Mitsubishi has released three new limited edition models – the Mitsubishi ASX ACTiV, Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV, and Mitsubishi Outlander ACTiV.

The Mitsubishi ASX ACTiV (pictured above), limited to only 400 units, is based on the $25,990 110kW/197Nm ASX two-wheel drive but sees the addition of a body kit that includes front and rear air dams and front bumper cover as well as 17-inch alloy wheels and a chrome-tipped muffler. The interior gains privacy glass and steering wheel controls for both Bluetooth and audio.

The ASX ACTiV is available in White, Cool Silver, Black, Titanium and Kingfisher Blue with a five-speed manual transmission for a drive-away price of $27,990 (excluding premium paint).

The Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV (pictured below) is based on the $21,690 110kW/197Nm ES model and is available in both sportback and sedan body styles. The ACTiV limited edition receives a Ralliart front bumper and grille, side air dams, chrome-tipped muffler, 16-inch alloy wheels and a high-rise rear spoiler (already standard on sportback models). Inside sees the inclusion of a leather-wrapped steering wheel and voice-activated Bluetooth.

The Lancer ACTiV is available at a drive-away price starting from $21,888 with the five-speed manual transmission, including premium paint which comes in a range of colours including White Solid, Cool Silver, Black, Titanium, Warm Silver, Red, Lightning Blue and Orange Burst.

Finally, the Mitsubishi Outlander ACTiV (pictured below) is based on the $29,340 125kW/226Nm LS – 2WD but adds Bluetooth with steering wheel controls, front fog lights, reverse sensors, side and curtain airbags (standard on 4WD models), chrome-tipped muffler and 18-inch alloy wheels with full-size spare.

The Outlander ACTiV is available as a five-seater in either two- or four-wheel drive, with interior features including chrome door handles along with silver highlights for the console and door trim.

The Outlander ACTiV comes in Sapphire Blue, Ironbark, Cool Silver, Black, Effect Grey, Red and White at a drive-away price starting from $28,990 for the 4×2 with five-speed manual transmission and includes premium paint.

All Mitsubishi ACTiV models are available with the option of five-speed manual or CVT transmissions and feature limited edition ‘ACTiV’ badging as well as roadside assist and Mitsubishi’s capped price servicing for the first four years or 60,000kms.

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  • philthy

    ASX looks good! Shame it doesn’t have the evo drivetrain :)

    • MisterZed

       What’s the point of a body kit though if there aren’t any fog lights?

    • FanBoi

      Mate! it just looks cheap and lame


  • MisterZed

    Yuck, all 3 of these cars look so out of date.  None of them have integrated indicators on the mirrors.  And what’s the go with the ugly exposed windscreen washers on the bonnet?  Most cars have hidden washers these days.

    • joke

      It’s retro and retro is in…

      • MisterZed

        On the main page of CA, compare the two photos of the white ASX to the white CX-5 below it, how much cleaner it looks without the ugly twin washers on the bonnet.  I have to admit though other than that the ASX isn’t bad looking – at least it doesn’t have all that ugly grey plastic cladding that the CX-5 has.

        • joke

          The lack of ugly grey plastic cladding causes the ASX to lose all credibility as a compact SUV.

  • Quivive

    ah… Special editions.

    Bring back the Holden Vacationer, the Falcon Rip Curl  the Laser Carla Zampatti and the Pulsar Reebok!