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by Jez Spinks

Jaguar will resist the urge to join other luxury brands by building an SUV, though the British marque says a crossover-style vehicle is under consideration.

The company’s design and product planning teams are busy working on future models as it continues its product rejuvenation, along with sister company Land Rover, under the stewardship of Indian conglomerate Tata.

In an interview with CarAdvice at the recent 2012 Geneva motor show, Jaguar’s design chief, Ian Callum, ruled out rumours of the company building an SUV but said crucial markets such as the US and China meant the company had no choice but to offer a diverse range of models.

“I don’t think I’ll ever [design] an SUV in my job,” said Callum (pictured below with the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake wagon). “I can categorically say that an SUV as such is out of the question. We have a sister company [Land Rover] that produces the best SUVs in the world.

“An SUV is too utilitarian-like for Jaguar, but maybe there are some grey areas in between we could investigate.”

“Umm, I couldn’t comment on that,” Callum smiled when asked if he had already penned a Jaguar crossover vehicle concept.

“We investigate everything [in terms of product], he says, “because what we know now across the world is that whereas we used to do a motor car that would effectively fit the world market, the luxury market, the world is so diverse now, especially now it’s opened up from America to China.

“Every territory is equally relevant, so you have to think about diversity.

“It’s true we’ve looked at many opportunities [for new vehicle segments] but no decision has been made.”

Rival Italian sports luxury brand Maserati has already confirmed it will build an SUV based on its Kubang concept, while at the 2012 Geneva motor show Bentley caused a stir with its polarising Bentley EXP 9F concept.

Jaguar’s next model will be a compact two-seater sports car based on the 2011 Jaguar CX-16 concept. The company is also considering a model that could enter the 3-Series-size segment.

  • Hjalle

    I agree with him, I don’t think an SUV would be the right car for Jaguar to make. A crossover Sportbreak could look good though. It’s nice to see some brands are still keeping their heritage and brand principles in mind unlike Mini for example…

    • Force-15

       Not to mention Bentley too (but the less said about their EXP 9F abomination the better). I don’t think a jacked-up XF Sportbrake would be a bad idea either.

  • Shak

    He pretty much hit the nail on the head. TATA is bankrolling all future projects and seeing as they have Land Rover making some top notch SUV’s, why would they need Jaguar to make one? Jaguar does all the Sedan/Coupe type cars, and LR/RR can stick to SUV/4WD vehicles. Seeing as they both operate in the upper luxury markets, they seem to have all bases covered.

  • ichisaurus

    this looks like a wagon not an suv

    • Daniel

      That’s because it is a wagon. 

  • Acfsambo

    They should put the LR 4X4/AWD system under the XF and give it a it of lift. Imagine an XF V6 Diesel Wagon to go against A6 Allroad?

  • Daniel

    Seems like a good idea. Crossovers sell well, are really practical and can look really good. I don’t know why so many people hate brands like Jaguar and Bentley making SUVs and crossovers, they’re just a body shape, nothing to get heated about. 

  • nugsdad

    just as a matter of interest where does all the Sportbrake terminology come from – never heard of it 2 years ago now everybody is at it?  What does it mean? I think some of them are also called shooting brake?

    • Dominique Vøn Hütch

      Maybe shooting is considered too violent.

  • MBJ

    it sounds like they have their priorities right. A two-seat sports car and a 3-series rival seem to be the most logical next steps – and with Land Rover doing the Range Rover Evoque, why would Jag build an SUV?

  • Jerrycan

    Amazing how much better the product planning (and product) is now they are no longer shackled by Ford.

  • Petrolhead

    ok… even jaguar wants to make suv.
    what i really don’t understand is… why would tata even consider making jag suv.
    i mean, they already have land rover, and they are already making stunning suvs.
    wonder what’s next? land rover makes sedan and small cars?
    whatever you do jaguar, don’t create some mutant offspring that even its own mother find it hard to love, like bentley did.

    • Igomi Watabi

      nice reading skills

      • Petrolhead


  • Gavin Maxwell

    Gavin Maxwell

    I think that Jaguar actually did a good job on the SUV. I wonder how much it costs…….

    • Shak

      What SUV? Jaguar was simply considering building one. They havent actually gone ahead and built one yet.

  • Liam

    He should design an SUV! Not for Jaguar but for Land Rover. This man is the greatest designer of all time. Imagine how good the Evoque or the DC100 could have looked if Ian Callum had designed them. Gerry McGovern just hasn’t got it.