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  • jekyl & hyde

    i think a race with a gt-r is in order…

  • Jerrycan

    I look forward to seeing how this goes.
    Have they got 231Kw out of the ‘standard’ engine, or have so many parts been replaced it is unrecognisable from the original?

  • Guest

    is the engine N/A or turbocharged?
    2L pumping out 231 kw?!!!!!! That’s godly

    • K20A

      I too wonder about this. If it’s naturally aspirated then all hail Mazda! they’ve truly outdone themselves with this. I was almost hoping to read ‘this car is equipped with Mazda’s next generation three roter 2L- 20B wankel engine. :)

      • Sydlocal

        I wouldn’t be surprise if Cosworth lent a hand in this engine with heads and internals etc. Don’t forget that Cosworth have a lot of experience with the Mazda MZR engine, particularly the MZR based 2.3L they supply for numerous classes of racing over the world producing up to around 300hp.

      • Michael

        exactly, before I read the article I was thinking rotary, rotary, rotary… But that is awesome power. So good perhaps the RX5 idea isn’t required anymore… nah, bring on the rotary MX5. Where is that 16X??? Hurry up Mazda, bring back the rotary.

    • Hagler

      Nothing spectacular for a race engine. 231 kw = 308 HP. 10 years ago a 2 liter BTCC, DTM etc produced as much. Big deal!

      • Sydlocal

        Plus Mazda were getting 900hp out of an “in-house” NA 2.6 and around 700hp from the same engine in “enduro spec” in the very early 90s. 😉 😉

      • Jinnzhang

         Really? Today’s DTM produces 470HP from 4 ltr V8, that is less than 120HP per ltr.

  • Simon

    I want it.

    • H Furniture

      I also want it , like now.

  • Skeeter

    Definitely not a chick car, nor does it look like one

  • gt86.com.au

    and mazda will release a new MX-5 in 10 years after they have featured the current special edition models in a billion more ways. ha ha..Put the old bird to sleep, and sneak into the sheets with her daughter!

  • m1n1s1n

    231 from an I4? Oh Snap!