The Mitsubishi ASX small SUV is set to undergo a cosmetic facelift when the mid-life update is unveiled at next month’s New York Motor Show.

The original ASX (pictured here), which currently claims around 16 percent of the small SUV segment in Australia, was introduced to the local market back in mid 2010, meaning the update comes only two years since the model was launched.

Mitsubishi Australia’s corporate communications manager, Caitlin Beale, confirmed to CarAdvice that the update will be mainly cosmetic in nature with no changes to the vehicle’s engine and transmission lineup. We believe new front and rear fascias are a given and suspect Mitsubishi will improve interior equipment levels as well. We’ve also heard the ASX’s CVT transmission calibration and rear suspension will see minor changes.

The updated 2013 Mitsubishi ASX is expected to land in Mitsubishi dealerships in August, ahead of the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander which is expected early next year. It seems the option for an automatic diesel is still off the cards and the ASX range will continue with a 2.0-litre petrol (110kw and 197Nm) and a 1.8-litre diesel (110kW and 300Nm), which is available only with a six-speed manual transmission.

The updates will see Mitsubishi push harder into the ever growing SUV segment in Australia.

  • Vid_Ghost

    i went into a showroom to check one of these out… and they wanted $30k
    Almost as much as a Mazda CX-5, not a great deal.

    • Kenn

      would have looked at an Aspire or top of the range model. The starting price of
      the base model is around the 26k mark. For 26k  with all the gear it’s a good buy. I would go
      for the platinum model with all the extra gear.

      • Vid_Ghost

         No sorry… this WAS the price i was QUOTED for a base model! … a complete RIP OFF!!..  26k is the price of the lowest haggle price you can get for it because the dealers just dont make enough money if they go lower.. its funny because Mitsubishi is doing so bad on the sales chart!

  • Shak

    Have to agree with you there Kenn. My sister just bought a top spec Aspire Diesel for herself and ive yet to drive it(on its way here!) but from the test drive i was pretty impressed. I’ll be the first to say interior quality is so-so, not terribly bad but far from class leading. It feels solid and good to drive and has lots of space for such a compact SUV. She was looking at a Tiguan as well but she’d heard a few horror stories from a friend so she went with the ASX. Also it’ll probably be bulletproof and still hold its value well enough in about three years time.

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    A jacked up hatchback at VW Golf prices… No thanks.

    • Hehe

      It’ll be more reliable than a golf

    • Phil

      It’s starts almost $5000 more than a Golf and Mitsubishi usually gets even worse results than VW in the reliability surveys.

  • TwinCam

    Platinum pack 2wd auto is the way to go. picking one up tomorrow.

    Its really the only option for a Japanese built jacked up compact hatch with ground clearance sub 30k. comes with factory rear sensors and rear camera – the dualis doesnt.

    I would rather this than a golf with todays road conditions – and without the golf issues (love the golf – but the dsg issues and the built in south africa mk5 too many issues. all the people at my work with golfs have had their dsg’s replaced and are fed up).

  • vrx26

    I have the opportunity of driving this as a service car while my own car is undergoing repair. First impression on the interior is good – soft touch plastic and seat quality though cloth is quite nice to be in. The drive though is a different story. After driving a V6 for a few years, driving this will get you bored. It’s underpowered, it’s small but its heavy. I drove the petrol 2wd and you really need to push the pedal to the metal just to keep it going and keep up with freeway traffic and to that point it gets noisy. CVT is alos a bit notchy. I’m not sure though about the diesel. It should have the option of a turbo engine – at least the one found in Ralliart Lancer and it would surely sell heaps more. Plus also adding auto to the diesel.

  • TwinCam

    Diesel auto would have been the best combo for the ASX – but not to be so far.
    Good idea vrx26 – a detuned Evo engine.
    That would be something – move over Nissan Juke R.

    The ASX is more a city car rather than a sports car – and I guess fuel economy is a major factor. Coming off a SV6 Magna (manual V6). Will miss the power – but not miss the fuel bills!

  • TwinCam

    Finally picked up the new ASX (CVT).

    For a 2 litre, its relaxed and quiet and economical, great ride, practical (the Magna never had a rear fold seat that alot of sedans do), roomy, well built (despite the weight saving panels), great ergonomics, good feature list,…. The Outlander was on the shopping list at one stage – too large and thirsty.

    This is the perfect sized car for a badly (or not planned) city with ever decreasing space (more cars on same road space) – and ever decreasing road quality (maintenance costs money no one wants to spend – just put in more speed bumps – so we’ll all go slower and put less wear and tear on the road).

    All hatches should have this variant – the “jacked up hatch”….. VW fans take note – the VW Polo Dune, the VW CrossPolo, the old VW Golf Country, etc.

    Normal hatches and sedans ground clearances seem to be too low for todays bad roads and the state their in (speed bumps, dips / dish gutters, etc). The “faux” cross over is here to stay and is the way to go.

    • Phil

      Yea, you’ve been had over by the marketing departments and the social scene.

      Pay your extra $5000 over something like a Lancer hatch for your percieved need for a “jacked up hatch”.
      There’s no problem with the ground clearance of todays cars (though some have a poor front approach angle), plus I’ve noticed that 4WD/’faux cross over’ drivers are just as likely to slow for tiny speed humps as drivers of normal cars.

  • Kiwi ASX

    Greetings from NZ. I have spent around 80,000k behind the wheel of the 2 ASX AWD’s that I own. Most of this has been on rural highways including the often challenging alpine roads of the Sth Island. They’ve had a damn good workout and both cars have been FAULTLESS! I enjoy driving them and if you learn how to manage the paddle shift, performance is never an issue. It’s comfortable, fun to drive and highly competent in all road conditions – believe me I’ve been through the lot, floods, torrential rain, snow and ice. Never once have I felt insecure. The trolls who criticise Mitsubishi and the ASX have never driven one.

    • Taatje

      Nothing beat the  Kia Sorento R  2.2 diesel

  • Beatonassociates

    NZ ASX2010  4WD Sport Petrol – driven on NZ roads in all conditions and has done 42,000kms without a fault or niggle. Intend buying the new 2013 version next month