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The all-new 2012 Nissan Pulsar sedan has been officially unveiled at the Beijing motor show.

The new global Pulsar will go on sale in Australia in January 2013 in sedan form before being joined by the hatch variant in the following months.

The new Pulsar sees a lower stance, LED-bordered headlamps, LED taillights, chrome window surrounds and chrome exterior door handles with features including dual-zone climate control, smart-key entry and push-button start.

Its 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine equipped with twin continuously variable valve timing control (C-VTC) has new valve lifters and valve springs developed to reduce friction and improve inertial loss. Combined with Nissan’s next-generation Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT), the new model promises to be more efficient than ever.

Nissan Australia has an ambition to make the Pulsar the highest-selling car in the country. Prices and specifications of the new model will be revealed closer to its local launch.

The Pulsar is one of a number of new models Nissan Australia plans to launch over the coming 18 months, including the all-electric Nissan Leaf due in June/July, the Micra-based Nissan Almera sedan in August, the new Nissan Patrol by December and the V8 Supercars-bound Nissan Altima in the second half of 2013.

  • Andrew M

    looks good, I havent seen the rear yet though, most small cars struggle to get a good looking sedan rear end.

    Also to note I dont see any steering wheel controls

  • Guest

    Is Nissan’s new front end styling a lot like Lexus (vice versa)???

    • estes

      The front end of this does remind me a little of the Lexus GS.

    • Crummydore

       Spot on….

    • John

      Yeah, but it ain’t a bad thing.

  • Laurie

    Again small cars are getting bigger!

  • Banshee

    Exterior looks nice. The design of the interior doesn’t look too special compared to what’s already out at the moment – will ultimately depend on the quality of the finishes.

    • Phuong

      The interior seems dated already (read conservative), nothing to scare what Hyundai been penning. The bad thing about a Nissan is that they don’t have any major character and distinguish design language. Its as if they are battling for the conservative crowd of Toyota. I think they have spent all their crayons budget on Infinity and the GT-R, and whatever left resulted in the creation of the Tiida and Pulsa.

  • jekyl & hyde

    all the nissan designers need to bend over at touch their toe’s,while everyone (me included) who wanted a sporty looking,classy yet modern looking car kick their you-know-what really hard.

    not everyone’s 60 years old nissan.for god’s sake look around- vw golf,mazda 3,focus,even cruze,and look who’s buying them.not everyone want’s a smaller maxima(in fact almost nobody).six years to design THIS…omg

    i hope for your sake the hatch looks alot better than this….

    • Abz

      Lol, it’s not that bad, is it? I think it looks decent. I mean, it’s a pretty big improvement over the Tiida, for sure, and I think it will have greater appeal than the Tiida. And I would hardly call the Golf or Cruze sporty looking. Not sure if it’s enough to become the number one seller though.
      Also, the hatch was revealed a while back – Caradvice posted about it too.

      • jekyl & hyde

        the biggest fans have a right to be the biggest critics.tiida=rock bottom.golf gti/sirocco,mazda sp25,cruze sri,focus st are all great looking sporty cars.can’t see this beating them,which is really sad because i’d like nissan to sell heaps of them,and i’d like one day to find a worthy modern replacement to the n15 sss,and if that’s another nissan,then great…

        • Abz

          Well, Nissan hasn’t exactly previewed a ‘sport’-oriented version of this car yet, so we can’t really dismiss it just yet.

          • Owler

            Yes we can, this is the internet!

    • Nasal Explorer

      Well gee, Jekyl, you could just buy something else – a VW Golf, Mazda 3, Focus or even a  Cruze. You seem very emotional about this.

      I don’t think Nissan is designing cars just for you – they have designed a nice looking car that will appeal to the masses. Alot of people will be driving this, just not you.

      • jekyl & hyde

        “that will appeal to the masses” what’s that? the masses of old biddies in the retirement homes.just think about it for a second.this is the same people who made skyline,370z,the twin turbo juke,the 200sx,the gtir,the sss pulsars.

        no need to get personal either,its not china!!!!

      • Phuong

        You mean a car that have half arse design is worthy of peoples hard earned cash is ok. What appeal to the masses is a well design cars that can be proud to drive in.

    • Andre

      it does. Google the new hatch pics. Once you add 17 inch alloys and a spoiler-woooohoooo!

    • Johnblack123

      No your right not everyone is 60 years old but a lot of us are and we keep getting told that we are an aging population so there should be a good market out there.

  • Daniel

    I think it’s a bit flat at the front with too high a roofline. It looks quite good, but even thought I’m not actually a Mazda 3 fan really, I think the 3 looks better. One thing is for sure, it looks better than the Corolla sedan and the new Civic I’ve been seeing around.

    • Psynthesizer

      Yeah, I thought the greenhouse looked a bit big from the side, emphasised by the slightly flat and overhung front end.

  • Rodders

    looks a thousand times better than the Tiida sedan, if priced well Nissan & highly equipped, it will sell

  • Golfschwein

    What a dramatic improvement. Inside is very basic, though. 

  • Martin

    Hopefully the interior quality is better than the picture suggests. If Nissan package and price the Pulsar smartly, it should make up for the brand-tarnishing years of the Tiida.

  • SSS

    SSS reborn ,, cant wait for the hatch Ver, 

  • Hvyv

    It’s alright, but it’s not as if this segment of cars is something to get excited over, their all a bunch of boring 4-bangers..

  • teslakite

    URGHHHH?! WHAT THE HELL? THAT THING DOESN’T……actually look too bad. 

    • Phuong

      In context of a Tiida WHICH DOESNT SAY MUCH.

  • Westie

    Looks like the b@stard child of a Maxima and a Tiida. Still quite slab sided vs the competition.
    Let’s hope the tin-box build quality of the Tiida has gone, although the interior shots don’t promise much.
    Given Aussies’ super conservative tastes in things automotive, I’m guessing it’ll sell if it feels solid.
    But not a patch on the last couple of Pulsars, looks wise.

  • Sherwin

    I guess it looks okay. I mean it’s not strikingly attractive and won’t really be a head turner in terms of design, it’s just plain, but not ugly. I don’t think Nissan can make it to No.1 with this car.

  • Loco

    I think this will probably sell as well as the Focus or Civic, but that’s about it.

    • Loco

      Unless they price it really well.

  • K20A

    Looks 10x better than the Tiida. Side profile is not the most flattering however. Glasshouse / body ratio is on the fat side and C-pillar drops too soon. Bigger wheels would definitely help the slab sided rear three quarters.

    Anyone knows whether the rears are IRS or TB?The real rivals for this car are Corolla, Civic and Cerato. I don’t thinks it’s going to steal any sales from more ‘spirited’ rivals like the 3, Golf, Focus, i30, et al.

  • BP

    Thats what a small car looks like? Hmm….

  • Sumpguard

    That’s better!

  • Hauptman

    The styling is a good attempt, yet the car in my eyes is not well resolved.  Mark up another Asian NQR styling effort.

    • MisterZed

      NQR – means?

    • Roz

      Just pop up it up there with the European NQR styling efforts…

  • aqua1

    You have incorrect photos of the interior. go on Motortrend, take their image gallery and show off the car properly please. The interior you have used is the Chinese market hatch, which is nothing like the rest of the world sedan OR hatch.

    • sauce

      The interior is from the next-gen Tiida hatch, which is actually an international model, and is likely to be the Nissan Pulsar hatch that will be coming to Australia.

      • aqua1

        Im sorry sauce, but this is definitely not an international model. I am a Nissan Product Development Engineer and I can confirm that the global hatch and sedan models  are very different to the chinese tiida. They share a platform and the hatch has some major design features in common, but this is not an international model and not indicative of the interior and exterior detail and quality expected by developed markets.

        • MisterZed

          What’s wrong with the interior?  It looks fine to me.  The only problem I see is the lack of any steering wheel audio controls or cruise control.  Other than that it looks fine, it even has climate control.

          • biurst

            Yeah, the interior is fine and looks better than that of the Tiida that we, a so-called ‘developed market’ already receive. Does this mean that the current Tiida is market-unworthy?

          • MisterZed

            First world markets can be very accepting of low-rent interiors.  Here in Australia where people seem to only have this concept of buying cars, we are less accepting, but in the US, where most people lease, they don’t care as much.  For example, the base model Nissan Versa (Tiida) in the US was sold without a radio (wiring for head unit only), no air conditioning and wind-up windows.  That is shocking even by third world standards, yet people bought it.

          • biurst

            Preach. :)

          • Phuong

            If you like your outdated looking interior lifted from 1999 than it is ok.

        • SSS

          Anyother infor you have on NISMO or SSS Spec?

        • sauce

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. I just googled it and there was a PRESS RELEASE for that Tiida hatchback unveiled at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show titled “Nissan Unveils New Global Hatchback at the 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition” and to quote the last paragraph:

          This new model, to be produced in the Dongfeng Nissan Huadu Plant in Guangzhou, will be released in late May 2011. Followed by its introduction in China, it will be launched in approximately 130 countries around the world by 2014.”

        • Sherwin

          Hang on, but this a unveiling of the Nissan Pulsar in Beijing, obviously having pictures from Bejing that was displayed in Beijing would be absolutely okay. Nissan Australia hasn’t even properly announced the details for this car in Australia yet… 

    • Zahmad

       Thanks caradvice for not allowing the link to correct interior photos on my post :(

    • Sherwin

      Plus, I just had a look at the website, the one I am seeing wasn’t even released 23 hours ago. The one you see on the website now, is exactly the same as the one here, just with a little bit of fake wood in the interior.  Plus, I don’t think you should be leaking all this information if it were true, because that’s not your job, and you may as well get fired for it. 

  • Greg

    A bit of variety away from the Corollas and Mazda3 …

  • Darryl

    This car looks like what it is – a replacement for the G11 Bluebird Sylphy. which itself replaced a car of the same name that was only a rebadged N16 Pulsar. And it had the same wood effect trim on the dashboard as this latest one has.(When you look at the correct photos, thanks aqua1). There’s plenty of used import Pulsars in NZ with Bluebird Sylphy badges.

     So, Nissan Australia, why did you think the Tiida was a better bet for our market? And why does every model Nissan make have to be sold with so many different names for different markets. Ok they’re going to call it Pulsar, it could have been Bluebird, or Stanza even, if you’re going to bring back old names. Or Sentra, like the States, Model continuity would go some way to achieving Nissan’s ambitious sales targets in the long term. Toyota knows this, and did not give us the Auris name for the Corolla hatch. Another example – the Micra based Almera referred to in the article is sold as the Versa in the States, replacing the previous Versa that is known here as the Tiida.  Confusing!

     Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how close or far away they get to the highest selling car target set for this car. When can we place bets? 1500 – 1800 a month is my guess.

    • MisterZed

      Looked up a photo of the G11 – we should have definitely got that model to replace the Pulsar.  Nissan Australia probably chose the Tiida, though, because it’s available as a sedan and hatch, whereas the G11 is sedan only.

  • MisterZed

    Is this the new Sentra?

    • barbequack

      I think it will be the new Sentra, as some other news sites have posted photos of the car bearing ‘Sentra’ badges. It’s probably part of a global-model plan or something of the like.

  • Altezza

    Look much better both inside and out than the new Civic. Hopefully that car does not have the same jurassic 1.8L engine from previous Tiida which is the motor as the last Pulsar. Let’s hope it will sell well in Australia.

  • Nada

    Something wrong with front profile… should look to a smaller Maxima, how frggin hard is it to photocopy plans at 70% these days!

  • Me

    2013 too late. How much is the price ?