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by Brett Davis

The all-new Hyundai Veloster sports coupe is now on sale in Australia. Prices range from $23,990 to $29,990 before on-road costs, with two trim levels available.

The base model Veloster and the flagship Veloster + come with the same 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, featuring direct-injection technology. It produces 103kW and 167Nm.

Both are available with a six-speed manual transmission, or an optional six-speed dual-clutch (DCT) automatic which adds $2000 to the price. Hyundai says both drivetrain packages return an estimated combined cycle fuel consumption rating of 6.4L/100km.

Standard features for the Veloster include stability control, traction control and hill start assist for the DCT variants, as well as a sporty exterior with alloy wheels, ‘motorcycle’ exhaust outlets, and a centre console design also inspired by elements of a motorcycle.

As reported earlier today, the Hyundai Veloster has been rated five stars by ANCAP, after it was analysed in the latest round of crash testing evaluations.

Both models come with a seven-inch LCD touch screen infotainment interface, also providing a display for the rear-view camera, and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The Veloster + adds colour-coded 18-inch alloy wheels, leather seats, push-button start, an electric driver’s seat, and a large panoramic glass roof.

Perhaps the standout feature of the Veloster is the unique 2+1 door layout. The passenger side of the coupe features two doors, including a small door for rear-seat passengers for added versatility, while on the driver’s side there is one large door.

Prices start at $23,990 for the manual Veloster and $25,990 with the DCT option, while the Veloster + kicks off at $27,990 for the manual and $29,990 with the DCT option. This makes it the cheapest sports coupe currently on the market.

  • Zoom

    Looks like it’s designed for the Californian high school kids.

    • Turbo

      Probably sells well in Cali

    • AndrewF

      You’re not wrong! Testers of US versions were very excited about electronic ‘nanny’ combined with GPS tracker that will allow the parents (presumably) to set up allowed zone and alert them by email when the car strays outside of it… mercifully I think it is absent from our model.

  • Adam

    Is this Australia’s slowest “sports” car?

    • Able

      No, Honda CR-Z buddy!

    • Anthony

       Well, then wait for the Turbo, that might be more your cup of tea,

    • Dan

      Not meant to be a sports car. That’s coming at the end of the year. Stay tuned…..

  • Kampfer

    Good pricing. It may well could be the next Lancer Coupe.

    • Jayden

      Yes and with way more standard features.

    • Kampfer

      Well, had a look at the car at the dealer yesterday. All I can say is: WOW!!!! This car is surprisingly good looking in person. If I’m in the market for this kind of car I for sure will have a look at this.

  • Jinnzhang

    Fantastic, $23,990+ on road for a 1.6 

  • bbb

    like the look but the 2+1 doors aren’t my cup of tea! wish they can bring on normal coupe or 5 dr hatch

    • Dan

      Google “veloster ad banned” this will show you why the 2+1 concept

  • runnaln

    bmw 116i is 1.6 Turbo only 100kw and $36,900+on Road = 39+, 

    • Jayden

      Yes but it’s a BMW, it’s RWD, it’s larger, it has an extra door, it has lots of standard equipment, it uses less fuel and it has an extra 53Nm of torque in a wider rev-range.

      • Sumpguard

        …and will likely spend far more time breaking your heart whilst it’s stuck in a workshop. BMWs are over rated!

      • ridecycling

        A Chrysler 300 is RWD too and I would not point that out as a quality of the car.  The Veloster is every bit as large as the new One Series BMW, most especially in width if not in length. 

        There is more than enough room inside the Veloster, surprising amount in fact.  In fact I would say it is the nicest looking cabin Hyundai has put together thus far.  Go sit in one, you will be impressed.

  • Chris

    So we will be probably looking at 28k drive away for base

  • Ozibrat

    This car is nothing without a turbo…..

  • Karl

    I thought it was going to have at least a 2 litre engine.
    Hair dressers car only. 

  • O123

    Cool car but I was expecting it to be slightly cheaper. I hope the turbo is only 32k though 35 is more likely =/

    • Philthy

      Buy a polo GTI instead. Fixed.

      • Henry Toussaint

        The Veloster Turbo has a bigger engine and produces more power…

      • ridecycling

        The Polo is tiny compared to this car.

  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Great concept, I just don’t like the styling.

  • AndrewF

    OK, this is a serious question: what on earth is ‘hill start assist’ for DCT and why would it need one? I drive manuals so I’m used to having a ‘hill start assist’ device otherwise known as ‘hand brake’… but I was under the impression that automatic would not roll back anyway when it’s in ‘D’, so I’m slightly confused now. Pardon my ignorance, believe it or not I am seriously not that familiar with auto transmission…

    • Goodjjp

      DCT is base on manual gearbox
      Even VW DSG gearbox you can feel when its on hill to take off
      car back off a bit…
      DSG DCT whatever they called is not really automatic…

    • Ddo

      Americans love Hill-start assist on their cars

    • Blair Waldorf

      DCTs roll backwards as much as a manual car does as they’re automated manuals and although you can’t stall on a hill, hill holder does make life easier for those who havent figured out that a handbrake works just as well.

  • davie

    how does this compare to the kia koup 2 door thing?

    • ridecycling

      This is a totally new car compared to the Kia Cerato coupe.  This is like the new Kia Rio but on steroids yet has the same size engine – much more space and the sound system and center console screen are fantastic.

      The engine size for some will be a bit lean in the power area, but good on fuel economy.

  • neebs89

    we have 5 at work and they look stunning in person. They will sell well, great fuel eco, great features, great warranty, and well priced. Good work Hyundai 

    • ridecycling

      I could not agree more, this is by far the best thing Hyundai has ever made.  The exterior for me is a tad over designed, but overall the car is really nice. 

      Interior and features are spot on near perfect.  Rear seating is functional, a bit lacking, but anyone buying this car is not looking for a 4 person passenger car. 

      Judging this car on exterior appearance alone is to miss what this car is about.  There is way more going on in the inside of this vehicle.  I cannot imagine anyone who drives anything that sat in this car who would not be impressed.  It is that good.

  • Frenchie

    Another car site said the DCT auto is an extra $4000 over manual trans. The $2000 extra is the difference between the two models.

  • Kaas

    Hyundai were good value in the past…. now they are priced the same if not more than other manufacturers.

  • Ddo

    2.0L would of been perfect for this

  • ridecycling

    I saw the car at a dealership today; very impressive.  It is a real step up from anything Hyundai has ever offered for this price range.  The audio system and center console screen are very well thought out- sound quality was very good and the center screen and layout were impressive.

    It is every bit as impressive as a VW Scirocco esthetically and I would not say far in the rears to it with respect to quality.

    The body styling is certainly edgy and probably appeals to a younger set, but the car is very impressive on the inside.  The unique center console and screen are a huge part of what will make this car successful.  It is every bit what an integrated system should be and based on what I could tell is as good as any out there in any car today.

    Sitting in the car offers plenty of space.  The rear is a tad claustrophobic, but one could easily sit in the back seats for short distances with no worries.

    The unit at the dealership was top of the range, I think it was around the $30K mark- considering a Scirocco is $55+ it is clearly good value.  Look don’t get me wrong, the Scirocco will run rings around it with respect to speed and power, but esthetically, this car has a lot going for it and I mean a lot.

    Hyundai is betting style along with esthetics and frugality and at this price I think it is a real winner!

  • Hyundai fan

    Whats the deal with having cup holders in the middle of the back seat?? Couldn’t they have made it a 3 seater in the back? The only thing that’s stopping me from buying the car.

  • Dan

    Just started driving one last night. It’s great, the 1.6 isn’t that bad. I work at a dealership and we all thought what’s going on with the small engine etc… But now that im driving it it’s not too off putting. It handles excellent and I think the best way to think of this cars is that it’s a edgey out there hatchback and not of as a sports car. It’s not going to win any races and it wasn’t designed to. It’s great to look at and feels very solid.

    • Sumpguard

        I agree. It will do reasonably well because it is different.

         The turbo version will take it to a whole now level.

    • Blair Waldorf

      Have you driven the DCT? how smooth is it?



  • Vinny48

    When does it get to Auss mate ??

    • Henry Toussaint

      It’s here now!

  • SP10

    wow what an impressive bunch of haters on here .. good lord ..

    Hyundai – well done on bringing one of the most original, inventive and refreshing (not to mention incredibly amazingly beautiful) vehicles to this country .. well spec’d and well priced ..

  • Walexx

    I went to my local dealer today in Wolli Creek and they had both models. OMG what a beautiful car !!.

    Even the standard car is well worth the money as it comes with a lot of stuff. The higher spec would be nice but for the 4k saving, Im happy with the standard model.

    Sitting inside is like nothing else. It just oozes with a feel of technology, comfort and style. Everything is well thought out and the stereo sounds really nice and beefy. The centre screen and controls look fantastic and gives the care this great modern techy feel which Im sure will appeal to the younger drivers or older geeks like myself. The whole way everything is deigned and thought out is a real testament to how well Hyundai has come along.

    The outside just looks sexy, and the aggressive front is something that most cars lack as it just makes the car look very solid and sure footed. Even the wheels on the standard car looks great and makes the whole package look very expensive and classy.

    I really can’t think of anything to fault this car. Im looking for something that looks great and is comfy. Considering its just for city driving and work (a 6minute drive), I don’t need a pocket rocket, I want comfort, technology and sexy looks and this car delivers on all fronts.

    The cost on the road for the basic model auto was quoted as 30k which I thought was a bit rich considering its 23,990 + 2k for auto, I can’t justify 4k on road costs. I guess like everything else give it a few months and they will be doing drive away prices and well, Im in no rush. I want to check out the new i30 first, but I have a feeling this could steal my heart.

    • ridecycling

      Agree with you 100%.  I actually think the best value in this car is the base model manual – at $23,990 with all of the standard features and options included it is an absolute killer value. 

      For all those complaining about the styling and who have not yet seen this car in person, just wait until you sit in it to judge it; this is one fine car and I say that pretty much at any price.  The exterior styling is not for everyone, but as an overall package the Veloster is a really nice car.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cwhast Chris Hastings

      I took one for a test drive yesterday at the local dealership. They really do look amazing in the flesh, the interior is so well thought out and loaded with heaps of goodies. It has a great on-road presence.

      The one I drove was just the base Veloster with the leatherette-cloth trim. Great seats and the dash layout, touchscreen sound system and subwoofer in the boot kicked serious ass. The only thing it was lacking was satellite navigation, although the overseas models already have it so it should be only a matter of time. I’ll be in the door once that happens.

      I think the color-coded inserts on the alloys on the Veloster+ model are a great look!

  • drbubo

    The Accent is more sportier at 16,990.00 drive away.

  • ANF

    Read the reviews on youtube they get good ratings, sat inside one today and the seating position was great your slanted low and under the wheel, interior is good and the exterior looks great, nothing like anything else as fa as hatches or coupes are concerned, feels sporty and handles great, good drive overall….just put a nice sports exhaust with a sporty tone, lower it about an inch or two with some performance tyres and your laughing

  • Tom

    No dealer in AU South Australia will sell you one for 23,990 they all want 30,000 to35,000 with on road costs? well I got my Own Rego so what are they talking about? these cars can sit there and rust for all I care, I`m looking for something else thankyou!!!

    • HyChrissy

      99.9% of dealerships will only give you RRP, its up to you to negotiate a price you both agree on. Where I work the RRP starts at $27, 311 Drive Away. They won’t give you a  price better than RRP cos they don’t want you to dealer shop.

  • Unimatrix05

    Seen it on the road this exact orange/yellow colour with LED DRL diffinately a Veloster+. Thought it was a Megane Cup but much more adventurist in the design, very impressed, much more cohesive and squat looking than the bulbous look of the photo. It’s now on my cool car list.

  • Casscav65

    I have been driving one (hire car) for a few days now and it’s a great car. I only wish it had a 1.8ltr engine.  I wouldnt pay for a turbo, it’s too expensive.  I love this little car but when my Lancer is fixed and ready to roll I will be glad to be back to its 2 ltr engine and CVT. 

  • Keithsmall80

    Amazing looking and features packed. When driving at about 80klms and I drop my foot to overtake tends to rev for a few seconds before grabbing power any other owners experiencing this? All in all very happy with this car and glad I purchased cool looks top notch design. Food for thought hyundai what’s the go with the storage areas too easy to scratch ..