Mazda Australia has announced the official fuel consumption figures of the incoming Mazda CX-5, confirming the all-new compact SUV will be among the most fuel efficient vehicles in its class.

Mazda CX-5 models powered by the brand’s new SkyActiv-D 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine will use 5.7 litres of fuel per 100km on the combined cycle.

The only compact SUVs currently on sale in Australia that better the CX-5’s promised economy are the Mini Cooper D Countryman (4.4L/100km) and the Peugeot 3008 1.6 XSE HDi (5.1L/100km). With 129kW of power and 420Nm of torque on tap however, the CX-5 is significantly more powerful than the Mini (82kW/270Nm) and the Peugeot (80kW/240Nm).

Compared with the best-selling and segment-leading diesel-powered compact SUVs – Hyundai ix35 (7.5L/100km), Mitsubishi ASX (5.9L/100km), Nissan X-Trail (7.4L/100km), Subaru Forester (6.4L/100km), Volkswagen Tiguan (6.5L/100km) – the Mazda CX-5 is the outright leader.

The CX-5 diesel is also 25 per cent more fuel efficient than the CX-7 diesel, which it will replace in the long run. Mazda Australia will sell the CX-5 and CX-7 alongside each other for a period this year following the launch of the new vehicle in March.

Diesel-powered variants of the CX-5 will be equipped with all-wheel drive as well as the brand’s new six-speed automatic transmission, making the CX-5 the first Mazda passenger vehicle available with a diesel-auto combination in Australia.


Mazda Australia national marketing manager Alastair Doak said the brand “can’t wait” to bring its latest SkyActiv technology to local showrooms.

“There’s certainly demand for a diesel automatic combination, particularly in the SUV segment, and with the right powertrain combinations plus all-new technology and design we’re confident that CX-5 has the goods to become one of Australia’s most popular SUVs.”

Full specifications and prices of the Mazda CX-5 will be released closer to the vehicle’s local launch. The base model front-wheel drive petrol model should start below $30,000, while the top-spec all-wheel drive GT Diesel will cost approximately $55,000 driveaway.

  • Jordan

    $55,000 for the top spec!! EXPENSIVE

    • MrDucati

      mate with the technology it comes with and power compared to fuel consumption i wouldn’t be complaining just sit for a bit and do a little research

      • Ozedude

        Surely you are kidding.  Which dealership are you from?

      • Au$$ies get ripped off

        coming from someone with a usename MrDucati , you seem to like to waste your money on expensive , over rated items ?

  • Robbie

    If the quality is there $55k may not be that bad?  A volvo XC60 D5 is $61k+ and I have a feeling the Mazda will be way more fun to drive.

    I’m warming to the idea of an AWD Manual diesel which should be less than 55k as the auto always cost a couple of k more.  The petrol sounds like a waste of time … gutless!

    • Sumpguard

        Because it has a mazda badge? These blogs were full of people saying the top spec ix35 diesel was too dear at $45,000 when it landed so how is this “not that bad”? Comparison to a volvo won’t cut it!

           Jordan is right. If indeed it is $55,000 t’s expensive!! It might turn out to be a great car but they just priced me out of consideration when I update in a couple of years time.  I’ve never done the badge snob thing and certainly a mazda wouldn’t warrant it anyway.

         On a plus note those economy figures are pretty good. Though rarely do they match real world driving.

    • JerryCan

      I would not discount the petrol engine entirely, the skyactive unit in the Mazda 3 seems to perform better than the published figures would suggest

  • Holotropik

    Getting closer 😀

  • David

    The BMW X1 20d is more powerful (but less torquey) and has better consumption of 5.3l/100km.
    Cheaper too!

    • Labryz

      We don’t know what the price for the CX5 is going to be so you can’t say the BMW is cheaper. Also the recommended drive-away price for the BMW is around $55,500. So if the speculation is correct at the very worst they will be around the same price. Then there is the extras. This is the top of the range CX5 which is likely to have a lot more then the BMW. So the comparison is not overly apt. 

    • guest

      Clearly you dont know about European cars. You can buy an Evoque for 49k too, but what do you get for that 49k? Base spec manual 2wd, cloth inserts, stock stereo, 17′ wheels, Stock as a rock. Paid 75k for mine with a few extras and im still missing alot of basic features that other cars have. If this is 55k, it will be the full hog, extras maybe only being a sunroof. Europeans charge for everything. Volvo charge $150 for a sunglass holder for gods sake!

  • Mr Plow

    Quote…”There’s certainly demand for a diesel automatic combination”

    How long has it taken Mazda to work this one out? Nice to see them catching up with everyone else.

    Anyway, I’ve heard figures more around $46,000 for the top of the line AWD Diesel Auto.

    • John

      Mr Plow, your are correct.  The price for a top spec CX5 diesel will be around $50k drive away.  There will be an optional safety pack on the GT for about $2k (including blind spot and lane departure warning).

    • The Dudemiester

      I can concur with John that the top spec auto diesel will indeed be around $50k drive away. the ‘High Tech’ package will have blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and high beam monitoring for an additional $2k… how do i know – i hope to sell lots of them:)

      • John

        Yes, a good mate is selling me one so I asked for the spec before I commit, hence the reason I know.  As a side note, I have popped my name on a Black GT diesel with a cream leather interior.

        Yes, you guys will sell a sh*t loads of these. 

        • The Dudemiester

          Thanks John,

          we’re are you located? – i’ll beat your mates price by $500 LOL

          • John

            LOL….that’s not really in the spirit of the game.  Mate I truly don’t think you’ll have to discount these things at all.

          • The Dudemiester

            you are quite right, i doube there will be much discounting for the first few months at least

  • K-poop

    A friend who works at Mazda Australia tells me the inside word is that the top spec will in closer to $50k driveaway not $55k….but I still think it’s pretty high….

  • Ibc

    I’m betting that this will be a hit – Mazda are really on a roll.

  • Pauly.

    Mazda shouldnt get too cocky with the pricing. They are not a premium brand in Australia, therefore should not be demanding premium prices.

    Pricing the car anywhere near BMW or VW territory is bad.

    Mazda please take a long hard look at what over pricing cars has done to Honda Australia.

    • Ssd

      And Volkswagen is a premium brand? Lol

      Only in Australia!

      • Daniel D

        You want Herbie, you pay celebrity prices.

    • MrDucati

      dude you’re joking right? don’t compare european to mazda as a base model BMW or VW will cost you more than $50k let alone a top of the range :)

  • Grosborn

    This will be very interesting as there are so many factors in this package yet to be disclosed.
    Anything over $50k pricing just will not fly. I was hoping for a reasonably priced good handling/riding SUV as most of the existing lower priced models are a bit compromised in this area.
    The Koreans are improving in this area but still a couple of years behind imo.
    Mazda usually require 10k/6 month servicing (which is not competive against 20k/18 month servicing of BMWs).
    Then again perhaps the low compression, no particulate filter requirement, diesel engine will enable Mazda to extend the service period.

  • mark

    This is it, the car I will buy for sure. Love the look, oil consumption is fantastic, large space with good quality, the only thing slows me down is how much it will cost me. If it is over 50000, i might have to save for another 6 months, if the top range is below $45000 drive away, I will sell my mitusubishi 380 for this whenever its on sell.

    • smarc

      selling mits 380??? i would not swap it for CX5

  • Vins

    $55K is agreeably expensive regardless of what badge is it. Of course badge play an important psychological factor for parting $55K. For this money, many people would want something considered as premium brand. But if one is after value for money, the CX-5 is in a fair fight with other. Think of a CT200h Sport Luxury that costs the same amount of money but won’t do as much as the CX-5

  • GD

    Is the top of the range subaru vx / xv that has just been released a comparison? at $41000 Drive away… Would like some advice as i am looking now and the subaru at 41k looks to be ok but i do like the diesel option mazda??? 

    • smarc

      economy of the Sky diesel is in question…
      in comparison petrol Subaru XV CVT 7.0 l 100km combined…
      over 20,000 km traveled is difference between these two only $123 per
      year. ($1,890 for Subaru and $1,767 for Mazda fuel bill) based on $1.35 for petrol and $1.55 diesel

      • Sydlocal

        Forget about the cost difference WRT economy, what about the performance difference? Not everyone buys a diesel just for the economy. The Mazda Skyactiv-D will have 19kw more power and over twice the amount of torque (196Nm vs 420Nm). That would make a HUGE difference in everyday driving/cruising on the highway, especially up and down hills or when you need to overtake. You also wouldn’t have to “work” the Mazda as hard to get that performance hence improving the economy difference even more. Plus the “boot” in the Mazda is 195L larger “below the shade”!

  • westy88

    dont really understand much of the negativity around the hype of the ‘ $55k’ top of the range.. the cx7 luxury sport was selling for a touch over 50 earlier in the year and they sold plenty of them and if you had seen the spec list of the top of the range CX5 you would be quite impressed with the gear inside and out. The Mid spec would be probably what most people will be buying and that will be priced well under 50 :) looking forward to having this arrive in our showroom.. the countdown begins it will be like Christmas!

    • smarc

      mazda dealers talk 😉 “Loooots of metal for your money” 😉 yeah you are mazda dealer

  • Mr Gaspo

    Wow… Expensive for a small SUV. I wish Mazda well with the CX5.

  • Robbie

    I must agree with you westy88.  I am willing to spend more on a family car so Mazda is in with a chance but it is creeping into european brand pricing (especially 2nd hand euro cars) so it had better be a good car!

    • smarc

      its a small suv Sportage – this is not a family car its a ego ride badged Mazda 😉

  • Amlohac

    Whats with everyone whinging about price? The series 1 CX7 Luxury was in the exact same price bracket as the new CX5 and it had LESS stuff in it, it also ate fuel like no tomorrow, and Mazda sold them to the point there was a waiting list.

    They will sell HEAPS of CX5’s, they wont be all top Spec GT’s thats granted, but they will sell very very well.

  • Robbie

    How many commenting are real/potential buyers?

    • Noel

      LMAO Robbie, don’t let the fact you’re not a buyer stand in the way of complaining about the price……’s a funny point many people neglect to mention.

      “The price is too high, they’ll never sell them because they are out of my $20k budget for my new car”

      • Sumpguard

          Certainly not out of my budget but at $55,000 I won’t be signing up. So at least one person is a “real/potential” buyer.

           I have little doubt it will sell well (in Australia), just not to me.

        • Ozedude

          Same here i can easily afford $50+ but not for this.  Fot that price i would expect more upmarket, able to off-road.  You want balance of fuel economy and performance in this class, Tiguan has it in spades and at least 10K cheaper. 

  • Vid_Ghost

    I will be looking for a base model of one of these for around $28k .. under 30k is the best place to be when buying a car thats worthless in 5-10 years

  • Dec76

    servicing is the biggest issue in my opinion. My wife’s current Mazda 6 diesel wagon has to be serviced every six months!!!!!!! It is now two years old and been serviced 4 times for a total of 11000km’s of driving, over the top!

    My Skoda Superb diesel has had one service in 18 months and done 35000k. 

    Mazda needs to adjust its intervals, in Europe and the States, the do every 15k

  • smarc

    the biggest thing w mazda is – they think they are Lexus – ego hurts so they trying to upmarket themselves above Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota… in reality the new design language sucks… CX5 = Santa Fe… at least Subaru offer 4WD value in small car far superior to any FWD… Koreans bringing exceptional value and good works ethics… these Mazda thinks they are premium so they hype the price??? if you are not EU car maker it doesn’t not matter where you from – NO PREMIUM POLICY!!!

    • Sydlocal

       …by the tone of all your posts someone has an axe to grind against Mazda. Can’t handle the fact that Mazda sold Australia’s best selling car last year?! Or more to the fact it seems like you are a Subaru “Fan Boi” and can’t handle the fact that Mazda are out-selling Subaru by a reasonable margin. It is ok, (*pat on the back) “There, there. There, there” everything will be alright… 😉

      • Ozedude

        No, they just get annoyed when dealers masquerade as potential customers trying to talk up a rip off package.

  • fishman

    Am I the only one who think these figures are a little disappointing after all the SkyActiv hype? 5.7l/100km is not exactly groundbreaking – the Nissan Dualis 1.6dci that’s on sale in Europe right now does better than this…

    • Fyk433

      420Nm vs 320Nm

    • Sydlocal

       Think about it fishman. The Nissan you are talking about is a 1.6 in a slightly smaller car and being in Europe it will most likely be a manual and is 2WD hence most likely would be a couple of hundred kg lighter. Don’t forget that this economy is from a much larger 2.2L torque converter automatic driving all four wheels whilst producing a lot more power and torque. If you think around 2L/100km improvement in economy from the previous “same capacity” engine without sacrificing power/torque, including getting that improvement with a conventional torque converter automatic over the previous manual is disappointing you are a hard task-master…

      Plus it revs higher and has a wider power/torque band, that is the main skyactiv-d difference. Overall performance is not always about peak figures though…

  • falcodore

    Will seriously consider this, especially if it performs ok on unsealed roads and can go on the beach.

  • Dave063

    I was thinking of a 2008 MX5 or a BT50 but a mid spec manual diesel….flick the crappy auto might be on the list for consideration…..ideal for the roads in the central west of NSW

    • Sydlocal

       How do you know the auto is crappy Dave? Have you driven one yet?

      • Ozmazda

        I just don’t like auto’s…..lazy way to drive….

        • Ray

          I agree with you Dave063 when Mazda release a manual version I may purchase one but I will not purchase an automatic car

  • Holotropik

    Twin Turbo diesel too 😀
    This is looking very nice indeed!

  • Patrick

    Oh yes.
    And where did Mazda pull their mpg specs from this time?
    I own a cx7 and I can tell you from talking to other drivers that everyone in the inner cities is sitting on 17L 100km. Mazdas original claim on release was 10L-11.5L 100km combined cycle. Even on freeway cruise for
    2 hours I can only get 12L 100 km.
    Be warned Mazda has problems with truth of actual fuel consumption, just ask any CX7 or CX9 owner!

  • runnaln

    From US
    “Mazda on Monday released the prices of the 2013 CX-5
    The CX-5 carries a base price of $21,490, including the $795 destination fee. Alaska residents pay an additional $45 in destination fees.
    Standard equipment includes cloth seating, push-button start, power windows and mirrors, telescoping steering and a USB connection for the audio system.
    The CX-5 Touring model carries a sticker price of $24,690 for the front-drive version or $25,940 for all-wheel drive.
    A Bluetooth audio package that has a 5.8-inch in-dash touch-screen system and HD radio technology adds $400 to the sticker.
    Options include a moonroof, a Bose audio package and a technology package.
    The CX-5 Grand Touring model stickers at $27,840 for front-wheel drive and $29,090 for all-wheel drive.
    The CX-5 arrives in dealerships this month.”
    Suspect will will have to bend over an take it where the soun don’t shine and pay double

    • Ozedude

      Lol and Mazda Aust think we’ll (most of us potential customers ie) suck up an almost 100% premuim.

  • Bob123

    You can’t compare all those other rubbish cars (peugeot, hyundai and mitsubishi) to the calss leading cx-5 come on!! it is going to decimate sales in the small suv sector especially the low economy and more powerfull engines of the CX-5.

  • Bob123

    People will be a little extra for the excellent quality and build reliability of the Mazda stupid peopel who just buy on price are morons.

    • Aldocarlino

      Which dealership do you work at?

  • Countrycop

    Those people who rubbish automatic diesels just have not been in 

    Aussie high country driving around NE Victoria.     I have been driving Nissan Patrol Auto.  Work vehicle.  It is as good as manual.  With the manual turbo you use up the clutch too quickly.   Bagging up vehicles without trying then is uninformed dribble