• MattP

    I bought one of the last Focus XR5 in December.  Great price and an amazing drive.  The sound and performance of the Volvo sourced 5 cylinder is epic.

    It will be interesting to see if the new ST can maintain the character of the XR5.

    • Dave

      Nice, but really no faster than an XT Falcon that can have a nice set of 19inchers and some mild suspension work, both do 7.4 0-100

      • Joker

        Focus XR5 will do a 6.5 if you launch it correctly. Flash tune it and it will dominate an XT. 

      • Braedz

        Yea, I would love to take a taxi….oh I mean an XT for a spirited drive through the hills.

      • Car Bore

        What is it with people and 0 -100 times. It is not what the Focus RS is for. It is to be fast around corners and create a very fun car when presented with this. 

        The Focus RS is also a lot fast to 100km/h anyway when compared to an XT

      • scottjames_12

        Lol. This guy has no idea. Don’t know where you got 7.4….

        Throw some corners in, which funnily enough most roads have, and you wouldn’t even be comparing an XR5 to an XT falcon.

      • Springvale Boi

        Everyone knows that Falcons are fast. But with a Focus XR5/Rs you could brag “look mum, my Focus could keep up with a Falcon”.

      • MattP

        Watch this video to see what an XR5 (Mondeo in this case) can do against a V8 Falcon at WSID last night.  FWD beats RWD.


  • Rocket

    The ST will more than quick enough in Suburbia. The RS would be lethal in the wrong hands.

  • AAA

    Overboost a FWD vehicle ……. hmmmm……

  • RSer

    Got an RS and, i tell you now it eats GT’s and Clubsports for dinner, an XT falcon isn’t even in the same league! No RWD car can be put into a corner at the speed these things can and come out with out the rear end getting loose, grip is unreal. It is a shame ford didn’t stick with the 5 like volvo has. The noise that engine makes is unique, the new RS will be very good but feel its might have lost some of its soul. Can wait.

    • realjarod

      I have an Renaultsport clio 200 and its amazing, like the foucs RS, how well it handles around a corner. I know my car is no good in a straight line but give me corner and it will eat  GT’s and Clubsports. Would really like the Focus RS this time as long as ford australia pulls it’s head out this time and release it in a timely manner and not over priced.

  • Andrew

    I also bought a RS and have done the mountune MR375 upgrade and this thing is scary….
    Not many cars will get near this.. I recomend the RS to any V8 fan.

  • Rory

    The RS are a great little car and handle well. But it would not come near the new GT335 they are super quick, and when you put 275 on the rears and have ZF gear box they are will do sub five easily

  • Andrew

    Rory my RS can do 4.7 without raising a sweat i think i have passed a few of your GT335 on the track at the creek and the chassis is still off the shelf havent even started on it yet.. Those tanks weigh over 2.5 tonne the RS is 1350kg and mine has 410BHP  and handle better maybe the GT335 would make a nice drag car…..