• t39

    Any news on when the next generation Pajero might come out? However capable it is, it is about a 10 y.o. model by now, and probably around 3.5 stars for safety.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Given the Pajero is a low volume model for Mitsubishi global (with Australia being one of the biggest markets), the update cycles are different to other models. Our understanding is that it’s in the works, but won’t be out for a few more years.

    • nickdl

      Well the basic shape may be 10 years old, but not much else is. Inside it’s got the best quality interior of any Mistusbishi and is stacked with features, while underneath it has a great diesel engine as as a very modern chassis. The shape of the Prado may look newer, and it does have a couple of more recent features (all at a $10K premium over the Paj) however the Pajero beats it in all other ways.

      • Ima Hogg

        My current model Pajero is amazing. Only just a bit thirsty on the fuel.

        • Hyundai Lover

          And it’s louder than a tractor!

          • Hyundai Lover

            By the way, the 2WD Challenger makes no sense. If you don’t need the offroading credentials, why buy a noisy, ute-based truck that is designed to exceed offroad?

          • Ima Hogg

            I don’t really notice how loud it is to be honest.

          • nickdl

            2WD Challenger makes sense only if you’re towing, as it has the 3000kg capacity, but don’t need a 4WD. To be honest I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t just buy a 4WD anyway, as both are the same on fuel. If you want a civilised 2WD SUV that can tow, a Territory diesel does the job well.

  • Shak

    Sorry, is that correct, Lake Eyre covers a sixth of the entire continent? Good God, if thats true, it is more than huge, its gigantic in proportions!

    • Alex

      It is not 1/6th, That would be an area the size of Queensland!!! Hahahaha. More like 1/60000000th

      • Martin

        Lake Eyre Basin covers 1/6th of Australia, a basin encompasses more than just the physical lake that you see on the surface.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Yes, it is. But I am talking about the basin of the lake, since its generally rather dry. Here’s what it used to look like at one stage:


      • Alex

        Lakes and basins are different things.

      • Shak

        Oh ok, thanks for clarifying.

  • Karl

    Fantastic read CA.
    Despite the Paj not being one of the newest 4WD’s around, I think it’s somewhat underrated as a capable and reliable off-roader.

  • Tomas79

    The Prado totally smashes the Pajero offroad.
    I just had the latest Pajero Exceed on rent for 2 weeks, and even though it had the luxury pack, inside it still look dated.
    And even though the Pajero diesel has a slightly higher power figure on paper, the difference was negligible, if not offset completely by the unrefined noisy engine.

    I’d take a poverty pack stock mining rig prado anytime over a luxury pack Pajero…

    • Tomas79

      The above message was in response to nickdl’s at at 3:36 pm

    • http://NSSAN James Cortez

      Agree, my company uses Prado diesel in the field with some pajero (about 3% of the fleet). No comparison, the prado is better. Mitsubishi at one time was cash strapped and did ot pour much into their R&D program, unlike toyota who continuously funds their research division. Prado over pajero by a loong shot

  • CS

    Prado over Pajero – ?? – yes, except the Prado diesel engine and gearbox. If you could get a Prado with a Paj engine/gearbox then that would be ideal.

  • Trump

    Rode this trip on the motorbike in 2008, brings back some nice memories. The roads are by no means a test of what the Pajero would be capable of, even a Porsche 911 would have completed this route. Obviously a few off the beaten track photos to make it look more challenging than it actual is. The Birdsville Track and Gibb River Rd are more appropriate for this test.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      There were at least 4 additional routes which I didn’t mention in this story for the sake of limiting the words. There were some sections that even the Challenger bottomed out, so no chance for a 911 😀

  • Phil

    What sort of gifts were offered to CA to publish that opening paragraph (or the rest of the dribble)?

    Who finds Mitsubishi Motors synonymous with “Engineering and Crasftmanship” or is “one of the world’s best known and respected vehicle manufacturers.”

    They rank around 15th for global production(including commercials-against brands without commercials), constantly perform poorly in consumer satisfaction surveys, have sold garbage like the Mitsubishi Sigma.

    But I guess if CA produced some more realistic facts, Mitsubishi wouldn’t invite them on free, all expenses paid holidays like this Lake Eyre Tour.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Thanks for your comment, Phil.

      The only items provided were a hat and sunscreen.

      Mitsubishi has pioneered a great deal of engineering feats in its time, their rally involvement and wins at Dakar are testament to their emphasis on driving dynamics.

      Every manufacturer has vehicles that have become failures over time, but judging the mitsubishi of today by the Sigma is not really that logical. You’d be better off picking on the Colt Cabriolet, which was less than satisfying.

      Mitsubishi, as a brand, is heavily pushing the electric car system and their upcoming range of cars will reflect this. They are ahead of many other manufacturers in that regard.

      • Phil

        Right Alborz, you had to provide your own cars, paid to fuel them, paid to insure yourself and brought your own matching green tents?

        What Engineering feats has Mitsubishi achieved?
        Lots of brands (like Toyota!) participate in racing – it rarely has any reflection in their road cars – though you could say the Evo does, the normal Lancers DO NOT.
        Do you honestly think that the normal Pajero you drive, drives like the Dakar Pajero? Or do you find the NASCAR Camrys drive like the normal road Camrys?

        Whilst I do applaud Mitsubishi for doing something with electric cars how are they “heavily pushing” it? A $48,990 slow, tiny, ugly hatchback – released years late with little/no advertising at all, is not a “heavily pushing” effort. The dealers aren’t even stocking them.
        The technology in i-miev has no reflection on any of the current cars on their range either. Saying that their “upcoming” range of cars will reflect their electric vehicle technology does not lead to a claim that they are ahead of other manufactuers when they haven’t actually done it yet!

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

          Phil, unfortunately I think you’ve missed the point.

          All car launches, literally, all, are paid for by manufacturers. That’s everything, including flights, accommodation, the cars, fuel etc. How do you think we could cover all the car events if it was left to us to pay for it all? No media organisation does it independently as it’s just not viable. If we were to pay for it then we would have to prioritise and certain cars and makes would miss out completely.

          This fact, however mucch you would like to discuss it, does to change the honesty by which reviews or articles are written.

          Yes, most manufacturers are involved in motorsport, but check out the winners list of Dakar Rally for the last few years, it’s got a few mentions of Mitsubishi, and of course it’s not the same car but you’d be silly to think the engineering work done on its rally cars are not reflected to its everyday cars, the MATT system which I talked about in this very article, is indeed, a system evolved out of Mitsubishi’s rally involvement.

          As for electric cars, so being the very first manufacturer to have an electric car for sale in AUS is not “heavily pushing”? The under 50k price is actually very cheap given there is no government incentive and the cost of hte batteries. you have to understand how these cars work and the lead times it takes for a model to go in to production.

          Mitsubishi will have a whole range of hybrid and electric cars in the next few years, it will be a transformation.

          I am happy to have this conversation outside of this medium, via email, as it’s a little off topic. Use the contact us page if you wish to continue.


        • nickdl

          Phil, your comments just get more and more moronic by the day…

          • Phil

            nickdl, why not just go read articles directly from Mitsubishi?

            This “independent” article from CA sounds like a Mitsubishi written article. Just like how most of CA reviews these days sound like they come straight from the respective car’s brochure.

    • Martin

      Wouldn’t it make sense that if your point were true about kickbacks to CA for showing a company’s product in a good light, that the manufacture would take advantage of the advertising space running alongside this article to hawk their product? It would make simple and brilliant marketing sense. All I see is an ad for Ford, Ssangyomg and Jaguar. Reference: Marketing 101.

      • Phil

        Why Martin? They don’t need to advertise. The article is a better advertisment for them (and probably much cheaper).

        Alborz, what reflection of Mitsubishi’s rally heritage do you get from driving the Mitsubishi I-miev?

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

          Phil, that question can apply to all makes and models. All cars have halo cars for branding and other cars for sales – the iMiEV is the start of a new revolution in the car industry. It’s not meant to be a sports car, but wait till the new hybrid Evo comes….

  • Bryan

    What was it that caused the Pajero to jump out of low range on the rough bits? That could be a bit of a problem in certain situations…

    Are the 2012 models any quieter than the earlier [diesel] ones? I really like Pajero’s but I have never bought one because of the amount of engine noise that makes it in to the cabin. In that regard, the Prado diesel is definitely better! I have even seriously considered a petrol Pajero to get away from the engine noise but they were just too thirsty.