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2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test
2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test
2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test

It’s been a long time coming. Holden’s VE Commodore has finally landed and after an arduous wait, I sat my rear end in their performance flagship – the almighty SS. Holden’s advertising campaign claimed that the new VE would leave its competitors in the Stone Age. They’re pretty bold claims, so with an open mind intact, I turned the 6.0-litre V8 over and fled with every intent to test the SS at its limits.

After many hours of testing in various Aussie conditions, the SS is claimed to be the best it has ever been. I was also finally relieved to be steering a manual version of Holden’s 6.0-litre V8. Thus far I had only driven the 6-speed auto Caprice and Senator V8s, and suffice to say, I was keen for some real driving.

The inner –

As with most of the VE range, you have the option of either opting for the regular model or the ‘V’ spec version of that respective model. The SS test vehicle was the ‘base model’ SS – so to speak – and as such, didn’t receive the colour LCD screen or leather seats or a few other ‘V’ features. This could be classed as a bad thing from a luxury standpoint. But, on the other hand, it means that it weights far less than its ‘V’ sibling, which also equates to a better power to weight ratio.

The excitement of leather seats often doesn’t take all that long to wear off. The other downside is that they often cause slippage of the buttock when pounding rubber. As such, the cloth treatment in the SS was fantastic. The pattern on the seats looked just as good as the leather treatment and also meant that there was more chance of staying put when pegging through bends and also less chance of burning a new hole in my trousers on hot days!

2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test
2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test
2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test
2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test

Fitted as options to our test vehicle were the red sports steering wheel and sports gear shifter. In my opinion, they give the interior that added flare that is sometimes missing from sports cars. The steering wheel felt fantastic to grab on to and filled the hands nicely – which is an attribute much desired when going hell for leather. The gear shifter was also fantastic, it’s a small stubby thing that is perfectly within reach and makes rowing through cogs extremely easy and enjoyable. So much can’t be said for the handbrake though. The new Saab-esque handbrake lever across the VE range looks silly and awkward. The ejector-seat style grab handle can be annoying to use and somewhat irritating at times.

The driver and passenger seats are totally manually adjustable – aside from electronic front tilt. The only downside to such a setup was the somewhat awkward positioning of the rotary knob used to tilt the seat-back. The seats were prescribed in a way that accommodated mainly for larger drivers. There was a decent gap between the body and the side bolsters, which induced a bit of movement through hard cornering.

Unlike upper model and ‘V’ series vehicles, the SS isn’t fitted with the colour LCD screen. So, everything is controlled manually via the various buttons and knobs on the dashboard. It’s not to say that they were confusing, they were simply fiddly and somewhat time consuming in comparison to the LCD screen style layout. At the top of the dashboard, there was a backlit red dot-matrix style screen that read out radio and CD information. The screen was quite difficult to see when there was strong sunlight imminent. At night time though, the red backlit fascia looked fantastic, really adding to the emotion the SS Commodore provides. The speedometer and tachometer cluster looked fantastic. The cluster was extremely easy to read and looked great at night time also.

2007 VE Holden Commodore SS Road Test

Holden finally have a commendable set of steering wheel controls that counter the need for mindless fiddling and fidgeting whilst driving. The steering wheel controls allow the driver to control and modify countless settings from radio volume to the amount of time the headlights stay on after leaving the vehicle. These controls are a breadth of fresh air for the Australian car market. With a bit of luck, Ford will too follow suit and implement a more complex, yet flexible system in upcoming Falcon models.

There were some build quality issues that plagued our test vehicle. Although this vehicle was a pre-production model, thought should have gone into aspects of build around the interior. For example, next to the steering wheel, there is a mould of plastic that sits between the steering wheel and the dashboard. This entire piece of plastic (around 10cm x 15cm) was totally loose. After pulling it backward, wires behind the dashboard were exposed. The handbrake also didn’t sit flush with the centre tunnel when disengaged, and the glove-box didn’t sit flush either, exposing a gap at its furthest end. One last aspect that irked me to no end was the noise when closing a door with an open window. It sounded like the door of an early eighties Camira being shut. When the door hit the body, you could hear the window shaking around in the door panel. All these problems were not indicative of what any person would expect from a $40,000+ car.

The 6-disc in-dash CD player is MP3 compatible and features 7-speakers, totalling 80-watts. The sound system does the job, it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s better than a knock to the head. The rest of the interior was decent enough. There was plenty of leg room in both the front and back seats and the boot was ginormous. Our test vehicle was also fitted with an optional full-size spare tyre.

The outer –

In my opinion, the regular SS doesn’t really look that crash hot. The front end features the same old-school headlights as the Omega and is simply dressed up with a front spoiler. Our test car was different though. The red SS featured a set of ‘track stripes’. The black stripes ran from the front of the vehicle, right through the rear and gave it an extremely dominating stance and presence on the road. The $302.50 option had people looking from all directions. Coupled with the noise billowing from under the bonnet, this SS gained a lot of attention.

The test vehicle was also fitted with optional 19” ‘Supersport’ wheels ($1549 option) that – in my opinion – actually look better than the standard wheels fitted to the SS-V model.

A demeaning presence is held by the SS. The rear end features a set of quad exhaust pipes that signify the existence of a 6.0-litre V8 motor. The faux mesh grille at the bottom of the rear end is a bit of a wank though, the holes are covered up and it serves absolutely no purpose. It would have been nice to see the holes open for additional ventilation. Parking the SS can also be a rather touch-and-go affair. The SS doesn’t come with rear parking sensors as standard. The high boot line isn’t helped by the dominating rear spoiler which makes life even harder. With cars such as the SS, I think parking sensors should be mandatory.

To be honest, if this car wasn’t optioned with the ‘track stripes’, I really wouldn’t think much of it. It looks quite similar to the Omega and really doesn’t grab your attention like a muscle car should. But, with the ‘track stripes’ it’s a whole different story.

On the road –

Let’s be honest. I’ve driven a fair whack of Euro cars and quite often, the Aussie competition is quaffed at when it comes to comparative build quality and performance. The former is certainly true, but the latter…not so much.

‘Twas a gorgeous summer’s day as I set off for the hills. I wasn’t expecting too much from the SS in terms of handling and composure. It wasn’t until I got to the twisty stuff that I was totally blown away. I came into the road test thinking this would be your typical Aussie barge. Holden went on and on about how much time and effort has been poured into the VE – and in particular the sports models – and I honestly thought it was just your typical marketing hype.

Although the SS weighs in at around 1.8-tonnes, manoeuvring the car through the twisties is remarkably easy and confidence inspiring. Long, sweeping bends don’t do the SS any favours though. Through these, there is a vast amount of body roll that sets in and causes the SS to feel like a pre-historic barge. It’s on the tighter sections of road that the SS excels – who would have thought.

The SS’s brakes are very confidence inspiring. They don’t have that initial bite of a HSV’s brakes, but they grab and remain confident, even after a relatively solid flogging. The pedal also retains constant feel, unlike the recent HSV I drove, where the pedal started to sink as the going got tough. The BA (Brake Assist) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) systems work in unity to control braking before a corner. As the car shifts its weight, the EBD and BA systems can alter the braking force delivered to each individual tyre. These systems then in turn work with the ABS to modulate braking pressure to avoid a brake lockup. There was one occasion where I broke quite late and the ABS set in, it remained controlled and seamless, adding to the confidence inspiring nature of the system.

Sharp and snappy turn-in to a corner proved to unsettle the car in no way. Generally such aggressive driving delivers understeer, the SS on the other hand remained quite composed and literate, kicking up little fuss.

One of the most impressive traits was the level of weight centred over the rear tyres. With 270kW on tap, it’s not uncommon to drop the rear end out when aggressively exiting a slow corner. The SS had the amazing ability to simply drill that power into the tarmac and falter in no way. On the one occasion that I did kick into oversteer, the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) jumped in and persuasively set the rear end back in line – more on the ESC later. This style of control and ability is regularly reserved for more expensive sports cars. That’s why I was totally amazed at the SS’s ability to stick to the road. The weight distribution (through sharper corners) was impeccable and really boasted Holden’s commitment to developing the SS as a driver’s car.

As mentioned earlier, the ESC is extremely unobtrusive. There is an altered ESC program in eight-cylinder models, it allows for slightly more free-play before it steps in to fix the situation. When the unfortunate does occur and the system detects slippage, there is no instant power loss and brake shuddering, the system goes about setting the driver back on line in the quickest possible fashion. And it’s commendable to note that it didn’t interrupt hard driving, something which Toyota/Lexus could certainly learn from…

Driving the SS is an easy task. The clutch is quite springy and has a slightly electronic feel to it, the travel of the clutch is medium and the pickup point short, making down/up shifts extremely easy and well executed. The gear lever also makes driving the SS far easier. The short throw between gears is fantastic and the tight nature of the gates makes transitioning through the gears that little bit easier. The pedals also provide enough room for heel-toeing, catering for the more enthusiastic drivers.

The steering is quite direct and lightly weighed. The communication through the wheel could be slightly more responsive, but it wasn’t bad enough to turn the driver off an exhilarating drive.

The engine note from the 6.0-litre V8 is enough to make any car enthusiast aroused. Beyond 2500RPM, a deep and battering note exits the engine bay; it’s simply pure aural delight. The note doesn’t feel as subdued as the one in the HSV range. The exhaust seems more free flowing and raspy, adding to the SS’s sporty nature. At idle, it’s impossible to remain stationary. The V8 literally rumbles the car and makes it shake from side to side, that’s what a real V8 should do. It’s an odd experience, but one that should most certainly be tailored to the design of hard going V8 motors.

As a side note, on one of the mountain runs I did, I was joined by a VE Clubsport. Much to our amazement, the SS had no problems keeping with the Clubby through the bends. As the Clubby has an extra 20Nm and 37kW, it was able to pull away at the straights. But, there’s a $20,000 difference between the two…just imagine what $20k could bring to the SS with little effort.

At the end of the day, the SS left me mighty impressed as a performance car. It held its own through the vigorous testing I did and didn’t manage to leave me disappointed at any point over the drive. Holden have really engineered a driver’s car in the SS, its ability to row through each gear right up to redline left me with a smile from ear to ear. And just like any true Aussie muscle car, it could rip a very mean burnout.

Under the hood –

Flip the bonnet up and you’ll be met with a 6.0-litre Gen IV V8 LS2 engine. As tested on 98RON PULP (Premium Unleaded Petrol), the motor produces 270kW at 5700RPM and makes 530Nm of torque at 4400RPM.

The turning circle is 11.4m, so it’s a bit of a barge to perform a U-turn in, but the 6-speed manual is easy to use, so shifting between reverse and first gear is no problem. There is an optional tow kit available for the SS which can accommodate anywhere from 1200-2100kg loads.

Fuel consumption when pushed is normally in the 20L/100km+ range. But, the official combined figure sits at 14.4L/100km. With around 70% highway driving, I returned the SS with a fuel consumption figure of 12.9L/100km, which isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.

Price, options and features –

The Holden Commodore SS comes in two guises, there’s the regular SS and the SS-V. The regular SS is available with either a 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission; they are priced at $44,990 and $46,990 respectively. The SS-V on the other hand – again, available with either 6-speed manual or 6-speed auto – is available for $51,990 and $53,990 respectively.

Our test vehicle was fitted with ‘track stripes’, sports steering wheel (red), leather gear shifter, full size spare tyre and 19” alloy wheels. These were priced at $302.50, $401.50, $122.10, $250 and $1549 respectively, bringing the total price to $47,615.10.

Standard features included in the SS: Climate controlled air-conditioning; 6-stack MP3 compatible CD player, including 7-speakers, totalling 80-watts; cruise control; power windows; power mirrors; central locking; Bluetooth phone functionality; steering wheel controls; tilt and telescopic steering adjustment; power steering; 4-way electronic adjustment of driver and passenger seat; auto headlights and fog lights.

Safety features include: Dual stage driver and passenger SRS airbags; side impact airbags for driver and passenger; ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), ABS, BA (Brake Asssit) and TCS (Traction Control System).

Full length curtain airbags are a cost option.

Conclusion –

I was left utterly surprised at just how well the SS fared through the vigorous test circuits it was driven through. The interior build quality certainly doesn’t leave its competitor’s in the Stone Age, far from it in fact. That seems to be a trait plaguing most Australian vehicles, which is really sad when you consider the potential available.

When you look at the price though, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would even consider a HSV Clubsport. The SS provides such brilliant elasticity, one minute you could be going along hell for leather and the next; you could easily be pottering around town at low revs attracting little attention.

If I was in the market for a V8 Aussie sedan and a Holden is what I was after, I’d head straight to the SS. Sure, you miss out on some of the creature comforts of the SS-V, but optioned with ‘track stripes’ and the 19” wheels, you will soon forget about not purchasing the SS-V and the main upside is the weight saved with the subtraction of SS-V features.

With all that said, if you can bear to deal with average build quality and half the features of equivalent performing Euros, the SS really is a steal. The SS is one of those cars that you crave to jump in again and again to take for another thrashing; it just has that way about it. That’s why I’d happily recommend the SS to any prospective buyers, the build quality may not be all that crash hot but the thrill of driving the thing most certainly makes up for it.

– Paul Maric

  • http://www.historyofholden.com Bill

    After having the VE named Wheels Car of the Year, there has been significant negativity towards the car and the judging as a result.

    Criticize Wheels, but leave the car out of it, as described above, the car is a fantastic piece of automotive engineering.

  • steane

    I agree. Great looking car. Sounds like it is well engineered and excellent value for money.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    Yes, it is a truly awesome car!
    definitely value for money here
    I really can’t wait for the day Holden bite the bullet and bring out the SV6T… to compete against the XR6T

    I think Holden can really do with a Turbo-Charged 6, I know it goes against the “V8″ philosophy, and all the “Turbos are nice but I’d rather a V8″ stickers on Holdens would become obsolete, but times are changing and I think Holden should give other opportunities a go

  • Damo

    I agree with Alborz. Even though V8 cars are nice I would like to see them get into some 6 turbo’s pr even 4’s. I am not a big fan of Holden but they should start making a coupe or something like they did with the monaro, never like Holdens but the monaro was nice even if it did weigh more than a standard commodore with 2 extra doors. The plus about this car, unlike all of its predecessor everyting is big and smooth which makes the lights and the body all fit together. The VZ or VY did not do this. I do not like any of the VE range apart from this particular model. I still would not buy it but it is still a good ride.

  • Palexxxx

    Great looking car until you get to the wheel arches. They look ridiculous, makes it look like a matchbox car.

  • neil

    I have driven the Omega V series, SV6 and the Berlina. i am trying to decide which one to by, I currently own a VZ SV6, I need the towing capacity as I have a 1400KG caravan. After these tests I have found that the Omega V is a basic car with a fair bit of engine and road noise, it only comes with a four speed auto.

    The Berlina is very quiet and comfortable ride, once again 180kw engine only with a four speed auto.

    The SV6 interior is very plain and basin, dark roof,dark dash, dark consule, dull interior lights and red light dash and instruments which are difficult to see in the bright sun. It is not well appointed. The plus’s are it comes with a 195kw engine coupled with a five speed box, all good for my towing needs. heeps of go and great handling.

    A berlina with the 195kw engine and a 5 speed box would be my preference, can’t order in this configeration, guess I keep the VZ.

  • Paul Maric

    Thanks for the comment Neil.

    If you’re after a cheaper Aussie 6-cylinder engine, I’d bypass the Commodore range all together.

    As good as the 5-speed automatic gearbox is, the engine simply lacks the torque low-down.

    I’d recommend checking out the Falcon range. At the moment, for around $200 (don’t quote me on that though) you can buy the BF MkII Falcon with the “Euro Sports Package,” the package adds the very impressive 6-speed ZF gearbox which works nicely in unison with the 190kW, 6-cylinder power plant. It also adds DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), ‘Euro’ tuned IRS (independent rear suspension) and 17″ alloys.

    At the moment, the lower VE range simply can’t match this awesome value for money. The 4-speed auto is a joke and the 5-speed auto simply doesn’t match the 6-speed ZF ‘box.

    Hope that helps.

  • lauren

    Stunning looks! made from superior quality materials and add to that the Cold Air Intake that let your engine breathe in large amounts of cooler air..resulting in increased power at the wheels.

  • Paul

    Yeah Neil I agree with Paul Maric in regards to the Falcon, 1400kg is a decent weight… the more torque the better, and the Falcon being a 4L has plenty of it, not mentioning the other reasons why its a better buy.

    As for Lauren, lol superior quality materials… but n e way I dont think you need an intake job done on a car like this, they already come from the factory with intakes that breath just fine, for eg looking at the Aurion yesterday the snorkel comes right to the front of the car where cold air comes in, as is the case in most cars these days… and this is forgetting how in many cases the gains from putting in a CAI are negligible.

  • Damo

    Lauren? Superior quality materials? DOn’t most car manufacturers tend to use steal? (Unless you get cars with the odd aluminium roof etc. which this car does not have such as en evo or an M6 or was that carbon on the beamer) Anyway, I really don’t see how steal is superior, it is the cheapest metal on the market, it rusts, and it has recently jumped from about 2 cents to 8 cents per kg I think. Don’t know what your are on about. Unless you mean the seats, but with me it is either Recaro or nothing (dam I get sucked into name brands). The interior looks nice and all and now Holden have upped the build quality but you can get that type of interior on most decent cars. SO umm yeah Lauren, you sought of just confused the hell out of us all.

  • mamalooks

    U kiddin me…that thing has got the ugliest ass in the history of cars..i mean its nearly as ugly as the most hideous thing on four wheels ever ford taurus.Anyway the car is massive ure gonna suck juice bigtime.AND U KNOW WHAT there already mentioning problems for em.Bloody australian manufacturers..toyota are the best by far.The aussie v8s are finished…the cars they make today are made for one thing in mind NEVER EVER FORGET….SPARE PARTS.ON URE BIKE I SAY;

  • Mav

    Hi All,

    I think “Lauren” is a bloke and is lamely advertising the cheap site that doesnt even have the holden SS listed.

    As far as the VE, lets face it the “SS” is worth buying. The base models with the old crappy V6’s and lame autos still don’t perform any better than its predecesors – they were crap and are now worse as they keeping adding weight to the car. The SS does its thing cause it has so much bloody power. The base models look ordinary and they skimp on the sound proofing. The SS covers the bad road noise, etc with a nice V8 exchast note. Everyone is excited as its better than the VZ, let hope so for the $Billion or so wasted on this car. I would like to also remind people the same V8 was in the last series VZ – nothing new there.

  • Paul


    Yeah I agree with most of that. The SS is a nice car, Ive actually see quite a few of them on the road now as well…more than any other VE. It does have the same engine (Wander how 50kw came from nowhere from the VZ) but its damn quick, 0-100km.h in 5.5secs from the factory, light modding will make this car quicker then the GTS! Looks decent as well, I quite like it in most colours, esp with the clear braking lights etc that Ive seen going around. You get all this prity cheap to. The only drawback, which is prity major tbh, is its a guzzler, we are talking about double the fuel consumption of something like an Aurion under spirited driving. There is no denying this, V8s in general aernt exactly fuel efficient, but esp when you add 50kw from the previous model that doesnt come without a price.

  • Michael

    Paul, or anybody,

    Is the any way to dial the SS or SSV Engine back a bit to improve the fuel consumption, or is it a matter of controlling the left foot instead. Iterested in getting a SSV, don’t need that much power, just luve the sound of a V8.


  • Paul Maric

    Thanks for the reply Michael.

    If you’re after a really good sounding V8, Ford’s Boss range actually sounds better than Holden’s range of LS2 engines. The noise the Boss emits with a few revs on board is just sensational.

    Then again, if you’re worried about fuel consumption and want a decent engine noise, ditch the whole V8 idea all together.

    Go and test drive a Volkswagen R32, open up the throttle in first or second and just have a listen to the God-like sound that V6 emits…it’s just insane!

    Have a listen to the engine note – http://server1.thegarage.com.au/eip_r32_exhaust320k.mp3

  • Marco

    Good review, Paul. I’ve owned a VE SS for a week and a half now and done about 1700km, and I’d agree with almost all of your comments.

    The interior build quality on mine is very good, though, so it might just be teething problems with the early build car you drove. The only thing I’ve noticed on mine is that one of the plastic panels under the windscreen at the top of the dash doesn’t quite line up with the plastic panels either side of it, and there’s a little bit of foam poking out from under one of the rear door trims. Not what I’d call earth shattering issues.

    I’m loving the performance and the handling is great, and you’re right about the grip – I haven’t been able to unstick this car at all. The sound of the V8 is fabulous, and I love the huge amounts of space in every direction (it’s the only car I’ve ever driven where I don’t need to put the seat as far back as it will go).

    Pottering around on a light throttle at low RPM has given me fuel consumption as low as 10.9l/100km so far, although I’m playing with the higher-RPM performance at the moment so my recent average has been in the high 14s. It’s still a very new engine though, so that will settle down I expect.

    Overall, I’m very happy with mine.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    Thanks for sharing Marco,
    I am very interested in your fuel consumption figures as they are even lower than Holden’s quoted figures for highway driving!

  • Paul Maric

    Thanks for the comments Marco.

    In terms of value for money, you simply can’t beat the VE SS. The rumbling V8 and the performance in return is better than anything this side of the $100k Euro mark in terms of straight line performance.

    Glad you’re happy with your purchase, I’d be interested to hear how you go with fuel once the engine’s run in.

  • Chris turfer

    i am sorry but i work at a holden dealership and have grown up with them all my life. Heck i was at every Sandown event since the day i was born, supporting all that HRT had to offer.

    I now drive a GTi Golf i have enhanced to 216kw 420nm, it shits all over the SS from start to finish. Better drive, better quality, more safety, more standard equipment. ITS A FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOR GOD SAKES!!!!

    We are licking our own A holes if we truly believe this vehicle can compete at the high end of world standards. I mean seriously i drive a VW and thats considered to be the dunger of europe’s offerings (unfarily i might add) but none the less makes our SS look like a very well marketed piece of Shite!!!

    Look passed the patriotic response people and take this car for what it is, good as far as aussie cars go…………………..

  • Richard Conway


    I just ordered a Holden Commodore VE SS today!! They would not let me take it for a test drive because I am a P plater so i let my dad give it a go…and its so awesome…i just wanted to get a figure on the 0-100km because i heard it goes 5.4. My dad has a Subaru Impreza WRX STi and that is around that range and just wanted to know if it will be close…i guess i will have to put it to the test…

  • AJ

    I am confused to whether get the SS 6MT or the Infiniti G35. Here in Dubai, the G35 comes only with 5A tranny so I cant have it with the 6MT which I really prefer. The SS is about the same price but with much worse built quality and much fewer featyres. The G 35 does 0-100 in 5.5-5.7 sec. I have test driven the G35 and it accelerates fine but its not as torquey. I am really confused and want to know what you all think?

  • Manoj Singh

    For similar performance, only a few German cars at 2.5 times the price compares. Is there a (supecharger) kit to up power to the 400 kW range? I am from South Africa

  • Paul

    Yes but it isnt all about performance…. other issues like refinement (something I dont think pushrod engines have let alone the crappy transmissions GM mates to them), reliaability, comfort, safety etc etc etc.

    The SS is a good car, but there is a reason why you pay the price for the Europeans.

  • Davo

    I’ve driven both the Calais V and the SV6 they certainly have plenty of go but the build quality was very average, gaps in the interior trim work was quite poor.

    Just some advice to Richard Conway the reason they would’nt let you take it for a test drive is in one word “experience” which obviously you can not have being a “P” plater, it spells another statistic, crawl before you walk, ever heard of that, sorry just had to comment can’t stand hearing another fatality young driver powerful car combo.

  • Rick Harris

    Ve is really just a catch-up vehicle for Holden. It is not REALLY better than the BF falcon in most aspects. The drivetrain is still not as good as the Fords. That V6 is still not even close in refinement to the Fords straight 6. WHen the new Falcon comes out the VE will already be outdated. You Holden fans need to take an FPV Force 6 for a drive…..you wont believe how good it is………especially that wonderful Turbo straight 6 engine and the ZF 6 speed auto…….magic !!!!!!! Holden have nothing that comes close to it!!!!!!

  • Manoj Singh

    Any supercharger kit for the holden ss?

  • Paul

    QUOTE = Just some advice to Richard Conway the reason they would’nt let you take it for a test drive is in one word “experience” which obviously you can not have being a “P” plater, it spells another statistic, crawl before you walk, ever heard of that, sorry just had to comment can’t stand hearing another fatality young driver powerful car combo.

    Funny thing is NSW at least has restrictions on powerful vehicles yet statisically more fatalities have occured amongst young drivers since this law came into place. Could be in part because faster cars are usually more safer cars! Using an analogy like yourself, it would be ideal for younger drivers to have training wheels on their cars first wouldnt it, things like stability control, traction control, electronic brakeforce distribution (all on cars like an SS) are these metaphorical ‘training wheels’, luxuries many older drivers now have to pull them out of the shyte 😉

  • Vern

    Having owned Holdens since the mid 70’s (all V8’s) the VE in my book is the best Holden ever built by the General. I recently took as test drive in a VE SSV automatic and it provides everything a driver could want, safety, performance, features, quality and of course looks. After the drive I had to have one so I ordered it and replaced it with a VZ SS Thunder Ute which I had owned for only 5 months !!

    Well done General !!!!!!!!

  • luke dale

    i own an ss thats ignition orange with the track stripes and i just have to say a couple of things. on the high-way to brisbane i got the fuel down to 8.9litres to the hundred klms thats in an auto with the air-con switched on and in your review you said it has an ls2 engine its actully an L98 the Ls2 is the one in hsv but still awsome review

  • PAP

    I had STI 02 and the SS is faster full stop, the golf is better quality but even with 200KWS you will be in the back side of my SS all the way (i only done eshaust and Dyno tune), I just trade a MAZDA 3 MPS wich is faster than the golf that’s why I said so, in general I’ll say after 3 wrx/ 2 golfs, a 3l Z3 and many more, I’m very happy with the ss , SC & brake up-grade are on the way 😀


  • Paul

    Yeah but as soon as you hit a corner… your RWD barge is going to shyte itself and oversteer into a pole and Mr Sti with his 400kg or so less weight and AWD is going to laugh all the way to the next set of lights where you can dream about beating him off the line again.

  • Andrew. M

    well i just gotta ask poor old richard conway who is gonna insure his new ss for him?? good luck to him. or will his dad put his name on it again.

  • Andrew says

    Mr STI may have 400kgs less than the ss but how many times is Mr STI going to fule up when he is on a long highway drive and his little 2L is sitting on high revs at 110kms/hr when the ss is sitting on an idle of 1500rpm or at 8L/100kms, but then it is performance we want(we aren’t driving Grandmars bugy now are we) and I’m sorry but it just comes down to engineering but on that note i think I’d rather spend $45000 and get a new V8 ss that spend $50000 and just end up with a turbo 4. To round it up i belive the car looks, feels,drives and sounds amazing I would go as far to say I love it and cant wait for the ‘v’ ute to come out well Done Holden, Well Done.

  • Bavarian Missile

    HAHAHA Looks like a Bordello inside.

  • simonw

    what is with the whole ‘my car is better than your’s’ syndrome that most guys suffer.

    If you like a car… then buy it…. if you don’t like it…. then don’t buy it… Just don’t critcize other people’s opionions or taste because they are different to your’s.

    I currently drive a Mazda 6 Luxury Sport. Owned it for nearly 5 years… best car i’ve ever had. When I bought it, I went out and looked at everything available in my price range… Australian, Euro, Japanese, New, low km second hand… anything I could find. The Mazda was the best at the time IN MY OPINION.

    Now it’s time to renew…. I did the same thing… and guess what I’ve chosen…. Redhot SSV, with sunroof, TV/DVD, track stripes, redhot/onyx trim. I can’t wait.

    Now it may not be the quality of a bee-mer… but then it’s a third of the price. And it may not have the dynamics of a Rex…. but then they look like a KIA or Daewoo and sound like an unbalanced front loader in spin cycle…. IN MY OPINION.

    Lets stop seeing who can piss the highest shall we…. after all…. I bet no one on this site can afford a Bugatti Veyron… And there ladies and gentlemen is your bench-mark.

  • Aaron

    well said

  • Jo

    hey yo

    commodore suck shit…bought myself GTS, bucket of crap…so wot does that say about ss. bring on evo x…mite get myself a REAL fast car.

    commordore, suck ballz, eat shit, never buy 1 agen.
    plus get u pinned wreckless 4 doin skids, get AWD, 0-100 in 4.6…

  • John

    Bought the VE SV6 and not happy. Rattles in dash still not fixed, bald tyres at 15,000 kms (not due to driving style either)the back shockys were faulty when bought. Car slides out on corners due to shockys Holden want nothing to do with it. Poor customer service. Would never buy another Holden as long as I live.

  • Leigh

    I Hat Holdens, I hate V8’s. The problem now is—have a SS. Got the manual. Just Love it. It has a great ride, the traction in most situations is just fantastic. I did opt for the 19 inch wheels. @0’s compromised ride too much, plus at 47, there isn’t the need to prove it when you know you’ve got it.
    With out a doubt one of the finest cars to come out of the box (non modified) produced in Australia. As mentioned before, that is my opinion!
    For those that want to know I went with the SS not the SSV as the leather and headlights were not that important to me. Just one thing, the torque of that motor is stunning. As for the European car comparison, sure the 540 Beemer is a better car, it is also 3 times the price. The other problem is I live in Australia, and after waiting 3 days for BM parts during a Perth to Melbourne drive, I think that there has to be a sense of sensibility. Again, well done Holden, just hate to love my SS!

  • wombat

    Holden should re-release the Monaro, but do it properly – ie, put in the LS7 7L V8 from the Corvette or make the LS2 TT so that it has some decent performance 😀 The Monaro was nice enough, but it really could’ve done with a bit more straight line go.

  • Billy Bob

    Holdens are for wankers only. I wouldn’t even spend 2k on a new one.

    Ave a gud un all you jerks

  • simon w

    Holdens are only for wankers hey Billy Bob???? well I would suggest that with a name like that… you probably WOULDN’T have $2k to spend on one, would you.

    Soun’s to me like yoo’d drive a good’ol pick up truck like a dirty ol’ ’62 F-100

    And Jo…. what model GTS did you buy?… cos if it’s anything pre-VE, then you do have reason to be unhappy. And as for evo… arent they just a lancer? And isn’t the lancer a girl’s car? Just hope it has a vanity mirror on the driver’s side so you can put your mascara on Jo. (Is that short for Joanne?)

  • Billy Bob

    Simon, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. You are such a jerk. Do you really think my name is Billy Bob. I am actually a well paid sales manager who hates EVERYTHING Holden produces; as well as it’s wanker followers and it’s shit cars like the Grange, Statesmen, Calais, Berlina, Commodore, Utes; whatever!

    Buy Japanese my son and get some real up to date technolgy and not some second hand shit from the yanks. Holden can’t even produce a brake system themselves and have to go to the UK for Brembo!! Make a ‘big donk’ for people with little dicks. Holden usually get what the yanks have passed in by its’ ‘use by date’. Go toss your dick in your big VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE8 with some ugly Sheila …..called Shelia.

    Take the bait you wankers. I wouldn’t even put my dog in a Holden.

  • az

    Hey Billy Bob, take the cock out of your mouth, you wanker! Your probly some arrogant fucker, who still lives with his mum, no-one cares about your shithouse opinion…

  • shane

    Calm down mate, I think if you cant make any positive comments you shouldnt comment at all.

  • Billy Bob

    I’m 57 married with two adult children and four Japanese cars in the house (It’s a big house and not a feral house-like yoursI expect). We all work in ‘good’ jobs and love to wind up you Holden fuckers up who have now idea of what a good car is.

    PS I’m also a POM.

    I hope your warranties are good for when the ‘shit comes down’. Have fun Holden boys.

    Bye Bye for good. It’s nice to wind you stupid twats up.

  • Azza

    Hmmm… Jap cars… geesh lets get a quick glimpse of what kind of people drive Jap Cars… excluding the Japs themselves that is. OH I KNOW! TOSSERS! Thats who drive Jap Cars, complete tossers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Nissan Skyline, or a Mitsubishi Evo or any breed of Jap car driven by someone who doesn’t think they’re top shit. And the way that can be told is by the way they rev the crap outta the engine… yeah, that tiny piss weak 4 cylinder engine with a turbo charger or two. I recommend you leave picking on the Holden supporters for the people that have the right to pick on them, the Ford Supporters. And don’t even try to say that Jap Cars are better then any Ford, because they aren’t, and Billy Bob, i’ll beat you with any facts you try to produce against that statement.

  • Nik

    I like Fords and Holdens (I favour Fords slightly). But I have to agree Japs make better cars.
    They have two manufacturers involved in F1 the pinnacle of motorsport. They make proper fast cars NSX, GT-Rs, RX-7s etc.
    Whenever enthusiast talk about proper drivers cars you hear NSX, Integra Type-R and Skyline mentioned along with Europe’s best (Porsche, Ferrari etc.)
    Their commercial and off-road vehicles are undeniable the world’s best. Hilux and Land Cruiser are just unbeatable.
    They make good luxury cars, Lexus.
    Their everyday cars are cheap, reliable and offer a wide variety of good quality cars (Quality is a huge issue in owning a Ford/Holden).
    Japs always have innovative ideas, as an example most recently hybrid cars. It will take Holden and Ford a long time before they will be able to offer anything to rival a Prius or a Civic Hybrid.
    I know Ford’s and Holden’s offer cheap muscle but price is not an issue here. It is like comparing a track suit to a business suit. You would always want to be in a business suit.
    Having said all this a V8 is hard to beat for performance, sound, character and heritage. Owning a Ford GT would amazing.

  • simon w

    Hey there Billy Bob – who’s winding up who? Hook line and sinker.

    Lay down here on the couch and tell us where your underlying hate for holdens came from?

    There’s something deeply disturbing about your passionate distaste for “The General”… which goes much, much deeper than your own personal prefence.

    Did you wife have an affair with a kingswood driver???

    Or worse still maybe your son got his first head job in a torana…. and it took him three beers just to get rid of the taste!!!!!

    Let people like what ever cars they want to like… I personally appreciate Japanese, Euro, USA, and Australian.

    Oh…. by the way…. who are you sales manager for????? Tampax????

    Thankyou very much…you’ve been a wonderful audience… I’m here all week…. try the veal!

  • Billy Bob

    My last comment.


    Holden…I DON”T want one!!!

    My wife wouldn’t even know where to find a Holden owner – we don’t even have one in our street!!

    I’ve had a Porche 944 new, Volvos, Mazdas’, Fords’ and all sorts of cars; BUT I can’t stand the way you people drive on the roads of Australia, as if you own them – because you have a ‘fucking’ Holden. It’s not a good car it’s a cheap shit Aussie manufactured vehicle that doesn’t come anywhere near the quality and ride of any European or Japanese vehicle. You only buy them because they have a ‘big donk’ and are cheap.

    Everytime I see someone in a UTE I think poor sucker, they have to have a big boot to put the bits in when they fall off!!

    I drive 60,00 klms per year and get pissed off with all you Holden ‘road ragers’.

    Bye. Suck it all in and then think about what I have said. It’s all there in front of you in traffic every day. JUST LOOK AHEAD OF YOUR FANCY DIALS.

  • Bavarian Missile

    HAHAHAHA,hey Klink this post is much funny than the circle your all going around in on the TRD front wheel drive blog!Read the last few posts from Simon and Billy Bob !Lol I am still cracking up…….

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Missile… gee will need a seatbelt as falling out of my chair with loud laughter. Some people go on (pointless) and CANNOT LET GO and have to put the other down and just go on with waffle wasting oxygen!

    Q: Hey how do you confuse Simon and Billy Bob????
    A: Put them in a round room and tell them to find a corner. They can sort there so called differences out there????

    Defies gravity a fair bit as wiping the tears from my eyes (crying from laughing too much!).

  • Billy Bob

    We don’t waste oxygen; just exert brain power through our fingers. It’s called intelligence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hahaha now look what we have started Klink ……Lol

    Hey Billy Bob a 944 isn’t a Porsche is it I thought it was an Audi or was that the 924 either way poor mans Porsche!

    Hey Klink ya think Andrew M is at the Pub waiting for Paul to shout him a beer………cause he lost the front wheel drive horsepower battle ?

  • simon w

    Klink and Bavarian… I’m actually with you… couldn’t believe Billy Jean’s comments…. and the best part is… he’s serious! I’m just pushing his buttons to see how far he goes.

    Actually…. Billy Bob… ya missus didn’t get srewed in a kingswood… I had a SLR5000 at the time!!!! maaaaan she was tight back there… she reckons she couldn’t shit right for a week!

    In closing…. YOU HAD A VOLVO!!!!!! game, set and match!

    Goodnight… and goodbye xxxx

  • Billy Bob

    Have fun you ferals; most of you can’t even afford a Ford Fiesta without finance. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is so great winding up you wankers who have to put the petrol in your V8’s on your CCard and pay next month. Go Holden boys. I just hate the lot of you.

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Mate, this thread is full of utter soapbox style crap that is so stupid!

    BILLY BOB, you are Pommy, 2 married with 57 adult children and 4 Japanese cars in the house; mate the lingo is bad assed!

    GO FORD.


    H ~ heap of old rubbish design
    O ~ old pile of shit
    L ~ less quality
    D ~ deadset OPEL / VAUXHALL genes
    E ~ empty on character
    N ~ nothing but trouble

    Like fly fishing! Bites galore by the horde of yobbo hobbos

  • Billy Bob

    By the way a Porsche 944 was a $75,000 car in 1986. Holden today $40.000. Game set and match. Who’s got the dough?

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Simon says….

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Billy Bob… mate what the hell is your last point. Politicians buying votes make more sense then your comment!

  • http://. Kramer

    Man you lot on here are smoking some real heavy shit!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Yer I know I bought a real Porsche same year a 911 $125.000 .Whats a Commy have to do with a Porsche though?

    Lol……. Klink,aint fishing fun.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Klink is that a typo or does Billy Bob have 57 adult children ? I cant stop laughing….. someone restrain me!

  • simon w

    Actually Bavarian… hate to tell you this… but my $60,000 SSV will do the 0-100 quicker than your $125,000 911. But I’m still envious!

  • simon w

    Do you reckon Billy Bob is loading his shotgun and looking me up in a phonebook? hehehe Volvo

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Kramer ……I wish ,if I smoked …..

    Its just Friday and Klink and I are having a bit of fun,cause Andrews at the pub waiting for Paul still !Lol

    Hey Simon I doubt it ,after all we read Australian phone books poms cant speak OZZIE . Lol

  • Bavarian Missile

    Billy Bob was the guy on a Jeremy Clarkson DVD in the US when he blew up a Prius ………I think he also married his sister too……”shes short and shkkiny,buts shhhhes strong” lol

  • simonw

    Bavarian, Kramer…. I’ve gotta go do some work in my shed… mind taking over pushing Billy’s buttons while I’m gone?

    I’ll check up later to find out if he’s thrown a cog!

    Good luck… see if you can get him to burst a blood vessel!

    Hang On…. Pom…. Friday night…. It’s bath night

    hehehe Volvo

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Simon ,more than likely but it was 1986 when we bought it new, a Commy didnt nail it then though!

    Great noise though the 911 made then ,the Rex burrble almost as good,makes my knees qiver still listening to them!

    What you doing in the shed ?

  • simonw

    hate to sound like a doof doof bogan.. but I’ve got a 10″ sub in a box with a 700watt Sony amp that I’m sticking in the boot of the SS. Standard you-bute blaupunkt 11 speaker system sounds like crap… no bottom end. I’ve installed everything into or on the box very neatly, so I can simply unplug it and lift it out when i want to. Just been hunting ignition wires. +ve and -ve are easy with battery in to boot… and I’ll tap signal of the woofers in the back shelf using a speaker level to line level converter. All good so far.

    Still no sign of Billy Jean… think he’s sitting in the rocker on his front porch chewing tabackee and playin the banjo!Squeal like a pig, booooy

  • Reality


    Jap cars win hands down…. nothign to do with build quality or performance…. but reputation. REgardless of if you love them or hate them, Jap cars Like the supra, skyline, evo, etc all are global phenomenons with cult followings…. ive been to the USA, china, france, germany, greece, italy, china, philipines, and argentina. In every one of those countries when i say i own a Supra – i got instant recognition for what that car is and what it can do. It gets class, style and respect attatched to it every place you go, and its the same for most jap sports cars.

    There is no Holden that is known outside of australia. In fact the holden badge is so worthless they have to rebadge it under different names to sell it overseas – For example Vauxhall – to pretend it not actually a holden. Thats why we in australia have so much much trouble exporting cars. Australian cars are percieved as american cars, and just generally crap.

    Holdens simply arnt worth anything to the rest of the world, they dont have anywhere near enough options, stylign or performance to be cost effective or competative. You can argue all you like against this, but the export figures say it all…. not worth exporting. Some sheiks out in the desert with statesman’s and the odd monaro to the UK and USA, are only very very small numbers in comparison to japan and european manufacturers

    Compare that with jap cars – where the world cant get enough of them, and for the same price and LESS you get much more standard features, options, and even performance.

    Jap cars are still behind the euopeans manufacturers though, due to the much higher levels of production they pump out, bringing down the price and makign the car more common, meaning they dont quite have the elegance factor.

    Even lower down the scale is the VE commodore – It isnt a bad car, infact its quite good. Much in the same way that Macdonalds Hamburgers are quite good. But there is a huge difference between having a quarter pounder at Maccas and A 3 course dinner at an exclusive resturant. Just like there is a difference in buying a commodore as popposed to buying a mercedes or BMW. Jap cars are in the middle. All the delights of quality food, in a classy environment, but without the huge dent in your wallet.

    In europe Holden simply wouldnt be able to keep up with the technology required to be able to be competative. The commodore is too overpriced for so few optional extras that are stanard in jap and european cars. In performance terms You only have to look at the skyline. There was a reason it was banned from the touring car competition here, and that was for anhiliating commodore and falcon for a long time. That was over 10 years ago, and the VE commodore NOW – still isnt anywhere near as quick around a track as an r34.

    If it wasnt for the government packing huge taxes and duties on imported cars, holdens and ford in australia prob would loose out to cars that are clearly superior from the like of BMW, mercedes, and so on, because the price of those cars would come way, WAY down if we had more reasonable taxes on imports. Even the ADR rules are made to work for Holden and FOrd – to try and keep the serious competion at bay, makign sure the serious imports cant get here or at least have to have a very big fight.

    Bottom Line is commodores are good cars, but they will never shake off the stigma of being the druken, lazy, fat aussie yobbo smoking and swearing with a VB six pack next to him in the car, looking for a punch on. Just look at The current holden ute marketing campain, it almost as through its written for truckies when they go to a local pub to watch the footy. Holdens are overpriced for what they are in comparison and their peroformance is still one behind the eight ball.(base price for many imports without taxes is cheaper than most holdens, its only the tax that makes them much more expensive)

    Anyway ive said enough… maybe i’ll come back and check this thread out next year :)

    • deep

      listen you dumbass it’s got a holden name because they don’t want it be as common as ford everywhere aroud the world. and if you talk about respect or recognition just tell them that you own a camaro or corvette zr1 they will forget what the hell sura is…. and for speed zr1 beats the hell out of ferrari, gt-r, and porche………….

  • Roger Wallis

    Guys forget all the jibing, it is only a car and it drives real well. I know because I have an SSV!
    For around $50,000 it represents a lot of fun but I can only say that the build quality is very average when compared to a Mits 380.
    The thing that gets me is just as other writers have said – Holden don,t really know much about customer relations. I worked at Mits for 18 years and admit I was looking for a bit of WOW factor when purchasing the SSV but Mits as a company do really care about their customers!
    How many people love the pathetic windscreen washers on the VE Commodore? How unroadworthy are they?
    Well mine are fixed now that I’ve put multi spray nozzles onto the bonnet. If ever a company buried its head in a bucket of sand cop Holden’s response to the sprayers attached to the underside of their wiper arms when questioned about sub standard operation.
    ‘Get your Holden Dealer to test them for correct operation but if they think they are alright there is nothing else that can be done’!
    As I said earlier the car represents good value and lots of fun but it just lacks through poor company attitude.
    So long as Australians let Holden off the hook for the little things Holden will let the WOW factor and looks make up for a multitude of unacceptable trim misfits and dislodgements,rattles and shuddering vibrations.

  • Mick

    Billy Bob… what a tool! He prides himself he drives a Volvo!

    Im in the middle of buying a VE SS and have actually decided to go with a demo for the pure reason of it has been tested and hopefully any problems have been rectified.
    Test drives so far have been very enjoyable, cant wait to get my hands on my own.

  • simonw

    Reality… Holdens (particularly SS’s) are amazing bang for your bucks. They are fast, loud, abnoxious, True-Blue Aussie Muscle cars. Name a Japanese car from the late 60’s early 70’s that is now selling from anywhere between $200k and $800k. Now go take a look at Shannons Auctions or Australianmusclecarsales.com.au. Aussie’s love Aussie muscle. It’s our heritage.

    I’ve done my time with Japanese… and yes they do have slightly better refinement… BUT THEY DON’T HAVE BALLS! Tell me ONE Japanese or Euro car that is under $50k that can do a standing 1/4mile in around 13 sec?

    And yes… all you pretty boys with your milo-tin exhausts, and big “pimp my ride” chrome rims will rave on about turbos and all-wheel drive…. but they still look like mum’s after school run-about. And they sound like my arse after a big night on the VB’s.

    Now…… where did I put that six pack… oh here it is… on the seat next to me winny blues!

    In closing… why drive Jap???…. WE won the war!

  • LionTamer

    Reality has hit the nail on the head unfortunately. I have had my Staesman for around 8 weeks now and i have to say it feels friggin unreal when the needle is above 5,500. I have been in some fast ars in my 28 years of lefe, but this certainly halls ass for a big fukka. I am really disappointed with the finish inside, and twice now my display lights and A/C have failed. A quick off and on in neutral rolling fixed it both times tho.
    It really is a shame that ford and holden can’t duplicate the perfect build quality i see in alot of jap and euro cars. My audi never faltered once, and i have to say my R32 has never missed a beat either.
    Anyhow, just wanted to put my two bob in:
    VE good car, not perfect, almost worth the $1500/mth tho maybe i am whinging cos my wife wants a mondeo, and its $25,000 cheaper.

  • SS_Girl

    Hi Guys,

    I have owned my new SS VE for 3 weeks now and have recently noticed a problem with the power delivery in my car. Now guys before you start abusing me for my poor car knowledge I would just like to point out that I am a 22 yo Female so my car expertise is quite limited.OK! Now back to my problem, I have noticed when I put my foot down on the accelerator in my car there is a significant delay in the speed delivery, almost as if the car misses a gear momentarily. The problem seems to be more noticable after rounding corners which makes me question if it may have something to do with a faulty fuel line. Just wanted to know if anyone has ideas or has had the same problem? Would love to hear feedback before I return to the dealership… Other than that I am loving my new SS. Proud to be a Holden loving Aussie chick!

  • datank

    Hey SS Girl

    Heard of Traction Control. If you thump the accelarator, sounds like the traction control is kicking in. This is more probably the case as you have stated it happens around corners as well.

    Try turning the Trac Control off -> be warned though, don’t plant it too fast or you might end up in a pole of you’re not careful.

    If it’s not that, do take it back to Holden.


    To all out there – Holdens rule !!

    Billy Bob, you sound like an arrogant wanker who thinks you’re top shit. I make in excess of 100k and I wouldn’t talk down to people like that, and YES, I love my V8’s and my Holdens and can afford to buy two outright if I wanted to. Euro cars may be nice but when they break down they cost 3 times as much to fix – and yes I have owned a new Merc back in the day -> what a fucking waste of money that was !!

  • simonw

    Hey there SS_girl. Is your car a manual or auto? Is it sluggish from stand still… or (if it’s an auto) is it failing to kick down a gear or two? when you sink the boot in.

  • SS_Girl

    Hey Simon

    My car is auto. It feels like it may be failing to downshift gears properly. After taking it back to the dealership they were none the wiser as to what it may be and said they had rebooted the computer system to allow it to’read’ my driving style better. I haven’t noticed an improvement yet though.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Why did you buy an auto then ………there always slower!

    Real performance cars have clutches………hahaha

  • Me.

    The only real auto sports sedan is a Falcon with a ZF 6-Speed.

  • Andrew M

    perhaps it is just the lazy auto box that holden is renowned for having.
    if thats the case holden wont admit it and it will only get worse with age.

    whats this rubbish about updating software to suit driving style???
    thats a big “push her away line” if i ever heard on

  • SS_Girl

    Hey bavarian missile

    You say real performance cars have clutches? Real men have cocks to grab hold of, not gear sticks! Enjoy your ‘real car’. That is if you can actually afford to buy one sweety.

  • Duck

    I love it, specially with the strips!

  • Duck

    Ford is not the V8 king they are slower to 0-100 tan holdens V8’s. Ford XR8 is 0-100km in 6.3 secs (Auto) and Holden SS is 0-1000km in 5.8 secs (Auto).

  • Me.

    When did I ever say the Ford is the king of V8s?

  • Duck

    What would you own Me., a Holden SS Sedan or Ford XR8?

  • Me.

    At the moment, i’d have an SS.

  • http://www.caradvice.com goog

    yeah the holden v8 is so much better then the fords atm.. but i agree the holden 6 sounds like shit and is a little gutless.. we need a supercharged 6 to compete in that area with ford.

  • SS_Girl

    Hey bavarian missile

    You say real performance cars have clutches? Real men have dicks to grab hold of, not gear sticks! Enjoy your ‘real car’. That is if you can actually afford to buy one sweety.

  • Bavarian Missile

    hahaha………..Honey I am female darling and wouldn’t trade my M3 in for a SS ….SORRY!If you don’t know what an M3 is then you shouldn’t be here! Get back in your slow -auto!!!!

  • http://www.caradvice.com goog

    ss girl its ok you have got a good car there… take me lol love the new ss’s.. haha and yes that was a good call 2 from ss girl.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Well that was unexpected….. Goog coming to the rescue of a female in distress!! I would be too if I drove an Auto SS I guess….hahaha

    Goog I think she was mixing Clutches with Crutches….either
    way Im sure if you did a poll survey on Autos and Clutches in REAL Performance cars,clutches would win! So stop being an egg!

    Im sure you and her would make a great couple both have loads of credibility on this site….MEOW!!!

  • Bavarian Missile

    What still no Goog??????

  • Me.

    Just like “Jbot” it comes to help BM because the thing knows whos female… BUT, If it’s a guy it will attack him.


  • Wheelnut

    FYI SS Girl the Bavarian Missiles M3 has an SMG which effectively allows the driver to select from Automatic or Manual within the one gear box.. similar to the SSs 6spd adaptive sport-select auto but 10x better.

    Then there’s the M6 and the i-drive system which has so much technology that via a series of menus the driver can customise the cars set up in terms of steering; suspension; throttle response; gear shift pattern etc..

    Which is alot more than your SS will probably ever have

  • http://www.caradvice.com goog

    oi go 2 your gay ford forums.. u tell me 2 keep away from the ford so u keep away from holden

  • Me.

    SORRY I’M OFFF!!!! 😀 WHOOSH!!!!!!!


  • Bavarian Missile

    Goog………..your scrambled!!!!!! My point was addressed to all Autos!!!!! You assumed as well as your SS Girlfriend{original name by the way} Looks like you’ve been poached again mate!

    Wheelnut is correct too by the way! Not in the same league!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Goog so did you understand my point?

  • Tonyn

    goog must of been sprung by his mum not doing homework!

  • Bavarian Missile


  • SS_Girl

    Ooh sorry didn’t mean to provoke such a reaction out of you precious people. Do I sense that you may be feeling threatened by a girl who drives an auto? Haha just makes me laugh really cuz I have enough going on in my life not to obsess if my car is better than everyone elses.
    PS thanks for backing me up goog, you can come for a drive in my auto whenever you like ;).

  • Bavarian Missile

    Darling why would we feel threatened by an AUTO,you have already said your having problems with it.I guess you have the problem not us!

    Oh and my first statement about REAL PERFORMANCE CARS HAVE CLUTCHES…..STILL STANDS!

    You obviously don’t have enough in your life cause you assumed for one I was male and 2 I wouldn’t be able to afford a SS.Wrong on both counts.Just because you drive an SS Commodore thats Auto doesn’t mean you won’t get nailed ,but Im sure you have now realized that!

    Please put your brain into gear before speaking next time love….oh forgot you don’t have a clutch!

    Would love it you and GOOG could drive off in your slow Auto to another site !Cheers

  • Bavarian Missile

    appears to have taken my advice……

  • SS_Girl

    Nah, just out driving that awesome auto SS of mine!

    • Daniel

      BM sounds like an uppity yuppie. my ssV would pump the m6 your husband brought you out the water everyday. My offer goes out to anyone of you. i recommend saying no to my offer save yourself a bit of major embarrassment.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Arrrrrrr…..so its fixed then??

  • SS_Girl

    Yeah good as new babe!

  • Duck

    Hey SS_Girl,

    Why did’nt you buy the manual………what you dont like driving them or you dont know how to drive one!

  • Duck

    Im not trying to annoy you but im just wondering.

  • SS_Girl

    Hey duck

    I bought the auto because it is easier for city driving (where I live) and it also has the sports shift which is basically like a clutchless manual anyway so if I feel like doing gears I can, just minus the clutch. I can drive manuals and I actually drive a lot in my job so its good to relax and have no gears when I get in my own car after work.

    PS Goin on hols for two weeks now Bavarian Missile, hope you don’t miss me too much! Will reply to all your catty posts I’m sure you’ll leave me when I get home. Bye for now

  • Bavarian Missile

    So I guess you believe what the salesman tells you then….

    You still have lag compared to a manual……so its slower and heavier than a manual.

    Naaaaa wont miss you,I am not generally a catty person but you should remember in future if you cant take it then don’t dish it out !

  • JennaJ

    Can I just say to bavarian missile you sound like a complete tool who has no life outside this blog and who really cares about your opinion anyway. I’d love to know what makes you so damn important you think you can bully others. And good on you SS girl for having the guts to stand up to this clueless clown. At least you sound like a decent person who doesn’t go out of their way to attack people who come to this site looking for answers. Shame on you bavarian missile.

  • Bavarian Missile

    HAHAHAHA………your joking right!!!!!What are you her best friend..hahaha

    Bully others….I voiced an opinion she came back at me honey with insults! Meow!!!!!!

    Honey if she cant rant with me how the hell does she think she will go with the guys on the site,get some car knowledge before you open you trap too far baby!

    Complete tool………..god I getting sick of being called a bloke!!!!!!

  • greg

    You have struck gold B M please keep digging I want some rare gems for my collection, who said blogs are boring. She is jealous she doesn’t own a tool and wouldn’t know how to use one anyway…

  • JennaJ

    Maybe theres a reason you keep gettin called a bloke you fuckin dyke!

  • JennaJ

    Maybe theres a reason you keep gettin called a bloke you stupid dyke! Why don’t you go find yourself a decent root

  • Bavarian Missile

    Dyke……….what are you 12! Cant come up with a civilized answer so you call me a Dyke!!!!!!!!!

    Could you please refrain from obscene comments as it lowers your IQ even more………plus kids watch this site! Oh but then again you are one!!!!!hahaha

    Darling you don’t have to be a Lesbian to know about cars….


  • Watto_Cobra

    Ooh that’s a bit nasty :-(

  • Bavarian Missiles Husband!!


    No need to lower yourself to name calling, this is a car web site , not some high school cat fight.

    I can tell you my wife has a full life , successful business,3 children & we have a great sex life, thanks for caring.
    Lots of women are jealous of her car Knowledge.
    so get over it!

    Yes she spends a lot of time on the forum, its good stress relief for her.

    I don’t expect some silly reply to this move on a realize you have been told.

    cheers Brett

  • Bavarian Missiles Husband!!

    Crap I mentioned S E X So it got moderated!


    No need to lower yourself to name calling, this is a car web site , not some high school cat fight.

    I can tell you my wife has a full life , successful business,3 children & we have a great s e x life, thanks for caring.
    Lots of women are jealous of her car Knowledge.
    so get over it!

    Yes she spends a lot of time on the forum, its good stress relief for her.

    I don’t expect some silly reply to this move on a realize you have been told.

    cheers Brett

  • Watto_Cobra

    Hi Brett, you rarely get on here eh? Oh yeah, congrats on the Cobra purchase. I think Jenna will find herself banned very soon if she continues as is.

  • Bavarian Missiles Husband!!

    Cheers Watto ,I know you from the emails that come through of all her CA Mates geez they even started ringing her.

    Cobra is good!Thanks.

    Not that I mind but topless in the pool Wheelnut the other night.

    Jenna Im waiting for a return from you.

  • Oz.

    Hey!!! I’ve never seen BM’sH here Before!

  • Oz.

    Jenna, did you forget to take you tablet as you have an agressive illness?

    I also really can’t find a reason for your attacks and I am getting ready to get a shark bite by you soon…

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Oz….he didn’t like the fact she called me a DYKE…….

    Let alone the other bit when I told him….I didn’t expect him to comment on it though!! I thought it funny he didn’t!

    Protective hubby……not that I need it! As you would know…..I don’t have a problem with chicks on here I do when it comes to arrogance in any sex!

    Come on here and tell me what you drive ….no problem ,tell me you have an attitude cause you think what you drive gives you knowledge,pfftttttttt different story.

    Moral of the story………..know what you drive and others before you start insulting them…..including their s e x!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Moderated again……

    Hey Oz….he didn’t like the fact she called me a DYKE…….

    Let alone the other bit when I told him….I didn’t expect him to comment on it though!! I thought it funny he didn’t!

    Protective hubby……not that I need it! As you would know…..I don’t have a problem with chicks on here I do when it comes to arrogance in any s e x!

    Come on here and tell me what you drive ….no problem ,tell me you have an attitude cause you think what you drive gives you knowledge,pfftttttttt different story.

    Moral of the story………..know what you drive and others before you start insulting them…..including their s e x!

  • Bavarian Missile

    What no come back still……….

  • Mike P

    Hi all, my name is Mike from Michigan, USA. I’m getting a Pontiac G8 GT with the 6.0 liter V8. What are some of the stock 1/4 mile or 400 meter times that these stock VE Commodore 6.0 liters are getting?

    I’m hoping to get a mid 13’s time in stock form. Then do a computer tune & CAI, and then maybe go from there.

    Any input or info. would be great! Thanks!

  • Duck

    Mike P,
    Our SS V Auto and Manual (both)does a 0-400km time in 13.9 secs!

  • Duck

    Mike P,
    How much does the Pontiac G8 GT cost? And are you buying a manual or auto?

  • Oz.

    Don’t the Pontiac G8s only come with manuals? because There is a post on this site called “No manual for Pontiac G8″

  • Oz.

    …Sorry, I said “Don’t the Pontiac G8s only come with manuals” I mean don’t they only come with autos.

  • Duck

    Are you talking to me?

  • Duck

    If you are talking to me, i think that no pontiacs will get a manual?

  • Oz.

    Yes I was.

  • Wheelnut

    The Pontiac G8 wii get the 6 Spd manual but not until the last 1/4 of this year or the first 1/4 of next year.

  • Duck

    Go to the Merc GLK article!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Mate I would suggest you chat to these guys! Try LS1{one} forums…they chat about Holden’s and mods,should help you!


  • Oz.

    Looks like no comment back from “JennaJ” to own up to its stupid attitude.

  • Wheelnut

    Duck; Why..? I was just there.. what’s so important..? did I miss Something..?

  • Duck

    I was just going to ask you something on that page thats all, but you’ve already read it……….so dont worry!

  • Mike P

    13.9??? Damn, I was hoping you guys were seeing some stock times in the mid 13’s. My buddy just bought a Bullit Mustang that runs 0-60 in 5.1 secs and the 1/4 mile in 13.7 So that means I’ll have to mod right away!

    The V8 6.0 Pontiac G8 with options is going for about $32,000 US Dollars or $36,500 Australian Dollars.

  • Duck

    It would probaly better shipping the pontiac G8 GT to AUSTRALIA, other than buying an SS V, but you still have to pay a far bit of money on bills and charges that needed to ship it here (Right hand drive also needed).

  • Duck

    Hey Mike P,
    Why dont you buy a Pontiac GTO and do it up!

  • SS_Girl

    Haha looks like you guys have found someone new to pick on. Great news for me. Have to say I agree with you somewhat Jenna J, and I also find it quite funny we’ve only just heard from ‘Bavarian Missiles Husband’ after all this time. Me thinks someone might have a dual personality…

  • Bavarian Missile

    Geez lady why don’t you admit your an idiot for starting all this and take your Jenna friend with you!

    Dual personality………is that the best you can do! Honey most on this site know Im married..and why would I lie about being married ? Wheelnut has rung me before so he knows I’m married.

    If you go on the Ford Forums you can catch him on there …look for the picture of the Blown XA Yellow coupe {If you know what one of those are} Oh and by the way it just so happens he did come on that same night cause I asked to help Kelly with some questions on her Golf she was having problems with…….

    Grow up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wheelnut

    The only GM factory outside Aistralia that would be able to build the G8 so that you could import it into Oz is the one in Canada. It has a similar production line to the one in Elizabeth where the car travels on an adjustable gernie

    But as the Canadian plant is gearing up for Production of the Camaro/Monaro; I think the G8 will continue to be built here and exported

    Then there’s the issue as to where the TT-36 Torana/G6 will be built.. Here or Canada?

  • Wheelnut

    Me thinks.. Me thinks.. Me thinks me taw a putty tat!

  • Duck

    Hey Wheelnut,
    Was’nt GM going decide this month that if they were going to build the Torana in Canada orin Australia?

  • Bavarian Missile

    I did I did .I did taw a putty tat!!

    Bu Gwanma got him/her what ever!!!!!

    Theres that cartoon thing coming out in you again Wheelnut!! hehehe

  • Mark

    Hey guys,
    Am considering buying a new VE ute either an SS V or a Maloo. Just wondering if you have any advice regarding the two models to help me make up my mind. I will appreciate all comments. Cheers

  • Duck

    VE SS V Ute

    Cost-$44,990/Automatic $46,990
    Engine-V8, 6.0
    0-100km-5.8 secs/0-400km-13.8secs 0-100km-5.7 secs (Auto)/0-400km-14.2 secs (Auto)
    Fuel-14L/14.5L (Auto)

  • Duck

    VE series Maloo Ute

    Cost-$59,990/Automatic $61,990
    Engine-V8, 6.0
    Fuel-14.9L (auto)/15.8L (manual)
    Fuel tank- 73L
    Turning Circle-11.4 metres

  • Duck

    And the SS V Ute has a turning circle of 11.7 metres and the Fuel tank is 73L

    And the SS V uses 95 octane petrol, while the maloo uses 98 octane

  • rob

    I have driven the latest clubsport r8 from holden and while it is quite a nice drive,i dont like this trend of every new model that comes out is heavier then the last.
    I mean 1800kg before you add the driver,and/or passengers into the equation,that is a joke im afraid.
    Holden and for that matter Ford need to build sub 1500kg cars again with the same 300kw engines they have now and then that would be something,but the way things are going we are going to see the first Holden with a two ton kurb weight in the near future,and that is pretty dumb if you ask me.

  • rob

    Oh and another thing the styling doesnt help disguise the weight issue,it is bloated and frankly looks outdated from the word go.It reeks of 90’s opel.
    I feel sorry for the people who have paid 60k+
    for these cars.
    It really is a case of emperors new clothes.

  • Jezza

    … I am driving one at the moment – they are pretty good for the $$$

    the traction control is always about a second too late – poor system on international standards …

    the auto transmission sucks – very slugish with some dumb programming changes …give this car a 6-speed sequential manual …oooh this would be very nice … far better fuel economy & performance

    … good fun car but … the 6 has plenty of poke!
    … no need to get an 8 … unless you like some ‘stick’ …

    Compare them to a BMW 540i … they are a joke … not even close … a 540 would detroy this

    … but the BMW is $150k … you could have 3 holdens for that …

  • Kat

    Hi guys,
    Have recently bought an 08 ve ss and am absolutly loving it! It is my first manual car and can’t get enough of the grunt. Big difference from my previous 2 cars, vz ss and vs ss. Was just wondering if you could tell me if there were any major changes from the 07 model, also could you give me some 0 – 100km and 1/4 mile times as I am having mixed results trying to find them.

  • Duck

    0-100km time for VE SS is…………5.7 secs
    and 0-400m time is………….13.9 secs

  • Duck

    And what do you mean whats the difference with the 07 model? Are you trying to ask the difference between the 07 model and the 08 one?

  • Kat

    Thanks for the times. Yes just trying to see if there were any changes from the 07 to the 08 models.

  • Duck

    Is it a SS or SS V?
    What colour did you get it in?
    Leather or not?
    Did you compare it to a ford falcon XR8 or wait till the new falcon Xr8 comes out?
    Im not trying to say the SS is crap i would just like to know!
    I like holden over ford anyway! HOLDEN MAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Demon_Knight

    Argh for goodness sake, you guys have turned this forum into some bitchy sessions. For all you people who really want to look logical and helpful advise, leave now and go down to your nearest dealership for whatever cars you’re after and test drive it. get a true feelings for what the car is like. Ask mechanics and friends and family members for advise. Forums like this is a waste of time. It pisses me off when someone have to pick on others personally just to show off their rides, not knowing there’s no prove of what they’re driving. this would be the last time I come to this site. Sorry for you all good bloggers but some people have to ruin it.

  • Duck

    Im not ruining it am i?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au goog

    hey ss girl. sorry for the late reply. id love to come for a drive in ur ss with u. :)

  • lil mama

    Hey guys

    i’m thinkin seriously bout putting chev badges on my VE SS and wanted to know how everybody feels about them. just trying to gauge the reaction i’ll get cuz i know a lot of people in the scene don’t like them. also if anyone can reccommend a website i can buy them cheaply from i’m all ears. and one other question does anybody know what the deal is with the boot badges on the ve’s and the best way to remove them cuz i’ve had a look and it seems there are no bolts or anything. its almost as if its been stuck on? ill be grateful for any feedback thanks

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11572/60th-anniversary-holden-specials/#comment-64120 Atomic SSV

    lil mama Says:
    April 2nd, 2008 at 2:32 pm
    Hey guys

    i’m thinkin seriously bout putting chev badges on my VE SS and wanted to know how everybody feels about them. just trying to gauge the reaction i’ll get cuz i know a lot of people in the scene don’t like them. also if anyone can reccommend a website i can buy them cheaply from i’m all ears. and one other question does anybody know what the deal is with the boot badges on the ve’s and the best way to remove them cuz i’ve had a look and it seems there are no bolts or anything. its almost as if its been stuck on? ill be grateful for any feedback thanks

    Hello there you can buy the chev badges from holden delaerships now. Most are sold out very quickly now so have a look around if you want genuine ones.
    Holden sell them in silver and gold and i think that is all.I think there is hooks on the front badge but not the rear.

  • Kat

    Hi duck,
    sorry for the extremely late reply. I just got the normal ss..didn’t like the extras of the ss-v enough to pay the extra, especially weren’t a fan of the wheels. Its black in colour with the partial red interior, non leather. My last VZ was leather and pissed me off in summer! As to your question about the xr8, didn’t even consider it. I’ve been a holden girl from the start, first with a vs ss, then vz ss and now the ve. My fiance wants to chuck the ve gts wheels on our ss, but we’ve tried to get them and can’t seem to get them through holden without a build number for a gts. Any ideas on where we could buy a set??

  • Duck

    Good on u Kat, im glad that your a holden girl!

  • Duck

    Atomic SSV,

    U also can get the Chevvy badges in blue. (Dont know if u can at Holden delear, but u can get them).

  • Duck

    Can anybody tell me that is the dash material exactly the same and same quality as in other models such as omega, SV6 or are they different?

  • ronnie

    everyone please check that your rear bumper bar is the same colour as the panels, mine is darker and ive seen a few other cars as well the same. got to get it resprayed
    through holden, annoying!!!!!

  • Roudy

    Mine is fine..

    Actually it’s the light colours or the bright ones that you pick it out, Something new ford Ford they are going to have the same issue, After seeing many pic’s i can see the same with the same type of colours also.
    It’s got to be the plastics?.

  • Sean

    hey all, i need a bit of advise. I’m looking to buy a holden ss (2nd-hand) but have recently heard some of these vehicles have a had problem kicking over first time, evey time. Has anyone experienced this? And whats usually the cause of this problem?

  • Golfschwein

    Ronnie, it’s very common among all makes. Check out a car yard near your home this coming Sunday. You’ll be surprised to notice what you’ve never noticed before.

  • Golfschwein

    Hey Sean, what colour you got lined up? Hehe, you want to clarify an engine hiccup and I’m asking you what colour… :)

  • Duck

    Sean, the new VE? or VZ, VY etc?

  • Sean

    It’ll be a black VZ. Just unsure what would cause the car to not start. Something about the immobilizer failing… Has this happend to anyone

  • Duck

    Sorry Sean but Ive never heard of that problem before.

  • Mick

    after owning the VE ss sedan and having some fun, about the only fault I find is the suspension at high speed!! suprisingly I hav’nt found any comments in this area, when I took my new car through it’s paces Id’e reached just over 200 in 4th gear, as I snapped 5th I was met by a small dip in the road which I thought was going to cross the car up, I can tell you it scared the shit out of me.

  • alan b

    I have had a BA XR6 for the last 3 1/2 years and took a VE SS out for a test drive the other day… Needless to say you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and have now ordered one. Just the standard manual with 19’s tint full size spare, and i can’t wait for delivery in a few weeks.

  • alan b

    Oh and got the dealer to throw in the SS-V rear tail lights amongst a few other things :)

  • Duck

    ^On a standard SS? SS V brake lights (rear tail lights)? Cool! 😀

  • alan b

    it’s amazing how much some people want your business! I got nearly $2000 worth of extra’s for nothing and the current deal of all on road costs thrown in as well.

  • Duck

    Good for you Alan B! I hope you have fun driving it! 😀

  • Ian M

    i brought a VE SSV and i must say bloody great. do yourself a favour and test drive one , i bet you will buy it go the extra dollars and purchase the V over the standard SS, people do notice the difference.

  • Ian M

    also thinking about putting in a COLD AIR INTAKE KIT VE SS SSV

  • alan b

    Already ordered it, not keen on leather, and the climate control doesn’t bother me either.

    Besides i’m getting the 19″ supersports put on it and the v tail lights so close enough is good enough :-)

  • TP

    Putting a CAI intake on it? Why would you… modern cars come with instakes which get the most out of the vehicle (snorkel which leads to cool air), all a CAI does for most people who do it is lose more (sucking in hot air from the engine bay)

  • Cannon Balls

    Entertaining reading this thread. LOL

    I don’t understand how you jokers can harp on about any of your cars; an E49 Charger made in the early 70s,
    with todays rubber on it, would blow the lot of you away.

    The only caveat is, is that you need skill to drive the likes of an E49 Carger at or near it’s limmits. And I have no doubt that rules 99.9% of the posters in this thread out… you bunch of nuff nuffs.

  • AC

    This VE SS is absolute rubbish, I bought new in 2007 and have had to make no fewer than a dozen trips to the dealer for warranty issues. New car buyers expect the following things to go wrong:

    Sway bar replaced
    Engine mounts replaced ( 3 days to install????)
    Rear springs replaced
    Brake sleeves replaced
    A/C regassed 2x due to leak
    ESP keeps dropping out
    Front suspension bushes replaced
    Battery Drain issue

    The car has just done 20 000klms and has never been driven hard. I have always had holdens but never again. Customer Sevice from Holden in Melbourne non existant.

  • Tuffy

    I have a new SS V. Has anyone else had problems with their SS like AC has?

    I have had one problem already where the dash kept saying ‘Check Engine’, took it back to the dealers and they reset all computers and havent had a problem since.

    I just wanna say… I luv driving that beast!

  • Duck

    ^For free?

  • Geni

    ^^ Reported. And rebadging an aussie commodore as a cheap shitty chevrolet, sad. Might as well throw a Daewoo badge on, just as much cred.

  • Harmen

    Why can’t people allow others to make their own decisions on rebadging the commodores with chev badges without accusing them of being “unaustralian”. It’s purely a cosmetic thing and people should be able to do what they want with their own cars.

  • Duck

    I Agree Harmen!

  • MovieDude

    I have owned my VE SS since late 2007 and it has been faultless. One niggling complaint I had was that I found the brakes lacked bite. Service centre told me that the brakes were designed to be used hard and the way I was applying them was just making them glazed. Anyone ever had this kind of problem/explanation?

  • Jeremy

    Hi to all,

    I work for a Law enforcement organisation. As a High-Way patrol on the VE SS, each time im on the beat, there is not yet a car I couldnt catch. I have 30 years driving experience and all these course (Advance drving courses, Personal Protection and Racing background) I have driven Ford Falcon, VE SV6, VZ SV6 or even MONARO. What I like the most about the VE SS is the safe feeling and the performance while driving it. Has anyone ever gone on the normal traffic condition at 250kph legally? VE SS is the way to go for me.

    What im trying to say is.. test drive the car and dont decide what car to buy on what others say.. buy the car that suits you and that you feel comfortable and sage in it.. because when you are on the road.. you and the car are one.

  • Scott


    I am planning to buy the new holden commodore VE but not too sure to buy!! in terms of Weekly costs.. obviusly the V8 will cost more but a lot more? can some one who owns SS give me some figure for the weekly cost for fuel?

    How about the speeding tickets.. as you know.. you tend to go a bit faster when you have a faster car.

    Short and simple.. if you have $50,000 would you buy the V6 or V8? I dont generally drive fast.. but i do want a car with muscle, cheaper on fuel and dont get me in trouble with the law… I do like the VE SS but also the SV6

    Can somebody give me some proper advice please…..

  • Johnno

    Hi guys. Interesting comments there.
    I have driven a VE HSV and SV6 and they are good cars.
    The ford FG is a better car though in all areas except comfort.
    I own a VZ R8 clubsport which was a good car in standard form.
    Now it has been tuned with an exhaust system, OTR intake, harmonic balancer and pulley upgrade kit and now I nearly have at the rear what I had at the flywheel. I got 283rwkw and mine is auto. that is about 370kw at the engine.
    also, have modified my suspension. I have the standard R8 struts which have been fitted with bilstein inserts and bilstein monotube b6 shocks front and rear. Eibach lowered coils. uprated anti roll bars front and rear. castor bushes, steering bushes, subframe bushes eaton tru-track LSD, and massive ap racing 6 piston brakes which are one step up from the HSV 6 piston option. also got a whiteline strut brace
    all those options have made my car at least 50% better than factory with extrememly responsive steering which is better than the current VE as it requires less input to turn. cornering is fantastic but VE is better when pushed hard due to better weight distribution and superior IRS.
    Still, my car is a lot nicer to drive with refinement in cabin not much different at all to VE and seats are still way more comfortable.
    If your going to get a VE I would wait till one of the very last models off the line as I did.
    With my VZ it is a far superior model compared even to the VYII.
    What car you have scott?

  • dean

    WE don’t car about a VZ, yours is modified. do the same mods to a ve and that will be way more superior then a VZ in all categories. Between the vyII and VZ the car is a excellent improvement but not far more superior.also your dyno result is false there is no way a vz would pull that much at the rear. AS i did own a clubsport vz and the only thing i did was a tune, air intake and exhuast system and nothing else and i got 264rwkw. I suspect the most you would get would be no more then 270rwkw on your car.

  • Johnno

    Dean, you don’t know what you are talking about.
    First you say, the VZ is an excellent improvement over the VYII and then you say its not far superior? Which one is it? Go back to school and learn comprehension. also learn how to spell
    You also did not own a VZ clubsport. I bet you have a VYII that has vibrations in the dash.
    If you suspect that I would get no more than 270rwkw why the disagreement if i said i got 13rwkw more??
    Your a dumb gorilla!!

  • Dean

    Peter you fat gorilla. The vz is a good improvment over the VYII but not superior. I bet the VZ you own which has a crappy IRS and diff clunks and creaks isnt as good as you have made it out to be.GIVE me the VE anyday And by telling people false dyno readings which your car does not make, is stupid. Wake up to yourself and stop being so bias about your outdated chassis.

  • Carfanatic

    More like 360kw from the Engine Johnno if you got 283 out the rear wheels, still sounds like a lot of gain for the work you did, posting the Dyno printout on the net my help it sound more believeable and stop people from knocking you.

    Incidentally, the VE is quite ordinary, Holden and Ford Australia need to put more quality and technology in their cars, maybe then they can compete fully on a Global scale.

  • Brandon

    I like those mags, it goes perfectly with the car. It will look much better if it was a SS-V, with higher spoiler and projector lights. Holden really have to invest alot more into built quality. As a Holden fan I hate being question why I love the car and how the aussies are miles behind the Jap and Europeans when it comes to built quality and reliablity. Sometimes, they’re failing on the most simple things,ie paint fainting on steering wheel spoke on VY S models, VE teething problems, leak washer bottles, drained batteries, LCD wiring faults, door locks etc. The VE is barely a benchmark of what cars should be, not a milestone. Wake up Holden!

  • smoothsailing

    Holden and Ford…. Both are Bloody General motors cars… why the hell does everyone argue about it… stop being pussies. Buy whatever car you want.

  • Dan Fergusson

    The VE ss is def a better car than any preivious model but is still outdated compaired to japanese technology. I have a 1996 R33 skyline gts-25t auto with 200rwkw That flogs my mates VE ss From 0-200km and day all day, So i think holden should ditch some weight or make more power coz there slow either way.

  • roys

    and who invented a 1st mass produced car? Henry Ford.

    Wake up you no name, identity frustrated no brand holden idiots!

    GM is not and never will be as powerful as Ford.

    Ford for ever, For for innovation, Ford for ingenuity, Ford for performance, Ford for reliability and for For life.

    Go holden go better? sure …. what ever …. , you really need to buy a 6.0L L76 or now called L98 VE SS and V version to feel that “go better quoter”

    otherwise if you stick with anything other than VE SS, you will go no where better;)

    as a Ford man, i still respect VE SS…. nice car…. but my 2008 FG XR8 fully optioned is a little better, 200-300s of a second quicker too;)

    • Flex

      I’m afraid an XR8 is not quicker than the VE SS, stock.. now way in fact. I’ve seen them down the strip many times, the 5.4 is a slug… originally from Ford US truck engines. No one has gotten a 5.4 V8 stock to get below a 6sec 0-100. SS will win all day.

      The 5.4 is obviously being updated this year, which is badly needed. The FG XR6T on the other hand is brutal from 0-100 and at least as fast as the new HSVs if not quicker, forget the SS. Reported 13sec flat quarter mile out of the showroom!! The XR6T is also king in real wold conditions, which can’t be captured in stats.. The wealth of torque from such low in the rev range is truly something to experience if you’ve only driven V8s. Very quick car.

  • Grabsy

    The VE SSV is an Incredible vehicle I put mine to the test against an EVO 8 and utterly left it for dead (quite enjoyable).

    The biggest problem i have found with the SSV it they are very hard on the rear tyres so be careful.

    also with my Harrop Stealth HTV1900 VE Supercharger Kit in the post as we speak it will go from 270Kw to around 320Kw at the rear wheels (cant wait)

  • john

    The VE commodore would have to be the biggest disaster for Holden. our 2007 model has had nothing but trouble since we got it. It destroyed rear tyres every 8000 kilometres. It has had continous electrical faults. And The holden company itself is a They b/s you until you run out of warranty and then they are eagerly willing to fix you car because you now have to pay for it. In my opinion all 2007 – 2008 ve commodores should be recalled, scrapped and replaced. Never again would I ever buy another holden!!!!!