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  • Reckless1

    Mmmmmm, yummy.

    I like the V6 version already, be interesting to see where they price it.

    Much more a mini-Touareg than the Tiguan.

  • devil666

    Umm, is it possible to achieve a peak Kw output at 1800RPM? Perhaps they got the 176 and 500nm round the wrong way…. Even so, kicker of an engine for a little car 😀 Tiguan got company now hehe!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au George

    Devil, yup wrong way around, thanks!

  • jbot

    LOL. Even this thing can match the “impressive” wading depth of the Land Rover Defender at 500mm. Great looking car, should sell very well. I see they included those LED lights around the headlights as in the R8 (saw a white one today with the naked carbon fibre air intakes, looked AMAZING), A5 and new A4.

  • Andrew

    Jbot Says:”Even this thing can match the “impressive” wading depth of the Land Rover Defender at 500mm.”

    Surely you are not comparing this to a Defender?

  • jbot

    No, not at all Andrew. Just referring to the review on here about the Defender which noted that its wading depth was very impressive at 500mm.

  • jbot

    (I don’t really think 500mm is impressive)

    • Eric

      500mm would be half way the doors.

      If the Q5 was in the water for long enough I would think the water would be lapping at the center console.


  • No Name

    Oh much nicer to look at than the Tiguan.

  • Iamthestig

    IMHO it will be a winner…

    It is close to the size of the first X5 so it is much more than just a Audi Tiguan.

  • TonyB

    I’m too looking forward to details on Australian pricing. Normally I don’t like these SUV-type crossovers, but at only 1.65m tall its more like a high-riding car. Only downside is that we will have to wait until towards the middle of next year to see it in Oz.

  • Sunny

    Game on!

    Watch out Cx-9 & Cx7 😀

  • Ozzie Boy

    very nice car.

    Im actually now thinking of holding off till mid next year before upgrading just to wait for this baby.

    What will the price range be like? Does anyone have some sort of idea?


  • Iamthestig

    Starting at around $60k…

    Look at the X3 price list and you will get a good idea !

  • Ozzie Boy

    Thanks Iamthestig.

    $60k + ONRC + LCT = $68-70k.

    would of been nice it was $55k + ONRC…hhmmm

  • Neo Utopia

    I greatly want one, but until I get promoted the Volkswagen Tiguan suits my income just fine. But I sometimes think if I would prefer the next generation A4 avant over the Q5, which is cooler and would provide adequate practicality? Hum…

  • Chillax