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  • Decent engine; good ride; plenty of kit for a base model; large boot; functional and spacious interior; full-size spare.
  • Bland styling; outdated four-speed auto; not that fun to drive.

6 / 10

Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review

Despite what many might believe to be a rather mundane choice in personal transport these days, the humble Toyota Corolla has been the undisputed champion of small car sales in Australia for 11 of the past 12 years.

That’s a remarkable achievement given the depth and quality of competition in the most hotly contested automotive segment in the world today. During 2011, the small car segment accounted for a massive 244,000 sales, or a staggering 24.2 per cent of all new cars sold in Australia over the twelve-month period. That was nearly double both the light car segment, and the equally hot compact SUV business.

Back to Corolla, which topped the national sales charts on no less than five separate months in 2011 – in January and from September through December, after production volumes had recovered after the Tsunami disaster in Japan. That said it had to settle for fourth spot overall in 2011 with 36,087 sales behind another small car, the Mazda 3, as well as the Holden Commodore and Toyota’s own HiLux ute.

With probably about a year or so before the next-generation Toyota Corolla is due locally, we’ve jumped into the current model to remind ourselves of what is it about Toyota’s Corolla that sways so many buyers to put it at the top of their shopping list among a plethora of world-class competition in the small car segment.

Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review

Toyota’s long-standing reputation for bulletproof reliability across its entire model range remains a core asset of the Japanese brand, but there are plenty of other sound reasons that might also convince buyers.

For starters, the current Toyota Corolla sedan isn’t really that small. Four adults can travel comfortably over a distance, and five, if you must. There’s also sufficient, if not quite generous, legroom for rear seat passengers by virtue of its flat floor, and the boot is positively huge. That includes space for a full-size spare wheel, too.

There are also plenty of intelligent storage spaces in the Corolla, including cupholders – front and rear – along with extra large door bins for water bottles, and the like. The centre storage bin is extra deep and able to swallow lots of bits and pieces, while there’s a dual compartment glove box, which comes in handy for flatter items such as phones and wallets.

There’s even a compartment in front of the rear vision mirror that will hold not one but two pairs of your favourite sunnies.

In terms of features, the base model Corolla Ascent we’re testing is well equipped with a host of goodies and safety kit. Highlights include electrically operated windows and side mirrors, air-conditioning with pollen filter, Bluetooth hands-free phone and music capability with USB input, trip computer, telescopic and tilt steering wheel adjustment, remote central locking key and CD player with six speakers.

Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review

Typically Toyota is the fact that all the switchgear and instrument dials are well laid out, and dead easy to operate.

There’s a full suite of active and passive safety technology on board, including seven airbags, vehicle stability control (VSC) and traction control (TRC), anti-skid braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist.

It’s surprising how comfortable the fabric-upholstered seats are: they’ve got decent side and seat bolstering, to hold you in place during cornering, while extended stints behind the wheel won’t be a problem, either, as there’s plenty of volume in these pews for additional back support.

Even though the steering wheel is made of urethane, it’s semi-flat-bottomed with three spokes and thick enough to be considered sporty. It’s also well sculptured for grip and feel, too.

All Corolla sedan and hatch variants (with the exception of the top-spec Ultima, which gets a 2.0-litre engine) are powered by a 1.8-itre four-cylinder engine that produces 100kW of power and 175Nm of torque. Granted, it isn’t going to break any land speed records, but overall performance is respectable.

Throttle response is quick enough, and acceleration through the gears is sprightly, despite the less-than-contemporary four-speed automatic transmission option of our test car. Manual versions of Corolla come standard with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review

Expect at least a six-speed automatic to be available in the model range when the new Corolla debuts in 2012.

Gearchanges are nonetheless a relatively smooth affair on board the Corolla, with the transmission doing its best to minimise downshifts when accelerating uphill.

The Corolla offers a surprising degree of pliancy when it comes to ride quality, with all but the largest of potholes being absorbed by consistent damping from the car’s suspension.

The Corolla’s semi-independent rear suspension also provides good stability when turning into corners, and with minimal body roll on the more twisty sections of road. There’s even reasonable amounts of grip from the  Corolla Ascent’s bog standard 15-inch tyres with which our car was shod.

Road noise is also well contained, even on the freeway or roughly surfaced roads.

Corolla uses an electric power steering system, which is also a feature across a range of Toyota and Lexus models, and is tuned to provide a nice weight through the steering wheel. Just don’t expect it to provide the same level of steering finesse as a Mazda3‘s steering.

Even in automatic guise, the Corolla’s 1.8-litre engine is relatively frugal. After a week of mostly suburban kilometres running on E10 fuel, the car consumed no more than the factory fuel economy figure of 7.4L/100km.

Toyota Corolla Review
Toyota Corolla Review

Despite styling that is undeniably plain in comparison with competition such as the Ford Focus or Mazda3, the Toyota Corolla is an easy car to live with as a daily commuter. It’s also hard to argue with a model that’s still going strong after 10 generations of sales success.

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Toyota Corolla Review
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  • Lucii Pooky

    When my dads M3 needed repairing we got one of these as a rental and it was by far the most awful car we’ve ever driven! Im not surprised their reliable, their nothing technological to go wrong!

    • jr

      Well when my dads LFA got a service we rented a M3 and it was by far the awful car we’ve ever driven! I’m not suprised BMW’s are unreliable they have technology that is’nt fully tested and ready for the market yet , so no wonder they go wrong!

      • Lucii Pooky

        Im sorry, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to tell the truth. And by the way his car has no problems.

      • Sydlocal

         That is a load of rubbish jr (I know you aren’t serious anyway). When you get a Lexus serviced you don’t need to “hire” another car as they will provide you with another Lexus to drive, especially with something like an LFA. The same would happen for an M3 Lucii Pooky if you serviced it at a BMW dealer. I was always given a free BMW loan car every time I had my old Bimmer serviced at the dealer…

        • Lucii Pooky

          Agree. His car actually got hit a 4WD (No surprises their) but saying it got serviced sounds nicer 😉 But seriously the Corolla is a dreadful car!

          • Lucii Pooky

            By a*

      • to86

        Very well said!!!

    • to86

      If you sent your dads BMW in for repairs you could have bought a corolla with the repair bill at least the corolla will never break down and cost next to nothing to service, unlike any BMW product! 


      • Lucii Pooky

        More trolls who know nothing.

        • to86

          What are you doing on a corolla site talking about BMW’S?  Because things dont add up you never talk reliability when talking about any BMW model hence that is the reason you hired a corolla in the first place!  

          • Lucii Pooky

            I mentioned my dads car got hit and we got a Corolla as a rental. Considering this article is about a Toyota Corolla I think my thoughts on the car are relevant, especially considering my Grandfather has a Kia Cerato and mum has a Golf. Im not here saying the reliability of a 190K M3 is superior to a Corolla, but of course considering all the idiots on this website I’m not surprised with the reaction. 

    • V8

      May I suggest that you stop wasting your time and writing rubbish in this forum and concentrate on your home work instead. Your grammar and spelling are criminal.   

  • Philthy

    Why no mention of the floaty, ponderous suspension and how badly matched the 4 speed auto is to the peaky motor? I had a superseded model elantra as a rental car a couple of weeks ago and it was better in almost every way than the current corolla.

    • Henry Toussaint

      I have that car, and it’s less bland than the Corolla!

    • Ddd

      The ride and handling was mentioned.

      See the bit at the top with the green tick and the red cross?

      Anthony Crawford’s idea of a car with good ride and handling is a Corolla……..What would be his idea of a car with poor ride and handling?

  • Able

    I unfortunately hired one of these in NZ last year and it was just awful (something this review doesn’t mention. I know the 86 is coming out soon but really?) in almost every way.

    I agree with Lucii Pooky, there’s nothing technological in the whole car and that’s why they’re so reliable. It was so dreary and devoid of character that it almost sent me asleep and I was driving NZ’s best roads (Wanaka up to Queenstown). The four-speed auto was dreadful like the Rav4’s – shifted from third to fourth at around 100 so as soon as you went under 100 it downshifted and then up shifted and downshifted.

    The boot of the hatch is tiny, the interior quality is mediocre at best and there’s no flair. I can understand someone buying a car because it runs forever or because it’s a quality item but the Corolla just wasn’t! A Mazda3 is an infinitely better choice and its no surprise to see it doing so well on the sales charts. The Corolla is just abominable.

    • Able

      And also, why is it such bad value for money!?

      • jr

        compared to what ?

        • Airtrek02

          Mazda3, Ford Focus, Holden Cruze… Pretty much everything else in the class!

          • to86

            What planet are you from? The corolla has the best resale of any small car just ask any wholesaler buddy!

          • Sumpguard

               That’s great in theory but when you pay a premium to start with for mediocrity it kind of defeats the whole resale arguement!

                  I’d rather lose a couple of extra grand over 3 years and enjoy the experience at the wheel in that time. 


  • O123

    I HATE toyotas radios, Is it that hard to design something nice and flush?

    • 12345

      the reason it isn’t nice & flush is because this is a normal Double DIN head unit which means you can easily change it with a aftermarket headunit if you wanted unlike the nice & flush ones which takes much more effort and money to change if need be.

      • ToyotaGuru

        12345, yes they’re double DIN, but Toyota head units are 200mm wide, compared to the standard double DIN width (180mm). So in most cases, you need spacers for either side of an aftermarket unit.

    • Wep

      this is also apprent with veeduds. disappointing. especially on golfs jetta 

      • Ozswindon

        True but this head unit in the Toyota comes from the hilux !

  • Braedz

    so so bland! Hopefully the next gen Corolla has a bit of flair and soul. Definitely needs to be less conservative. 

    If they can implement some design elements from the GT 86 to the next gen Corolla, I reckon they would have a winner on their hands. 

  • Mr Gaspo

    Dull, but reliable and economical… If you just want transport, the Corolla is the one to buy. I just wish the Corolla did not look so dull, had a bigger boot and offered a 6 speed auto… I may be tempted to consider one. As it stands I can get reliability, better looks and newer technology from Huyndai or Kia do why should I pick this boring box?

    • Sam

      Wait for 2 -3 years for new Hyundai n Kia models to prove their reliability. Too early to speculate. All these new cars have high compression engines. They will be peppy to drive but the engine wear n tear will be more than normal leading to expensive repairs after some time

      • Mr Gaspo

        Good point… Still less complex than VWs offerings.

      • Gibbut

        they’ve already done this, they havent just appeared over night.

        a mates 99 elantra has 280 thousand kms, no major problems, and still doesnt use oil… oh and its been thrashed!

  • John

    “Toyota Corolla has been the undisputed champion of small car sales in Australia for 11 of the past 12 years.”

    Sometimes the customer isn’t right, you know. The Corolla is a safe bet, but a completely uninspired and low-tech choice – which is probably the way most of its buyers prefer it. Hell, I bet there are even people out there who bought the Corolla precisely because it had a 4 speed auto, and not one of them fancy 6 speeds.

    I hope the new Corolla is a much better car than the current model – it needs to be.

    • Force-15

      Maybe the reason why the Toyota Corolla sells so well is because a lot of them seem to be going to business/government/rental fleets. Does anyone know what percentage of Corollas goes to private buyers?

      • Gibbut

        or buyers under 60?

      • hugespud

        I thought that the Mazda three was the highest selling car in this segment to private buyers

        • Sydlocal

           It was in 2011 and has been for private sales only for the last couple of years. I wouldn’t be surprised if like the Camry and Commodore, the Corolla would have on average around 75-80% of sales to fleets. The Corolla however may be a little closer to 50-60% though due to the number of pensioners who buy one! 😉

  • MK

    Used both a Corolla and a Golf TDI DSG for 15 000 kms (each) over a year period. The Corolla felt unsafe (steering, stability) when hopping from the Golf. I loved the Golf but the gearbox broke (my heart) at 15′ kms. The fridge is still running though….  

    • garl

      lol the fridge is still running, great description.

    • Antmindel

      The Corolla will last forever,as its Japaneese built,and the quality is best in class.

      I had a Jetta,looked great,feature packed,but a rattle trap of note.And VW dealers were pathetic to deal with,as was the company itself.

      We now have,amongst others,a Corolla,and not a single rattle,or any other problem.

      This is our 3rd Corolla,and none of them has ever let us down in any way ever.

      • Gibbut

        yep, and youll never know how much better the opposition cars are, as you will never consider them.

        the new ones are not best in class in any way. Mazdas, mitsubishis, nissans, are every bit as reliable as toyotas, AND put together in a similar manner.

  • Captain Nemo


    I do believe Troll79 drives a cruddy old last gen bog standard  green Prado.
    Hence his fevered defence of all things Toyota.

    • Lucii Pooky

      HA! Thats a good one. It saddens me that I can’t even write something without being mocked! 

  • Guest

    OMG it has 3.5/5 stars overall rating. Sames Mazda3. Ima gonna get this instead as each service is $130 a pop compare with $270-$500 for a Mazda3. Thanx bye.

  • Guest

    I take my words back. Someone just told me that a totally new Corolla will be released in the matter of months or weeks. If I were to get the current Corolla now, I will be hit with a 30% depreciation bill in the next couple of weeks due to product being obsolete. Thanx bye.

    • Gibbut

      yes…. this IS the totally new corolla you speak of.

  • Llo

    Comfort, comfort, comfort, comfort, space, space, economy, economy, reliability, reliability!!

    Those are 3 things corolla is segment leaders in!!

    It may not have a GDI, sports tuned suspension etc etc.. But that doesn’t matter.. The average person’s priority are comfort, reliability etc etc

    • Xero

      Let’s look at the qualities of the corolla

      It’s the quietest car in segment
      Most comfortable in segment
      ** most efficient in segment** elentra may have it beat on sticker consumption, but believe those 4-speeds are tuned to be very economical, and the real world numbers the corolla is more efficient then elentra
      Biggest boot space in segment
      Smoothest in segment
      Most spacious in segment

      • Gibbut

        are you 60 or older??

        no mention of anything but BORING qualities. I wouldnt even consider a corolla because of the, “im old but not quite camry old” stigma attached to one.

      • hugespud

        Are you saying that a 4 speed auto is a qualitiy thing in the corolla, my god you must be 60 and over and for the rest ZZZZZZZZZ

  • K20a

    In 2002 I was in the market to buy a small hatch… I remember browsing the market and was looking at the corolla.. I am simply amazed that now, in 2012, 10 years on.. the same engine is still being used! That 1.8, 100kw, 175Nm motor sure is reliable (read: old) :)

    • ToyotaGuru

      It is not the same engine. The ZZE122R Corolla (’02-’07) ran the 1ZZ-FE 1.8 litre engine. The current model (’07 on) runs the 2ZR-FE.

      Anyway, if Toyota had brains, they’d be running the 2.0 litre 3ZR-FAE 116kW Valvematic engine in Corollas. Then it would be closer on par with the Mazda3.

  • Realcars

    That radio and dash hasn’t changed in twenty years. Interior design is awful. Corolla appeals to people that know nothing about cars as is the case with most Toyota models. Still using old tech because dills that buy these things don’t know different.


    Most cars of the last decade are reliable especially if serviced. Toyota doesn’t have a monoploy on reliability. Sick of this cliche being used by people that should know better.

    Other cars already mentioned in this class dazzle compared to the mediocity and cheap feel of the Corolla.
    Plasticy blue Toyota interiors. Oh what a feeling .LOL

    • Ggg

      Most cars don’t require services every 3-6 months either like Corolla!

  • Sumpguard

    If I was looking for a car in this segment the Corolla would be well down the list (just above the Chinese offerings ((and only just))  ).

       It is dull and toyota are using the sales success of this car to people who really don’t know any btter as an excuse not to innovate and that is the main reason I won’t buy it! They are arrogant and I hope it comes back to bite them.


  • omgwot

    I was unlucky enough to drive an Ascent hatch with less 20k km for about 10 days while my car was off the road. Within 1km of driving out of Hertz I was shaking my head in amazement that they sell so many. the road noise from the tyres on coarse chip road insane, excess noise from the engine because the transmission was not in sync and even the shitty stereo could not drown it out.
    By 10km down the road i was kicking my self for being a tight arse and not paying the little extra to get the xr6

  • ToyotaGuru

    Anthony, you are incorrect about Bluetooth Audio, it is standard.

    By the sounds of things, you did not pair your phone up correctly. There are 2 options available when pairing, the unit will ask “Device Type” and you can choose “Phone Only” or “Phone/Audio”. Did you pick the first option? If so, BTA won’t be available.

    • Anthony

      You’re absolutely correct ‘Guru’. Thanks for picking that up. The review has been amended accordingly.

  • MisterZed

    Wow, I can’t believe they switched from black B-pillars to body-coloured.  Talk about a step backwards.  The tail-lights are over-done as well – what is the purpose of that silly grey plastic thing with the bumps on it, below the lights on the boot lid?

  • save it for the track

    Not the biggest boot space in segment. I believe Hyundai Elantra is in the same segment and it has 486L. Also a Skoda Octavia has 560L, not sure what segment that is considered in, but certainly a 1.4L would compare price wise.

    • Yyy

      Every boot is huge according to this reviewer.

      I wonder what he would think of the Honda City boot? It is a segment BELOW the corolla yet has a 506L boot.

    • Reemul

      Just checking around  – the first 2 review sites I found list the current 2011-2012 shape Elantra as 420L, not 486L. Had not heard of the Octavia – researching finds the Ambience Petrol sedan has a 560L boot (that is huge!) but Redbook does not list it from 2010 onwards and other sites say the series finished in 2011.

  • Yyy

    ” intelligent storage spaces in the Corolla, including cupholders ”

    Been reading the the brochures again Anthony?

    When was the last time you reviewed a mainstream car that didn’t have cupholders? What suddenly makes them “intelligent storage spaces” in this particular car?

    • nickdl

      The Kia Cerato has four cupholders as well. And iPod connectivity. And big boot space. And keyless entry. Gee, I’m in a dilemma now as to which one to choose…

      • Lucii Pooky

        The Cerato also has a 6 speed auto, soft touch dash, a flush integrated radio and looks and drives better! That Kia ad is pretty poor though.

    • Anthony

      There are plenty of cars out there without rear seat cupholders, but the Corolla isn’t one of them. There are actually 29 separate storage spaces in the corolla.

  • SamR

    Yeah I agree the Corolla is boring, you put in petrol and drive, get there reliably and safe.

    Go buy one a comparable Euro Focus, Astra or Golf, and you are never bored, in between replacing rotors, brake pads, cam belts and looking to get rid of it when the warranty runs out . Yeah never bored.

    • Sam

      Good one SamR ++++++++1

    • Phil

      Because of course, rotors, brake pads and cam belts last forever in a Corolla…..

      But with the 3-6 month service intervals on a Corolla, you’ll never get bored either. I’m sure they have a idiot box and copys of “Womens Weekly” inside the Toyota Service waiting room.

    • Sydlocal

       That is funny SamR considering that the Duratec/Mazda MZR engine in the Focus has a timing chain! Can’t let the facts get in the way of a good story though….

    • Amarinder_sandhu

      Haha i agree with u samR…corolla is a cant go wrong car…..

  • Not a Corolla Fan

    Seriously folks, we are comparing  late 90s car here with all the rest in this car segment.  Give Corolla lovers a chance, it’s so retro and ultra conservative and ideally suited to those that relate a car as being having 4 wheels that goes from A to B.

    I’ll buy a Chery before I’d buy a Corolla!  I mean whatever happened to technological innovation?  I mean even my 30 year old Lego set is safe and reliable and still holds value when passed onto my son.  But he’d rather play with my iPad than my 30 yrs old Lego set! 

    For Toyota to abandon their “bread and butter” small car segment such as the Corolla and head into the hybrid path is another big mistake as all those batteries are infant technology and not durable.  I don’t know anyone who’d buy a 7 yrs old Prius and expect to spend 10K on a new battery pack some months after that.  Plus all the resistance built up from the corrosion effect that comes with age.

    I feel really sorry for the reviewer here who had to make a living out of reviewing this 4 wheel ‘Flintsone’ like vehicle. 

  • Jonty

    The corolla is not a car for an enthusiast (those that usually visit and comment on these sites), but for those that want an A to B car that never gives them issues or costs them much.

    My wife has had a corolla (from new) for the last five years and thinks it is great and suits her short trips to work or the shops…there’s your demographic.

    Whinge all you want about driving dynamics and a car being boring, it simply doesn’t matter (right or wrong) to the average consumer.

    • Sam

      Spot on Jonty..++++++1 that’s what the most idiots who are going gaga over boring , blah blah blah fail to understand

  • save it for the track

    Now if Toyota could just add a safety feature to their Corolla’s and Camry’s for the rest of us. That being an audible message reminder telling the driver where the brake and accellerator pedal is. They could also do with a voice feature confirming that they actually want reverse or Drive. 

  • Guest

    Help me choose.

    Best -> Worst

    NOISE LEVEL: Corolla, Lancer, Maz3

    SERVICING COST: Lancer $127 (per 10,000km), Corolla $130 (10,000km), Maz3 $270-$500 (10,000km)

    FUEL ECONOMY (AUTO): Lancer (Nov 2011 update MY12) 7.2L/100km, Corolla 7.4L/100km, Maz3 8.2L/100km

    ‘FASHION': Maz3, Lancer, Corolla

    RELIABILITY: Corolla, Maz3/Lancer

    RESALE VALUE: Maz3, Corolla, Lancer

    INTERIOR SPACE: Lancer (small-mid sized car), Corolla, Maz3 (tightest interior)

    EQUIPMENT LEVEL: Lancer, Corolla, Maz3

    PERFORMANCE 0-100kmh: Lancer, Maz3/Corolla

    USB AUDIO: Standard on Lancer and Corolla. Not available on Maz3.

    REVERSE CAMERA: $990 Lancer option pack on base model. Gets reverse camera, reverse sensor, bluetooth and other goodies too. Not available on base Corolla and Maz3

    Which 1?

    • John

      I think you know the answer.

      By the way, why do you rate the Corolla ahead of the Mazda 3 for equipment level?

    • Shak

      Can I ask why you didn’t include any of the other small car contenders. Almost every other car in the class is superior to the Corolla in most measurable ways.

    • Sydlocal

       Which models of the 3 cars did you use for your examples? Sedan/Hatch, base model/middle of the range etc or a maximum dollar value?

  • JiM.

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! What is with the immature, retaliatory spray of comments that seem to surface on every review or article posted to this site? It is always so unrelated to the text and really ruins this great website!

    • Golfschwein

      Believe it or not, it’s better than it used to be before they revamped it!

      • PlaneCrazy

        Yeah … but you are still here.

  • David

    I recently received my licence driving a 2010 toyota corolla manual.  Heres the positives:

    good fuel economy (7.7l/100 in stop start traffic), fairly quiet, cheap to run, toyota’s anti-stall technology was helpful for hillstarts.
    Here’s the negatives:
    Peaky engine, heavy steering at slow speeds, the clutch (really fast in the take up and hard to do smooth changes, even when the instructor was driving), bland styling, very average sound system.

    • QQ

      7.7L/100km out of a manual Corolla is very good for a P-plater. No doubt you will be safer in a Corolla than other P-platers in Commodores.

  • JiM.

    Toyota is what it is. They know it and we know it. Good reliable fairly plain cars. They’re not out there saying they are fantastic or anything but they are committed becoming more spirited and athletic. Most toyotas i have driven have been not great but not bad just good cars, but it is comforting to be able to rely on toyotas long-term reliability. And toyota is still one of the worlds biggest and best-selling auto companies and i dont think that is going to change. They must be doing more than just something right

  • OSU811

    Corolla= boring, dated styling. old technology engine and even older 4speed auto! (not good enough Toyota), Bland grey interior with no style or class!!!, ordinary handling/dynamics, and a boring drive!!!!  Yaawwwn no thanks, a new shape Elantra kills the corolla and its a Hyundai!!

    • Realcars

      I agree. Toyota resting on their laurals again. Sooner Hyundai knocks Toyota off it’s pedestal the better. Hyundai is clever in creating a quality image with superior warranty and technology. I know many people that have made the swap from Toyota to Hyundai and they say they won’t go backconsidering a product that is as good and better in some respects.
      Hyundai need to grow their range. Hilux alternative etc.
      People are starting to realise that Toyota charges a premium price that is now difficult to justify.

  • Antmindel

    Its not only in Australia where the Corolla sells like hot cakes.
    In 2011,it was the top selling car in the world,where the sedan is badged as Corolla,and the hatch is badged as the Auris.
    Over 1 100 000 people bought them last year,and the majority were sedans.

    This year things might change,as an all new Civic,whivch appeals to the same people,but is probably better looking and finished better,is being launched.

    The 11th generation Corolla will soon debut,and will be available locally in September/October this year.

    Then ALL its competitors will start to worry AGAIN…

  • Zr1

    Isn’t as bad a people here make it out to be..

    • Shak

      Yeah in it’s own right the Corolla is an okay car for basic transportation, but when you look at it in context of all the competitors which cost similar if not less money, then you start to realise that the Corolla is an outdated, outclassed and outmatched car which is trying to sell off of its heritage and badge rather than any actual qualities. I mean there is no single area in which the Corolla is top of its class, so why does it dell so well.

      • Sumpguard

          Spot on Shak. No-one is actually saying it’s a bad car. That’s just your interpretation Zr1. It’s just not that great!  

             …and in response to Antmindel  I don’t actually believe the corolla’s competitors lose any sleep at all over this car. They are just busy doing their own thing.

           The fact that there are so many people in this blog attacking toyota for failing to offer significant upgrades and continually lagging behind on things like a six speed auto does indicate that toyota are missing out on buyers!  It also indicates that not everyone has been sucked in by their marketing spin!

           Afterall people supposedly buy toyotas for their reliability and yet they didn’t top the latest survey done by JD powers. Hyundai did, which is kind of appropriate given Toyota’s president sees them as his company’s biggest threat!

           Speaking of reliability, one of our company Yaris’ has done 50,000km’s and has had several electrical issues and front brake issues  .So they aren’t all bullet proof.


  • Cruze is better

    Comparing our Cruze Sri-v to the corolla, the cruze wins hands down. Drove a corolla from melbourne to lakes entrance and hated it. The interior of the cruze is miles ahead, as well as the engine, the transmission, the ride, the steering, the styling, the engine, etc…

    • Antmindel

      The Corolla will however outlast the Cruze,no doubt about that IMHO

      • Realcars

        Why because Toyota says so?

        • Antmindel

          NO,because I beleive so…
          In 2001,my Parents bought a brand new Corolla sedan,and at the same time,I bought a brand new Astra sedan…
          They still have that car,and the only thing needing replacement was a battery.
          My car needed major work done,all mechanical,and through this,I swore NEVER a GM product again,and although I have since had another 2 new cars,a VW Jetta and now Accord Euro,I have become a massive Toyota fan,and would not hesitate reccomending one to freinds and family members.

    • QQ

      Daewoo FTW!!!!!

    • Rocket

      Wow, wish I had a Cruze. The second most boring car after the Corolla.

  • Gmh-bogan

    What people miss with Corolla . The reason it doesnt have all the bells and whistles is because theres less things that break down.Thats why they keep going on forever.
    No doubt a Veedud will be better on a new car test drive.After 5 years of driving the Corolla, you will be miles in front..

  • Noreply

    I have driven a range of fleet cars – Corolla, i30, Lancer, Astra, Cruze, Tiida, Focus and Mazda3
    Corolla is a very average car but has the best sound system overall (quiet). It also has the most dreadful in gear acceleration ever – Full throttle requires 1 sec for the gearbox to ask you ” Are you sure?” followed by a gear change and noisy engine but no acceleration. Basically I turn petrol into noise and engine heat. Overall its suspension does well on Australia hopeless roads with many potholes. Steering is light with tiny tiny feel and feedback. Brake is really good though. Forget about its interior. Hard plastic everywhere. Boot is so so. Very good car for retired people to hold it for 10 years – insurance, petrol, maintenance…etc. Toyota hasn’t made a fun car to drive for 10 years plus until 86.
    The most fun to drive one is actually Tiida, very chuckable with reachable limit…but has the worst interior. Noise and flimsy.
    The most stable one is Astra, Focus and Mazda3. Suspension is on the firmer side.
    i30 does everything as good as a Corolla except the gearbox (not as refined) and the engine (coarse). Better interior and steering though.
    Best Steering – Focus and Mazda3 hand down.
    Lancer has as good suspension as the Focus and Mazda3 when cornering, but steering is hopeless/wooden. CVT gearbox is … ok but rubber band feeling.
    I don’t like Cruze at all. You may argue its 6 speed as advantage but I honestly think it makes a  less refined ride – gutless engine requires gear change frequently – but it is not a DSG. Very busy gear change. This makes Corolla a better ride. Cruze – it is cramped in it too. Steering is so so.

    Depending on what you pay and what you get + your priority, they are all basic transports, not hot hatches or evo/TRD/whatsoever. They will never inspire you. Buy the one that fits your bill. The main thing is that you feel good in it. 0-100km with 0.5 sec difference will never make you pass the next red light in 200m, but faster to press the brake first. That’s all.

    P.S. Golf is the best in this segment when it is new. However, watch out for the repair bill/quality of gearbox when it reaches >15k km. I heard many bad stories re: DSG, in particular with the 7 speed dry clutch one.

  • Reality

    I think the Corolla succeeds because it is so mediocre. Appealing to the average gives you the biggest market around. Enthusiasts may rail against it and cry to the motoring gods to have it struck down but there you have it. One contradiction I find in the comments is about number of business buyers. A successful business doesn’t just buy a vehicle because it is cheap, they need reliability as well. I concede that we all have our personal horror stories of individual cars but, seeing Toyota’s sales records for this car, the majority of units out there must have been built for the right reason for this vehicle for its intended target market. Not to excite, but to get people from point a to point b.

  • Guest

    Is the Corolla popular because its as reliable as a Simpson washing machine but has wheels? Or is it because it is what you’d have expected from a Soviet Bloc country (if the Union hadn’t collapsed) and it appeals to all the lefties?

    • Troll

       I’m pretty sure it’s conservatives who drive Corollas. Most of the Corolla drivers I’ve seen are old people, and well, you know the rest.

      Lefties prefer Euro Fords, Mazdas, Renaults and Volkswagens. Subarus too (though I did see a Forester with right leaning bumper stickers on it).

      I (evil filthy Green voter) drive a Honda (from back when they used to be cool).

  • crappyzr

    having just bought a levin zr,its just turned 2 months old and i am ready to trade it in.. performance and handling is pathetic, big mistake….

  • Lucifer

    Loopy Poopi – what a rich stuck up snob.  Geez, get a life you pathetic daddy’s girl!  M3?  Wanker mobile,  Must run in the family (run badly as well, just like a bmTroubeU

    • Jamesb

      Lucy Poochy, while your comments are factual, they’re pointless. There’s no need for you to make the Corolla crowd feel bad. Of course an M3 is miles better, but not everyone can afford it. Maybe if you’re comparing the Corolla to a Mazda3, then your analysis would be useful. At least people have the option of selecting the other car as it is in the same price bracket.

      It’s a sad thing most exotic owners are such b!tchy, half-skilled buffoons trolling around mainstream vehicles.

  • Adarsh Prabhu

    OMG, why are people so judgmental here? You can’t judge someone just by the car they drive…so no point in bashing a Corolla driver or seating a Mazda3 driver on a pedestal.

    Please be neutral, it’s just another box on 4 wheels.

  • John_23

    if you dont like it dont buy it ,but i still drive my 1891 carby corolla as my daily drive, handling is excellent no power steering good workout for bicep

  • Rdanshire1

    I have a 2009 Toyota corolla xrs, 158 horse power. it is time to buy new tires, what a surprise..    manufacturer  ( Toyota ) says the tires is speed rated w  . what a joke, you might see this rating  like this on a boss mustang or a corvette or may be a jet airplane. so now I have to spend over 200 dollars a tire for a car that is slower than a turtle.

  • SpaceMcshuttle

    When my dads space shuttle broke down, I had to take the rocket! It sucked.

  • Fleetguy

    I bought my wife a new Corolla in 2011 and it has now clocked over 40000 km with no problems whatsoever. I manage a fleet of around sixty vehicles and have seen many vehicles in the same class as the Corolla present with issues including blown motors. One in particular was off the road for 6 months due to being unable to source a replacement motor. Another has constantly back to the dealer for recall issues.i am confident the bob basic Corolla will still be chugging along at 200000km. By this time all the bells and whistles that were offered by the competitors will have either failed or need updating.

  • Lucii Pooky

    I wasn’t comparing it to a M3. I was saying the reason we had one. I would compare it to my mums Golf or the Elantra I recently test drove, both which are better!

  • Phil

    Most of those “3000ppl” aren’t people.

    Your confusing corporate/government/rental purchases with actual private sales. The people behind these fleet sales have budgets that won’t stretch to a Mazda3/Golf etc as they do not offer the same huge fleet discounts as Toyota does.

    The private people that did actually buy a Corolla probably don’t think the corolla is the most awful car they have driven. Most likely it is the ONLY car they have driven.

  • Lucii Pooky

    His car was parked, so maybe you should take look in the mirror. All these idiots who thing their all big with their replies cause I mentioned my dad has an M3. Is it illegal to point out his car was hit and we got a Corolla? Amazing society we live in.

  • Tomas79

    I do look in the mirror all the time, and i usually see wankers in BMW tailgating me, or bogans in bombadores….

    So the 4wd was parked, and yet managed to crush your father…. It’s always someone else fault, isnt it?!

  • Lucii Pooky

    Ah you sir are an Idiot. Im guessing your an Audi driver. Im not gonna bother with trolls like you.

  • Captain Nemo

    Hey Troll79

    Sorry bud i haven’t been banned maybe you’re thinking of resident VeeDud fanboy & troll Bungel.  

  • Gibbut

    the silence after one laughs alone…….

  • Lucii Pooky

    Theirs always the one Toyota Troll who brings up the Camira to cover for their crap cars. Sumpy owns a Sportage, which is 100x better than the Rav4.

  • Lucii Pooky

    Their always a Toyota fanboy that happens to mention a “Beige Camira” when ever someone criticises the brand to cover up for the fact the cars are crap!

  • Sumpguard

       to86’s mum has a corolla Gibbut. A couple more years and he’ll be able to ride in the front seat. 

        Sadly the latest corolla hasn’t advanced much on my 1985 Camira or my Chery 😉 

  • horse

    yea we got one when my dads Beugatti Veyron got rear ended by the easter bunny.

  • Lucii Pooky

    Id rather be something useful like a Toolbox then a useless troll.

  • V8

    When are ya gonna grow up and buy your own ride?

  • Realcars

    Sure am Thomas69. Nearly 400,000klms and just keeps going.500klms for $45.00 of LPG city driving is pretty good too. Best part is that I ride in comfort unlike those workmate Hilux drivers bouncing from pothole to pothole on their vynl bench seat face pressed against the windscreen.LOL

  • Tomas79

    $45 for lpg, $45 for oil, $45 for parts… per 500km, more like it..

    More Comfortable? Dont think so, unless your very short,  I always bang my head, or awkwardly got to shift it when I get into my brother falcon…

    Where as in a hilux ute you would have a more upright, more comfortable seats, and higher seating position offering you far superior visibility… Not to mention the 4×4 and offroad ability..

  • Realcars

    Doesn’t burn any oil Thomas69.

    Imagine a Hilux Workmate would with these kays though.
    You obviously haven’t riden in a Hilux Workmate with the plastic bench seat

    Remenber the first time I saw the interior of your series Prado and how plasticky and ugly they are. Considering the price you would think they would have a half decent interior.  

  • Tomas79

    Funny, most reviews of the Prado 120 praised the quality of the interior, with regards of others cars in it’s class, such as the Pajero.

    Your Falcon AU leaks oil, you said it your self!!

    I have driven plenty of Hiluxes at work, and i have driven plenty falcons. So i know exactly which one i prefer.

Toyota Corolla Specs

Car Details
ZRE152R MY11
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$10,560 - $12,000
Dealer Retail
$12,120 - $14,410
Dealer Trade
$8,400 - $9,600
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
175Nm @  4400rpm
Max. Power
100kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7.4L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1300  Unbrake:450
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
195/65 R15
Rear Tyres
195/65 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Lower control arm, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Trailing arm, Torsion bar, Coil Spring, Gas damper
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Cruise Control
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
6 months /  10,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Front Floor
Country of Origin