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Chevrolet Trailblazer will arrive as the Holden Colorado 7 – it’s official.

As reported by CarAdvice earlier, the Chevrolet Trailblazer that broke cover at the Dubai International Motor Show yesterday, will arrive in Australia in the first quarter of 2013 wearing a Holden Colorado badge.

It will be known as the Holden Colorado 7 and will closely resemble the show car that you see here in the photographs.

It will also be the first Holden SUV in years with a chassis tuned for heavy-duty off road capability and strong towing credentials.

“The Trailblazer show car is an impressive-looking vehicle, and it’s pretty close to what customers will see when the Holden Colorado 7 arrives in Australia in 2013,” Holden Executive Director Marketing Sales and Aftersales John Elsworth said.

“Colorado 7 will also offer excellent interior flexibility and comfort for up to seven passengers across a third row of seats.

“It will have a the fuel efficiency and interior comfort of a modern family SUV, along with the towing ability of a working vehicle and the off road capability of a true 4X4. We’re confident it will have all the bases well and truly covered.”

The Colorado 7 will be powered by a new-generation 2.8-litre turbo-diesel with variable-geometry turbocharger, which will provide strong performance and excellent fuel economy to boot.

It’s a great looking SUV that has been designed and styled in GM’s South American Design Centre in Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil. Highlights include the “body in-wheels out” look that ensures good approach and departure angles for off-road work, as well as the bonnet power dome, raised cowl and dual projector headlamps.

Interior appointments include intuitive and flexible seating architecture, digital climate control and Bluetooth connectivity, among other appointments.

The Dubai Motor Show will also feature the Malibu, which goes on sale in late 2012 in Australia.

  • Simon

    I think it is the headlights… but does anything think it looks similar to the new Hyundai’s car ‘face’?

    • theillestlife

      sorry but i dont think people on here like to be referred to as “anyTHINGS” haha 😛

      but yes, i reckon the front headlights look similar to the recently replaced mercedes c-class headlights.

      And the huge front grille resembles hints of audi q7?

      • Simon

        Whoops! Yes I meant any-one haha

      • prisma

        Whats do you have any addtional detailsmon the running gear…gearbox/low range/lockable diffs etc

    • Davo

      Another feel good Holden story. Sorry no more Australian engineered cars but hey in 2013 we’ll give you a 4WD you never wanted.

      GMH’s PR team back in the USA must be working overtime, hope you OSSIs appreciate it.

    • SWE

      The rear is pure Merc ML.

      But this offering from GM looks better then any other current Holden product.

  • Mr Gaspo

    A needed and worthwhile addition to the Holden range…. Needs to be cheaper than a jeep grand Cherokee to sell though.

  • Andrew

    Why not Q1 2012 i want one !

  • Joe

    You have got to be kidding….

    “It’s a great looking SUV that has been designed and styled in GM’s South American Design Centre in Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil.”

    Please let’s see a picture of the guide dog that travels with the journalist!!!

    • Peter Stone

      It is a great looking vehicle, looks like you need a new guide dog

      • ozedude

        Ssangyong thong owner/fan eh? Yukking fugly!

  • Jerrycan

    The cab ute in the last picture looks a whole more cohesive design than the SUV.

    • Harry

      but why the hell are all the manufacturers putting an upwards slope on the top edge of the rear doors? it’s just like when they started making the rear windows only go down half way to protect suicidal kiddies from jumping out. I want to rest my arm on flat top of the door, not a slope and not a kiddie safe window.

      • Alex

        Actually I think the the rear windows clash with the wheel arch…

  • David

    What the heck?! Diesel only?! Bring it out with a 3.6L V6 for christ’s sake.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      are you on drugs?or do you just peddle them?(fuel cost)

    • Peter Stone

      Nah I’d say the 3.0 Twin turbo will get slotted in when its ready.

  • t39

    I really like it, but not sure I can ever drive anything with a Holden badge on it. Maybe I get one, and take the badges off.

    • Rick

      Lol they sell Chev ones on eBay

    • Aaron

      When the Commodore is eventually replaced by the Imapala, maybe they’ll drop the Holden brand and just call them Chevrolets.

      • Dave S

        There is no reason for GM to drop the Commodore of the Zeta platform. Commodore sell where here and fill important RWD model niches around the world (including the Caprice PPV).

        • gibbut@hotmail.com

          cops are abandoning the caprice ppv. they all want the ford cop cars.

          they dont want aussie cruisers.

          • Rick

            They dont want fords replacement either

  • Rick

    I hope they don’t make the same mistakes as Mitsubishi did with the challenger , only offering the manual with 5 seats . If they are good to drive and are priced under 60 k I’d be interested , especially if the manual is available across the range

    • Harry

      Mitsubishi likes to do that, they reckon that there is no market for swb pajeros with manual transmissions, they are just profiteering. Same as holden not offering a manual option on an Omega, useless bastards the lot of them.

      • Rick

        It sux we pay more for our cars than anywhere else yet we don’t even get simple options , Hyundai and Kia are the same with their suv’s to get a manual we had to buy the base model , which was very disappointing as we wanted the elite Santa fe,

    • Andrew

      Colorado 7, i think it will be the same as the Captiva. That is 7 seats for the 7 . . .

      • Rick

        I’d assume the same however, Mitsubishi said they were releasing an entry level 7 seat 4wd called the challenger and guess what ? the challenger only has 5 seats in manual form. See my concern andrew , I hope you are right

  • Whoever it is

    See how stupid Toyota is? They got the model 4 runner (SUV base on Hilux) but they never bring it to Australia…This Colorado 7 can carry people in comfort, can tow and is a proper 4wd..i m sure this would sell in boat load!

    • DE

      Prado is Toyota’s Hilux based wagon in Australia.

      • aball

        I’m pretty sure that, other than drivetrains, Prado and Hilux share almost nothing of significance. Not sure I like Colorado 7 for a name. Does this mean single cab Colorados will be Colorado 2 & Colorado 2.5 (bench seat models)?

      • Whoever it is

        you are idiot

  • crouchy

    If Holden can market and sell the Craptiva, these things should fly out the door!

  • Tommy

    more stupid soccer mums driving around

    • Dilligaf

      What else would you use it for.

  • BP

    Holy froth, it looks so good for a Large 4wd!!!

    Great addition to the Holden range. Hopefully it can take down Prado 😀 Can’t wait till it hits Aus.

  • CS

    Pricing will need to be on the ball…currently Challenger is the cheapest real 4wd wagon around, and that is the attraction. Not everyone wants to pay $60000+ for a proper 4wd wagon (Paj 60+/Prado 70+) just to scratch and thrash it to bits. If this 40-50k it will sell, otherwise get a base Prado/Paj which are way better..

  • Frosty

    I am currently in Thailand and I have seen in the flesh the new Colorado, the new Ranger but not yet the new Mazda and out of all of them the Colorado is the one that actually looks the better of them all. Despite not seeing the Mazda here we all know someone just doesn’t look right on it as the front and rear light assembly just doesn’t suit a pick up type vehicle. The Ranger, while it may be good just doesn’t look that much different and Ford have made that mistake before in Australia. The Colorado not only is nice to drive as I have done so here but it looks modern too and not just a update on a old model. I would say this about the Colorado 7 and Ranger Wagon too because of the same reasons. I can also see this being a more modern version of the Captiva 7’s front and could find its way onto the Captiva as well. Contrary to those idiots here who say the Captiva is useless I have a series 2 LX diesel and a mate at work has a SX diesel series 2 and it is quite a decent ride. May not be best in class but it’s much better than those trolls here who make it sound like rubbish. They sound like Fiberal party politicians who only rubbish the opposition but cannot come up with a half decent product themselves. I average 9ltrs per 100km combined driving. That’s quite decent for a suv that is probably 80% city driving. Nothing wrong with the quality of the car either. Now let the trolls begin.

    • davie

      In Aus, the New Mazda ute in the add has a bull bar fitted.

      Even at the end of the when they show the model in its full frontal uglyness with no bull bar, it is at the back and half cut off by the edge of the screen.

      • gibbut@hotmail.com

        haha i was laughing at that too!

      • Sumpguard

        You know a car is ugly when they hide it behind everything including that Dame Edna bullbar. Also notice Subaru’s liberty ad is shot going through a tunnel in bad light.

    • Lynchy

      Whilst styling always comes down to personal opinion Frosty you must of had your eyes closed when you looked at the new Ranger, to make the comment that “it doesn’t look that much different to the old one” I suspect your largely influenced by your apparent admoration for GM products, the Ranger is a clean sheet model, nothing carried over from the previous version and it’s a third larger. Might be time to trade your GM gogles in for a seeing eye dog.

      • Dilligaf

        And engineered in Australia.

        • Sumpguard

          I actually see a hint of D40 Navara when I look at the ranger. I’d be surprised if they weren’t influenced by the Nissan to be honest. Not that it’s a bad thing.

  • Nobody

    When is it getting recalled ?

    • Rick

      Its not a Toyota, aren’t they the recall kings these days?

      • Nobody

        You mean Toyota are honest to their customers..Yes you are correct!

        • BBM_RSA

          When did recalls become “honesty” to customers? That kind of logic is flawed, what recalls prove is that any car manufacturer can make mistakes.

  • gibbut@hotmail.com

    funny how everything new that GM is releasing worldwide, LOOKS SO KOREAN!!!!

    even when its not?

  • Shak

    Nice to see that Holden is getting more models to sell. ONce the Cruze hatch goes into full swing, and the Malibu and the Colorado twins come into our market, we should see Holden really challenge Toyota for market leadership.

    • Phil

      But what about dwindling Bombadore sales?

      • matt

        phil, why even bother.

  • A-train

    looks like a sweet ride to me

  • JHP

    nice car, but should be named jackaroo instead of colorado 7

  • Flabby Chap

    Today at the local petrol station:

    Petrol 131.9 cpl
    Diesel 145.9 cpl

    Diesel saves 20% fuel. But diesel costs 10% more than petrol. I don’t mind getting a petrol one especially when high tech diesel injectors cost $1000 each. $4000 for 4 injectors. $8000 for 8 injectors. VGT are $3000 a pop.

  • Wazza

    Would luv to see a V8 version to replace my current Adventra.

  • neson

    WT…. 6 speed manual and 6speed auto should be available across the rang (not just the entry level model) There are quit a few people that would like some luxury in a vehicle and still like to change there own gears. I think this is what Ford is hinting with the Ranger based SUV. So Holden, get with it I need to up grade my vt v6 commodore wagon manual. (Yes it does exists just had to wait 3 months for them to build one in 1998)


    I am very positive I will buy this when it will come to Australian shores. I am a Holden fan through and through. Holden Colorado 7 bring it on….. 

  • Ejscalzo

    Me too. The Captiva won’t tow my van.

  • http://twitter.com/LeeeeRoiiiii Lee Victoria

    As a female 4wd enthusiast who’s parents own a Jackaroo, I would love nothing more than to see this in a 3.0L Diesel.  Petrol engines in 4wd is a waste of time and money.  Esp when towing/fully loaded.  As someone else has said, 6 speed manual in ALL variants would be brilliant and 7 seats should be optional.  There is no way I will ever have 7 people in my car, so I don’t want those extra seats that just take up more packing room… Or room for the dogs!  If anyone has seen the new Nissan Patrol, then this is on a similar track of the more furturistic styling everyone seems to be going with now.  Was considering a Challenger, but may just wait for this to come out… So long as the Jackaroo doesn’t die in the mean time!  

  • Bring back the Jack

    Looks good on paper. As a current Jackaroo v6 owner can’t wait to get a more efficient diesel . My Jack is still the most comfortable car I have ever owned , hope the new seats are just as good

  • G Hawkins

    I agree! BRING BACK THE JACK ! I had one for 17yrs.It was only a 1.9 ltr petrol but it outdid anything else in the sand on Fraser Island with fully loaded roofrack on top and with 2 families on board. All the other big names were getting bogged. Plenty of room behind the back seats. Comfortable. Economical.