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Nissan today released information abouts the 2007 Nissan Tiida (pronounced Tee-da for those of you who haven’t seen the horrible TV ads). The Tiida is a shadow of the car it replaces, the Nissan Pulsar, and whilst Nissan’s big gamble of pushing the Tiida towards the young female segment failed miserably, they are back again and trying even harder this year.

The Japanese Built Tiida comes with a relatively weak 1.8 litre engine putting out 93kW of power and 174Nm of troque. Unfortunately, the vehicle is still equiped with a 4-speed automatic transmission (A/T), or for the adventurous female, there is always the 6-speed manual.

There are four variations to the Tiida,

  1. The Nissan Tiida ST – $17,990 Manual Only
  2. The Nissan Tiida ST-L – $19,990 for the manual – $22,240 for the Auto
  3. The Nissan Tiida Q Hatch – $22,990 for the manual – $25,240 for the Auto
  4. The Nissan Tiida Ti Sedan – $25,240 Auto Only

The Basic Model, Tiida ST comes standard with:

  • 1.8 DOHC 16 Valve 4 cylinder engine
  • 6-speed manual transmission (Optional 4 speed automatic transmission)
  • Air conditioning
  • ABS brakes with BA and EBD
  • Radio/CD player with 4 speakers
  • Cruise control (A/T only)
  • Charcoal cloth seat trim
  • 60/40 split fold rear seat (hatch only)
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Driver and front passenger SRS airbags
  • Front seatbelt pre-tensioners with load limiters
  • Engine immobiliser
  • Body coloured front & rear bumpers
  • Body coloured power door mirrors
  • Cup and bottle holders
  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • 3 year 24 hour roadside assistance
2007 Nissan Tiida Side

The Model above the ST, the Tiida ST-L comes with all of the ST features plus:

  • Charcoal tricot seat cloth trim
  • Front to rear curtain SRS airbags
  • Power windows
  • 15″ alloy wheels
  • Rear headrests

The once formidable Pulsar Q has now been replaced by the not so formidable, Tiida Q which gets addition features on top of the ST-L:

  • Charcoal premium seat trim
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Metallic look dash trim
  • Radio/CD player with 6 speakers
  • Front fog lights
  • Rear spoiler
  • Sliding rear seat
  • Front map lights
  • Front and rear armrests
  • Overhead sunglasses holder
2007 Nissan Tiida Interior

And the top of the range Tiida Ti Sedan comes with all features above plus:

  • 4 speed automatic transmission (A/T) only
  • 60/40 split fold rear seat with boot access
  • Rear boot spoiler

This car isn’t the best money can buy, for those who are looking at buying a similar sized car, you would do yourself a world of favours having a look at the range from Mazda, perhaps the Mazda 2 or even the Mazda 3 Neo. If you’re going for the base model Tiida SL, for $20,000 you have to remember that you are in Toyota Yaris and Mazda 2 category.

Whilst the Yaris has an interior better suited to a 30 year old US Submarine, the car it self comes very well equipped, if you don’t mind a little less power. Definitely check out the Mazda 3 Neo if your going to opt out for the Tiida Ti Sedan!

  • steane


  • Igor

    I don’t mind the interior.

  • Lazybones

    What is the point of having a small car with a boot. It needs to be a hatch. You’ll be lucky to fit a box of Timtams in that boot.

    Interior isn’t bad, its just good to see a Nissan with the driver controls behind the steering wheel. But the front design does looks very 90’s!!

    Ah yes, and the rear spoiler to keep the car stable at the very high speed it will travel at :)

  • Myke

    I’d prefer this than a Corolla (many would disagree), I don’t mind the look of the hatch but the sedan looks odd. The wheels are too small aswell.

  • http://www.autocareer.com.au/ Petra

    Many small car buyers prefer sedans for the extra crumple zone between the rear bumper and the back seat comapred with the realrively short crumple zone of a hatch.

    I like the look of it. The advertising has been pretty crappy. I heard that the Nissan dealers wanted to keep the name Pulsar but Japan wouldn’t let them.

    I’ve also read a lot of good things about the car in the US reviews, where Nissan sell the car as a Versa. Appearently it alos scored very well in US crash tests.

  • Natalie

    The Nissan Tiida Sedan is great. So much room than what it looks. A 6ft person has very good leg and height room no matter where sit in the car. The back seat leg room is great and well the boot its huge in the sedan. The hatch is crappy with very little room and the boot is tiny and well not very good if have children in childrens car seats. Go sedan all the way.Comfy seats.

  • Jeff

    I think the Tiida is a fair enough car (unless u think a car should be an appendage of ones anatomy…)…. it is not as glamorous as other competitors but value for price it comes in quite well… being 6ft PLUS and having young kids who kick the back of the seats (due to lack of back seat room in most cars) , i appreciate the extra room that the Tiida has ..a BIG plus. Fuel economy is great .. engine is OK (but i am not racing t bathurst) …. its fine but a lot of people seem to bag the car but i think that is more related to the poor marjetting and those horrible adds.

  • Konrad

    I used to be a motorsport journalist and drove it for 1 week. And in my opinion: very good interior (for this price), good sound system, very good engine – quite quick car if you push it to the limit – good balance. gearbox very good but there is a small gap between 2nd and 3rd gear. Very poor brakes, but in my opinion this car is worth its price – but I wouldn’t buy it in Australia – reason? Don’t want to deal anymore with people from Nissan Australia!

  • Robert

    I would get a hatchback for this car, not a sedan. This car is worth its price. I agreed with Jeff that the TV commerical was really horrible, Nissan Australia gave a bad first impression which I believe is the reason why this car is not selling well in Australia. When we look at reviews and sales from US, Canada, China, Japan, Taiwan, this car just rocks. So it tells us really an advertisement is really important. Tiida looks good (after putting on some body kits will look even better) I like this car, but the downside perhaps really is the brakes.

  • Frugal One

    This car is nowhere even with the $2k price drop and $1k fuel card offer.

    It needs to be replaced ASAP and bring back the Pulsar label.

    Its a LOT of car for what they are selling it and what u can buy it for…



  • matthew

    I have owned a 07 Tiida st hatch for a year now. I got the six speed manual. I drive mine on the freeway 90% city 10% and love the fuel economy. I did not like the small wheels and the height of it so I lowered it 2 inches and put on some 18 inch chrome alloys. Now it handles much better still as under steer but not as much. Fitted a rear spoiler just for looks and fitting a CAI (cold air intake) next week or an extra 11 kilowatts. serious drivers should definitely think about getting some pedders sports Ryder springs installed mine only cost $300 supplied and fitted last year and makes a big difference and the car looks better.

  • JEN1

    Ive been driving a Tiida hatch auto for just over 6 months. Its okay, though the fuel gauge is slightly dodgey – everytime i fill up the tank it starts off saying it is full then after driving around about 10k, it drops down by a quarter. I realised it is only accepting 40 litres in the tank. Wonder if that happens in most other Tiida’s. However most other areas its good, and the roominess of the interior is awesome, and if i jump into any other small car other than a Tiida, you can just feel the reduced amount of space and it feels cramped. It doesnt seem like the car is small from the inside, and the elevated driving position is great also. Yet with such a small exterior, it can slot itself into many little parallel parking spots with ease. I had/still have a N15 Pulsar (dead in the garage) which i loved, and comparing the 2, i have to say the Pulsar did handle corners and roundabouts better at slightly higher speeds, prob coz of its lower & wider body, but the Tiida drives smoother. Being a newer vehicle i guess its the reason.

  • Victor

    Jen1, my tiida is having the same problem too, just like yours. But now it is worse then b4, after refuelling to full, it will only show the 2nd line from full. And after driving 50-60 km’s the needle would be shown half way already. I found out that other Tiida owners are having the same problem. Not Happy, regret buying the car

  • rick b

    Nissan Tiida starting problem it cranks but does not start .had it back to dealer last 12 months still not fixed

  • rick b

    Nissan Tiida 2006 model starting problems for the past 12 months,have heard of others the same dealer can’t fix it.not happy

  • Hagar

    Rick B,
    Next time go for Toyota, Mazda or Subaru. Nuf said.

  • sarah

    I have a question, does anyone else have a “thud” type noise coming from there Tiida. I bought the Sedan and occassionally there is a noise which comes from the car and the dealer can not fix it. NOT HAPPY ;( . . .

    • Matt

      Does that happen going over speed humps?

      The rear shocks / dampers have very little travel, far less than normal cars and the thud is just the rear end bottoming out. I don’t believe it’s actually dangerous to the car, just annoying to hear.

  • Matt

    The issue with starting can be resolved temporarily by unhooking the battery and reconnecting it. It’s annoying and happens regularly enough. But at least there is a work around.

    Still I find the economy is not all that great, we’re getting 10.5 to 11 L/100km in the city which I think is pretty poor considering it’s a small engine in a lightweight car (we drive fairly conservatively). It should be able to do 9 in the city easy. We get about 6.5 @ 110km/hr on the F3.

    I’m miss the interior room though, the back seats sit adults really well. Boot on the sedan is huge too, beats some “large” cars.

    I won’t be going back to Nissan in a hurry. I expect the issue with starting will not be resolved satisfactorily by the service dept, if they can’t reproduce it they’ll ignore the problem. I’m looking at a 2g Prius or Mazda 6 diesel next.

  • lee

    is this capacity of fuel only 40L???

  • Sadhana

    Nissan Tiida is a great car! I drove Corolla for about a year but when I changed it with Tiida, I felt better! Oh i am loving this car so far.

    Go for Tiida. This is something amazing to have one.

  • Godwin

    Has anyone had any belt problem. I Hve a 2007 Tiida, it makes a wizzy sound from the belt. Dealer couldnt fix??

  • Ricky


  • shafiek

    The fuel gauge does not reach the full mark with a full tank i.e. only indicates 3/4 full on gauge. The brakes are very poor, dangerous at times i.e shudders violently on hard braking.
    However, presume due to its low cost, you get what you pay for!

  • Manu

    i want to buy 2007 model TIIDA automatic transmission in Saudi Arabia, kindly advice any one how much the market price and how its perfomance.

    • Ghufran Rashidi

      i am interesting to purchase reconditioned 2007 Tiida . please advice… its OK or not… any complain? 

  • 5467546754

    I’ve got 2007 Tiida A/T hatchback. I think Tiida is the only hatchback capable of withstanding direct plunge in a manhole(open sewers hatch) twice, even German and other Japanese cars(sedans, hatchbacks, sometimes even small SUVs) would have broken down. I had different hatchbacks, but this one is awesome, believe me. For maintenance just change engine oil every 10-15 thousand km, and brake pads if you drive like crazy like me. The car has no problems at all other than it consumes more fuel than manual transmission, and its shock absorber system wears out in 2-3 years if you drive off-road on regular bases and when it does you’ll understand it by harsh spring sounds it makes on bumps, though you can drive without changing it for 5 years more if you don’t care about sounds.  I wonder which other hatchback is able to do off road for so long without problems:) Simply very reliable car. I have hit rocky ground by its floor 4 times and it got little scratches and nothing else. All electronics, fuel supply and other vital systems are well protected under the belly I guess. I did the same thing on Opel Astra, (German hatchback), next moment I realized I was sitting in scrap:) and engine caught fire:)  
    Tiida – one of the best hatchbacks of all time. 

  • Don&Libby Faulkner

    We own a 2007 Tiida and are very happy with it. The vehicle  is a good touring car with plenty of leg and head room. The car is very economical and is a pleasure to drive. I have Parkinsons Disease and need all the assistance i can get and find the large front doors very conveninent.

  • Fwmack1

    Had a Tiida for five years, overall a great little car heaps of room inside, very comfortable around town or the open road. Only niggles , Nissan spare parts cost, small petrol tank and brakes can be a bit sensitive. 

  • Mahiuddinbd

    I have Tiida 2004. Last moth I found a big problem. It did not starting. Bettery is ok. Technicians said problem in the integrated power supply box. Can any one suggest? Dr. Mahiuddin, Bangladesh

  • visita

    I am looking to buy a 2007 Nissan Tiida i just want to know if its  a good car to buy? I am in Jamaica and they are plenty here getting it from Japan

  • D Ahmadali

    my friend suggest me to buy tida 2008 but still iam not satisfied about the feuture for this car in pakistan
    Dr Ahmad Ali Bahawalpur Pakistan

  • israel

    how much is the Nissan Tiida 2007 engine

  • Stephen Jaski

    who have the owners manual or service manual for this vehicle 2007 Nissan Tiida Latio SC11

  • nawzhir


  • mark

    i purchased a set of 16″ rims but they do not fit properly. there is a space between the rim and the hub. how do i fix it