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Once again our European photographers have stumbled across the new 5-series-based BMW PAS. So far there is little in terms of official details, but our spy-shots of the PAS now reveal it’s a true fastback.

With rival Mercedes-Benz designing a car for every single person on earth, BMW has taken a different approach, instead of competing head on, the company has begun creating new cars for previously untapped segments. The best example being the new BMW X6.

Spied: BMW PAS

The new PAS would be again in a different league, allowing more headroom than in the X6 while being significantly smaller than Mercedes’ R-class.

Spied: BMW PAS

The more car-like approach seen on this prototype seems better-suited to BMW’s values than a full-size van, and although these spy-photos do not reveal all of the car’s design, it does appear to resemble a kind of coupé-like design.

 Spied: BMW PASSpied: BMW PAS

We expect more or less all 5-series’ engines to be available for the PAS, too. There are currently no details about the car’s release date in Europe or in Australia.