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by Karl Peskett

The latest car in the Rolls-Royce line-up, the Ghost Extended Wheelbase (EWB), will arrive on our shores in just a few months’ time.

Speaking with CarAdvice today, Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific’s spokesperson, Hal Serudin, confirmed the Ghost EWB’s timing.

“We are pleased to announce that the Ghost Extended Wheelbase will launch in Australia in March of 2012,” said Mr Serudin.

It is powered by a twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 which produces 420kW and a healthy 780Nm, all running through the ultra-smooth ZF eight-speed automatic. The EWB gains an additional 170mm of rear legroom, and was built in response to the region’s demand for a Ghost with even easier access through the rear doors. It only weighs an extra 35kg over the standard Ghost.

It will arrive in Australia with a price tag of around $750,000.

Click here for our exclusive preview of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase.

  • CT

    An extended wheel base Ghost? I don’t understand why Rolls continues to trade down their own customers down. Although the Ghost is a great looking and specified car, it no doubt trades a few people down who are seriously considered a Phantom. Why wouldn’t you? The Ghost/Phantom are similarly specified – both have 12 cylinders, both have rear suicide doors, etc. The Ghost is just a little smaller and sportier – can’t help to think there could have been a little more differentiation to more clearly define the roles of the two models, as opposed to the Ghost simply offering a less expensive Phantom experience.

    Now, as opposed to leaving the limo role to the Phantom (which is offered in both SWB & LWB models), now the Ghost is also offered in LWB guise, which is further clouding the purpose between the two models.

    If someone is prepared to spend $1M on a Rolls, yet the same brand offers a similar experience/status for $250K less (in a vehicle that looks no different to it’s bigger brother – unless they are side by side) – I’m sure not the affluent would find the Ghost the better proposition. I think if you have the brand equity of Rolls brand where you have customers  seriously consider buying $1M cars, why shoot yourself in the foot and consciously trade your customers down to a similar $750K model? Wouldn’t greater differentiation between the models equal more customers spread acorss both models (including some customers having a purpose to buy both models)? With the Ghost/Phantom, Rolls have offering a choice between one model or the other – as opposed to having two models that can both build the market for the brand. A lost opportunity for a brand that hopefully has longevity from this point forward. 

    • davie

      It certainly sounds like the average RR customer now faces a more difficult choice.

      I would gladly trade places with such a person and happily accept the pain of having to make such a decision.

    • Kazuo

      when people that wealthy enuf will not care about it. its like average people spend extra money to buy 16g ipad or 32g ipad.

    • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wils

      Your not a phantom owner by any chance CT?? 
      I see this as clever marketing by the BMW Group, as what they are trying to do is increase the average spend and push the Ghost buyer upwards to a Phantom. Look, a Phantom buyer is always going to buy the Phantom regardless, they wont step down to a Ghost LWB because they’ll save $250K. Its really a status, the ultimate, and they would be seen as oh, couldn’t afford the Phantom hey.
      Whereas, lets say, someone not unlike Kyle Sandilands goes in to look at the new LWB Ghost, ticks a few boxes and the options list say takes him over the $800k. He then looks over to the Phantom, something he has aspired to own for ever, says geez, you know Mr Rolls Royce salesman, What is going to be the lease repayments difference between the Ghost I’ve just optioned, and the Phantom(drools over himself). I am sure by now you can see where I am headed. Its no different to say the BMW 135i coupe and the 1M coupe, some will step up, some won’t, but the 1M buyer won’t go, well gee, I can save a few buck here and just get the 135i!! Won’t happen.

  • Kim.

    I think the average rolls owner have a net wealth of 30m+. $250k won’t sway them especially not if they know the Ghost is just a blinged up 7 series while the Phantom is a proper Rolls. I dont think anyone would settle for a 7 series, they would only want the best and why let $250k get in the way of that.

  • Duckula

    God I have to wait till march… sheesh!