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  • WVB

    Dashboard straight from 1988 or maybe even a luke skywalker scrapbook, seats look like mockups, styling cues from its stablemate cherokee, then tidied up using an outlander and those bloody blue back dials! boring!
    Not exceeding at this late stage in this sector, just matching.
    Oh well, Dodge better get it seen on wisteria lane like all the other wannabees.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    Frankly doubt there is any justification for 4wd, even as an option, and it’s not available in the RHD version anyway, as Ford Territory sells nearly 50% RWD and Kluger is also selling a lot of 2wd

  • Tim

    But couldn’t they offer it as an option…4WD also increases safety and has many advantages – like towing a boat out of a slippery boat ramp, even if most don’t vnture off road. So this is bassically a bigger Dodge Calliber…with no 4WD system at all, has the weight of a Kluger, looks like a boring “4WD”….and costs nearly $40 grand for a base model.

    Just doesn’t make sense really, not to me anyway.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    Yes 4wd can aid safety but this vehicle already has a raft of safety equipment including ESP and Roll Over Mitigation plus a feature called Trailer Sway Control, which we will go into a bit more when we do a full test on the Journey. Quite simply 4wd is not available on the RHD version.

  • Milar

    Actually looks OK. I’m in this market (3 kids, 2 dogs, camping, occasional 7 seats req, 2WD OK) and would be interested. But I’m not shelling out quite that much for a Dodge!

  • o

    i reckon it is good for 37k. i mean would you rather that or a craptiva.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    Guys the $5000 is for the Diesel engine and the Dual-Clutch Gearbox, VW usually charges $2000 for a diesel engine and $2500 for a DSG so the cost is pretty much on par!

  • http://caradvice.com.au Fourwheelbikie

    A great looking vehicle with well thought out interior space, storage and tiered seating. A great alternative tothe very bland and/or truck like alternatives. Deserves to do well with its clever engineering from a company that pioneered so much of the basic engineering that make cars practicle.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice The Salesman

    Mr. Jenkins said the all-new Dodge Journey was engineered to meet life’s changing demands by offering a unique combination of versatility and flexibility in a sporty design package. That it took on the practicality of a people mover, the flexibility of an SUV and the overall efficiency of a passenger car.

    That’s the exact same pitch from Kia with the Rondo.

    How many times are we going to see car makers try this so called CROSS OVER???
    Holden Zafira (Dead)
    Daewoo Tacoma (Dead)
    Kia Carens/Rondo (Dying)

    I have seen that dash board before in the Back to the future movie, same as the Delorian.

  • http://b2a222e onepoppa

    David Twomey has it wrong. On a Golf VW charges $2300 premium for a DSG gearbox, when compared with a manual. Here the premium is for DSG over the “normal” 6 speed auto which is already standard on the $41,990 R/T V-6.

    Chrysler charge a $5k premium for diesel in Patriot and Compass – but that is over the 4cyl engine, not over a 6cyl. Ford only charge $3k extra for diesel in Mondeo, and VW charge $2.5k

    • Honricco

      Do you realise that when a vehicle is using an engine from another company that they are charged a patent to place that engine into their cars therefore it will be more expensive than the builders model. It just a simple thing called business not sure if you understand that but iam sure it makes sense to most.


    the front grille might warm the hearts of a few st kilda supporters…love the advertising music,they all make me feel young again

  • icejagans

    rear 3rd quarter view looks very similar to mazda cx9.
    sharp looking cross over thing

  • cameron

    Left field a little, but VW has the Caddy Maxi Life. 7 Seater, lots of room, diesel.
    Another contender perhaps?

  • Reckless1

    Yes, Onepoppa and Cameron make excellent points.

    And, as Jeremy Clarkson would most likely say “when you buy a Dodge, you get, well…., a Dodge. When you buy a VW you get a VW.”

  • Reckless1

    o Says:
    September 24th, 2008 at 4:31 pm
    i reckon it is good for 37k. i mean would you rather that or a craptiva.

    That’s a no-brainer. Captiva.

  • Craig

    I would like to see the resale on one of these after 3 years. Like most US vehicles not very good in Oz. Why would you buy one of these over a Forester or a CX7 has got me beat. The new Outback also comes ouy in 2009 as well.

  • Tim

    Just noticed the seats…they have zero support, looks like you would fall right off the seat if taking a corner enthusiastically. And the way the steering wheel falls into the speedo – looks like a bus and oh so cheap.

    Agree with Craig, there are many more better alternatives for this price. But I guess people like to grab life by the horns…or something :S

  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com/ SuperCujo

    More black plastic than a Total Eden store.

    The interior looks like a pretty uninviting place really. Those seats look flat and uncomfortable.

    Oh, and can they fit anymore drink holders in cars these days? Footy mums are the worst.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    This thing, particularly the interior, looks like something out of 1988. Makes a new Hyundai seem like a luxury German.

  • spam

    total american crap , dont bother even going there , the captains right even korea would beat this

  • Wheelnut

    Nothing more than a [restyled] Dodge Calibre x’ed with a Dodge Nitro and a Chrysler Voyager and an interior similar to a Jeep.. Talk about a Parts Bin Special.. Alhough; I can’t see anything from the 300C or Sebring.

  • Andy

    considering the crap poor Chrysler has been thru, this isnt half bad. 6speed DSG with diesel with competitive pricing. Finally the management is listening to consumers. It is incremental but at least a step in the right direction..trouble is, is it too late?

  • Iz

    Saw one in local Dodgy/Chrysler dealer couple weeks ago and couldn’t remember hearing about its release into AU market. I dont actually mind the plasticky American-ness of the thing, then again, I don’t mind many “crap” cars ^_^

    (And conversely, I mind some “good” cars LOL but thats a different story)

  • dazza76

    Still looks VERY cheap and nasty inside. Wouldn’t buy a Dodge unless it was the last car left

  • David

    Another piece of American junk. Styling about 20 years out of date,both inside and out.Go out and buy it and see how long down the track it is not available anymore.It will have a short life.

  • eh179driver

    Had a look at one of these recently in Melbourne. The interior is just awfull. It is just so out of date. If Ford or Hold did something like that, they just wouldn’t sell but for some reason people buy these heaps of crap. I am reasonable tall (6ft 1 in the old measurement) and when I set the drivers seat up to suit me, there is hardly any room in the centre row seats and yet it’s a big car. Driving was even worse. It was like driving a 70’s Valiant, reasonable go, no breaks and trully appaling barge like handling. The quality of bthe car I drove was trully appalling (think VN/VP Commodore). I just walked away shaking my head. No wonder Chrysler is in the financial mess it’s in.
    Stay away from this heap of crap and buy a Territory or a Kluger. Their about the same price as well.

  • Simon

    Better build quality than Nitro and caliber, but still typical Dodge, Some good storage ideas ie. under the passanger seat and cool boxes behind the frount 2. Back seat are to close to the 2nd row, But for around 41k on the road it is’nt bad.

  • Steve

    Agreed, the style of the interior is square / boxy like, but surprisingly neatly finished. After taking a thorough look at the dodge I was ultimately left impressed, even with optioning the Diesel with more packages and a sunroof, this thing come a bit under 60K. I have not yet been able to test drive so my opinion may change, but as far as practicality, flexibility of layout / rear doors opening 90 degrees etc, this vehicle is practical and affordable for families. Re sale may not quite be a strong point, but only time can tell, if you are in the market for a keeper and do not trade cars often, this vehicle is a great option.

    From a family use point of view, I have 3 kids, so only need 5 seats on a permanent basis, 7 on the odd occurrence. I have looked at the Mazda CX9 and whilst may be a bit more modern on the inside are plain jane as far as accessories go, similar pricing to optioned up (Journey)diesel with entertainment packs etc, but the CX9 has a much larger appearance, with no added interior space, and heavier on the fuel consumption.

    I can see how these Journeys will be great in the Aus market as far as intended use goes, but none the less remain cautious of their reliability, I know Mazda are sound as far as that goes, but I feel they have been to conservative with the CX9 which lets them down.

    Good onya Dodge for putting together this vehicle (a bitsa to so many) at least on close examination there are many innovative ideas gone into this vehicle (storage, air con design etc).

  • eh179driver

    Steve, try a Hyundai Sante Fe. The Elite can be optioned up with a diesel, comes with leather, sunroof, 7 seats and a good strong warranty. The price will be around the high 40’s mark if you can negotiate with the dealer. It has rear aircon and all the other things you found in the Dodge, less the underfloor storage. The new Sante Fe seems to have quite good re-sale. The Dodge range is pretty new here so it’s a bit early to predict. You will find the Sante Fe is a decent drive and has good quality and reliability reports. If you google Sante Fe reviews, there is an English magazine with a good website (I won’t mention the name here, but you will find it) that had a Sante Fe diesel on test for something like 12 months and pretty much raved about it. If nothing else it is a good read. I don’t own one but have drive quite a few and it is definetly on my short list when I replace my car early next year.

  • Steve

    Hi Eh179driver,

    Thanks for the advice, I had not thought about Hyundai after knowing people who bought Excel’swhich fell apart after 80 thousand kilometers. Many years have passed since then and perhaps the quality is increased, I suppose given the price of the santa fe as compared to the 14k Excel suggests quality has changed.

    I will check them out.

  • eh179driver

    Let us know what you think when you look and/or drive one. I must admit I was like you before I had a look. I think the 5 year warranty says that Hyundai themselves are confident in the car. Good luck.

  • Steve

    The Hyundai was a great car to drive I test drove the Turbo Diesel, had good power and was very responsive, particualry steering and suspension, I drove the base model but even it was comfortable, I have to say I did not expect that level of quality from hyundai.

    I also drove the Journey, v6 petrol engine, bit rough on change of gears for my liking and revs the hole out of the engine to move the car (underpowered given the cars size) I would have asked to drive the turbo diesel Journey but the middle row seating was not wide enough to take the 3 car seats we have. One being a proper car seat, the other two booster seats. We found that we had to move one seat with a child in it, half off the journeys seat to clip the seat belt in , then slide the child and booster seat back across, push them tight together to then shut the door.

    Hyundai Santa Fe only flaw for us was the rear seat, when the rear row (seats 6 & 7) were up, there is not much leg room or head room, children over the age of possibly 10 would be cramped.

    In the end, we have chosen a Mazda CX9, even I can fit in the very rear row and the middle row fits all 3 steat with ease. It is sluggish though and steering / susension is floaty (boat like feel)until a point and then the vehicle accepts what has been asked and delivers. I think the 13 litres fuel per 100km Mazda claim will be a bit out, possibly even in the city could see 20 – 22 litres per 100km being used.
    But like with my last car (clubsport) you do not buy large cars for fuel consumption.

    Still, if I did not have a great demand for the 7 seats the Hyundai beat all the cars I test drove for comfortability, driveability and feel of power to weight.

  • Simon

    The Santa fe is the better of the 2 by a long way, the seats in the 3rd row dont offer alot of room, but a lot more than the dodge, daewoo captiva, jeep commander and nissan pathfinder. The build quality of the Hyundai is by far the best available in the price range and as good as many more expensive vehicles & you have to love the 5 year unlimmited klm warrenty. If you want good fuel mielage the hyundai wins again, I know a bloke who drove a 2.2 manual from adalade to port macquarie on a tank.

  • Fred

    You guy’s make me laugh. You talk about “American Crap” and then mention the Toyota Kluger (sold as the Highlander and manufactured in the US). Who do you think owns GMH and Ford? the Japanese???. That same American crap you talk about is present in almost everything we drive. I have owned vehicles from just about every imaginable auto maker and in my opinion they are all “crap” at some point in their lives. I had a $135K BMW a few years ago and apart from VERY expensive servicing I spent an absolute fortune on that car with component failures.Ask a Saab owner if his car is crap? Ask a resident of Berlin about Mercedes Benz and he will call them “CRAP”.
    I own an American car and an Hyundai and can honestly say they are no better or worse than any other vehicle in their respective price ranges. It all boils down to enjoying what you have and looking after it for as long as you wish to own it and then trade it in and get nothing back for it like every vehicle at the moment.

  • Fred

    O’h and by the way I have looked closely at the Dodge Journey. It is a well thought out and constructed motor vehicle that represents excellent value for money. The vehicle has a great feature range and is designed for families not sports car drivers. I just wish it had been around before I bought the “Korean Krap”.

  • matt

    anyone lookin at buying one of these make sure you get the diesel. Look up how unreliable the 2.7 litre V6 is in the dodge intrepid and chrysler sebring in the states, carcomplaints dot com and click on “worst vehicles”. Even with propper servicing they sludge easily and apparently timing chains break early.

  • Fred

    To be fair Matt those problems were in engines up to about 2001. The 2.7 litre engine has been redesigned. That is the problem with forums like these, they can be a source of unreliable information.

  • Joe

    Was confused and asked myself, either Dodge Journey, Kluger, Territory, or CX9?

    I looked at those ones in the showroom and test drive all of them.
    I figured that Journey Drives so smooth and the interior looks great! also it has Auto Dimming Mirror and auto folded mirror where as the other competitors havent got it. The audio is just incredible, it can save up to 30GB of musics, pictures or even video.

    Its got built in GPS and bluetooth.

    I also was abit confused if i should buy Subaru Tribeca instead? But again, those stuffs i mentioned above won me over…:)

    Just bought a black R/T with additional SUNROOF, rear back up camera, bluetooth, My GIG, Paint Protection. I got a real good deal as i bought it just before the price ‘s gone up this year.

    just under AU$50k i got all of those things in the car…

    Journey is just amazing! and its just like a dream car for me as all i want from a car is there in Dodge Journey…

  • Mr Journey


    I had the same problem , and look at all of the same cars. I nearly brought the tribeca – but was put onto the Journey by a cousin.

    I option up with My GiG , Blue Tooth Ect.. and drove away under 50k

    Anyone who thinks the Hyundai Sante Fe is a better car needs to get their head read.

    I have no problems in reffering this car to Family and Freinds.

  • busy mother

    I am looking at buying either holden captiva or dodge. My dad is a car salesman and said dont buy american cars they are nothing but trouble. I was dissapointed with enterior of dodge too much hard thin plastic covers. very ugly seats, but fantastic layout seemed to struggle through test drive felt like had to grit teeth and wait for gear change. Captiva fantasticly finished not as good in layout, bit stiff to drive but felt strong and capable. scared to go for dodge resale and reliability but very funky.. Anyone had trouble with them yet???

    • Honricco

      busy mother if you only tried it in the auto stick option you would not have to grit your teeth you would have complete control over the gears and the changing of them therefore complete control of the power out put of the vehicle.

  • Advice

    I am in the market for either a Dodge Journey, Captiva or Territory. Need advice?

  • Peter H


    i have had my SXT journey from October 2008 & Paid $42,000 for it including the MYGIG system ( which is well worth it for an extra couple of grand)

    (-)6 months old & 25,000km transmission needs replacing – 4 weeks in the service centre waiting for a new one
    (-) 10 months old – battery needs replacing
    (-)14 months old & 50,000km engine seized and shorted out the battery – 8 weeks on and still not fixed, no courtesy car, no compensation, just alot of people saying bad luck.

    would not touch dodge again with a 10 foot pole

    this car is 17 months old and has spent a total of 3 months in the service centre.

    dodge has no backup for spare parts, and their customer service is a joke.

    trade in value after 17 months is $18,000 less than what i paid for it.

    i have had such heartache dealing with this company and would advise everyone to look elsewhere for a car.

  • wilson3339

    the whole interior is so cheap it looks like a bloody clay model, actualy a clay model would probs be nicer