• Rodders

    Not a bad looking little Tyke..but will no doubt be Exxy with options..

    • o

      I agree, Audi would most likely double sales if it started at 25k for a stripper model.

      • Kampfer

        They already have, two of them: VW Polo or Skoda Fabia.

        Polo GTi are selling like hotcake!!!

        • CRS200

          Polo GTI selling like hotcakes?

          Where? VW can’t even supply the damm thing!

          Seriously just buy a real drivers car the Clio RS 200. Even better do your self a favor test drive the polo GTI (if possible) and then test drive the Clio RS 200 and start laughing your head off.

          Or Buy the Polo GTI and then go test drive the Clio RS 200 and cry on what you missed out!?

          Nice looking Audi A1 but very bad price range for a Audi badged VW.
          Like already mentioned and if I hated the Clio RS 200 (why would you?!) would go for the Polo GTI or Fabia vRS.
          Wouldn’t go for the Citroen DS3 it’s too slow and lazy in the corners, unless they unleashed the DS3 Racing and the Audi A1 would be definitely excluded because of it’s “exclusive pricing.”

          • Pogo

            Wait, isnt the Clio Rs over $12,000 RRP over the Polo? It costs over 40% more than the Polo, so thier hardly competitors aside from car size.

  • Blue Soup

    I can’t see what is atractive about this car.

    • John

      OPSM can help with that.

      • Blue Soup

        Eyesight is perfect, But beauty is the eye of the beholder, I don’t like the front & rear lights and the high roofline, I think the Polo is a more attrative car!
        Some of Audi’s styling is not my cup of tea.

        • Jacob

          It looks better than Tata Evoque.

        • John

          Biggest problem with Audi styling is so much of their range looks exactly the same, just at different lengths.

  • Mr Gaspo

    I’d much rather have a Polo.

  • Sumpguard

    Good car.

    However they have one at our local dealer with plenty of options added in and it has a drive away price of $71 grand!! That’s getting ridiculous for a car that size.

  • Martin

    It’s cute I like it – think the extra doors make it look a bit more balanced.

  • Pauly

    The drive away prices for some of the A1’s are just crazy.

    The VW Polo is priced so much better.

    If you can put with with the 12 month wait on a Polo GTI, this would be the one to go for. Awesome car.

    • duckula

      Unless you dont like the Polo – its called personal choice… I happen to think the polo is ugly – Id rather buy the Audi even if it does cost more.

      • Alexander

        Agreed, i’m not a fan of the Polo’s interior and exterior, it’s just too conservative. I’d rather get a base A1 over a specced up Polo (there’s little price difference), yet the A1’s interior feels far more premium and bespoke than the Polo.

        • duckula

          yup, I hate the rear end of the Polo, its all weird and squared off…. LOL not that it matters, I cant afford either.

  • Commentator

    I think it looks fantastic.

    • Mike

      Yeah, radically new design language. Inspired and daring.

  • http://www.uegvouwgv.com geyser

    Skoda and VW compared to an Audi, is like comparing hessian to cotton to silk.