Mitsubishi Motors Australia will head in to 2012 with a range of model year updates and the return of the all important light car, the Mirage.

Lancer, Challenger, Pajero and Triton have received a series of updates as part of the 2012 model year changes, these include better safety on the commercial vehicles as well as a range of interior and exterior revisions. The added benefit of a reversing camera is now also available across the majority of Mitsubishi vehicles. The future for the Lancer may include the addition of the 1.8-litre diesel engine from the ASX as well as the new MIVEC engine, but those changes are likely to occur when an all-new Lancer in expected in 2013.


Vehicle type: Compact SUV. Timing: Q4

The all-new Mitsubishi Outlander is scheduled to arrive in Australia late next year and will signal a shift in brand position for Mitsubishi, as it moves into an entirely new avenue with hybrid and electric vehicle technology. The new Outlander will initially launch with petrol variants but will be joined in 2013 by a smart MiEV hybrid variant (review here).

Prices for the Outlander are expected to remain relatively similar, but we are hopeful a diesel variant will complement the range.  Although sales of the Outlander had slowed marginally in 2011, the ASX had picked up the slack.


Vehicle type: Compact SUV. Timing: August

A facelift for the popular ASX compact-SUV is expected mid 2012 that will see exterior and interior revision for one of Mitsubishi’s more popular models. The ASX has enjoyed great success in 2011 with almost 6,000 sales.


Vehicle type: City car. Timing: Q4

The Mitsubishi Mirage is expected to make a comeback very late in 2012 or early 2013. The light-car will replace the ageing Colt which has only managed 0.8% marketshare in its highly competitive segment this year.

Mitsubishi expects the Mirage to compete directly against the likes of the Nissan Micra, Ford Fiesta and Suzuki Swift, which is probably a good indication of how much the Thai built vehicle is going to cost.


  • add

    mirage tail lights look 5yrs out of date

    • Westie

      I’d go one step further and say the whole Mirage looks out of date.
      Japanese styling seems to have largely stopped dead with the GFC, witness Mitsi having no new ideas since the Lancer, another cookie-cutter Camry, carbon copy Civic (and Euro), cut-n-paste Swift, same again Maxima etc.
      And the odd times they change.. (think Liberty/Outback, CR-V. Shudder)
      No wonder Kia and Hyundai are selling like mad.
      Yes I know styling isn’t everything, but it must be easier selling good looking product rather than a hat full

      • Westie

        Ps Good job the Toybaru has come along!

      • DAVIDZ

        Mirage, 3.3L/100km, Prius beating = winner

    • MisterZed

      The tail lights look like they’re from the 90s.  Who uses orange indicators anymore?  And who uses those old-fashioned 90s style flush door handles (aside from Honda Jazz)?

      • DAVIDZ

        whats wrong with orange indicators, both front and rear are still industry standard orange

      • Kejovi

        nothing wrong with orange indicators, at least you can see the bloody things when in direct sunlight

    • DAVIDZ

      Mirage, 3.3L/100km, Prius beating = winner

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  • Igor

    that Mirage makes Cherry C1? looks like a star!

  • Tim

    Surely they’re going to improve the design of the new Mirage… that image of it looks incredibly boring.

    • DAVIDZ

      Mirage, 3.3L/100km, Prius beating = winner

      • Phunken

        in a more small and compromised package.


    Superb range, ASX could double its sale if it offered a auto with the diesel model

    Any more news on the 2013 Lancer?