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Holden says it will investigate the potential of introducing a small SUV to Australia following the release of images revealing the styling of a Chevrolet-badged compact crossover.

The patent images, first published by French magazine L’Automobile, show every angle of the upcoming Chevrolet SUV, which will share its Barina-sourced underpinnings and basic design elements with the Vauxhall/Opel Mokka and Buick Encore.

Compared with its cousins, the Chevrolet version gets a more upright grille similar to the Sonic (Holden Barina), bolder headlights, squarer bonnet and panel features, and more muscular wheel arches.

Holden already sells a number of localised Chevrolet vehicles – Barina, Barina Spark, Cruze, Captiva 5, Captiva 7, Colorado – and will add to that list later this year with the Volt and Colorado 7. As a result, there is a significant crossover between the two brand’s design languages, and it’s not difficult to imagine a Holden based on the small Chevrolet SUV design.


Holden senior product communications manager Kate Lonsdale said the local manufacturer would “keep a close eye on” the new Chevrolet SUV, but said there were no firm plans to launch a Holden-badged version at this stage.

“We look at everything GM’s got to offer,” Lonsdale said.

“We’ve seen how popular a market that SUV segment is and it’s certainly not showing any signs of slowing.

“We’ll see if it’s appropriate and if we’ve got a market for it.”


If it were launched here, the compact model would fit into the ‘small SUV’ segment in the official VFACTS sales database. The segment has grown more than any other so far this year – up 68.1 per cent over 2011 – and it is now almost as popular as the ‘large’ segment, which is dominated by the Holden Commodore.

The compact Holden SUV would compete with the likes of the Hyundai ix35, Nissan Dualis, Subaru XV and the Volkswagen Tiguan. Ford will enter the segment in mid 2013 with the Fiesta-based EcoSport. Opel will look at the Mokka for our market, while a similar-sized Mazda CX-3 is also on the drawing board, though is unlikely to materialise before 2014.

  • GA

    Should have done this long ago

  • Peanut

    OMG the Captiva has had a Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • atd

    Gees, the Captiva 5 looks small enough as it is

  • marc

    Holden already sells a number of localised Chevrolet vehicle!??!!?! they are korean/deawoo cars with badges of GM brands depending on the market… these are not by any means Chevrolet… what a misleading article!!!

    • Shak

      So if an Audi is made in a Chinese factory does that make it a Great Wall Car for example? The Vehicles made in the Ex-Daewoo factory are now made by GM-Korea for Chevrolet and Holden. GO and sit in and drive them and you’ll see that they are vastly improved in almost every way.

      • Sydlocal

        That is ok Shak, did you know that GM could also be building Ladas soon because they are looking at opening up a factory in Russia?

        If I had the money I would love a Tata DBS, even the Tata DB9 would be good enough. Who would have thought that Tata make one of the best looking cars in the world. I could have a Tata Vogue as my 4WD and a Tata XFR as the family car. Gee Tata sure make some desirable cars…

        • schah7

          Sydlocal what has “Tara” got to do with DBS or DB9 Aston Martin.???
          Aston Martin is owned by Prodrive,Ford & some Arab millionaire.!!!

          • Sydlocal

            schah7, Ford no longer has anything to do with Aston Martin. They sold them off about 5 years ago. I did get it wrong with Aston though, it was a consortium of rich people. Sorry, I got it confused with the rest of the article where at the same time Ford also offloaded Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata. Even removing A-M from the above still proves the point though. My apologies!

  • Martin

    Oh good this should have been done years ago as a proper successor to the little Cruze. That car was immensely popular – it baffles me why they didn’t bother developing another

  • Shak

    TO me the car looks like a mash up of Chevrolet and GMC design cues. Bits of the front like like the Equinox and Orlando, and then wheel arches look like they come from the GMC Acadia. Then bits of the rear look like they came from our very own Captiva 5. The funny thing is though, normally when a company puts a car together out of existing design cues it doesn’t look right, but this car to me looks quite attractive and refined.

  • Henry Toussaint

    Wow, look at the front over hang! it’s so long. That means this is going no where other than the nature strip!

    • Sydlocal

      These long front overhangs are a sign of times as cars now have to meet all of the current crash/pedestrian impact standards.

  • Guest

    And we tax payers are bailing out Holden? Please…we don’t need these American crap

  • ??????????

    Gee that’s a fantastic concept. Why hasn’t GM & Holden thought of this before? Perhaps that could have based it on a Suzuki and called it Cruze???

  • Andrew M

    Anyone reading between the lines?
    Holden has confirmed its future Aussie built vehicles will be a small car and another yet to be confirmed.

    Ive seen it in the Financial papers that the commodore has been confirmed as cut in 5-6 years.

    There is speculation of a small SUV based off the Cruze, could this be their 2nd Aussie built vehicle??