by Jez Spinks

General Motors has released the first official picture and details of the Cruze wagon that will be imported to Australia in early 2013 to bolster Holden’s locally built small car range.

The third variant will make its debut as the Chevrolet Cruze wagon – pictured above – at the 2012 Geneva motor show in March before giving Holden the opportunity the offer the most practical version of GM’s global small car.

The 4675mm-long Cruze wagon gains 165mm in length over the hatch and 78mm over the sedan, both of which are assembled at Holden’s Elizabeth plant in South Australia alongside the Commodore.

There’s a cargo space advantage, as expected, with the Cruze wagon offering boot space of 500 litres compared to the sedan (445L) and hatch (413L). The figure triples to 1500 litres with the rear seats folded down.

Holden won’t reveal what percentage of Cruze sales the wagon could account for, but it would be expected to be about the 10 per cent mark if the Volkswagen Golf wagon is any guide.

The Cruze wagon will be imported from Korea but could eventually gain a ‘Made in Australia’ stamp like the hatch and sedan if it proves successful in the local market.

“By importing [the Cruze wagon] we get a great opportunity to test the market’s reaction to a wagon of this size while maximising the production efficiencies of our world-class plant in Korea,” says Holden spokeswoman Kate Lonsdale. “However we have the capability to build the wagon at our plant in Elizabeth so it’s certainly something we can look at in the future.

“We’re confident the wagon will resonate with a different type of customer than its hatch and sedan siblings, one who is looking for a stylish small car with more versatility and flexibility.”

The Holden Cruze was the fifth most popular vehicle in 2011, and in the first month of 2012 it even outsold the Commodore.


  • Golfschwein

    This’ll be the best looking variant, and this’ll be its best angle. I’ve never liked the Cruze’s double-decker front.

    • Joker

      The back end of the Cruze has always been a relatively nice design. The front is pretty polarising though. 

    • WOW…KillaWHATs?

      Looks like i40 rear end

  • Shak

    Im pretty sure we can be guaranteed of local production somewhere down the line. The car itself looks pretty attractive, and judging by the versatility that the wagon should offer, it may boost the Cruze ranges fleet appeal even more.

  • O123

    Looks great. Much better than the horrible hatch.

    I wish Holden wouldn’t make such a big deal about building a new variant in Oz though, every other manufacturer does it.

    • Sumpguard

        I doubt I’ll get many likes but I walk past the hatch everyday at Holden and despite not liking it in the beginning it is growing on me.

           This wagon looks really good however and it would win my money if it wasa choice between the two.

  • Able

    This is so much nicer than the hatchback! They need the full range (SRi, SRi-V, etc too) and get rid of the 1.8 already!

  • Mad Max

    This is a great looking car. I´m not sure what the sales figures for the Golf wagon are but I see plenty of them around so I assume that they sell well so maybe these smaller wagons are a way of the future? Maybe people will see that you don´t need a small 4WD to move the kids around. There are also rumours of a small ute version of the Cruze under consideration. The small utes are very popular in Europe so hopefully GM build one and have a 4 car range with the Cruze. 

  • Rewa

    hyundai i40 anyone?

    • Kampfer

      Not at the price Hyundai’s asking atm…

      • Sydlocal

         I think Rewa is referring to the rear of the wagon sharing some design cues etc with the i40, not as an alternative…

  • Jamesb

    There seems to be no more hint of Korean on it, so that’s a good thing.

  • MisterZed

    What’s the point?  By 2013 the Cruze will be 4 years old, and assuming it has a 5 year lifespan, the wagon will only last a year…

    • Mad Max

      What most companies do with wagons when briniging out a face lift is leave the rear alone and graft on the new front. Holden and Ford always did that and if you look at the Golf wagon, the Mk6 (its not realy a Mk6 anyway) has the Mk6 front and Mk5 rear (along with a few other bits and pieces. My guess is the same will happen with the Cruze. 

  • Marcuspetraska

    there is definitely a place for small utes, now that ranger/hilux/amorak are so bloody big.

    • Kampfer

      Yup, build the full range and the Cruze will become the new Commodore.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Holden should just build this in Australia, im sure it will sell pretty well. Holden should also make Opels dual fuel 1.4t LPG engine an option, it’s the same as the regular 1.4 – but fleets would love a wagon and LPG option.

    • Mark

       I remember reading an article almost 12 months ago about the wagon & Holden stating that they would be bringing it out in a 1.4L, 1.6L & 1.8L petrol as well as a 2.0L turbo diesel. I hope they hold true on the diesel version.

  • Labryz

    Wow. That actually looks good.

    It may be enough to put a Holden on my “to look at” list for our next car. 
    Something I thought would never happen. 
    Also I would have thought seeing the popularity of small wagons (like the i30cw) would have been enough to convince Holden to build it here.
    The potential problem I see is people holding off on buying it when it is first introduced in hope of buying the “better” Australian made one.

  • Viet

    A small car wagon for Holden? That should do the trick and strengthen small car sales. Remember the 2005 Astra wagon? It was as good as the hatch until the entire range was killed off for the Cruze.

    There was another small wagon offering for Holden, and it was the Korean Viva, also in 2005.

  • Paperythinideas

    Now … when will we see a wagon variant of the new hyundai elantra, or even the suzuki kizashi?

    I think the Golf Wagon sales are only 10% because it looks very awkward … look how successful the i30 wagon has been (though now its looking very dated) …

    Most of all, would love a Ford Focus wagon … why aren’t these imported?!

    • Mgadavidson

      I think the Gold Wagon is the most handsome small wagon on the market at the moment, and has a great boot size to match.

      • Sumpguard

          I don’t .The wagon doesn’t work with the golf.

           The tailights are too low giving it an awkward look at the rear.

        • MisterZed

          It’s not a Golf wagon , it’s a Jetta wagon and it’s been out for 3 or 4 years at least.

          • Sumpguard
          • Golfschwein

            Here’s what he possibly means, Sumpguard: the Golf Mk VI wagon is really just a Mk V with a Mk VI-alike front grafted on. Inside is Mk V door trims and dash. Outside, things are tricky. It retains the Mk V Jetta door skins that always differed from the Golf because of a more prominent swage line above the door handles. Maybe that’s why your correspondent was insisting it’s a Jetta. Finally, it was called Jetta or Golf, depending on market, and looked the same as either.

          • Kd

            Its definitely a Golf Wagon. It’s just called Jetta wagon in the US because the Jetta is more popular there than Golf

          • MisterZed

            Well, it’s actually a separate stand alone model called the Golf Variant in Europe.  Anyway, it’s been out since 2007 so it’s getting quite old already.

    • Darryl

      If it sounds like a good idea Ford Australia’s marketing department would rule it out. It is another good looking small wagon though. These would make more sense than small SUV’s for most of us, if only we’d realise it.

  • Guestlindsay

    Offer the same warranty as Hyundai/Kia and the same quality control and Holden will be on a winner. And, for goodness sake, when doing the update design, try and make the Cruze less cardigan wearing conservative around the nose area.

  • Dave S

    The wagon looks great. Although some of us would love to see a 2 door version of the cruze.

  • rodders

    I would like a SRI-V 6 speed manual Wagon, Petrol or Diesel thanks Holden :), please dont make the wagon avail with just auto gearboxes !!

  • BP

    Good move Holden, & lets beat the smiling prick of a Mazda 3 once & for all 😀

  • v50

    Great looking wagon, this size of wagon could be very popular and will do for most who want a versatile car. Much better looking than the Hatch. All depend on price for the wagon, compared with hatch and other wagons this size if it will be a success.

  • Snap

    The only aspect of the Cruze which really stands out is its interior.. Very good quality and possibly best in-class

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Looks better than the hatch I think.

    • Anthony Mindel

      Looks far better than the fugly hatch,4 sure…

  • Ramjet

    Medium sized cars at a small price wins sales for the Cruze. Otherwise it is as boring as a Camry.

    • MisterZed

      It’s not medium, it’s small…

      • Sydlocal

         …a “small car” that is bigger in every dimension (including wheelbase) other than overall length than the VB-VL Commodore… 😉

        • MisterZed

          Well, let’s get this straight – the VB-VL was a medium size car even in it’s day.  And how is 1978 relevant to today anyway?

          • Sydlocal

            Well you have just re-enforced the point I wasn’t even making that the Cruze is more a “medium car” then if you said the original Commodore was a medium car, since the Cruze is bigger. If you noticed I also didn’t say I agreed or disagreed with Ramjet. I know it is classed as a “small car” and never said otherwise. I thought the “;-)” would have given away that it was said “Tongue in Cheek”. I was just highlighting how big “small cars” have become compared to what was classified as a medium car etc in 1978. That is how it is relevant ie how much cars in each segment have grown over the years.  :-) (that is a smile by the way, meaning all is fine and this is just a bit of fun. I hope you understand that as it can’t be spelt out any more!)

          • Rocket

            Holden call it “small” for marketing reasons so they can sell more. Like the Cruze the Barina is the biggest, heaviest and thirstiest in its class. People buy them for their cheap sticker price not for because they are the best.

  • Hung Low

    This might sway a few small SUV buyers over and it should.  Looks great!

  • EP

    Looks like another sales winner for Holden

  • Guest

    It will still be crap! Well it is a Holden at the end of the day, would be better off letting the Koreans build them, at least they would be better built.

  • Bozzcaggers

    holden says BUILT in australia, not made. 40% of the cruze sedan is MADE here, the rest arrives in a big carboard box made in china / korean for local hobbyists to assemble and sell to us.

    • Shak

      At the end of the day that 40%, is 40% more than would have been made in Australia if we kept importing the car from Korea. It keeps more Australian companies making money, which then flows into the taxation system. It also keeps aussies in a job.

    • Des

      Actually it’s only 25% local content. (Commodore is up to 40%.)

      But your point is valid. What Holden’s recent procution changes mean is that although they’re only cutting 50 cars a day from production, it’s the Commodore numbers that’s being cut, meaning that local suppliers lose out much more thatn if Cruze numbers were being cut. Pity GM wouln’t do the “right” thing by Australia anf “make” more of the Cruze here.

      • Shak

        Id like to know where people get these sorts of numbers from, the only time ive seen the percentage of local content numbers tossed around has been by GM Holden’s Chairman himself, and he says 40%.

  • Bozzscaggers

    dont let the bogans see this one with the chev badge!

  • Frenchie

    Is 50 litre luggage capacity an advantage over the sedan? Don’t forget that all three variants have 60/40 split fold seats.