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The Aston Martin Zagato is set for production from September with a limited run of just 150 units.

Priced from £330,000 ($487,000) plus delivery, local duty and taxes, the hand-built Vantage based Zagato will be about as exclusive as a car can get.

The 6.0-litre V12 (380kW – 570Nm) powered Zagato, which some have started calling the “baby One-77”, will be such an exclusive car that it will not be a common model in Aston Martin’s Australian dealerships but treated more like the near $4,000,000 super-exclusive One-77.

Speaking to CarAdvice, Aston Martin’s Marketing and Communications Manager for Asia Pacific, Marcel Fabris, said that one Zagato has already been sold in Australia but that the factory in the UK conducted the sale with assistance from an Australian dealer.

“The high level of exclusivity factor takes the purchase and ownership experience to a new level” Mr Fabris said.

Although there is no official price from Aston Martin Australia, we estimate that the local price for the one sold Zagato after all the taxes and delivery charges have been paid is likely to be in the mid to high $800,000s.

Based on our estimates and working on the current Pound to AUD exchange rate the $487,000 price tag will be subject to 10 per cent import duty ($48,700), 33 per cent luxury car tax (after adding import duty – $176,781), 10 per cent GST (after adding import duty and LCT – $71,248) and stamp duty of about five per cent (after adding all the above – $39,186), for a grand total of $822,915. Add dealer delivery and other factory related charges and the final price is likely to be $850,000+.

The first Zagato production car will land in Australia for a tour of the east coast around April-May. CarAdvice had the opportunity to test drive the Zagato and Vantage GT4 at the Nurburgring last year. Read: Aston Martin Zagato Review.

  • Mark

    i thought import duty had fallen to 5%

  • Acfsambo

    I find it funny how LCT is calculaed after Imprt Tax and GST after Import Tax and LCT. If LCT and GST was on the original price it should be around 750K not 850K, so 100K more for the Government

    • Birty_B

      Why should you pay a tax on a tax on a tax on a tax.  
      First they put 10% Import TAX/duty on the price. 
      Then you pay 10% Goods and Services TAX on the 10% Import TAX.
      Then you pay 33% Luxury Car TAX  on the 10% GST and 10% Import TAX. 
      Then you pay average 4% Stamp Duty on the GST/LCT/Import TAX.

      I can cop the fact our politicians sold off any money making asset we as a country have in favour of looking better in the short term, but paying Taxes on Taxes in criminal. GST was supposed to simply our tax system. I don’t want to get into a political rant but the bottom line is we’re paying Taxes on Taxes multiple times. 

      • Thrillhouse

        Boo-hoo. You could always work a bit harder instead of posting inane drivel on car websites.

        • Birty_B

          I might of been drivelling a little, but certainly not an inane statement. Please feel free to keep moving on with the rest of your busy day next time. Hypocrisy is strong with this one. 

  • Chis_chappell

    CarAdvice should lead a petition for this labour government to consider reducing LCT.

    A valid point was raised in the C200/C250 article; “No other
    so-called luxury purchase is subject to such a regressive, discriminatory and
    inequitable tax.”

  • Eric Knutsen

    If your have TPI pension then this car would be a bargin.

  • O123

    Sigh, The tax issue is rubbish, GST should be 20% and that be the end of it.