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2008 Holden Captiva Review
by Matt Brogan

2008 Holden Captiva SX 2WD Review & Road Test

If the Cap fits…

Model Tested:

  • 2008 Holden Captiva SX 2WD five-seat wagon, 2.0-litre, turbo-diesel, automatic – $35,990 (RRP)


  • Metallic Paint $360 (Fitted – Carbon Flash); Cargo Blind $315; Rear Parking Sensors $450; Bluetooth $520; Side Steps $1300; Roof Racks $320

Smooth Auto, Decent Handling, Loads of Space
Interior Décor, Firm Seating, Cabin Noise Levels

CarAdvice Rating:

– by Matt Brogan

2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review

In being flexible to consumer demand Holden has released a dedicated 2WD variant of the popular Captiva to afford customers the SUV practicality and fuel economy they want without the AWD capability they’ll most likely never use.

The recipe too is starting to become more commonplace. Ford’s Territory has long offered a RWD only variant and other SUV manufacturers have caught on, with the likes of Hyundai, KIA, and Toyota all following suite.


But back to our Korean friend which, despite its age, remains quite attractive, especially from the front three-quarter view. With chrome brightwork around the glass, dual exhaust outlets, and 17-inch, five-spoke alloy wheels included as standard, the SX looks better than a base model should, especially in black.

The flowing lines and curved arches subtly downplay Captiva’s bulk, almost disguising the proportions within, and lend a more elegant, passive appearance to the styling, which is refreshing amongst a class of vehicle that is all too often square, aggressive and overtly masculine.

2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review

But when all things are considered, and with so many rivals out there, just how well does a 2.0-litre diesel front-wheel drive SUV fair with competition this tight. Let’s start with the obvious question of what’s under the bonnet.

Utilising a Bosch common-rail fuel injection system and a variable geometry turbocharger, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel develops a reasonable 110kW at 4000rpm and satisfactory 320Nm of torque which is on hand from a leisurely 2000rpm.

Whilst the power figures may not seem adequate for a 1770kg vehicle, the five-speed ‘Activematic’ transmission keeps on top of things and makes smooth work of the available power to deliver a linear, fluid drive without awkward hesitation or rough changes. Even large hills are ironed flat with relative ease.

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Fuel consumption is an acceptable 9.8 litres per 100km average (combined), which is a little more than a litre over the ADR claim, and is a decent figure for a vehicle of such bulky proportions.

On-road the dynamics are somewhat of a surprise with the handling being of special note. Cornering is settled and rather swift for an SUV and provided the vehicle isn’t thrown into bends it remains predictable and stable.

2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review

The steering is a little on the light side, and feels a touch numb at higher speeds but still manages just enough communication to not be bothersome. Braking is capable and sure footed, with a positive and progressive pedal feel.

Sadly despite the MacPherson strut front and self-levelling, multi-link rear suspension offering good handling the ride has suffered as a result and is to say the least, a touch stiff.

Not helping this situation the firm, flat seats offer little in the way of cushioning and on a longer journey will see an aching posterior after an hour or so. Otherwise seat positioning is good ergonomically, offers excellent visibility and is afforded acceptable steering column adjustment.

Hill Descent Control is also fitted, and it does work rather well, though one has to wonder if it’s redundant on a front wheel drive vehicle unlikely to ever see a dirt road. That being the case I’d have thought this money would have been better spent elsewhere – perhaps side airbags or a third row seat for example – maybe next time.

What does annoy me about the Captiva, and indeed many cars of late, is the attention to detail in offering suitable panel lighting. Although in this instance Captiva does offer a dimmer for the dashboard lights, the odometer doesn’t dim with the cluster leaving an annoying bright green square in your peripheral vision. As someone who does a lot of country driving at night, this is fast becoming a pet hate as I feel it detracts markedly from your night vision.

2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review

Cabin décor is rather plain, uninspiring and lacking in forethought. Take for example the audio head unit and air distribution controls’ position. Placed too low in the centre stack you have to look away from the road to change settings, whilst instead a large storage box, the product of deleting the Sat/Nav unit available overseas, sits up top where the controls could have been.

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There’s also the issue of cabin noise in Captiva which unfortunately stems from more than one source. Around town the engine chatter is obvious, even intrusive, whilst at highway speeds, and especially on coarse chip roads, tyre noise is unacceptable. Even if you find yourself able to remedy both these factors from the equation, the wind noise then becomes evident at highway speeds – poor marks scored here.

On the up side internal proportions are exceedingly generous, especially in the rear leg room department (up to 939mm), and with 60:40 folding rear seats expanding the luggage capacity from 465 litres (to window height – seats up) to 930 litres (to window height – seats down) or 1565 litres all told, the carrying capacity is more than ample.

There’s even a neat underfloor wet area compartment offering an additional 140 litres and 12V power outlet for your fridge, all accessed from a double action top hinged tail gate.

2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review

As base models go, the SX variant offers a plentiful array of features including a single MP3 compatible CD tuner with auxiliary socket, flip key remote central locking, charcoal cloth trim, power windows and mirrors, air-conditioning, power-steering, tilt and telescopic adjustable leather bound steering wheel with audio and cruise control buttons, alloy wheels, rear mud flaps, projector beam headlights and some 25 storage compartments.

Strangely though a cargo cover is omitted from the list, so leaving your bags in the car is a little disconcerting. It’s a shame this isn’t included as standard in the list price really, though it is available as an accessory.

Dual front and curtain airbags are fitted as standard and combined with Anti Rollover Protection, Anti-Lock Brakes (with EBA & EBD), Electronic Stability Program and Traction Control see Captiva score a reassuring four star ANCAP rating.

When all’s said and done there’s nothing really wrong with Captiva. It may be a little noisy and a tad dated inside, but it offers a lot of room and a heap of kit for the price – and is pretty good on the juice to boot. My only recommendation before jumping in to one would be to drive as many of the competitors as possible, just to make sure the cap fits.


2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review
2008 Holden Captiva Review

CarAdvice Overall Rating:
How does it Drive:
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  • Engine: 1991cc SOHC (in-line) four-cylinder
  • Induction: Common rail injection & turbo
  • Power: 110kW @ 4000rpm
  • Torque: 320Nm @ 2000rpm
  • Transmission: Five-speed automatic
  • Brakes: Discs with ABS, EBA & EBD
  • Driven Wheels: Front
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 65 litre
  • Fuel Consumption: 8.6 litres/100km (Combined)
  • CO2 Emissions: 233 grams per kilometre
  • Safety: ESP (with TCS); front & curtain airbags
  • ANCAP Rating: Four Stars
  • Service Interval: 12 months/15,000km
  • Spare Wheel: Space Saver
  • Turning Circle: 11.5 metres
  • Towing Capacity: 1700kg (Braked)
  • Warranty: 3 years/100,000kms
  • Weight: 1770kg (Tare)
  • Wheels: Alloy 17 x 7.0-inch

Road Test the Rivals:


  • JJ

    Buy Santafe diesel…It is miles better…Much stronger…Much quieter..More reliable…Much longer warranty…

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice The Salesman

    I see your Santafe and raise you a Kia Sorento with Global Circuit pack, there is no competition or doubt this is the best package in the market. And it is the same price as the Captiva.


    I think its got a VERY unfortunate name, esp. if you put a “r” between the c and a…..


    More Korean junk, will GM/H be shifting to China soon to lower its base cost and increase profit?

    Not that they would pass it on, they will just pocket the saving, of course its business and ok with me to make a profit…



  • Fenno

    Claytons 4wd’s. Not even a seven seater. This car has no purpose. Buy a diesel I30 and jack up the suspension if you want a tall Korean diesel.

  • http://integra Limited Slip

    Gee…….and this thing is supposed to be a Territory rival ? Drive a Territory then drive one of these……there really is no comparison……….Territory is still the best SUV by a fair margin.

    • Shak

      handling wise yes but most people dont want a good handling SUV. They wants stacks of kit for nothing and loads of room and seats. Im not saying the territory doesnt offer these things, but the sales results speak for themselves.When it comes down to it, most people vote with their hip ocket and go the value road rather than excitement and handling.

    • Shak

      Maybe handling wise yes, but most people dont want a good handling SUV, they want loads of kit, space and seats for next to nothing. I agree that the Tezza may be the best at some things and im not saying that it cant offer the above as well, but when it comes down to it most people vote with their hip pockets and the sales results speak for themselves.

  • Richo

    Fenno – you do realise that this car comes in both 5 and 7 seat capacities don’t you?

  • Falcodore

    anti spam word = holden.
    A mate of mine went to the local holden/mazda dealership & told the salesman he likes the mazda CX7 while they were looking over the captiva. The bloke told him that he also worked in the spare parts division & that they always had orders for parts from the service department for captiva cause they have a lot of problems, told him to go for the CX7.

  • riceboy

    What’s with the front and curtain airbags without side airbags? That’s ridiculous! First we follow the Americans with damn SUVs and now this… next we’ll have their on/off switches for airbags for people who people who don’t wear seatbelts! Nothing personal to Americans…

  • Andrew M

    limited slip,
    in a way i agree with you.

    the biggest problem with the territory is it is well due for a facelift including the addition of diesel.

    ford AUS are famous for coming up with an awesome vehicle, and then standing there and watching the competition catch up.

    i still think the territory is the better looking of the SUV camp, especially in GHIA form.

    hang on……..
    the outlander VRX is a stunner too, but only doesnt match the interior of the territory i feel

  • topdog

    If i was to buy a korean car it would not be dawooe it would be hyundi. All the holden cars seem to have gone bad since thay just wanted cheap cars from korea

  • Phillip

    Interesting point Falcodore, although I’ve heard that the Korean Holdens have fewer warranty calls than the European ones.

    Anti-spam word = Daewoo (chuckle)

  • Alan

    like many people have mentioned, if you want cheap korean car buy a hyundai. they are now ranked fifth largest car companies, and their quality and reliability is now comparable to most Japanese cars.

  • Iamthestig

    No one would seriously put their worst enemy in the rear pews of the 7 seater Craptiva. The Terrortree is well past its use by date for a facelift (the interior and dash look awful) but at least the rearmost seats are semisafe…

    You can buy much better than one of these…


    riceboy,the lack of side airbags is probably due to the fact that the front seats ain’t got enough room in them for them.the seats are made for asian bums not aussie ones.bit of extra coin for the santa fa,all you hyundai fans(although the specs don’t exactly line up).can’t look past the extra warrenty but.as for territory diesel…TO LATE!!!

  • http://integra Limited Slip

    Andrewm i agree with you that territory needs an update……given that its basically the same as when it came out. Imagine how good the interior would be with the FG’s new interior. It will go back to best seller when the new model comes out

  • Andrew M

    Limited slip,

    sure the territory will go back to #1 seller after facelift, but the longer they let it go, the harder it will be for them to claw the sales back.
    fords biggest problem is they dont update their vehicles as often as they should.
    not to say that their vehicles arent as capable as their competitions newbies,
    its just that people dont want to buy a new vehicle that looks the same as they did 4 yrs ago.

    in certain months the BA falcon sales actually outsold the commodore, but holden wisely threw an update into the mix just to refresh their range and give it a new feel. even though the VZ still wasnt up to the standard of the BA, it still sold better because it was a newer model.

    currently the territory isnt losing many sales, its more that the competition is growing and taking all the new sales coming to the segment.
    most going the otherway are probably put off by the not so fresh look, and by “fresh” i mean not thousands of others like it seen on the road.
    also the high demand for diesel will push some to the korean makes

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    Here here Andrew M……sluggish updates as nothing a doing! Thats the story with Ford! Slack!

  • Tomas79

    Andrew M Says:
    “sure the territory will go back to #1 seller”
    “biggest problem is they dont update their vehicles”

    Andrew, I don’t know about the territory being ever a no1, seller, but mind you it still being beaten in sales by the Prado, who hasn’t had a face lift since it’s introduction in 2003!!!

  • Wheelnut

    The Territory was number one in its class However so to was the Captiva and at the moment I believe its the Kluger – but only just..

    As for the Prado its in a completely different sepperate class to the Territory Captiva Outlander and Forester which are more like a Cross Over / Soft Roader. whereas the Prado [Landcruiser Wannabe] is a Full Size Purpose Built 4×4; a Mobile Fortress

  • Tomas79

    The sure the territory is a soft-roader, and not an proper offroader, but i was referring to the SUV class in general!

    As for Prado being a landcruiser wannabe, Grow up!! Act your age!! Your really wanna drag this site down again with your personal arguments!! The Prado is a Landcruiser 120, and has it’s PRO’s aswell it’s CONS againts the Landcruiser 200!!

  • Tomas79

    Also the Prado is Actually classed as a medium sized SUV!!

  • Wheelnut

    The territory and Prado do come under the same category of SUV’s yet they are in different classes within that category.

    I mean how many people when looking at say a V8 SS Commodore would seriously look at a Corolla Sedan [vice versa]? Not many why not theyre both Sedans.

    There are a number of obvious reasons such as size level of specifications or performance all of which as an impact as to what class of car they are in even though they are in the same overall category.. However the main one would be Price whci is the one of the factorst that determines what classof car it goes into ,

    You have sedans from $10-20K; 20-30K; 30-40K and so on and cars within each those classes have the same level of features performance etc as other casrs with in that class

  • Wheelnut

    Prado a Medium Sized4x4 SUV…. ha ha

    Take the average sized car parking space at your local shopping centre complex.
    Then see how much space on each side you have left when a Territory is evenly parked in that space compared to the space left on each side by a Prado.

    The difference would be marginal but the Prado definitely takes up more space. why? because of its size obviously .. which indicates that its BIGGER – its closer to a that of a Landcruiser than it is a Vitara which is why most people consider the Prado to be a Full Sized 4×4

    Its bigger and wider than a sedan based soft roader such as the Territory.. Yet its size could be why so many Drivers of Large Full Sized 4x4s such as the Prado have so much trouble parking that they often take up more than one space.

    Meaning that drivers of smaller more compact cars are forced to slide out of their car through a gap no more than 15cm wide because a Mobile Fortress like the Prado next to them has been abandonned

    Yet youd think they’d be better drivers considering they’re up so high which is meant to give them a better view of the road etc

    But thats right [unlike most people on this site] you take the definition of the word “CAR” to mean any wheeled vehicle or mode of transport – which would therefore; include roller skates skateboards unicycles even wheelbarrows and trolleys.. yet if that is so why don’t you have to pay registration or insurance on a wheelbarrow as you do with a Corolla? afterall [according to your definition] they’re both CARS

  • Tomas79

    Wheelnut, once again your Toyota hate is hijacking this forum!!
    Grow up, or see a shrink!!
    I’m genuinely not interested in a prolonged argument here!!

    Fact number 1: In all motoring publications that I have seen, Toyota Prado is classed as a medium class SUV. Sure it’s large in stature, but it’s weight and engine size range place it in the Medium size category!!

    Fact 2:
    Ford Territory is wider!!
    Ford Territory = 1898mm
    Toyota Prado = 1790mm

    Fact 3:
    Ford Territory is heavier!!
    KerbWeight Ford Territory 2wd = 1995Kg
    Ford Territory 4wd = 2075kg
    Toyota Prado = 1970kg

    To rest of the Car Advice Readership, sorry for going off topic, but I thought I better set this guy straight!!!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Quote “To rest of the Car Advice Readership, sorry for going off topic, but I thought I better set this guy straight!!!

    mmmmmmmmm,so Tomas as you stated the Prado is larger in stature, I think your grasping at straws to try and win yet another Toyota argument by bringing up width and weight.

    Seems to me you hijacked this forum way back when you argued with Andrews statement! You cant leave a comment alone if it has Ford as number 1 in it,you have to bring bloody boring Toyota into the equation,at no time did Wheelnut insult you but once again you and your lack of personal skills mentioned insults directed at Wheelnut cause you didnt like what he was saying,cant you argue without insulting people! Your entitled to your opinion but so is Wheelnut,seems he can put that forward without directing attacks at you!Why is it Toyota people take insults at the vehicle as directed at them,do they have some sort of confidence problem,insult my car you insult me??????????? F..k there just cars!

  • Tomas79

    Ok, here it goes again!!
    Another review spoiled by flamers and personal insults!!

    Bavarian missile you are the one personally attacking me now, obviously you can’t talk facts or figures!!
    And we both know Wheelnut took dig it me, by calling the Prado a Landcruiser wannabe!!

    I only brought up Toyota as an example, because Andrew brought up the territory as selling less because it’s lack of face ifts, while the Prado has gone even longer without a facelift, and yet has still increased in sales (compared to same time last year!)

    Also Bavarian Missile can’t you read??! I never said “larger”, but “large”!

    Seriously, it’s the likes of you ruining this site, with this personal flaming!!

  • Wheelnut

    Quote: And we both know Wheelnut took dig it me, by calling the Prado a Landcruiser wannabe!!

    Tomas – How is saying that a car is trying to be like another car a personal attack towards you?

    I have always said that the Prado is a Landcruiser wannabe long before you made your appearance on here because there are very little differences between the two

    BTW BM didn’t personally attack you she just pointed out that you resorted to personal attacks towards others as indicated by your statement where you’re telling me to see a shrink – just because you disagree with what I said.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Tomas…………..you started the attacks and trying to turn this thread all about Toyota again.Bring up the Klugger if you want to introduce Toyota into the equation.

    The territory was a number one seller back in 2004 for your information and as Andrew was saying it needs a face lift to compete again in the market successfully , at the moment it competes with the Klugger and Captiva the Prado is not a soft 4×4 {unless you want to say it is} ,even Toyota calls the Klugger a Aurion wagon,doesnt that tell you something.

    At no point did I insult you .

  • Dlr1

    Why does the Prado need to be called a Landcruiser wannabe? It is clearly a full size smaller. Same with the Pathfinder/Patrol, Challenger/Pajero, Frontera/Jackaroo, X3/X5 ect ect. Just because one model is bigger than the other doesn’t mean that the smaller one is a wannabe, or that the bigger one is a better choice or vice versa.

  • Wheelnut

    First up let me say that owning a Prado isn’t a bad thing – and I have never made personal attacks otowards Prado owners

    IHowever I still say that its a wannabe in as much that in terms of features performance etc its virtually the same

    Even Toyota refer to the Prado as the “Landcruiser-Prado” as its derived from the Landcruiser that is it shares a number of components and characteristicsetc as the Landcruiser

    So if you were considering buying a Prado for a bit more you might as well get the real thing – the legendary Landcruiser.

    Yet as this article is to do with the Captiva SUV I strongly doubt that anyone looking at compact soft roader or cross-over such as the Captiva would even consider looking at a Prado because its almost 2 sizes bigger but also because its double the price.

    If Tomas wanted to bring up his beloved Toyotas he should have mentioned the Kluger as its a more direct rival to the Captiva and Territory because its the same size and about the same price…. The Prado isnt.. Same SUV Cateory but in a differnt class

    Because you wouldn’t realistically compare a Statesman to a Corolla – despite the fact that they are both Sedans now would you….?

  • hole Den

    The fact is Captiva is basic rubbish and its daewoo all over again….. Its like riding a dead horse. Lets face it Daewoo even with GM are not up to the standard of anything on the car market at present. Holden just what sales and cheap cars and this will kill them long term. If Forn suvive (which they will) they will be out selling GMH in 5 years. They have real cars with real designs. Ford is were Toyota was 10 years ago.
    Ford Terr is still the best for towing drving and sitting in.
    Kluger is great too but towing is not too good

  • Tomas79

    Wheelnut, Car is a Car, it does not want to be anything!! You are just trying to insulting prado owners!!

    As Wheelnut, we weren’t talking about off-road ability, just facelifts on SUVs, so in this case the Prado is still relevant example!!

    Also as I have said on many occasions Prado is the local name for Landcruiser 120, it does not matter whether or not it shares any components with LC100,200,70,76,79 etc….
    It is just a name!!

    Also LC200 is a great car out of the box, but I just got from Kalgoorlie and and the Prado’s dominate there. I Visits different mine sites regularly and I’m yet to come across a Mining LC200!! The reason is you can’t fit out the LC200 as well as the Prado and maintain it on under the legal weight limit!!

  • Duck

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Kalgoorlie? Do you live there? I lived there for quite a while.

  • SteveV

    Having painfully waded through this blogs dribble, I can’t go past the very first comment…
    “Buy Santa fe diesel…It is miles better”

  • Tomas79

    Duck, cool, nah I live in Perth, but occasional I visit Kalgoorlie to do work on some of the Mine sites there.

  • Cappy 08

    As a captiva driver (previously a prado owner), I am very happy with my car, for my personal use.Its fuel economy around town is 8litres/100km.It does have diesel clatter when cold but most have it. Once you get used to how the car performs it is a pleasure to drive.I prefer this car to a prado but that is me. We all have different views but until you own one for a while how can you judge it.In the bush the prado wins but on the road the holden is far better.Whatever your purpose for your car will only be determined by your own personel choise.Both cars are good for what you choose them for.

  • Duncan

    We have had our Captiva SX Manual Diesel now for just on a year – 25000 km and loving it…Always been a Mitsubishi fan and have had Pajero’s in the past but the Captiva walks all over it for Cost of ownership and safety….I agree with Cappy 08, if you want to go Bush the Prado is king, but for School drop offs, city driving, occasional snow and light camping trips and taking the dog to the beach etc, you cant beat the Captiva…..

    • Nath746

      Actually, you can: if you want to drive in the city, get a smaller car. Big cars are hard to see out of and a pain in the backside to drive around the city… get a ford mondeo wagon instead of the 2wd captiva…

  • Fraud

    From somebody that very rarely visits this sight I was very surprised and not impressed to wade through drivel and rubbish that had nothing to do door with the car being reviewed. If all the discussions on this site end up like this then I don’t know if i’d bother coming back.

    Cappy 08 is right unless you actually own a Captiva and live with one for a bit how could you actually judge it.
    I’ve been driving my brothers Captiva around for the last 2 months and really like it. It’s perfect for driving around town doesnt chew that much petrol and has loads of room for our family..
    We like it so much that when our current car is paid off in 3 months time we are going to buy a Captiva.
    Infact when our

  • apohikingsociety

    I’ve read some comparative / road test reviews between Captiva, Klugger, CX-9 and Territory.

    Is the captiva in the same SUV class as the above cars?

    Wouldnt a captiva be more in-line with RAV4, Santa Fe, Wrangler?

    Any comments?

  • dv24


  • Sad2Say

    Ive always been holden…and I still am, tho……last week my wife and I travelled down to Sydney to buy a new car …a family car…7 seats….being holden people we were going to buy a Captiva….but also being swinging voters we thought we might give everyone a fair go. Test drove an LX captiva..liked the feel of it and its little extras..but noticed a hell of a lot of plastic that made the car look fake…not to mention dangerous…the a nissan pathfinder..bit of a tank, but nearly rolled it in the back streets of parramatta….then a Kluger VTII..odd looking thing and only 2 seats in the middle row…so only a 6 seater……but then the Ford Territory SY Turbo….what a car….space,power,looks(rare for a ford),and saftey….for gods sake people we are buying a 7 seater to put our FAMILY into it…the captiva is plastic..sure it looks good…but take a closer look. and think of your kids

  • Byron

    The most sucessful Holden 2 come out of Korea. More updates make it more interesting. Looks great, interior very modern (LX interior), engines & $$$. 10/10

  • newcapowner

    Please use this site for what it is meant for. Came here looking for some decent reviews and got crap. Men are 10x worse than women for dribbling. Get real.

  • economan

    I haven’t seen much discussion here about fuel economy or emissions. From doing searches at the Green Vehicle Guide http://www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au, the Captiva comes out well on top of alternatives mentioned here.
    Santa Fe looks OK but is at least $5k more.
    We are looking for a 7 seater (at a pinch) and Captiva is looking like the one.


    hey everyone out there,buying a captiva go for it’s the best car i have ever had
    never ever broken down for me. Great on trips and going off road it’s a awesome SUV

    i love it… I’ll never ever buy another truck like the captiva….BUY IT THE BEST HOLDEN CAPTIVA IN THE WORLD!!!!!

  • Kerri

    I signed up for my Captiva about a week ago and have only been driving it for the last 5 days. I love it. I went from a 2003 VY Commodore to a 2007 Captiva LX. It is taking me a little while to get used to the front wheel drive but it wont take long once I start driving the car regularly. It is roomy and comfortable. Yes the seats are a little smaller but not too small, even for my big rear end. So far I am impressed. Before I bought it I researched it’s rivals for comparison. They were the Mitsubishi Outlander, Ford Territory, Hyundai Santa Fe and the Holden Captiva. Tooke me 6 months of research and driving comparison and in the end the Captiva came out on top. I am female and I did not just buy in to be a Bitumen Cowgirl. I regularly drive on dirt and find this car to be very stable when the AWD kicks in when needed. All in all, I love my Captiva! So don’t rubbish them until you’ve owned one!

  • Byron

    I am very impressed with Holden Captiva. I got a lift from my friend in one, a couple days ago. Her mum owns a CX Diesel Model. Got in, closed the door, passenger light turned off by itself. Already impressed. Back seat was squishy cause i had my other 2 friends in it, but i lived with it. Legroom was good. Dashboard looked very sleek & attractive for being a Korean. I was just pushing against the door & stuff, but nothing squeaked or rattled. Lots of oomph! for being a diesel. It is near quiet on the highway & i almost forgot it was a diesel. I had doubts beforehand about it’s quality etc… cause everyone loves bagging it out, cause it’s korean. But after actually sitting in one & experiencing it, it isn’t at all like those comments suggest. I’d consider buying one when i’m older. I’m just a teen but it impressed me inside & out. 9/10 Well done Holden! You’ve created a winner. Go HOLDEN!

    • Nath746

      You can’t say you have experienced the power from and engine until you have sat in the drivers seat and actually driven the car at full throttle. You can’t do a car review from the back seat.
      You can feel the car pulling, but you don’t know what the driver is doing with their foot…

  • Robyn

    The Captiva pictured in this blog is not the Captiva 5 which I have just bought. It is the same chassis but body is the Maax. I think it looks good. Not too square and boxy looking like many of the SUV’s I looked at. It has great safety features at a great price. It has a plain interior but it is not as boring as the Forester [I have had one]nor as clunky to drive as the CRV [I have had one ] or as ugly as the Mazda Tribute [I have got one]. I will admit not as nice as Mazda 7 or a few other more expensive cars in the same class and size. Anyway many of the blog comments sound very snobby.

    • Kenn

      Good luck with the purchase. Captiva 5 was to compete against the likes of the RAV4s, Outlanders & Foresters. The captive 5’s 4 cyl 2.4L engine is under powered & the transmission is poor. The car is too heavy for the 100kW engine (even the lighter corolla & lancer have more powerful engines). The captiva 5 will struggle with 5 adults & luggage. No hope in overtaking on a hilly rural highway. I was on the market for a 4 cyl SUV & test drove the captive 5 , Rav4 , Forester, CRV & Outlander. I felt the captive 5’s engine is outdated compared to competition.

  • omg

    OMG people, I can’t believe that people think cars like Hyundai, Kia and Daewoo are quality cars. Are you lot stupid or what, no way are any of those manufacturers quality let alone value for money. They are just cheap throw away cars as soon as the warranty runs out. What’s the point. I have a 12 year old VT Commy running perfectly, well and truly out of warranty. I’d prefer that than waste my money every 3 years. idiots.

  • CarsCarsCarsCars

    My gf had a captiva when we first got together it was amazingly bad, I’m 6foot2inchs and I could barely fit behind the wheel with the seat right back and right down, we have two kids and there was no leg room for them in the 2nd row. It was shit to part the massive thing (keep in mind I actual had a Toyota 4runner lol which yes didnt have the pick up speed but handled shockingly much better). another problem is the sidscreen pillers are way to big and cause a masive blinds spot which came close to causing a lot of acidents. And holly hell did it eat the petrol, it was only a year old and it was going through a $80 tank of petrol in less than a week which just normal around the town driving, say 250-300km, and it was not being driven hard. There are more problems but meh. the problem is with people that devote themselves to a brand of car causing the problem where in the cant see the shit through the badge. We traded it in 3 months ago for a Honda Jazz 2012 model, again yes it does not have the pick up off the mark speed but i’m not a 18 year old douch that wants to drag at every intersection, the funny thing is the cabin is BIGGER than the captiva, handles better, it is soooo good to park and around town, and we get over 550km out of a $30 tank of petrol. It has great boot space no it doesnt have the 7 seats but under the Genevor Convention you are forbiden to put a person in to the 3rd row seats of a Captiva, that is just…evil, would be fine for kids save for the fact there are no anker points and you cant get them in or out. So basicly I hated the cRaptiva even though ever halfwit (incleading my gf who has a holden chick when I get her but thats clean fixed up) are buying them in big numbers because they are holdens… holdens australian…. it must be the best car in the world then. there are so many other cars sooooo much better, and if you want a 4wd GET THE BLOODY 4WD, if you want 7 seats get a luxury people mover that rarely cost much more than a captiva. And please please, dont look so hard at the brand look at each car as a sinlge stand alone. Thank you and good night! xo

    • Jen Mckeown

      hi carscarscars
      just wondering if you had many general faults with the CRAPtiva.  i own one and am trying to sell it… 

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