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  • Charles, Prince Charles

    I am sure they have already sold out… Minis are fantastic cars as they are… This is just the epitome…

    • Doninaustralia

      i bought the LAST one available in OZ
      ps I also have a ’61 mini – owned and restored over the last 20 years

      • MINI_CS

        Couldn’t have been the last one available because I just brought one today.

        • Doninaustralia

          I understand they are on a ship and will arrive mid/late June ..

          • MINI_CS

            Mine is here now It is sitting in the showroom we will take delivery this week.

          • MINI_CS

            I now have my Goodwood at home… It is an awesome thing. It also has a roommate a Chilli Red JCW Clubman.

          • MINI_CS

            Did you pickup your Goodwood yet?

  • Al

    If i were a millionaire and could easily throw away $75k, i’d take one of these (to match my Rolls), an Abarth 500 Tributo Ferrari (to match the 599) and a Cygnet…

  • Ima Hogg

    That wood finish is awfull. To buy it you have to have more money than sense.

  • Jimbob

    “Eccentric British manufacturer Mini” – “Non-eccentric German manufacturer BMW” you mean…

  • Force-15

    Am I the only one who gets reminded of the Riley Elf and Woseley Hornet then they see this? (Or have I been reading too many ‘world’s worst cars’ books?)

  • MisterZed

    Mini owners are quite wealthy, apparently.  The other day I saw one with the license plate “20”.  That plate would cost many, many times what the actual car is worth.

    • GlamTrotter

      Not all Mini owners are wealthy. We just have good taste, style, class, sophistication and well traveled. We don’t follow trends and are born leaders. I always wanted a mini a Pre-owned Mini Goodwood. Dreams do come true.

  • Rushmi Mehta

    Amazing.  Check out the video for Toyota’s Virtual Booth from the NAIAS auto show.  Click below.


  • jr

    i’ll pass thanks


    I have 2 Mini’s now I would love one of these… mmmm maybe sell the 2 Minis… 

    • Doninaustralia

      I have a 61(sliding window Round nose) owned and restored over the last 20 years..and a BMW cooper S  ..and I put a deposit on the LAST GoodWood available

      • MINI_CS

        The wife wouldn’t let me sell the Cooper S… Enjoy the Goodwood lucky bugga.

        • Doninaustralia

          IT’S way TOO much luxury for me to take the dog to the beach in..I have ordered prestige plates “MINI RR”…i will enjoy until i clock up 2500 KLMs ..then ‘pass it on

    • Doninaustralia

      IT’S way TOO much luxury for me to take the dog to the beach in..I have ordered prestige plates “MINI RR”…i will enjoy until i clock up 2500 KLMs ..then ‘pass it on”

      • MINI_CS

        I have RR MINI on the way. BTW have you been told you now get free servicing for 3 years… I made some noise and Mini Australia gave all Goodwood owners free servicing for the 3 years.

        • Doninaustralia

          mine arrives brisbane 3 july… i am adding chrome mirror covers and chrome slat grill. thanx for heads up about 3 year service …confirmed !

          • MINI_CS

            Are you a member of ClubMini or one of the other Mini Clubs? On the Mini Australia facebook page there is a feature on my Goodwood.

  • Birty_B

    I love it, Cornsilk Leather, Cashmere, Lambswool and they STILL couldn’t colour coat the wheel arches haha. 

    • Doninautralia

      you wouldn’t really want to have a “touch-up” on stone chips on the Rolls “liquid Black paint”…hence traditional wheel surrounds ……

  • KKG

    We still have one available!

  • Doninaustralia

    I have one of 2 known in Qld ….mmmm the smell and trim exceeds expectations !