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Honda Australia has announced pricing and specifications of the all-new Honda Civic, which is said to feature advanced technology, improved handling and value for money.

Honda Australia Director Mt Stephen Collins said, “The iconic Civic nameplate is an Australian favourite. The ninth-generation Civic has undergone significant engineering development, with increased fuel efficiency, smoother handling, improved driving dynamics, a smarter cockpit and Honda’s ECO assist system.

“We are confident our customers will agree that the Civic is a brilliant package and delivers exceptional value for money. The Civic will be in dealerships in early March.”

The new Civic will be available in three variants – Vti-L, Sport and Hybrid.

The VTi-L will be powered by 1.8-litre i-VTEC engine producing 104kW and 174Nm of torque while the Sport gets a 2-litre i-VTEC engine developing 114kW and 190Nm along with improved fuel economy.

The Civic Hybrid also gets more power with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC powerplant mated with Honda’s newest Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), producing 82kW and 172Nm. The upgraded IMA unit develops more power under hard acceleration. Another benefit is that the system is able to recharge the lithium-ion battery using the engine as well as regenerative braking technology.

The Civic achieves a five-star ANCAP safety rating and gets the next generation vehicle stability system (VSA), six airbags, ABS brakes with EBD, Honda’s G-Con technology and Motion Adaptive Power Steering.

The new Civic also benefits from greater use of high-tensile steel throughout the body, which has meant better ride and handling.

Standard Civic features across the model range include integrated Bluetooth with audio streaming, automatic climate control, cruise control, intelligent multi-media display and iPod connectivity with steering wheel –mounted controls.

Upgrading to the Civic Sport adds leather seats, electric sunroof, 17-inch alloy wheels and automatic windscreen wipers.

Manufacturer’s List Price



MLP* flat paint

MLP* metallic paint

Civic VTi-L Manual



Civic VTi-L Automatic



Civic Sport Automatic



Civic Hybrid CVT



* Excludes dealer deliver and statutory charges

  • Lucii Pooky

    Wow! When the U.S version was shown everyone, including me, said it was drab and ugly but these body enhancements, big wheels and projector headlamps actually made this car look pretty good! The Value is also excellent which is something you don’t often hear from a Honda. No doubt I would take one of these over a Corolla, Cerato, Jetta or Cruze! 

    I really need to ask though, whats the point of calling it a Sport model if their in no Manual? A bit dumb…

    • Andronicus

      I agree, this is a way better package then I was expecting. I will be the first to admit I have been bagging Honda for the last three years (apart from the Acc Euro update, quality car) but deep down I really want to see them come back strong in the market and be the Honda of the early 90’s that could do no wrong.

  • ABC

    Honda is slow to learn. If that fails to lift Honda from the bottom, they need to drop the price even further and reduce the servicing cost.

    • Type R Driver

      “need to drop the price even further” ??? There is a brand called “Great Wall” which may interest you.

      • Zoom

        If Honda is happy to remain at the bottom, then don’t drop the price.

  • Dwa

    damn that is some sharp pricing right there and it looks so much better than us spec / usdm ! sure this will be a great competitor and a threat to the likes of corolla mazda3 cruze focus etc. good job honda! youre learning very slowly. far from perfect tho.



    • Nasal Explorer

      Deep, man, very deep.

  • snitz

    Problem is these prices are not drive away. The base model will prob be about $24-25K i guess

    • Arden Lester

      23,490 but compared to Mazda 3 Neo the features far outweigh the extra cost

  • O123

    The projector lights seem to alter the car entirely, Not amazing but still much better than the US version. Wish we got the coupe though =/

  • Anthony Mindel

    This car deserves to sell well,as its quality and reliability are ahead of all competirors,except maybee Corolla,but its far more desirable than a Corolla.

    Go Honda…

    • Lucii Pooky

      The Euro Civic(which has more stuff to go wrong) beat the Corolla in recent J.D power survey by 10 places, so I think the U.S one will also be more more reliable! 

      • Busang

        You are right Lucii, Civics beat Corollas regularly in relibility surveys. I think this Civic is better than the current model, I would seriously consider getting one.

  • Ddo

    Yeah this should sell..

    Personally I would seriously consider the Civic if I was in the market..

  • ABC

    This new Civic is built in Thailand or Japan? The current Civic is from Thailand and is over priced.

    • Mitch

      As from what i’ve heard, the new civic will initially be sourced from Japan until such time the Thailand factories are up and running again.

  • garl

    it’s looks very handsome

  • Mitch

    Wow, that looks significantly better than the US version! Hopefully this re-invigorates Honda sales and they start to regain some of their lost Aus market share. No matter if you like their cars or not, it’s hard to dispute their historically-excellent reliability & build quality!

  • Dwawdjij

    i honestly would prefer this than a corolla any day of the week. 

  • Guest

    i think its a nice looking car

    however… i’m surprised the author did not go further into detail… here’s some facts from the honda page…

    they all run SOHC engines and it shows with an unimpressive 104kW/174Nm

    worse still they have a 5 spd manual or 5 spd auto… now i’m sorry but even the Cruze runs a 6 spd manual or 6 spd auto… and the Cruze has a cleaner euro 5 engine… 

  • Hehe

    It’s not Honda’s product that’s the problem. It’s the pricing and attitude of the car dealers. Pricing looks competitive on paper but the dealers of its competitors are able to give a much healthier discount.

  • Phil

    “The iconic Civic nameplate is an Australian favourite” …… is it just me, or is that a ridiculous thing to say?
    The sales seem to clearly indicate that the civic is NOT a Australian favourite.

    • Edward

      Yeah it was a weird thing to say. Reading that made me laugh out loud..

  • save it for the track

    The 2.0L seems to be lacking some power and torque when compared to the 1.6. 400cc more capacitiy with only 10kW and 16Nm more? Newer tech 1.6 ? Or old tech 2.0 ?

    • save it for the track

      whoops. shouldn’t post when half asleep. 1.8L. Still doesn’t seem enough gap power/torque wise 2.0 vs 1.8

  • Stefar

    Just ordered the new sport but dealer unable to answer if comes with rear parking sensors and full alloy spare.  Not noted on Honda’s website. 

    • Stefar

      Honda have confirned no parking sensors and only a space saver.  Very stupid!!

  • Lavs

    Where’s the hatch version? People buying in this segment like the practicality of a hatch…..
    I think the sedan is poorly resolved in design; front is too short in length, back is too long. Looks dorkish. Sure it looks better than a corolla, but that’s not saying much. It doesn’t look as good as mazda 3 or ford focus.

    • Da

      hatch is coming soon (y) diesel 2.2 hatch is confirmed

  • Edward

    Looks very similar to the current Civic sedan, which has been around for 6 years now. So i cant get excited about the styling. Doesnt appear to be very innovative in its segment either. Therefore I think the only thing to get excited about is the low price.

    I get the impression this new civic is a ‘good enough’ product at a competitive price and personally, i couldnt buy a new car based on that. Even if i save money initially, i suspect honda’s expensive parts and servicing will offset a lot of the savings. I have a friend who pays more to maintain his Honda Accord than he does to maintain his Nissan 370Z

    Hopefully they’ll also bring the new UK Civic to australia

    • Mitch

      The UK-built civic hatch has been confirmed for and aus release second half of 2012!

  • mark

    Compare to Mazda 3 or Lancer, fail is the only destiny for Honda.

    • Car Bore

      What does the Mazda 3 or the Lancer have over this new Civic. When you look feature wise the Civic trumps them with inclusions such as: Climate control, 6CD Stacker, Fuel Economy

      Yes the others may start out cheaper but this represents about $2,500 extra value over the Mazda 3 Neo when you look at the features. The Lancer has a very noisy cabin and the Mazda 3 is cramped compared to the old Civic. 

      • Phil

        The 3 has the option of a hatchback/diesel/skyactiv SP20 model, more powerful SP25 sports model.
        Who cares about “climate control” – how hard is it to turn a a/c knob to either “hot” or “cold”? With MP3s/ipods I think cd stackers are a bit out of date. Lancer and 3 offer a decent power increase to offset the fuel economy + in the 3 you can go for the SP20 or the diesel which offer superior economy to anything Civic model.
        The 3 offers far better handling too (the lancer is rubish).

        • Car Bore

          I’ll give you the Diesel but in a couple of months the Civic will gain a hatch model as well. The closest Mazda in price to this the Neo has only 4kw more and 9kw to the skyactiv with much the same torque. For the price of skyactiv you could get the Civic Sport anyway with leather, sunroof, more power. 

          • Car Bore

            I wouldn’t say far better handling but it is slightly better

    • Antmindel

      Civic looks WAY better than the smiley face 3,and very dated Lancer,and will be far more reliable,and have better quality than both of those,sorry Mark…

  • K-poop

    Nice car….price seems ok but one thing I learned from experience is to never buy a new car in the first year of it’s launch. The demand will be good and stocks probably not so…..meaning dealers generally wont offer much or any discounts. Wait awhile….prices will surely come down in time.

  • Dave

    a bit like a jetta

    • Daw

      i think the jetta is more boring than this boring civic.

    • Antmindel

      Went to look at a new Jetta today,but will rather wait for the new Civic,as Jetta looks good,but has disapointing interior,expecially compared to the previous one.

      • John Dimes

        Don’t touch the Jetta 118tsi engine ..Problems galore unless that is you like spending your time in workshops….Even the latest 2011 Jetta still has issues with squeeks from its supercharger /waterpump that VW have not fixed froom back to 2006..  

  • DWS1

    We looked at Mazda 3, Corolla, Lancer, Impreza etc and for similar money the Honda Civic was much roomier in side and drives well with good fuel economy. (If I had the coin at the time I would have brought the Type-R).

  • Evanh

    Official Honda site says drive away price for VTi-L AT Flat is $25,790, not bad!

  • Pete

    Pity that only the Hybrid has six speakers. My 2 year old Sport has 6 speakers with the rear ones mounted in the back tray so the boot acts as a sound box making for a great natural sounding base. The new VTi-L and Sport only have four speakers with the rear ones set into the back door.

    The dealer told me that there will be no optional upgrade for the audio. I wonder if I can do something after market? Has anyone done anything after market that doesn’t look ugly ?

  • Looch

    Has any body pre-purchased the VTiL with metallic paint yet. 
    At what price if I may ask?
    Are dealers willing to negotiate if one has the cash.
    Am contemplating buying one. Either the Elantra Elite or the Civic.
    Which is the better buy?

    • Joshika246

      Civic by all means…I got it for 29 500 including metallic paint. If you are in Sydney go to Lark Hoskins Honda in Auburn the best dealer!!

    • Pahar80

       $25,400 from driveaway from Trivett including Metalic Paint no other extras, gave me $9k cash for my 03 passat

  • John Andrews

    SOHC engine…and it is a 2012 Honda Civic ! ..Go for Mazda3 ..far more reliable and sporty looking and has DOHC engine