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Update March 26th 2007 : Much more info here

The Toyota LandCruiser 70 series was on display at the Brisbane International Motorshow, and whilst I can’t personally say it turned my head for a second inspection, it did generate a little buzz of its own for LandCruiser lovers.

Of course the biggest “look at me” factor for the car was the its engine, the first turbo-diesel V8 engine from Toyota. The new 4.5-litre V8 produces more than 150kW of power and 400Nm of torque while complying with the Euro IV emissions standard. Not bad at all!

“The new V8 turbo-diesel engine and other improvements will enhance the performance, strength and legendary go-anywhere ability of the LandCruiser 70 Series, The improved styling, which adds to the rugged looks of the 70 Series, will offer greater visual appeal for customers.” Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Alan Porich

For those of you who have been emailing us asking when this is going on sale, I finally have an answer for you, end of March, early April. I still however don’t know the full specifications for the 70 Series nor the price, all of which will be released around mid March.

  • Hugh

    Recently attended the Brisbane motor show. Came down with two mates to see the new V8 diesel which I have been waiting a lifetime to be made . 4.5 litre , just perfect! However the sales assistant at the motor show new nothing, had nothing, and was a real deadhead. Another customer beside us was able to give me far more information . What a letdown . I was unable to get a price or a brochure, and the bloke at the motorshow was not sure even on how to open the bonnet. Toyota !! get your act together. On our property we have four toyota vehicles, and one nissan. If nissan ever brings out a engine with abit of grunt it looks like we could have five nissans on our place.. I have always been a toyota man , but at present I am quite dissapointed with my choice. Had my say .. Hugh Anthony..

  • http://turkman_oglan19yahoo.com omid


  • J Jorgensen

    Am in NZ at moment so asked my daughter & boyfriend to make special trip to Brisb Motor Show for sole purpose of getting info on new Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser. What a total waste of time and entry fee. No Toyota people could give any info at all on vehicle, no engine specs, nothing – yes, it did have an engine in it – that’s as far as the knowledge went. She spoke to everyone and anyone available and got nowhere. I agree with Hugh Anthony, if Nissan ever bring out a more powerful motor they could give Toyota a run for their money!!

  • noel

    How can you people call yourselves toyota people. dont blame the product for the idiot salesman lets face it they arent to bright at the best of times .Anybody who has owned a few landcruisers knows that every one gets better than the previous . Did i hear the words Nissan mentioned “youre joking” do you want your car to spend more time in the workshop than the paddock ? Lets face it you want reliability i am sure toyota will deliver as always.

  • james

    Part of me feels sorry for a guy forced to stand there, not allowed to say anything, give anything out or open the bonnet.

    I remember many years ago going to a Sydney Motor Show and looking over a 90 series Prado. I belong to the diesel religion and asked the rep about plans for a diesel (I’d heard rumours and knew they existed OS). He just looked at me blankly like “what’s a diesel”. I bought something else, and about 6 months later they released the TD Prado.

    Their marketing department probably have methods far superior to anything we pleb customers could think up. But in my experience, Toyota are about the worst in feeding “fans” of the product. Part of me longs for a competitor with a product to woo these fans away, but it’s not really out there. So for Toyota, it can be business as usual.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    I agree James,

    I think Toyota Australia lacks a great deal of Marketing expertise when it comes to basic fan feeding techniques.

    However, they have been doing well recently, giving out lots of press releases and data on all their new products, this has been done on a daily basis and thats more than companies like Ford ever tend todo!

  • Earl Mason

    What happened Toyota?
    My 78 series Rv with $620 work on the engine now has an output of 435 Nm and 132 Kw, and I still have room for intercooling,exhaust and D Tronic computer enhancement! Ha and toyota boast over 400 Nm of torque out of a 4.5 litre turbo diesel compared to my 4.2 TD which is already there! Now lets hope toyota wasn’t lazy and stuck a highly un-engineered american engine into a highly engineered vehicle, also with an engine that size it better have a 6 speed box.
    Just to finish off I think the TATA 4×4 is the ugliest piece of indian dog shit ever to land on gods green earth, and the 70 series looks like a TATA! What the hell happned?

  • Justin

    engine could make more power, stylings a bit so so but that engine will have lots of head room. as for nissan they’ve got no chance, the TD42 will not meet emissions regs and they’ve got no money to make a replacement. the only diesel they’ll have is the screwed out 3lt four.

  • Justin

    whoops forgot at least Toyota could give a release date not just “end of march/early April” that time slots almost here.

  • David Curtis

    I have been a Landcruiser owner for 30 years from a short wheel base soft top petrol- short wheel base diesel- tray back diesel HJ 47 – 80 series turbo wagon – 78 series tray back diesel – now 78 series RV turbo. All have served me well. Nissan? Forget it! Only the earlier petrol model Nissans of the 70’s were any good.Regarding the new Landcruiser, I have found out the 78 series will have the V8 turbo diesel and the wagon will have the V8 twin turbo diesel motor. Like others I tried getting info. on the new Landcruiser. A Toyota salesperson gave me this info. after he scrounging around to get it for himself. He said vehicles go on sale before brochures with specs. get distributed. A real let down by Toyota. One other thing! Toyota needs to put a decent horn in the Landcruiser with a loud “paarp” not the wimpy “meeep” it comes with that live stock on bush roads just ignore.

  • Rod

    I’ve owned a few different landcruisers and now have an 80 series turbo..yep they certainly have earned their reputation.Mind you the nissans arent that bad either.I reckon nissan will be blown away by the donk in this new cruiser.I have seen heaps of them on the wharf at Fremantle, mostly cab chassis but also some of the 4 door troopys as well.I asked the toyota transport guy there if I could check em out and he said knock yerself out..So I started one up ..and yeh they are pretty chunky, a bit like a chev diesel 6.5, but a tad more refined.Otherwise everyting in side is the same hasnt changed much.Had a quick look at he motor, a V8 with a big intercooler on top.A new era for toyota i think.

  • Gary Clark

    I agree that Toyota should get their marketing sorted and let prospective buyers know what they can look forward to. I searched the Toyota Australia website and not a mention of the new V8. I can’t wait to see what the new 4 door troopie looks like.

  • http://boundlessrider.com Ian Linklater

    I think it is marketing arrogance to bring the V8 out early to use up surplus antique stock.The debut should be taking place in the new 100 series format so present buyers are not financially disadvantaged as well. Ian Linklater, boundlessrider.com

  • Jens Lipponer

    I just bought an imported 70 series Prado with a 2L-TE and I must say that this is how they should have been sold here! Add this to the 2 HJ60’s I already have and its 4WD heaven. New cars have far to much in elecrtonics which can be a real downside especially in an offroad vehicle. Engine size is not that important as I wouldn’t buy something with a 4.5 liter V8 diesel (it seems there is not much choice). The 2H has 103 hp and the 2L_TE 97hp which is plenty when coupled to the right gears, plus newer vehicles seem to get more ugly year by year (for instance the new Prado model). Anyway, Landcruisers are the go unless you can afford something better (like an MAN 4×4 truck).
    By the way I just have to say that TATA’s are ugly but so is the new Hilux, but that TATA runs a good diesel engine.

  • http://www.4xforum.com Andrew S White

    You guys in Oz have it great. We in South Africa get the 70, but with defunct 4.2 non-turbo, twin valve diesel dog of an engine and the 4500cc 6-cyl petrol because our emission regs are not as strict as in OZ. So we get the surplus engines that can’t be sold anywhere else. I would be happy with a 4,2 multi-valve turbo-diesel, but that only goes into the 100 VX. So stop moaning.
    I might buy one anyway. The Cruiser still the best truck around.

  • jens

    Just saw my first pics of the new 70 series 4 door wagon and I must say that the body is exactly the same as my 16 year old wagon. The only difference being a different styled front end. I can now get body parts without problems. No automatic though and not much choice in powerplant. AC as standard would have been good in this day and age. 5 out of 10 toyota!

  • Tony Bulcock

    Re the new V8 Diesel.
    The Alternator is mounted at about Crankshaft height,
    and is unprotected from dust, dirt, mud, water inculding salt water.
    What on earth was Toyota thinking about when they now have a snorkel equipped vehicle for water crossing with a VERY vunerable alternator.
    If you were forced to make a deep water crossing, and I have done this in the Army, you would at least remove the fan belt to prevent the fan from “propelling” into the radiator.
    Anyway, does anyone know of a sealed (waterproof) alternator suitable to replace Toyota’s bad idea when gets a gut full of dirt, water etc and dies??
    Tony Bulcock.

    • chris dal

      Hi tony how many times did this happen to you do you still have the car. i just purchased 2010 xmas the new v8 ute and had to replace the alternator after 16,000 kms got bogged in it twice in winter and went through a few muddy puddles old crusier would have been fine did you get any assistance from toyota or your dealer. very poor design for the go anywhere vehicle and not exactly cheap.

  • Jens

    Not much of a range to choose from. Only V8 and manual. I would prefer a 6 or 4 cylinder and auto. The new 200 series has the V8 and auto why not the 70. Lucky I’m not a new car buyer. I’ll consider one in 10-15 years time with an auto conversion from the 200 series. Right now i’ll upgun the older model which is the same car anyway plus it has a third row of seats.

  • hank

    toyota is a discrace i have ordered a new 70 series in august 2007 promissed to me in oct 2007 now it might be delivered in march 2008 8 bloody months and they dont care

  • DEAN

    I to am dissapointed at toyota, i ordered new 70 series cruiser in may 2007 and my delivery date keeps getting put back every month, now they say february if lucky.impression from toyota is they couldn’t care

  • Bavarian Missile

    I bet the mining companies will get theres on time…..would be interesting to find out!!

  • Me.

    The Outback Australia will be full of these one day….

  • john harrison

    i love me old 1987 troopy,however when the alternator does “pack it in”,it seems unacceptably difficult to find a new one on the net.Toyota dealers under”spare parts”list feeble products like filters,oils,etc.and my e-mail got a reply to e-mail another address,which is more “no care”attitude,..the reality behind all the hype and advertising of Toyota.My suggestion to Toyota is set up a decent site and upgrade spare parts where possible(eg.hi-output alternator-perhaps slightly waterproof as per Tony.B.s idea).The workshop manual should,I think be troopy specific also rather than multi-model.Dave C.s idea of a louder horn I don’t agree with because sheep farmers can do that themselves whereas the majority of these cars are suburban and too many people these days “toot” hello, goodbye,and the annoying”i can see you”.Bigger motors,louder horns,no thanks!Quality parts,some service,a caring attitude-yes please!New car no-Alternator yes!

  • http://caradvice.com.au billy

    to the boys that still havent got there 70 , ordered mine in may (12) and hopefully get it next week nine and half months later, japan had a earthquake in july which stuffed toyota and honda they say but it’s still fu….ked they take this long to deliver a vehicle ( thats not built by hand like rolls royce or some italian super cars) and the smart c..nts wanted to revaluate my trade in , smart fu.kers told them don’t thick so(but more colourful than that), still glad to see i’m not the only one! hope it’s worth it!

  • Andrew

    Toyota are wankers. Great product but idiots to deal with

  • phatcad

    with the people complaining about the service from salesman at shows or at the dealerships and saying “toyota are idiots/w@nkers etc” and have “no idea about new products” etc, you do realise they are not actually employees or work for TOYOTA?
    They work for an individualy privately owned company that acts as a “storefront” for toyota vehicles. Toyota does not give full info on new models to staff at dealerships because it means nobody will buy the existing stock if they know that a new model/engine etc will be available in 6mths.
    The new car managers and sales staff will get a drive day and sales briefing from TOYOTA literally as toyota delivers stock to their yard hold facilities. 98% of sales staff are not “car guys” and have no passion about the product like consumers, they are in that job to make large income – thats all. The same sales guy will be working in a Kia dealership in 6mths.
    As an employee of TOYOTA it annoys me that dealerships create such a bad wrap for the brand, i have to deal with these idiots every day! It boils down to money making, because at the end of the day you will buy a new cruiser no matter what they do – exactly what sales staff know 😉

  • miguel

    I own a 1995 series 75 wagon, matic, with a 1 kzte diesel turbo engine…it is really the best four wheel drive I have ever owned…3.0 turbo….same exact cabin as the new one…toyota should have kept producing this vehicle…mine is imported from Japan…

  • Tomas79

    Miquel, is that an import to oz, or you don’t live in australia!!

    Love the LC70s series trucks!Especially the troppies!!
    I even reckon they look great!!

  • http://psafrica.com Franco Loubser

    I run a safari business in Tanzania, both hunting and photo safaris. Just bought some 70 series v8’s. Nothing in this world compares! No hills. Needs another gear or 2.
    We are fitting an extra Racor 445 filter to each car because we fill up from fuel drums all the time. Would like to hear from other owners re fuel filters.
    We have used Toyota since ’73 in the safari business. Tanzania has very few things that the normal guy would call roads. We buy tyres, filters, shocks, steering dampers and the odd tie-rod end. Other spare parts almost unheard of. Have a nice day.

  • Phil

    Had one now for 12 months, what a car had cruiser all my life 80 series 100 series all been terrific but this cab chassis 70 series drives as good if not better than them all……only issue the big V8 is a bit savage on fuel 90 litre tank gets me 550 km lucky there is 2


  • Saied

    Read the comments about poor practices of toyota australia. quite understandable but i envy you guys because you CAN OWN A NEWER LANDCRUISER. Here in Canada and the US we cannot import these legends unless they are at least 15 YEARS old because typical trucks sold here can’t compete with LC’s. enjoy them