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  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    I hope they have ditched the awful EGS transmission.

    • Phil

      I don’t know why they aren’t dropping the price by a further $2000 by making the entry gearbox a basic manual as it is in Europe. They won’t sell many manuals here but it’s not like the auto/dsg is a big seller anyway.

  • Family Guy

    “with recesses in the floor of the third-row area for comfortable legroom”I’m 6 foot and tried climbing into a third row seat.  Not only did I need to be a contortionist but I had to sit sideways to fit in, you would have to be a lot smaller than I am for it to be comfortable.

    • greg

      don`t lie, you`re only 5 foot 9

  • Gianni

    The best looking Mini van on the market ;D

    • Car Bore

      I’d have to give that to the Odyssey.

      • John

        The Odyssey is not a mini van – it’s a glorified station wagon!

      • DoYouSeeWhatEyeSee

        You’ve got to be kidding!
        The Odyssey is now ugly enough to be in the Subaru stable.

  • Carl

    Am i wrong or have they just gone back to the original engine output after detuning it last year???? I do commend the added fuel savings and this a great car but it feels a bit like Citroen is trying to get credit for just re tuning that engine!!

    • DoYouSeeWhatEyeSee

      I believe you are correct Car.
      I think the engine had to be de-tuned so it didn’t break the EGS box. The original model has these engine specs because it had the Aisin 6 speed box that could handle the 340Nm

  • Brian

    I agree that the C4 Picasso is the most beautiful mini-van in the market