• Car Bore

    Looks a lot better in these pictures. Why do Ferrari persist with putting everything on the steering wheel? It just complicates things especially because the wheel is constantly moving.

    • Jntroy

      Ya, I know what you mean. You sound like you have a lot of experience testing these cars. Hahaha”

      • Car Bore

        I haven’t driven one of these cars but it’s not only me who thinks that way. Could you say that it wouldn’t confuse you if you had to turn the wipers on while going around a corner or even switching from left to right indicator while in the city or something like that?

        • Chucky

           If I have one, I am sure I will get used to it.

  • Birty_B

    I don’t mind the rear end and I like the side profile, sure it looks great in the flesh. 
    But that front end looks ridiculous, looks like a muppet who wants to eat you. 

    • Ima_Hogg

      I agree 100% with you. It looks very curvy and sexy.

    • omale

      Very sinister smile… like it’s saying ‘I’m going to eat you. You know it.’

  • G.

    That is a big, big mouth…

    • ABCD

      Mazda3 = WIN

  • Jazrod

    It’s little brother, the 458 Italia, is much prettier . . . but personally I think the FF is the ugly duckling of the stable. 

    I think that Pininfarina and Ferrari have still done a marvelous job. Can’t wait to gawk at one in person at some point! 

  • cd

    Fiery performance indeed! (no pun intended).

    Love the look – and I can only imagine 0-200 in 8.5sec. For comparison, remember the Dauer-Porsche 962 Le Mans (a converted 962C) did the same dash in 7.2sec.

    But this Ferrari is a proper grand-tourer with a quality cabin – far from a converted Group C racer. Most impressive. But I still want the Aventador for shock and awe value (and the explosive noise on launch control mode).

  • Showtime

    The front end looks like Mazda’s attempt at a super car. It needs more aggression like the 458

    • O123

      Mazda 12?

    • Gus

      nah, looks nothing like the mazda supercar concept. google ‘mazda taiki’

  • Guest


  • Golfschwein

    Its essence is the same as the wooden mock-up we saw recently, but this looks sensational. Never trust anything wooden.

  • Chris Chappell of Randwick

    I am a true red blooded ferrari fan and it’s taken me some time to warm to the last few ferrari designs.

    This one, I’m liking from the start so i feel it will be a success

  • Sumpguard

      I love it. Stunning from every angle.  Now if only my lotto numbers would play ball..

  • Valet Dabess

    pretty sure every journalist has said that all the buttons on the steering wheel are annoying. so what do ferrari do? y u no listen ferrari!?

  • Bobo

    Dont quite like the short rear end. Rest of the car looks great though. I still love the 599 and didnt expect Ferrari to replace it so soon.

  • John

    its a shame ferrari is too scared of allowing comparions with other car companys products. It may be a good product, we’ll never know objectively, only subjectively, but a company that is not prepared to allow comparisons made is always sus, regardless of their pedigree. This is unlike porsche for example.

    • Chris Chappell of Randwick

       The opinions of every motoring journalist are subjective.

      The only legitimate objective conaprisons that can be made are 0-100, 0-200, stopping distance, top speed etc. Even these can vary.

      Clarkson’s vs Tiff’s opinions of it travelling around some british circuit mean diddly. Not every driver is the same. And if you don’t like the way a car drives, you won’t be able to drive it anywhere near its potential

  • Smoothcall

    Placing the iPod cradle underneath the rear license plate is an unusual decision

    • Car Bore

      Hahaha didn’t notice how much it looks like an iPod touch.

  • Supes

    don’t know about the grill and the sides… i guess if you’re concentrating on aerodynamics though, function is largely going to dictate how it looks. 

  • Henry Toussaint

    I love it!

  • Dman

    It looks like Elmo.

  • m1n1s1n

    *yawn* ferrari

  • Victor

    The additional digital display for RPM, speed and selected gear infront of the passenger is interesting

  • Nada

    I’m in love but have empty pockets.

  • Question.Mark?!?

    Well well well front engine rear wheel drive still has some kick left in it! Mid-rear the cars of the future? Hmmmmmmmmm……

  • MattSingleton


  • theillestlife

    a whole lot better looking  than the fugly 458 Italia – seriously i dont know why people adore it so much, the front is utterly disgusting, this f12 is gorgeous

    • cd

      It does look great – and the styling is smart too. Blown diffuser on this thing too (along with similar tricks for the rear wing). It might be very controversial technology in F1, but now it’s on road cars. The aero trick with the hood at the front venting to the sides of the car is also quite interesting.

      I could really live with one of these.

  • john


  • Poley54

    I was looking forward to this car and it’s probably going to be a fantastic drive. I still have a problem with all the controls on the steering wheel (maybe so drivers can play at being Alonso???) and the manettino switch looks like something from a 50 year old TV. But that styling??? the side looks like someone’s knife slipped on the clay model – and they left it like that. The rear looks like a left over from some old Alfa design studies and the nose: well …it just looks … weird. I never thought I’d say this but…where’s Chris Bangle when you need him?

  • Tom

    It looks like the 599 always should have!!! THUMBS UP!

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

    I dont like ferrari’s, give me a lambo any day.

    However, i love the steering wheel and recently holding an F1 wheel at an F1 design centre i can say that this is as close to an F1 wheel as you would want to get.

    As with the lambo you dont buy it for the ergonomics of the wheel, how easy it is to get in and out, whether it can fit a set of golf clubs etc, you buy it for how it makes YOU feel. i.e. no one needs to spend 700,000 on a new car but some lucky buggers can and some cant even afford a house worth half this (this is me).

    Good on em for doing it their own way.

  • mario

    if i win the lottery i definetely buy it  !!!