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  • Ima_Hogg

    What an amazing piece of engineering. Making 300 kmh in 16 seconds is astonishing and first gear goes up to 104 kmh blows my mind. Don’t go much on the light blue and dark blue combination.

    • cd

      The photos of the blue car are terrible quality – opening one dark, and another one back-lit. Give them some levels adjustment in Photoshop and it looks more reasonable.

      FYI – the McLaren F1 also did just over 100km/h in first gear. The other gears were 140, 190, 240, 290, 370 (all at the 7500rpm rev-limiter).

      300km in 16 seconds is astonishing for such a heavy machine.

      • theillestlife


        i was going to bring the mclaren f1 into this, because its my favorite car and the greatest car of all time. not this or any other bugatti comes close to its performance.

        this is good for now but i doubt it will be amazing in 15 years time, where as the 20 year old mclaren f1 looks better, is better and in terms of real life testing, quicker off the line.

    • Tony121

       I realise it aint apples with apples, but FWIW, most supersport bikes (ZX10, R1 etc) will do 150kph+ in first gear – then 104kph doesnt sound so outrageous.

  • davie

    an amazing engineering statement, I wonder how many owners will ever do 400Km/h plus in this thing.

    hmm, is that 400km/h figure with the roof down?

    • V8

      It will probably pull your head straight off your neck! LOL

  • gt86.com.au

     Not a fan of the blue and black combo.. looks cheapish..
    but yes.. this is the Maclaren F1 of the current generation for sure!

    • theillestlife

      you can’t compare this to the mclaren f1! simply because nothing compares with a mclaren f1!

      but yes, this and the supersports are the closest thing comparable to it! 😀

  • Devil666

    imagine doing a hyper mile test in a veyron…

  • Mitch

    Id still love to see a lightweight version

    • theillestlife

       pretty sure this IS the lightweight roadster as its based on the lightweight veyron – the supersports.

  • Waylon

    I quite like the blue two tone on the car, it shows off the lines – not so sure about the blue “BMX” wheels.

  • Goa987

    Next car please…

    • theillestlife

       Umad bro?

  • JHP

    veyron’s been around for almost decade now, seriously, go n develop some new cars.
    design’s getting really old now

    • Anthony

      They need to milk this design for as long as possible to re coupe the astranomocal development costs. I would be very interested in seeing how much better a new model can be eventually when it does come out.

      • JHP

        they do have the new models planned, its called galibier.
        its not exactly the fastest car in the world, but i as far as i know, its the fastest and the luxurious sedan ever made.

    • Gus

      *cough* porsche 911

      • JHP

        haha, i agree with that, i hate porsche for that reason.

    • SMITH


  • Nickadams_456

    id say the same they really need a new moddle
    but this one is still one of my favorites no dout…

    • Slick-slim87

      Colour is horrendous matched with that orange interior. but i could live with it if every time i put my foot down 1500nm would kick me in the arse! Woo hoooooooooooo

  • Me

    Four words: Car. Of. The. Century. Forget your stupid Holdens and Hondas, get this! Did you know you can let a Mclaren F1 to 200kmph and then set this off, and the Veyron will still beat it to 320! The Mclaren is like a pushbike compared with this! I’d love to have one.

  • Benreber00

    great fast car i love racing it