averaged 12.5l/100km sitting on 100-110km/h. the triton is a great car, roomy and has a great motor. I think i would choose a triton or d-max, but can’t beat the d-max on price.

    • Bcms

      had a triton, own a dmax. u decide  i have.

  • Scott

    Does anyone own a 08/09 Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Diesel and tell me positives and the negetives on it compared to other vehicles. The new models coming out in October and there are some good changes, motor will be 2.5 Diesel 131 kw and 400 Nm and the tray is going to be a bit longer etc. As ive never owned a dual cab 4×4 before and shopping around to see what are the best as ive read here the Isuzu D-Max is getting a good rap. Wanting something that feels good to drive, good comfortable roomy ride in the back seat, not hard.

  • Ron N

    The Isuzu D-Max is a better vehicle than the Colorado diesel. Holden specified all kinds of shortcuts in the build. Check them both out and compare carefully – even the ECU for the D-Max is better built. Don;t even bother with considering a Navara – just check out eBay for all the busted, broken and plain blown-up ZD30 engines for sale. Isuzu diesels are built like Mack engines – I’ve had them apart, and I’m impressed with the robust size of components.

    • Ian B

      How do I verify whether the current (Oct 2009) Colorado motor is or is not spec’d the same as the DMax? Is the Colorado SOHC or DOHC, what other differences are there? Need to know as I’ll be buying one or the other next week!

      • Phil S

        I have just picked up my new colorado ( sept 09 build date) and the owners manual specs the same engine as the d max 4JJ1 tcx . It is a crew cab, manual, have done 1000 klms now, drive city/country,and averaged 9.0 l per 100 klm. It pulls like a train and is fantastic to drive , what more could you want?? I chose the colorado over the d max ( both isuzu ) because i thought the colorado had newer look , both trucks look great ,i think its just personal preference . most importantly they are ISUZU”S. My last car was a jap built isuzu Rodeo, drove like new after 8 yrs & 200k without issues!! Hope my comments help somebody , regards

  • John

    I own a Isuzu D-Max great vehicle pulls all my toys, a bit soft in the rear end i need to stiffen it. The only problem i find is that the low warning fuel light comes on way to early although it has a 76lt tank,i have diven approximately 120km with the low fuel warning light on and still find i have 10 to 12lts of fuel in the tank. Had it in to be looked at they replaced the sender unit (not the problem).After discussions with the technical people at Isuzu they informed me that, that’s the way they are setting them up so that people won’t run out of fuel. That’s an easy cop out. As i drive long distances i need something more accurate can these fuel system units been re-calibrated, c’mon Isuzu listen to what the customer wants. Your selling your vehicles on great fuel economy let the fuel gauge show this.

  • http://none Luis

    hi iam from Guatemala where you want to know what is the best diesel pickup that is now D-Max, Vigo, Navarra, Triton or BT-50.

    • Sam Lee

      I’d bought one last week, for looks, fuel economy & reliability >> go for ( D-Max, Timing Chain), for speed only (Navarra), for speed & looks (Vigo,
      ), for comfort (Triton, Timing Belt)

    • Mr Dan Moon

      who cares if your from guatemala. dont be so rude hey. think before u write.

      • http://any ed

        Mr Dan Moon. Why don’t you shut up and if you can not think of anything better to say than distructive criticism. Don’t write anything at all.
        Your comments are pointless and annoying, how bloody rude. Think before you get up in the morning.

  • Julia

    Currently towing a double horse float with Ford Bronco, it’s a wonderful old thing but the steering is too vague for me. Looking at both the Colorado and the D-Max, seems that there is a lot of good info right here on the differences.
    Two questions I have:
    DMax vs Colorado service costs?
    Towing more than 2 tonne if you do with either ute please let me know how they go and what you find when towing. Horse float is dual axle with electric brakes and weighs in at 990kgs, horse is about 600kgs and all the stuff I carry about 200kgs.

    Many thanks.

    Oh yes out of both I prefer the looks of the DMax to the Colorado but looks don’t do the performing!

    • Sam Lee


  • Sam Lee

    I’d just bought a Isuzu D-max 3.0 Iteq, Super Commonrail, I’m a bit spooked by the local dealer in Malaysia still selling the car Cosmetically it is the latest but the engine is still 4JJ1-TC??not the 4JJ1-TCX with VVGS Turbo? Can anyone reply with what is the difference between the two types of engine? Can it be upgraded to VVGS TURBO without changing the drive-train/Transmission?

  • diesel

    do yourself a favour and get the dmax,i tow around 2200kg daily and this ute does not miss a beat,go isuzu

    • Julia

      Thanks Sam and Diesel. I drove one today and I really liked it. Had driven a Prado but I actually like the DMAX better! Love the bold looks and it’s got enough grunt even in the auto. Have got the nod from the war department too, he laughed when I mentioned the Prado. Can see one coming in 2010 for me. Appreciate the feedback!
      Happy New year!

  • http://cahmurbandung.co.cc/ Isuzu D-Max 2010

    auto news-car concept review………

  • Max Owner

    I have just bought a Dmax LS-U Auto, very happy with it. Looking forward to hauling a 5th Wheeler (27footer) later this year. Not sure about the fuel consumption?

    • Ange

      Hey i have been considering a new Isuzu Dmax, have just purchased a skid steer but not sure how the dmax will handle towing big loads?

      Have you towed anything with it yet and how was it??


  • jian

    belonged to the first 10 owners of isuzu dmax since the october 2008 launching here in Australia.driven west australian tracks, LS-M 4×2 hi-ride. We’re very impressed with the performance in general. In fuel efficiency, towing, drives like a sedan (quietness in gravel roads). 60 litres runs 760km in a 110kph speed. Can’t wait to see SUV (Isuzu Alterra). Look for the brand that sticks to quality and not vanity…look at companies with cars being recalled—classic example of compromising quality for vanity. shop around and do homeworks before buying.

  • pete

    i have just brought a 06 rodeo turbo diesel – love it but it has a turning circle that takes in a couple of postcodes… is this common?

  • Rwegasira

    I have just bought a used Isuzu D-max which has reached 110000 0rdometre reading Performing very well. Only that during inspection of the unit I realized there is oil leaking at the gear box. Is it a serious problem? can it be rectified? is anybody using D-max experieced such a problem?

  • Mohan

    I own a Isuzu Dmax 3.0 Litre,
    Would like to know is this vehicle
    is designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to
    meet the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
    or the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety.
    I will be moving from Malaysia to Canada and thinking to ship it.


  • Hammer 6.6 duramax

    My wife wants a jeep liberty but they only made diesels for Canada for 2 years and if I get a new one I’m thinking of swopping the engine for a Dmax 3.0 diesel, but how the heck do I get a hold of just an engine in Canada?

  • Lori Hicks

    Just bought a DMAX LS-U about a month ago, 18 months old, 18500 on the clock. Flew from Brissy to Melbourne to look at it and drove it home. Am extremely happy with it. Just upgraded the suspension as I tow a 4 horse float regularly (tare weight 1500kgs). Usually tow about 2500 – 2800kgs, has plenty of power and doesn’t skip a beat. Almost bought a Navara, now glad I didn’t!!! Also great fuel economy, what more could you want??

  • http://dmariojerico@yahoo.com jerico

    for me it must be on how the driver put some acceleration on his truck either it is a navara,dmax or triniton

  • dazza

    Just confirming that there was seriously an issue with the 3.5 litre V6 petrol version. My model eats 3.5 litres of oil every 10,000 klms and has not changed since new. Holden denied any problem adding teflon to the oil during consumption test???? now changing oil every 5000 klms and will offload as soon as the oilburner has paid for itself. This is not a remote problem as i have heard of several other owners with the same issue.

  • WAJ

    Isuzu Dmax SX “10,(4×4 DC auto) 76 ltr fuel tank gets me 806km’s, now that’s excellent……………….
    i love my Isuzu to Dmax!

  • O410E

    Hey guys and girls, new here.
    I have an 09 Dmax, about to run out of warrantee, is there anything that I should be aware of before my three years is up ? It runs like a beauty, mostly bob tail but has pulled nearly 3 tonne for over 3,000 klms. My only issue with this vehicle is the ordinary fit of the tub liner and the fuel light comes on when working hard. Can any one shine a light on the fuel light issue as my young nephew had this trouble with his Rodeo and they wanted to charge him $700.00 odd bucks after blaiming dirty fuel, I believe it was the sender unit, $156.00.
    My Isuzu dealer said not to worry about it ???

  • Sgpato

    We have a 2009 D Max Izusu dual cab and bought it brand new–for three years trying to sort fuel issues out–no one has sorted it yet. now out of warranty–It says in the book it takes 76 ltrs but we can get no more than 48 ltres in.   Anyone elst have this problem and is it meant to be a 76 ltre.