They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in the case of the new JAC 4R3, the designers of the Ford F-150 should be particularly flattered.

Small Chinese manufacturer Jianghuai Auto Corporation (JAC) revealed the carbon copy pick-up ahead of its expected unveiling at the 2012 Beijing auto show in April.


The similarities – particularly at the front end – are uncanny to say the least, while the blue oval badge pushes the boundaries of coincidence.

The JAC 4R3 will be manufactured in China and sold locally, and could also be exported to Africa and South America. The Ford F-150 is not currently sold in China.

One thing JAC hasn’t copied is the F-Series’ powertrain. While the big Ford truck produces as much as 306kW and 588Nm from a 6.2-litre V8 engine, the 4R3 will make do with an 81kW/240Nm 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel.

It’s not the first time JAC has cloned big American truck either. The JAC Pick-Up bares a striking resemblance to the Chevrolet Silverado, the F-150’s key rival in the US.

Chinese manufacturers are infamous for creating copy cars. Some of the better-known knock-offs include the BYD S8 Coupe (Mercedes-Benz CLK), Chery QQ (Daewoo Matiz), Shuanghuan Noble (Smart Fortwo) and the Lifan 320 (Mini Cooper).

Honda successfully sued Lifan three times between 2005 and 2008 over its motorcycle designs, including Lifan’s decision to place ‘Hongda’ badges on its bikes.

BMW, Daimler and Fiat have also had success in banning Chinese copy car products from being sold in Germany and the European Union.

Ford has not announced any legal action against JAC at this stage.

  • Noddy

    Hahahahahahahahahahha. How do they think they won’t get sued?

    • Jimbob

      It’s China. Copy Central

    • ConcernGlobalCitizen

      China has no copyright, trademark or patent laws in their country. They have never truly enforced international laws in this regard and as long as the rest of the world continues to let them make our products (because of corporate greed) they never will; primarily because we are helping them become the richest country in the world. If we are not careful, they will eventually become the most powerful country in the world. It is a shame what this world has become because of greed.

  • Birty_B

    That’s Gold, Covering both Ford and Chevy bases. But if Ford and Chevy don’t sell them there they don’t have a leg to stand on anyway. Even if they did the chinese government wouldn’t say too much. 

  • F1

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring them to Australia..They’ll probably charge us the same price as what the original ones cost in U.S

    Why does Australia allow Chinese cars in the market anyway?

    • UniversityOfGoogle

      Why does Australia allow anything Made In China in the market?

      Lets think on that one shall we.

  • James Cortez

    Don’t allow chineese cars in Australian Market then don’t allow them to buy your mining product either and let’s see where teh Australian economy is heading. South more likely than North.

    • Dfr

      Dont worry, they need the mining products.. We don’t need their cars..

      • china democracy

        chinese cars are trade off for mining products… if we stop getting china cars theys top taking mining products – simple

        • Shak

          Not really. They’ve been using us as their sandpit for many many years now, in fact long before we started to allow their passenger cars into the Country.

      • Jocrisse

        There’s not only cars.

        The Chinese could stop selling computers, TVs, furniture, clothes…

        You’d be back living in caves… but you’d be happy to still have your iron ore in the ground just like the aborigines had jealously kept all of it to themselves for thousands of years and benefitted greatly from not selling an ounce to the Chinese or the world even

        • Damian

          Not to mention all the Chinese investors snapping up Australian assets and resources. The Australian economy would be well and truly screwed if it weren’t for China.

          • Jocrisse

            Totally agree with you Damian.

            Australia needs technology, capital, customers to develop our resources. We have been getting these locally and mostly from overseas like the USA, UK, Japan, Korea and now China.

            Nowadays there’s this media fuelled paranoia about Australia being invaded one way or another by China.

            We see “Made in China” and we get scared. A lot of the products made there are actually made companies from other countries e.g. Nike, Fisher Price, Ryobi (Australian btw although it sounds Japanese), Mattel, Jackaroo, Apple. The profit is what matters and much and most of it goes to the USA and Japan.

            In 10 years time, these multinationals would have left China to source from another cheaper place such as Indonesia or India. China will be left with worn machinery and lingering pollution.

        • Coconut

          And food as well

  • Able

    Hahahahahahaha!!! 81 amazing kWs!

    On another note, Ford Aus, F-150 here now, thanks.

    • Cbtdl

      It’s only a matter of time before Australia gets the F-150

  • nickdl

    Didn’t Ford sue Ferrari this time last year for copying the F-150 name in an F1 car? This is a copy of the whole car, you’d have to imagine a massive lawsuit.

    On another note, how stupid do those indicators look on the side mirrors of the other pick up.

  • Gibbut

    lol FAIL at cloning!

  • Adelaide_john

    the JAC Pick Up is not a clone – its badge engineered.  Based on Isuzu D- Max / Colorado

  • 440 R/T Charger

    I will buy one…just change the badge and engine…ute is a simple piece of machinery.

  • Mackintire

    The JAC 4R3 may look similar, but its also a much smaller truck.  It’s a midsize truck, not a fullsize one like the F150. 

  • 3D4

    I think its looking pretty good…

    • 3D4

      I mean that F-150 ute copy… the rest is a joke…

  • Poison_Eagle

    I hate clones but bring it here! Closest thing we get to an F-150, wouldn’t impinge on IP here….
    Also if they sold it in the states, it would bolster the Fords image because it would make the F-150 appear more authentic and create more discussion surrounding it.

  • Rm

    local government tend to protect local car manufacturer for revenue reason, adding the lack of respect and understanding of copyright, you end up with clones. As a Chinese, I feel this is seriously wrong and killing any Chinese manufacturer that want to Do the right thing.

  • Sumpguard

       I think the world should reject the Chinese auto exports from every brand until their government  play ball. One of the great wall vehicles had it’s front end fall of a navara and the rear off a rodeo. Breaching copyright is pathetic!

       I recently saw a photo of an Apple store in China and they couldn’t even spell” Appel” right on the window!

    • 3D4

      That is probably because it was a fake apple store.. (yes, they even have a copy of apple store)

      • Jocrisse

        You take the “purity” of the english language too highly in the first place. The French deride some of the words you use whether it’s the way you spell it or the meaning the words have come to mean.

        So what if it’s “Appel”. Most pirated goods have slight variations e.g. Addidas or Nikke. It used to be that it was perfectly legal to make these as far as the label/logo didn’t exactly match the copyrighted label/logo.

        • Sumpguard

            I think it went over 3D4’s head. Of course it was a fake store!

             Every third shop in China is a fake apple store but most spell the word right!

    • Jocrisse

      There is no copyright in a free market. That is the basic of perfect competition. Copyright is a barrier to competition and improvement.

      If you are so keen about copyright, the only copyright I think is worthwhile to have and enforce wouldn’t be about car design but medications.

      I think the biotech/pharma industry is probably the only one that should be allowed to patent or copyright and the biggest pirate of that industry is India. Every “generic” drug is from there (especially when they don’t say where it’s made) But you don’t hear any complaint from Australia about this massive and highly profitable piracy.

      • Sumpguard

           I doubt you’d hold that view if it was your hard work they’d stolen. Easy to say otherwise when you don’t have the nouse to design something.

               It’s also easy to overlook the millions spent on that design only to have it ripped off by an unimaginative grub that doesn’t have the intelligence to design anything themself. There is no excuse for it .It is theft at the end of the day.

            Try telling the actual subordinates in China that it is a free market. Nothing is free in China. Not even speech.  The quality of chinese goods destroys your arguement on improvement. They steal a design and make it as cheaply as possible to flood the world market using slave labour .  Pride builds perfection.

            Meanwhile Apple pay good wages to people who have great working conditions which allows them to live a quality lifestyle. Not be jammed up in a shanty and going hungry with the other 15 people in the room.

            Copyright forces companies to innovate ,expand and improve! If you’re so supportive of a “free market” why single out pharmaceuticals?  That flies in the face of the very arguement you put forward. 


        • Jocrisse

          As this article is about the appearance and doesn’t address in detail the mechanicals beneath the skin, let’s call it the copying of a design/style.

          Design/styling as in car designs can be churned at a very high rate. Studios can submit dozens of drawings/models for each car project. There are many artists around. Even I used to draw cars when I was in high school and they looked better than Sssangyong. Investment? Do you have coloured pencils to start with?

          The number of leading researchers/scientists/engineers who can create vaccines is much less. The investment required is very high and the churn rate is slow (e.g. AIDS, Hepatitis Vaccines) and I read that breakthroughs are becoming tougher and tougher. And breakthoughs aren’t going to be as easy as stumbling upon one, they will most likely have to be in labs.

          Copyright as a barrier to entry could be necessary for the pharmaceuticals/biotech industry. Whether the lifespan of the patents should be 17 years or whether viagra and life saving Hep C vaccine should be given the same protection is another matter.

          • ConcernGlobalCitizen

            if you read the article correctly, it says the only thing that was NOT copied is the power train. They used a 3D Scanner to copy almost every aspect of the vehicle except for the most difficult part to scan and that is the power train.

  • Zoom

    The Chinese utes have Caterpilla diesel engines though and that in itself is WIN :)

    • Jocrisse

      VM Motori, Cummings are the leaders of diesel engines.

      The common rail injection would probably be from Bosch.

      Even Caterpillar make their engines under licence and then stick the CAT badge.

      The world is so integrated with parts, patents etc. coming from so many companies that some of the comments posted either just show ignorance or deep seated racism.

  • Ben

    Pretty funny.. Taking ugly vehicles and making them.. well… uglier, if that was even possible. hahahaha

  • Guest

    Hey but they are probably better built….lol

  • Jfrank

    Thats a Chevy Colorado not a Silverado

  • TheodoreF

    Plenty of counterfeiting goes on all over the world. In the past couple of years, a ton of Chinese knock-offs have been getting attention, including knock-off car manufacturers. Obviously car makers aren’t happy if anyone copies their cars. More information about this is here: JAC 4R3 pickup is latest in Chinese knock-off cars.