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  • Car Bore

    I want a M550d sedan please.

    • scottjames_12

      Yup, me too….

  • David

    Tim, how is it a Twinpower Turbo engine if it has 3 turbos?  Maybe BMW will call it a tripower turbo?

    • TimBeissmann

      Hi David

      The TwinPower Turbo phrase was originally introduced to describe the number of intakes the turbo has – that being two. It doesn’t refer to the number of individual turbochargers.

      Tim Beissmann

  • Birty_B

    280kw is impressive for a 3.0l 6cyl Petrol let alone a diesel. That’s more power (less torque though) than the 5.0l V10 R50 Touareg puts out. 

  • Al

    I’ve read a lot on the net about BMW diesels being pretty unreliable, even with low mileage, kinda makes me wonder how reliable a tri-turbo engine would be?

    But while the warranty lasts, one of these would be a phenomenal car to drive!

    • older ones are ok…

      When I lived in the UK we had an e39 525tds… reliability wasn’t a problem.  Not sure whether the newer ones are worse, but that car was fantastic.

    • Imo

      I read a lot on the net that the worlds gonna end in 2012.

  • AS

    Good god. I waaaaaant. Such a diesel fan.

  • Caprice Owner

    Hurry up and bring these to AUS i want the X5M50d 

  • GeorgeQLD

    I am tired of the ridiculous pricing of foreign cars. We need to remove the parallel import scam, once and for all.

  • MM1

    What a crock. WTF do you need 3 turbos for!? A well designed single / twin turbo diesel will still have tons of torque.. Just seems like a case of “I have a bigger d*ck than you”.You can just imagine the service cost that BMW will charge for thee too….

  • Alpha

    Makes no sense at all. Incredible efficiency and very low fuel consumption in a vehicle only the rich can afford.
    Like they give a $#|- about the cost of fuel!
    Would be nice if BWM cared enough for the environment that they made this tech available at a reasonable price, even if it was in another company’s (ie. Toyota) cars.