by Karl Peskett

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a very quick car. And so is the Koenigsegg Agera R. So here are a couple of videos which should silence those arguments down at the pub.

The two cars go head to head down Koenigsegg’s test airfield which CarAdvice visited in 2009 while testing the Koenigsegg CCX. The result, though predictable, is still fun to watch.


All we’re waiting for now is a confirmation of the Agera R’s top speed, which will happen once Koenigsegg finds a suitable test track.

  • Sumpguard

    I’ll have one of each. I don’t care which one is faster. They look fast parked in a garage.

  • Alex

    That is ridiculous! Considering the rapid acceleration the 458 is achieving the R is just leaping away.

    I want to see the Veyron go this.

  • Elitist

    Fast car but do straight lines win races?

    • speedfreak

      in drag racing it does.

  • David

    The Agera R has just broken the 0-300-0km/hr world record, which it achieved in about 21 seconds so I reckon it could take the veyron.

    • Frostie

      Remember, that’s the record for stock standard factory tuned cars. Other street legal tuner cars have been able to do it quicker. There’s some videos on YouTube.

    • Matty B

      Don’t know if there’s anything faster, but I do recall Veilside having an R32 GTR that did 0-300 in 13 something seconds.

      • David

        From memory, the Agera R does 0-300 in about 14.5s, and the 300-0 in about 6.5s or thereabouts.

  • DeJaVu

    Golfschwein: “I’m pretty sure my VW Golf could beat them.”

    Vdubs: “Obviously. German engineering all the way.” *sips soy chai latte*

    • gti

      Nice straw man. Idiot.

      • AndyGF

        Awe man; Give him a +1, that’s pretty funny! Love the “*sips soy chai latte*” Comment…

        Though it must be said, I had more weiss BIER for *breakfast* in Germany, than I have ever had in any evening out per month in my life. DeJaVu might think the people who buy these cars are latte drinkers, but the people who make those cars aren’t actually anything more than hard working salt of the earth people.

        • scatman

          They drink a lot to forget the atrocities there forsfathers carried out

          • AndyGF

            Gosh; What a saint you are! I wish there was more hero’s in the world like you, the world would be such a better place to live. Dont forget to martyr yourself and your family on the way out…

  • freshj1ve

    What argument?!..

    One’s a hypercar and one’s a supercar, not really comparable.

    The Agera R vs the Veyron SS vs the Venom GT please!

    But thanks for video none the less. :)

  • freshj1ve


  • nucnik

    Didn’t they aready confirm the Agera R’s top speed at 245 mph?

    • theillestlife

      no, koenigsegg are yet to find a long enough stretch of road for the feat. no matter how fast it is, it looks so much better than the butt ugly veyron/veyron ss.

  • Tom

    What a waste of time, On paper we knew what was quicker anyway

  • john

    Agera R = making a ridiculously fast car (458 italia) look like it is going backwards. WOW!

  • Vince

    It was over before it started.

  • judge

    I agree, no contest on paper, but it sounded to me like the 458 was short-shifting.

  • Torque

    I would like to see them (amongst others) racing a Bathurst 12Hr.