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  • Snap

    I assume those prices are excluding dealer and government charges and all that jazz?..

  • Sumpguard

       The fact that the rear seat can at least accomodate people for short trips is neither here nor there really.  It’s a bonus for sure but family minded people don’t buy this type of vehicle anyway. The young couple just starting a family however now have the best of both worlds it seems.

       I think the author summed it up about giving the people what they want. Hyundai’s styling isn’t for everyone but neither is it the same as everything else that falls into the bland category either. Some people don’t like the ix35 styling. I still love it and to me it is as modern as the day it landed. The i45 on the other hand hasn’t aged so well.

         If Hyundai ceased production tomorrow they’d be remembered as the manufacturer that shook up the established marques. The fact that they will be around for some time to come means we will continue to debate their styling, packaging and value for money for the foreseeable future and I for one am excited about that propect. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next and I’m sure that many people in this blog (even those not necessarily fans) are wondering the same.

         Their interior design is fresh and suits the time we are in imo. This car is no exception. I personally wouldn’t be in the market for this car  but I can see it doing quite well iin the 18-35 age bracket . I too look forward to the turbo model.

         15 years ago if you mentioned Hyundai the first thing people thought of was the excel (that didn’t). Nowadays if you mention Hyundai there are plenty of people with an opinion on how far they have come. A reputation well earned. No wonder toyota gave them a special mention. Now if only they did a 4×4 ute and a Landcruider competitor.

          I am eagerly awaiting my dealer’s delivery of this car so I can pop down and have a look in the flesh.

    • John

       I’m still waiting for a car maker to introduce into Australia a small car-based ute (like the Subaru Brumby, just not necessarily 4wd) and I think if anyone does, it’s likely to be Hyundai.

      There’s a huge market here, I think, for small, well equipped commercial vehicles (not everyone wants an 1800 kg Commodore ute) and I keep waiting…

  • Des

    What’s its manual 0-100k time? Is it similar to the GDI Rio?

    • Henry Toussaint

      Aparently ive heard it to be about 8.9 Seconds???

      • Springvale Boi

        When all the planets lined up on a fine day with ideal conditions and favourable wind? :)

        • Henry Toussaint

          My Bad, the 0-100km is 9.7 seconds on the manual and 10.2 seconds on the auto…

    • Phil

      Yes it is the same engine (and claimed power) as the Rio which takes 10.3secs to 100kmh.

      This Veloster is 50KGs heavier so it’ll be a fraction slower!

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      No official figure as of yet, but have a look here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o45GU99PbW0

  • Chris

    I find it quite surprising the manual weighs <1200kg . In fact its weighs exactly as much as the Rio, which however you look at it, looks smaller compared to the Veloster. I guess the only downside is the mediocre amounts of torque. Definitely looking forward to Turbo Veloster.

  • Nick

    Well I am well over 30 with a family, and it is exactly what I am looking for.

    • Phil

      Well the perfect mid life crisis car always does seem to be a sporty looking car that actually doesn’t have any sort of sporty performance.

  • Springvale Boi

    If the idea of revving to 8,000 RPM is fun. Then you will have fun all day in this car as you’ve got to rev the hell out of the 1.6L just to keep up with the traffic.

    • Phil

      It redlines at 6500.

      • Springvale Boi

        The fuel cut off is at 6,700 RPM. I was *exaggerating*.

  • O123

    I want one!. Im very happy that Hyundai got it priced so well. I was expecting it to start at about 25k for base manual.

  • Springvale Boi

    “There is another vehicle on the market that originally created this niche: the Mini Cooper Clubman. Unfortunately for Mini fans in Australia, the Clubman has its two passenger side doors on the wrong side for our right-hand drive market ”

    Now you know that 2012 Mini is German (LHD) with a British front.

  • Sinalot

    Usually not a big fan of Korean cars but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say this car is a game changer. There’s no alternative even close to this price range for what your getting in kit and styling. I hope they do well with this car and shake up their competitors (with their offerings and the lack of kit when compared to overseas models).

  • Gianni

    I like it :) Hyundai have certainly come a long way from the crap they used to make and this just boosts their image even further 😀

  • A_A

    I’ve never understood why it was impossible for anyone to offer a 2 door coupe at a cheap price (aka Mitsubishi Lancer back in the day), I highly doubt slicing 2 doors off a car adds $5k or more to the price

    Judging by the price of this, the Veloster Turbo would be undercutting the FT86 or matching it in price, which would lead to an interesting battle

    • O123

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see a stripper model in a year of so for 19k.

      And your right, FT86, Veloster Turbo comparo would be very interesting

    • Sydlocal

       I thought the Lancer back in the day was one of the few brands that actually charged less for the two door. Well that is what I remember anyway… 😉

    • Springvale Boi

      Honda charged less for their 2-Door Accord. 
      Suzuki charged less for their 2-Door GV.  
      Toyota charged less for their 2-Door Prado.
      Mitsi charged less for their 2-Door Pajero.

      All else being equal.

      • nickdl

        3 of those are 4WDs, not coupes, which are much smaller than the LWB versions. The 2 door Accord was made 25 years ago. Can you find some better examples.

        On another note, it’s great that manufacturers are bringing back cheap, fun-to-drive coupes. They don’t have to be that powerful because speed limits aren’t high. 

        I think Sumpguard summed it up well: Hyundai is making a car which the customer wants, rather than making a car and telling customers what they want. Homer Simpson did it with the drawback of being ridiculously expensive, but Hyundai have managed to make it great value.

  • NeilM

    Really good looking hatch. I haven’t been a fan of Hyundais recent look – but I love this! Matte black and turbo would be wicked. Nice one Korea.

  • Andrew

    Saw this in the flesh at a caryard recently in orange. It’s uber-styled. Looks very showy for a car with a 1.6L engine. I think it would look good in the dark grey colour though …..looking forward to the turbo version, but it will have some stiff competition in the gti & the brz.

  • Heavylightinc

    40,000 NZD do the base version in NZ. I guess the Koreans hate Kiwi

    • Bane668

      yeah, the equivalent of A$35 in kiwi land for the top spec…

      Cuse my ignorance, but how much are typical “on roads” in Oz? 

  • RdS

    Its amazing they only do this in 3(+hatch) door, since they’ve obviously got all the tooling/sheetmetal/trims to do a conventional 3 and 5 door. (with the RHD with the door on the left, and the LHD with the door on the right…)
    interestingly, i can imagine it wont take people long to unpick the RHD extra-door side and have the single door setup on both sides – its only one side-impact accident repair away!

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Dumpy styling and the 3 Door configuration gives it an uneasy assymetry. Great idea let down by the end result… Not a fan… Others may go for it.

  • Timothy

    Veloster + comes with more packages you can expect. It has panoramic sunroof, 7″ touch screen, full bucket leather seats, keyless entry with button start(you never have to take key out of your pocket or handbag), reverse camera. I have test driven both manual n auto n they both rocked my world. Fun, economical, safe, what more can u expect. 

    • Snap

      Power.. Which the veloster is pathetic at..

  • somebody who knows nothing

    “Georgous DTRL’s???” Seriously??? Saw one on the Bribie Road yesterday, the DTRL’s are visible but nothing compared to the offerings from Audi (all), Citroen DS and Kia Sportage…
    Another vehicle that despite being a standout on paper will go the way of all other Hyundai Coupes.. S Coupe, Coupe, Tiburon (all standouts in some way in their time). 

  • Hung Low

    I like it apart from the fact that they could have specified a more ADHOC state of tune for the base engine to set it apart from the likes of the other mainstream cars like the RIO.
    A 6500rpm redline is pretty dull for a n.a ‘sporty’coupe when most V6’s in family sedans and Suv’s will do the same.
    The turbo will be priced in the mid 30’s at a guess and is what the brand needs, but with the established competition starting at $39k and some with awd, it would want to be a bloody good car to compete!

  • Liam39

    I wish Hyundai would hurry up and release a 4×4 ute to compete with the Hilux. If their other products are any indication, (especially the iLoad) it would be a ripper.

    • Henry Toussaint

      I reckon the iLoad has done suprisingly well, but i would like a ute aswell!

  • Reckless1

    For $30 big ones you are in Polo GTI territory.

    Yes it has an extra door, but it also has power, and a dash that doesn’t make you want to puke.  You don’t see the outside of a car when driving, but you are always looking at the dash.

    The turbo version, when it comes, will be $40,000, will still have a crap dash, and with only a 1.6, the power will be well short of Golf GTI and other established vehicles.

    To experience the driving pleasure of this vehicle, you’re better off to get a Rio – save lots of bucks.

    • c1ee

      That dash is awesome looking, watchutalkinbout.

      As for the Polo GTI, you’re like comparing COTY material. That goes to show how far Hyundai have come. Also, isn’t the wait for a Polo GTI like 12 months? Good luck with that.

    • Guest

      What? Polo GTi vs Veloster – it’s a mismatch. The VW Sirocco would be a more relevant competitor but it’s priced much, much more than the Veloster. Plus, Polo does not look as good as the Veloster. It’s just a hotted-up economy hatchback, for Christ sakes.
      Another thing to consider – VW’s maintenance cost & reliability vs Hyundai’s. I’ve owned a Hyundai before, it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to maintain/service nor does it have reliability problems. Can’t say about VW as I never owned one but I’d welcome any comments from VW owners! Also, GTi’s twincharged engine requires special engine oil requirements (by VW) and 98 RON fuel vs Veloster’s generic engine oil requirements and 91 RON fuel.

    • KenGvodka

      What a waste of that 7” screen. I hope it can be like mercedes benz so that I can use internet and things on it. Maybe youtube video lol

    • Paul

      the golf gti is a crap car and vw are well known for there high maintenance prices and unreliable, plus there ugly boring cars,,,,,,,

  • Banicks

    This is the beginning of a trend that I’ve wondered why it hasn’t taken off.

    Base model features in a ‘sporty’ looking car that would otherwise cost 40k+ just for the aesthetics.

    I expect to see base model features in sporty cars to come from different brands very soon.

    • somebody who knows nothing

      The beginning of a trend???
      Sorry but the Aust manufacturers (and assemblers) during the 70’s were all over this.
      Falcon Hard Top in Falcon 500 through to Landau…(& GT)
      2 Door Holdens from Belmont to Monaro SS
      2 Door Valiants > Chrysler By Chrysler
      Chargers in either base model or E49 or 550.
      Gemini’s, Toranas, 120Y’s (closest in market possition to the Veloster) and then the imports such as Celica, Cordia, Lancer etc..
      All past impressions of what the Veloster is today!

      • Guest

         Those cars you’ve quoted – they’re dinosaurs from another era. 99% of us caradvice readers either don’t know these cars or even driven in any of them, Grandpa!.

      • SS Reality Check

        I have driven nearly all of these cars – your point is very valid – It’s been done before. (from a person who learned to drive in a baby-poo-green Charger).
        Having said that, I will be keeping my eye on the Veloster for the next couple of years to see how they go. Pretty keen to make this my next vehicle…

  • Estiff95

    Not convinced on the 3 door theory. Ok for footpaths but in carparks i am keen for my kids to jump out the same side as myself driving and not transit around the rear of the vehicle. Maybe an idea would be to have isolated central locking and lock the back right door to cover the footpath option.

  • Geoff Prothero

    In reply to John, have you not heard of Proton Jumbuck, 1.6 lt in two model variants.Have had mine for 4 years and never missed a beat.

  • Geoff Prothero

    Sorry my mistake, 1.5 lt

  • Alex

    Anyone thinking of purchasing one of these? I’m strangely intrigued..

  • Aazz

    The Veloster looks awesome in the flesh. Probably a little under powered though… the turbo version would be ideal.

  • Jimbo

    Took one for a test drive,Veloster+,firstly found it to be difficult to get in and out of,due to the low roof line,and forget accessing the rear seats,very cramped for a 6 footer. Seemed to be lacking in power somewhat, transmisson worked superbly (auto), noticed it has a lot of road noise on the open highway and pot holes caused some bottoming.
    But apart from that an awesome looking car,loved the layout of the interior etc.should be a winner for Hyundai…

  • darkone

    soon to be seen outside your local dome coffee shop with hairdressers driving them,no thanks the car is hideous and the idea with the doors is dumb.if you want a coupe go buy a proper one with 2 doors.how much resale will this have when its trendy image wears off? what was that name I heard for cars that nobody wants at trade in time? orphan cars I think.

    • Mosesval Murphy

      I reckon, given the style/looks and standard equipment, this car won’t become an orphan.  

      Just look at how Suzuki Swifts hold their value.  Swift is a very unexciting car to drive – I know, my wife has one – but nothing else in its price range looks like a swift. 

      Likewise nothing else in Veloster’s price range looks as innovative, as “look at me”.

      Veloster has created a marque, whereas Mazda, Toyota, VW, Volvo and those French mobs are just building smaller versions of their big cars and hoping people will associate their next purchase with a “known brand”.

  • Jonno

    Wow! I saw it in the flesh (or metal, really) at the Hyundai dealerships – Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture design works well for the Veloster. It has a really aggressive (macho) styling with a coupe-like silhouette, faux bonnet scoops, exaggerated wheels arches, CRX-quiese glass rear end with huge OEM 18 inch wheels with low profile tyres (no need aftermarket). Hyundai’s 3-door asymmetrical configuration great for a coupe giving it practicality of a 5-door hatchback with the shape of a 2-door coupe. If you omit Hyundai’s name out of the spec sheet, most people would have thought that the specification would be Volkswagen’s – GDi engine (direct injection), DCT (dual clutch transmission), Panoramic Sunroof, daytime LED lights.  Veloster’s spec looks more like European than Asian!
    The Apple Green Veloster almost fooled me when I saw it – I seriously thought it was a VW Sirocco.  The colour palette for the Veloster is brilliant – with 3 exceptional colours eg. apple green, sunflower yellow & vitamin C (burnt orange). Pricing @ $23k – $30k is exceptional especially given the spec, fit-out and finish!  1.6 liter NA engine (more for economy than performance) might be a little weak for such a car – probably those who want more power, you got to look at the 1.6 turbo coming out later! I would like to see the Veloster compete against Asian coupe competition eg, Honda Civic Type-R, Honda CR-Z, Kia Koup & the incoming ToyoBaru 86/BRZ and the Veloster Turbo against very indirect (please note!) and uber-expensive coupe from European marques like Renault Megane RS250, Peugeot RCZ, VW Sirocco. 

  • KenGvodka

    Well for all the excellence features of it, I do hope it has a GPS integrated in, so i don’t have to buy those window mounting thing.

    • RS

      unfortunately it doesn’t.. :(

  • ATV

    Full of it. Prices are from $31K to 
    $35K! So much for a competitive price. All of the sudden Hyundai feels like the should be priced like a Golf, etc… good luck selling them.

    • velosterbuyer

      The prices from $31k etc are for the veloster plus range, and that includes dealer delivery, stamp duty, registration etc – all of which isnt included in the price, in any of these car reviews, as it varies from state to state.

      Trust me I know. I purchased the veloster plus manual and its costing me just over 32k…. but thats also with darkest legal tint windows, paint and interior protection added.
      The only issue is waiting for the car to arrive now – with hyundai selling over 3 months allocation of stock in one month – we all have to wait for more to arrive from the factory.

  • Veloster Eagle

    At $23,990.00 or $25,990.00 for the dual clutch auto, these cars definately represent great value. If you have not driven this car yet I’d suggest you test drive one & see for yourself. I did & drove the others also & the Veloster is definately something out there, unique & a good drive in my opinion. Nothing out there currently, except for higher end priced vehicles has the look of this Veloster! Toyota, Suzuki & even the Cruze are everywhere & are dating in age quickly!…How many Velosters have you seen on the road to date?

    To be frank & fair a Holden, Suzuki, Mazda, Toyota etc are all brand names, fair enough if it counts. But you need to Compare the drive away including dealer delivery charges, on-road costs, gst & your looking at up to $27K to $29K for any car around $25,990.00 RRP or around $25K to $27K for a manual on lot at $23,990.00
    **On road costs are not cheap no matter what you buy!

    Now on the brand name thing??? Hyundai have been in Australia for quite some time now & are getting a pretty good reputation overall. Compare this to their warranty backing of 5 years/unlimited kms warranty & your getting a pretty good deal….only other one that has unlimited kms that i know of is Kia. Holden is around 100,000 to 175,000kms with Toyota, Mazda & Suzuki all around 175,000 but all have only 3 year warranties not factoring in the extra warranty they throw your way if you service with them from day 1. Mitsubishi has a 5yr/10 warranty which is pretty good also. **Some dealers are also offering fixed price servicing for XYZ kilometeres or so may years to enitice you to buy.

    **FYI you can service your Hyundai through any MTA approved mechanic, so you have a choice on whether you pay a dealer centre top $$ for you service or if you have a trusted MTA approved mechanic you could use them!

    I’d definately put my money on a Veloster right now if I were buying a new car!….

  • tdg

    Looked at one of these when test driving the IX35 looked really good in flesh. The Hyundai dealership was packed. My prediction is that in five years time Hyundai will be the biggest selling car manufacturer in the world.

  • Veloster Eagle

    Well, put my ,money where my mouth is & ordered the BAse Model Auto Veloster….after seriously comparing some of the competition ie/ Holden, Suzuki, Toyota none of them even come close on overall design, looks, specs than that the Veloster offers. TO be quite honest was a little dissapointed with some of the brand names! Yeah ok it’s a Hyundai but lets face it a car is a car at days end. You get the sleek looks of a sportscar (holden, Suzuki, Toyota) none of them even come close on looks! And to top it off the fuel economy of a small car at 6.4ltrs per 100 kms…5yr unlimited kms warranty to back it up?? I am one impressed buyer, wiating for up to 12 weeks, so what! This is definately worth the wait!….Veloster Eagle!

  • Aj Bhamber

    All gud… just cudnt understand tht wid 7″ scr, y not provide GPS/SATNAV???? i kno tht non of hyundai has it but doesnt GPS make sense wid havin tht gud scr???

  • Ted

    Test drove the Veloster today in auto form.  I founld the car underpowered and should had been released with a 2 litre.  The gearbox I found was a litle slow to keep up with the engine, and appeared to stay locked in gears at time.  While these cars are on the heels of jap cars, another few years will be required to compare.

    • Haydn600

      I own one and I think you need another drive in it…. Whack it in sports mode then find it take off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.sampson Dawn Sampson

    Love this car. Just bought one.  If you’re looking for a spec’d up sport with ubers of torque then I’m not sure which country you’re driving in that will allow you to use it (legally that is!). But for the rest of us who get stuck in traffic on a daily basis and want something with style and is sleek to drive then this is a winner for me.

    • Ted

      Hi Dawn.  I agree that we cannot drive fast these days, but rge car is underpowered and the turbo version will rest that issue.  I hpoe you enjoy your car.

  • James Doherty

    Chatting to a friend from korea, tells me the uptake on this vehicle has been very poor, it appears

    koreans are not too keen on the 3 door concept.

  • Dennisleele

    We just ordered the Veloster+. Very excited !!!!! Can’t wait to take posession. By the way, my husband and I are in our mid 60’s

  • Dennis

    Had a drive and look at a Veloster yesterday…. 18/8/2012

    Rear Leg Room and Head room are beyond a joke… Car is really a 2 Seater… Or only for 2 adults and 2 kids…

    This particular car had a well put together interior but the exterior was another thing. Panels did line up well but the panel gaps where very poor and so was the blue paintwork. Large amounts of orange peel, especially on the bumpers.

    Performance? Not sporty at all.. Wouldn’t be trying to beat people of the lights in this thing.

  • Whisky

    I just signed a contract on a green Veloster + DCT yesterday. So excited. I absolutely love it.
    Its the perfect combo between hot fun roadster and convenient hatchback.
    It turns up in a month and I cant wait!!!
    PS – If you are buying brand new, shop around, do your homework and don’t be afraid to asked for discounts on everything from free window tint to cheap finance.
    Another girl at work and I both wanted new cars. She wanted the i30, me the Veloster. We teamed up and busted some nuts. Its taken a few weeks, with the last week of active negotiations being rather aggressive, but its been totally worth it.
    Big discounts on the cars, everything thrown in for free, floor mats boot mat, 12 months rego, paint, the list goes on. Dealer Finance we got 7.2% for me over 7 years, 6.2% for her over 4 years. $300 establishment fee… they were trying to tell me $680, I told them to “go away and sort it out because that is totally unacceptable”… so they dropped it and took another 0.5% off the interest rate. And I’m still not happy. Intend to use my unhappiness tomorrow to get paint/leather/carpet protection for a hundred dollars or so.
    So the moral is…… for the buyers reading this, ask for all the facts because the salesmen will never offer up information on anything particularly finance. Get the facts before you sign and be prepared to walk away. Ask for the discount. Aussies aren’t used to haggling, but trust me, its not that hard.
    And for the dealers reading this… when 2 twenty something blondes walk into your dealership…. dont underestimate. We are well practiced at scrounging every last dollar out of a man and feel absolutely no remorse or shame in doing so.
    Happy hunting. x

    • Truedream Susana

      Hi Whisky, Thanks for your posting. Do you mind to email me the price you bought the car and which dealer is it? My email is truedream.susana@gmail.com Thanks

  • TheDrunknMunky

    I have had a Veloster+ for 6 months now and I absolutely love it. Its a head turner, great fun to drive and the value for money is superb. 450km – 500km on a full tank, awesome sound system and surprisingly roomy in the rear seats. I would like to have seen a coin storage area near the front of the driver (for parking change) and for the iPod connection area to be more discreet. Hyundai have certainly upped their game and I am very impressed so far.

Hyundai Veloster Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$16,940 - $19,250
Dealer Retail
$18,220 - $21,670
Dealer Trade
$13,300 - $15,400
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
166Nm @  4850rpm
Max. Power
103kW @  6300rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.4L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:0  Unbrake:0
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/40 R18
Rear Tyres
215/40 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Torsion bar, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Control & Handling
Traction Control System, Vehicle Stability Control
Trip Computer
Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
60 months /  999,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Under Driver Seat On Floor
Country of Origin