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Chrysler Australia has taken over distribution responsibilities for Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Fiat Commercial vehicles.

On May 1, distribution rights of the Italian trio will shift from independent group Ateco to the factory group, joining Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge under the Chrysler Australia umbrella.

Chrysler Australia managing director Clyde Campbell confirmed the agreement today, which will see 17 passenger and 22 commercial vehicle dealerships report to the group’s Melbourne-based head office.

“We are delighted to be named the official distributor of Fiat, Fiat Commercial and Alfa Romeo, and we look forward to re-energising these brands in the Australian market,” Campbell said.

The local distribution takeover has been anticipated since January’s Detroit motor show where Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and senior company executives made clear their intentions to streamline the group’s operations around the world.

Despite the management shift for the Italian trio, fellow Fiat brands Ferrari and Maserati will not join them under Chrysler Australia, with the distribution rights of those two brands to remain with Ateco’s sister company European Automotive Imports.

Ateco currently markets Alfa Romeo’s only two production vehicles, MiTo and Giulietta, and is selling remaining stock of the discontinued 159 sedan and Sportwagon. The Brera, Spider and GT models were phased out last year.

In contrast, Ateco’s local Fiat line-up only includes vehicles based on the tiny 500 city car, including hatch, 500C convertible and sporty Abarth variants.

Fiat produces a range of other vehicles, including the Panda, Punto and Bravo – the latter two were sold here for a short time – but Ateco opted to focus on the 500 rather than build the brand with a full vehicle range.

Under Ateco, sales of the three Italian brands totalled 2635 last year, up 15.7 per cent over 2010. Meanwhile, Chrysler Australia’s three brands recorded 11,931 sales, representing a massive 62.2 per cent increase.

Campbell says he is confident his company – which could be rebranded Fiat Chrysler Australia – has the expertise and talent to take the Alfa Romeo and Fiat brands beyond their current niche status.

“We aim to apply the same enthusiasm that has driven such a leap forward in terms of our current Chrysler Australia sales.

“I have no doubt we will see a re-awakening in the levels of sales awareness and interest for the Fiat and Alfa brands under our management.”

Ateco executive chairman Neville Crichton says his group has proven there is a market for the Italian marques in Australia and believes Ateco has left them in a strong position for the future.

“There is no doubt that without Ateco, the Fiat Group could not even consider returning Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Fiat Commercial Vehicles to factory distribution,” Crichton said.

“As we say goodbye to Alfa Romeo and Fiat we will be welcoming into our company new brands and businesses that will benefit from the unique skills and talents we have to offer.”

Ateco will continue to distribute European brands Citroen and Lotus as well as China’s Chery and Great Wall, and is expected to increase its focus on new Chinese marques in the short term.

  • Lucii Pooky

    Ateco really stuffed up Alfa and Fiat. I mean who would spend 45K on a 1.4 Giulietta? And who would spend 26K on a 0.8 500? I hope Chrysler put some value into the brands as they done with themselves, Jeep and Dodge 

  • Golfschwein

    Good news for fans of all of them, I say.

  • O123

    This is great news, Top spec panda for 20k and I’m there, Possibly one of my favourite cars to drive.

  • Alexander

    Ateco is a JOKE!

    Never did they properly advertise Fiat’s range, or Alfas. They chopped and changed models like there’s no tomorrow. Then, just as sales of the Ritmo and Punto start picking up and noticably improving, as they weren’t available with automatic transmissions. Awkwardly for Fiat, i have a Punto with an auto transmission (dualogic automated manual), sure it’s not a real auto but it works decently enough. While they sold a Punto petrol and diesel with autos, they never imported the automatic (or automated?) Ritmo diesel and petrol, despite availability in Singapore?

    Now they refuse to bring these models back as they don’t come in autos, yet they sell the 500 here with the same Dualogic automated transmission as the Punto/Ritmo? Go figure…

  • Mark

    this can only be good news! Now for them to make the alphas well priced!  

  • Pauly

    Great News!

    Ateco are greedy pigs and have done nothing of any benefit to Fiat and Alfa in Australia.

    With Chrysler group on a roll with their cars in Australia at the moment, and very reasonable pricing, I really do hope this translates over to Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

    Common Chrysler Australia! CHEAPER FIAT’S and ALFA’s are what we want.

    The rip off prices have finally come to an end! Good Ridence Ateco.

    • Louisb

      Ateco is bullshit, I have never seen a brand marketed so poorly before (Citroen) which builds class leading cars, hopefully Citroen can shift away from Ateco too.

  • klowik

    Fiat 500 for 16k, that’ll be good!!


      how about $14k inc, DRIVEAWAY

  • Dave S

    Let’s hope this mean more models, not just the European ones too. We have seen fast five. Bring is the Chrarger or the Challenger or the next Viper..

  • ACD

    FIATs are the Protons/Cherys/Geelys of Europe and they are trying to market it as a luxury car in Aus. The fact is FIAT/Alfa can’t sell any cars in Aus/USA in the past 30 years and that won’t change.

    • J Russell

      With such knowledge and insight into marketing and segmentation of the automotive industry both here and abroad, you should get into the business. Success is your partner.


      what a foolish, uneducated, stupid, dimwit dikchead you are acd

  • JHP

    lovely, ateco was terrible company.
    finally, fiat can show its maximum potential in australia.but cars better be cheaper than before.

  • Nick

    Ateco doesn’t market brands well. Maybe this means we’ll get a Fiat dealership in Geelong with the  Jeep and Dodge one.

  • Nick

    Ateco do Citroen too, and they do not market them well. The C3 is a good car and I just bought a DS3 and it is absolutely amazing. And quite well priced for what it is. 

  • JamesB

    Hopefully the Giulietta’s price goes lower with the takeover. It’s a Golf with style.

  • Nada

    About time. Maybe Chrysler can push for the 159 replacement now.

  • Iviau

    Looking forward to a more stable model line up from Fiat and Alfa and better value for money.  The cars are great but overpriced and very poorly marketed.  I own a 500 and love it.  I hope this can be a turning point for these great Italian automobile houses in Australia.

  • Brigadoon1

    Hi guys, any idea how to contact Clyde Campbell from the Head Office ? 

    • Batbywun

      He is no longer with the Company

  • arthur glasby

    Good news for Fiat owners. There is a rear support plate for the registration plate on the rear of the Fiat 500 . On sale in Queensland . This support plate uses the factory mounts .