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  • Shak

    At least this one doesn’t look almost exactly like its Mitsubishi cousin.

  • Martin

    So much nicer than the horrid looking ASX. Wonder what Citroen’s version will look like?

  • Ga

    And hopefully at least as reliable as its mitsu cousin

    • coolbeans

      It’s basically the same car,how can it not be equally reliable? And Mitsubishi is not known for reliability, they are near the bottom on most surveys. Just because it is a Japanese company doesn’t make all their cars reliable.

  • Aus_poppa

    A small sale to Peugeot lovers perhaps, unless they manage to get a diesel with an auto. Lack of an auto condemns any model to niche status, and importers need some reasonable sales volume to enable them to support niche models.

    • Robj

      People need to learn to drive.

  • Justjamie72

    I likey a lot!!

  • JD

    australia first market in the world to get the car … thats a first