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  • impatient1

    is it me or do the rear wheels look like they are also turning …

    • Sonic

      Maybe because they are in so deep, it’s a bit of an illusion. They are going to put rear wheel covers over the top, too… so that pretty much rules out the possibility of rear-turning wheels. 

      This car has a Toyota Sera whiff about it. Limited production run, humble engine, futuristic design, doors which open upwards. I love it!

    • Blair Waldorf.

       The rear wheels are spinning as it’s a rear wheel drive?

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Impressive fuel economy VW! If I was VW I would guzump Toyota with super efficient hybrids that offered an 8 year warranty on the entire hybrid drive train not just the battery. A move like this would rapidly create a mainstream hybrid market and catapult VW to the number 1 car maker globally. If VW can focus on reliability and running costs it deserves to succeed.

    • Dskgjlkjhldfh

      They probably couldn’t afford to do that, even with the ginormous profits they’re making.

      • Bachman Turner Overdrive

        Probably right on that score.

  • Robin_Graves

    I bet it has a glorious exhaust note – if you like Lombardini mulchers and Briggs and Stratton compressors.