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  • F1MotoGP

    Looks like the Audi A7 Sportback. Back looks nice. 

    • Damian

       The back looks gorgeous – almost new Lexus GS like. The front is too curvy, which is a surprising contrast to the angular back-end. It almost looks as if the front was an after thought, with the designers stabbing design elements from the Camry.

  • MisterZed

    Is this going to be Dame Ednas next car?

  • Golfschwein

    Peel one Peugeot 407, one Hyundai Grandeur and one Chevrolet Impala. Place in blender on high speed for one minute. Add chilli. It’ll need chilli.

    • Crummydore

      You forgot the dash of Audi…

      I do like the dash mind you!

    • JD

      forgot the upside down grill from the Ford Falcon

  • Golfschwein

    And Camry. Should have added Camry. I don’t dislike it – inside is kinda nice – but it’s very obviously a mash-up of stuff that’s out there.

    • PB

      Chevy Impala? Wasn’t that revealed just a couple of days ago? Boy, do those masher-upperers at Toyota work fast…

      • Legnab

        The IMPALA will be the next generation  commadore , so here is its competition .

  • Andrew

    Nice rear, nice interior. Hate the Hyundai-like chrome on the front though. So garish. Why can’t this area just be simple black mesh? Would look much more tasteful & age more gracefully….

    • Jacked

      Because it’s for the American market

      • Crummydore

         I like chrome… give us more chrome!

        • horsie

          I like that chrome !!

  • cfk

    Looks good. Enough said.

  • Lobo Dobo

    Shock…. It actually looks decent, is this a Toyota?

  • Terminator62

    Ford rang, they want their upside down Mondeo grille back….!

  • JHP

    they ripped off design from hyundai, audi and peugeot.
    still, looks fantastic, and that’s all it matters.

  • nickdl

    It’s actually a really nice looking car, although I’m not convinced about the front. I’d want to change the grille a bit. The interior looks really nice.

    Much better than our plain Jane Aurion. I saw a few new Aurions on the back of a truck a couple of weeks ago and honestly they would have been considered dull in 2006.

  • Henry Toussaint

    Remember the one we got in australia? That was junk… This one on the other hand looks quite Descent!

    • MisterZed

      How was it junk?  It was a perfectly acceptable car in 1994.  We just got it 6 years late.

      • Henry Toussaint

         The styling was junk…

  • Gr

    That looks nice.. Very nice..

    But it doesnt beats the ZR6 Aurion for sportiness design.. And the Avalon is heavier than aurion, so.,

  • Vins

    very Audish. It really looks good. Hopefully it is the precursor Toyota is back in the game in design department.

  • Valet Dabess

    looks horrible. inside and out

  • ToyotaU S

    Hey guys, we have the powertrain specification for the upcoming Avalon;

    The 3.5L V6 (2GR-FE) is gonna be further improved.. With more low friction technology to be used..

    Power is gonna be bumped up to 210Kw, 370Nm @ 3800rpm

    Fuel consumption of 9.4/100Km

    Improved 6-speed transmission

    • Mrk

       That’s pretty good.. The smoothness of the current engine on the Aurion & V6 Rav4 is very very good..

      It’s spooky smooth.. As if there’s butter inside the engine..  IF you’ve driven the Aurion or Rav4 V6 you would know what i mean..

    • Mrx

       That’s pretty good performance..

      I like the current 2GR-FE engine in the Aurion & RAV4 V6.. It’s incredibly smooth engine..

    • H2r

      I’m so happy the japs have stuck with what is a superior engine type that is Natural Aspirated..

      Not only does natural aspirated engine have smoother operation, instant power.. They are also much more reliable then the recent wave of hype with these 4cyl turbos with big problems, unreliable etc..

      And considering once the turbo kicks in you can forget about the fuel consumption savings..

      And I’d like to add; V6 FTW

  • GIG

    Well if that is a RWD…I mean…

  • Altezza

    A decent Toyota. We should be getting Toyota Crown here too as Toyota’s premium flagship sedan (above Aurion) apart from Lexus.

    • Damian

      Highly doubt it, Altezza. As much as I like the Toyota Crown, I can’t see Toyota Australia introducing it to the Australian market. If they price the Crown too low, it’ll cannibalise GS sales. If they price it too high, people won’t buy it.

      The FWD ‘white goods on wheels’ forumula is working very well for Toyota Australia, although they are trying to rid themselves of that stigma with the upcoming 86. If anything, Toyota should release the Mark X to compete with Accord Euro and Mazda 6. I am sure our market will embrace it, since Aussies are infatuated with the rear drive layout!

      • Bob.

        But wouldnt the Mark X cannibalise IS sales

        • Damian

           Not if they price it at $40-$45k to compete with the established mid-sizers.

      • Sherwin

        True the Mark X would be good competition, but then again, we already have the Camry. In some other markets, for example China, the Aurion is the Camry. Therefore, it makes sense to include a medium sized car. Whereas in Australia, we have a medium sized Camry which is already competing with the Accord Euro, and Mazda6, they are also front wheel drive, and many people believe it or not, don’t really see the difference between the two.
        The Toyota Crown… Now that’s a name that hasn’t been in Australia for a long time. I don’t think it’ll market well here. I don’t know too much of the new ones these days, haven’t had too much research into them, but I think you’re right, it will ruin the point of a GS, or even ES and the ES, is a very good idea for people who want a large luxury car at a lower price. So I think with Toyota as it is now, they have the whole marketing system set up pretty well. 

  • Jb1

    What I never understand is that Toyota V6 engines numbers never seem to compare to their real world performance..

    For example the Ford ecoboost 3.5 is rated at 272Kw yet the 3.5L 2GR-FE in the Camry rated at 204Kw does 0-60 faster at 5.8sec.. Similar cars ford Taurus & Toyota Camry

    Considering how the ford has twin turbo charged 3.5L V6 and cannot match the doped of the 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 of the Camry..

    This needs to be explained.. Does Toyota use secrets to make their cars quicker??

    • tekkyy

      Taurus competes with Avalon
      both are heavier than Camry by a few hundred kg

    • F1o1

      It’s just usual Ford B******S and overstating their performance numbers..

      Where as Toyota understated their figures..

      • Rick

        I love Toyota fans , they always have their blinders on . Toyota aurion zr6 200kw , 1630 kg and 15.3 1/4 mile ford falcon xr6 195kw , 1694kg and 14.8 1/4 mile both as tested . Now I wonder who is fudging the figures ………….. I’m sure you’ll say the magazines

        • Cct

          The aurion will rip the xr6 in a straight line

          Falcraps are backwards junk..

          Not to mention the falcon has a 4.0L engine hahhaaaaa and consumes fuel like no tomorrow

          Ford need twin turbochargers and a larger displacement to compete with a 3.5L V6 2GR-FE

          No wonder lotus choose the 2GR-FE for their Evora because they know it’s a quality engine..

          • Rick

            As I said Toyota blinders , the falcon uses the same 9.9l/100 as the aurion inspite of the fact as you pointed out that it’s 0.5l larger engine and as tested by wheels and motor the falcon is quicker ….PERIOD

          • Dingleberry

            I love ppl with blinders on that believe the b/s that manufacturers dish out re consumption figures. Real world driving is where the aurion V6 shines. I have driven both and the Aurion sips the fuel whilst the Falcon gulps

        • MisterZed

          Please tell me this isn’t a serious comment.  The Falcon has a 4.0L engine with 391 Nm torque.  Aurion has 336 Nm.  It doesn’t surprise me that it’s quicker.

          • Hfry

            The Aurion is faster then falcon PERIOD

          • Rick

            No it’s not …….. PERIOD

          • Dingleberry

            I think Rick is a youngen who aspires to own a Falcon hence boosting the performance figures. The aurion creams Falcon in a straighline. The Falcon does corner better though.

  • Beno_169

    Omg I like a Toyota

  • Mike

    Looks sort of o.k. but not very cohesive and won’t age well; it really lacks originality. The Lexus GS does try to have its own style but it’s a failure. Toyota needs to hire some real designers.

  • Markman

    Why publish this car here if it’s not going to be release here in oz?i don’t get it.

  • Sumpguard

        Holy crap Batman. A very good looking toyota! I’d buy that!