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BMW Australia has confirmed the prices and specifications of the entry-level variants in the all-new BMW 3-Series range.

The 318d kicks off the new line-up at $56,400 (before on-roads), while the 320i is priced from $57,600. The 318d is just $300 more expensive than the starting price of the previous 3-Series range, while the 320i has gone up by $1500.

The price makes the 3-Series $4300 dearer than the base model Audi A4 1.8T and $1300 cheaper than the entry-level Mercedes-Benz C200.

Production of the two new variants will begin in March. They will join the 320d, 328i and 335i variants that launch in Australia in February.


The 318d is powered by the 105kW/320Nm 2.0-litre diesel engine from the smaller 118d hatch. In the 3-Series, it uses just 4.5 litres of fuel per 100km, and is capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 9.3 seconds.

The 320i gets a 2.0-litre TwinPower turbo direct injection petrol engine with 135kW of power and 270Nm of torque – up 20kW and 70Nm compared with the previous model. Equipped standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the new 320i hits 100km/h in 7.6 seconds – 2.2 seconds quicker than before – yet uses 6.2L/100km on the combined cycle – down 18 per cent from 7.6L/100km.

The 320i is equipped identically to the 320d. It comes standard with full-colour display with iDrive controller, dual-zone climate control, cruise control with brake function, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, electric front seats with memory function, automatic headlights and wipers, front and rear parking sensors and AUX, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Compared with the 320d, the 318d is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels (rather than 17s), manual seat adjustment and only rear parking sensors. It also misses out the paddle shifters (but still gets the eight-speed auto as standard) and anti-dazzle rear-view mirror, and gets a simpler interior lighting package.

2012 BMW 3-Series sedan manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • 318d – $56,400
  • 320i – $57,600
  • 320d – $60,900
  • 328i – $66,900
  • 335i – $91,900


Modern line: 318d – $3900, 320d/320i – $3100, 328i/335i – $1000

Sport/Luxury line: 318d – $4900, 320d/320i – $4100, 328i/335i – $2000

  • QQ

    Check out the prices over in Europe and the USA.

    • Dave S

      why? it’s irrelevent.

      • Golfschwein

        Yep, so agree. Indignant comparisons with USA prices are irrelevant and tedious. We’re down here, and that’s all that matters.

        • runnaln

          If you continue to say it is irrelevant then that is how it will stay, a base 3 Series will remain 20% more than say a top spec all the toys Mondeo, where as overseas in the UK it is 20% less. The Belgium built Mondeo is a little cheaper in UK than Australia, The South African built 3 Series is 40-100% more expensive in Australia than UK. There is only one reason this imbalance persists and that is the fact we are willing to accept this. The US imbalance is obviously far greater.

          By any measure we are shafted, in Australia for Luxury cars, its not just the Germans, its Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus also.

          How come Kia’s or Suzuki’s are pretty much the same price in US and Australia But BMW’s etc are massively more expensive, because they can.

          Why do you keep aplogizing for this rape of the Australian consumer, what have you got to loose.

          Note 2.0 Mondeo ECOBoost is 150kw and 300nm

          • Mark

            Have to agree, just drove the Jag XKR contertible in the US and was quoted us$105(plus 8% sales tax = $114K), loved it and though gee thats a good price, rang up a dealer here AU$280K  

          • Aaa

            If you ship a 1kg parcel from the UK to Aust by premium express air post, it costs $110. So if you ship a 1,500kg parcel (e.g. a Jag) from the UK to Aust, it costs an extra 1500 x $110 = $165,000. That explains why the Jag in Aust costs $166,000 more than same car the US.

          • Nesh

            That is the worst comment I have seen pm caradvice. Comparing shipping of cars to air express. LOL.

          • Tomas79

            Why was the bombadore G8 built in australia, and shipped to U.S cheaper there, then here in Australia?

          • James Cortez

            Absolutely. You have the right rationale. Answer: dealer rip off, gov’t tax is secondary

          • Aaa

            Because GMH did not mail their cars overseas with urgent overnight air mail.

          • MisterZed

            The most ridiculous thing about that arrangement was that the V8 engines were built in America.  So they were shipped here, then shipped back again. 

          • MisterZed

            According to Australia Post, it costs about $38 to send 1kg to the UK via air mail.

          • Aaa

            Try UPS, Fedex or DHL’s Super Duper Express Premium Very Fast Priority Air Post :)

          • Tom

            Umm… as we all know, this ‘rape of the Australian consumer’ is perpetuated by the gov’t more than any one car manufacturer. By the time you factor in a 33% luxury car tax and 10% GST, effectively doubling the cost of the car, plus the cost of shipping, the dealer markup is relatively small. Not saying there is no markup, but relatively its small. 

            The Aussie consumer is not being taken advantage of by big bad european companies… it’s the result of domestic taxation policies.

            And before everybody blames Kevin Rudd, let’s all remember that Howard was the one who initially enacted the LCT in 2000… 

          • Sydlocal

             That is true up to a point Tom. Someone is still ripping us off somewhere however and here is an example. I will compare 2 competing cars and the price difference between them in Australia and the US. Now if the LCT and GST are the main factors then there should be a very similar percentage price difference between the 2 cars both here and the US. Here it goes. In the USA, the cheapest model Lexus IS350 is US$40895 drive away. The cheapest BMW 335i sedan is US$42,400 drive away, an extra 3.6% on top of the Lexus. Both of these are not optioned with any extras. In Australia, the base Lexus IS350 is $71,094 drive away. Unfortunately as I am typing this, the BMW Australia server is down (it seems to go down quite often come to think of it) so I can’t get the exact drive away price however I can still get my point across though. The 335i would be quite a bit more than $100,000 (around $110,000 IIRC), but for the sake of this argument I will say it is $100,000. That is 40.6% more than the Lexus! Why is there such a large disparity between the cars considering they are both imported to either county? The economy of scale argument etc doesn’t fully answer this as both cars are subject to the same market differences etc…

          • Sydlocal

             That would be right, the BMW website is now back. The cheapest 335i (it is the M Sport though) is $117,829.21 drive away for the same post code. That makes it 68.5% more expensive than the IS350. Even if you use the “more equal” IS350 F Sport’s $78,444 drive away price, the 335i is still 50.2% more expensive than the equivalent IS350. How would BMW explain that one??? Have they charged the LCT and GST twice and added a little more for fun?
            People are stupid enough to pay for it so they think “why not, let’s charge that much”, that is why.

          • MisterZed

            Um, read this article.  The new 335i is $91,900.

          • Sydlocal

             Um, the new model isn’t available yet and I was using the latest, current prices from each manufacturer’s websites.

            That $91,990 above is only the manufacturer’s list price WITHOUT the 33% LCT, dealer delivery ($3,000 alone), stamp duty (around $4000 in NSW for that list price) and rego cost etc. As you said, read the article…

            The prices I used included ALL of those extra costs. So when you add all the on road costs it STILL puts it well over $100,000 so the point still stands…

          • MisterZed

            All MLPs include LCT.  That $91,900 definitely includes the 33% LCT.

          • 2exc

            Yeah the 335i is obviously gonna be $100k+ drive away

          • Sydlocal

             Go to BMW’s OWN website and you will see that their MLP DOES NOT include the LCT. Even this article after the price says (you did afterall did tell me to read the article, obviously you didn’t) “EXCLUDING government and dealer charges” and if I’m not mistaken, the LCT is a Government Charge is it not?.

            If you like though you can go to BMW directly and tell them they are wrong about thier OWN car and pricing…

          • MisterZed

            LCT is a federal govt. tax – you can’t legally advertise a car excluding the tax, just like you can’t advertise something without including GST in the price.

          • Sydlocal

             As I said DZ621. The BMW website has their pricing breakdown as I mentioned. I will use the M-sport I used before. MLP $96,492.00

            dealer delivery $3,000,

            LCT $12,607.80

            NSW rego $498.00,

            NSW CTP $526.41,

            Stamp duty $4,705.00

            Don’t shoot the messenger as I am only conveying what BMW are quoting.
            These are the FACTS that have been supplied by the manufacturer themselves.
            Take it up with them and maybe you should report them to the government…


          • Sydlocal

             Either way, even if it DID include the LCT (which according to BMW on THEIR WEBSITE it DOESN’T) it STILL doesn’t change my original argument as I used $100,000 and the new 335i will still be OVER $100,000 once you add dealer delivery, rego and stamp duty etc. So in the end, your argument is rather pointless and makes no difference to my original point at all….

            As I have said, go and take BMW to court for not including LCT in their list price. It is amazing that the government hasn’t picked them up for it yet after all these years.

            Once again, don’t shoot the messenger, I am only quoting figures DIRECTLY from the manufacturer’s websites. If you think it is wrong, take it up with them, not me as I don’t really care!

          • Sydlocal

             Just to help you out DZ621, the MLP of the current 335i M sport I quoted the price on is $96,492.00. From this you should be able to see the $91,990 new shape will be very close to $110,000 on the road.

          • James Cortez

            Agree with you runaln in your repky to golfschwein. OZ get ripped off by BMW, big time bubba

          • H2

            It applies to all cars..

            My cousin got a fully specced kia optima (non turbo) for 19k which has a sticker price of 23k.. You never pay sticker price over in U.S..

            For Australia that same model costs like 37-40k.. Big difference

            For 40k you get yourself a Lexus RX350 in U.S

        • James Cortez

          comparison to Canada is more relevant. Similar GDP per capita, similar size population. Compare to who then? UK, you bet. It’s grossly overpriced downunder as the results of dealer rip off.

          • Golfschwein

            It’s a vexing issue that I’ll happily leave to advanced economists to explain. If a fellow blogger here has the credentials, own up! I won’t attempt to.

            I only know this: BMW has explained that Australian market cars are well equipped and well engined compared to other large markets. It’s a long journey by ship from anywhere to here, for a much smaller market than the US. We have cheap petrol. We have expensive cars and clothes. Go to a department store in the UK and see how many beautiful shirts and jackets you can’t stuff into your suitcase for the trip home. You can push a wheelbarrow around on a mine site in the north west of WA and bring home a salary that would make an American academic, doctor, lawyer or tradesman weep, despite our so-called dollar parity.

            Put all the above in a mixing bowl and…well, I give up. Like marriages and relationships, don’t sweat the small stuff, is what I say.

          • Golfschwein

            Having said THAT…the LCT is a shameless gouge that should be abolished. The Howard government should have let the GST do what it was supposed to do and stick to the story line.  That’s enough from me, before I start going on about state government stamp duty!

          • Birty_B

            I’ve got no drama with LCT. It’s just comes in too low and is way to high a percentage. It should not come in till at least $100,000 rrp and be no more than 20% at the absolute highest. That’s still around $28,000 for the Government in LCT and GST on a $100,000 car. 

  • daniel

    The 320i gets a 2.0-litre TwinPower turbo direct injection petrol engine with 135kW of power and 270Nm of torque – down 20kW compared with the previous model but up 70Nm” – Huh? Didn’t the old model generate like 110kW?

    • TimBeissmann

      Hi Daniel

      You’re right, it should have been up 20kW, not down. Amended now.

      Tim Beissmann

    • Airtrek02

      No, the old 320i produced 115kW in its most recent facelift, so that’s where the comparison comes from.

  • QQ

    Honda produced a 2.0 litre 4 cyl that makes 150KW. And that was without a turbo and get this …. 10 years ago.

    • Birty_B

      Actually the S2000 had a 2.0L 4cyl that produced 184kw 13 years ago. But that’s not entirely relevant is it.

      • QQ

        Don’t even need to bring up the S2000. Other mass produced 2.0L engines 10 years ago found in everyday Honda cars bettered 135KW.

        But as usual, with the non-technical fanbois, anything with a big badge prawns all. “Wadda heck is KW? Kay Double You?  BM ish prestij and prawnz alls mans!!!!!”.

        • Zoom

          135 BMW KW is different from 184 Honda KW but. Can’t compare BMW with Honda.

          • Tony

            RWD vs FWD, I’d take a RWD everytime!

    • Sydlocal

       …and in typical Honda fashion had to be thrashed to over 6,000rpm+ to get that kind of power. Let’s face it, how often does the average person on the street spend most of the time at those kinds of rpm? “Off-cam” those engines were not much different to any other 2L at the time. Then you get to torque. To get to the peak torque of those high powered Hondas you still had to rev them close to 7,000rpm and even then it was only around 210nm. The much higer peak torque of the BMW engine, if like the other turbo versions, would be at around 1,800rpm and stay flat until well over 4,500. In otherwords, the Honda engine is fantastic for track work/giving a “hard time” where you are constantly thrashing the pants off it, however the BMW engine in this case would be much better in the real world because that performance is much more accessible in everyday driving in the cut and thrust of “stop/start” traffic. I am not denying the Honda engines are fantastic and were a long way ahead for their time, however they are not for everybody or every type of driving. Much like a rotary engine come to think of it, however whilst burning less fuel and oil…. 😉

    • scotty

      How much torque did it produce ? 
      150 kw at what rpm?
      How long before it needed a rebuild ?
      A useless engine unless you’re a 20 yr old rev head.

  • Golfschwein

    I’m a little confused with the new 3 series. Are they available with any inline sixes, or not? Some say yes, others say it’s an all-turbo 4 cylinder world.

    • Don

      no more NA engines.. All turbocharged now.. 4 & 6 cylinders turbocharged engines.

      • Golfschwein

        Thanks Don.

  • Kampfer

    328i @ just under $67k looks pretty sweet. 180kW/350Nm, 1-100 in 5.9s and 6.4L/100km. I do miss the N/A six. Hopefully the turbo four will be as good. Time will tell…That’d be the one I’d go for.

    • Guest

      I am thinking of buying a 328i. Will do a test drive when it arrives before I decide whether to spend the money (around A$75,000 on the road with metallic paint). The only negative at this stage is the run-flat tyres that BMW keeps using. These costs over $500 each to replace and are also harsh to drive on Australian roads.

      • Birty_B

        You get used to the ride with Runflats. I got caught on the side of the road the other day in the Evo X with no spare and a massive spike hole in the tyre. Sitting waiting for a tow truck wasn’t cool. Also the added safety of severely reducing the chance of a high speed blowout is worth the extra cost. 

        What was the old good year motto “if it only saves you once a year” ? 

        • Laurie

          The high speed you refer to is on the autobahns in Germany & Europe, in Oz where!!

          • Birty_B

            Try controlling a car with a flat or blown out tyre at 110km/h. That’s high speed enough. 

        • cn009

          You can get the full size spare wheel kit for the Evo X.  Its about $500 for the kit inclusive of the Enkei wheel.  No boot space afterwards though….

    • Devil’s Advocate

       The turbo 4 will be good WRT power and torque performance with great drivability, however there is no way it will approach the smoothness and make the wonderful noise a BMW I6 makes, especially in the upper registers…

  • Guest

    Car Advice, does the 320i have vinyl seat covers as is the case with the 320d?

    • Aaa

      MBTex FTW !!!

  • Altezza

    328i seems to be best bang for your bucks. Decent performance and decent fuel economy.

  • qikturbo

    Another German car that looks like it’s previous generation.

  • MisterZed

    I think $49,990 would be a more reasonable price for the base 3.

  • c1ee

    If that’s their new 3 series they’ve kicked an own goal. What a howler. A look only a mother could love.