The Story of the Nissan GT-R continues to amaze us, just when you thought “that’s as good as it’s going to get for a while” there’s a better one. It’s like Apple and its iPhone, you need to buy a new GT-R every year just to keep up with all the changes. The 2012 Nissan GT-R sees power output increase to 404kW with 632Nm of torque.

Not that we’re complaining because it’s only through consistent and relentless evolution that the Nissan GT-R has remained at the forefront of modern Japanese performance cars. It has become the dream car of many and the benchmark of what a car can do. It’s an almost daily occurrence where we find ourselves comparing it to a performance car that costs more but fails to deliver anywhere near its credentials. In essence, the Nissan GT-R is a nightmare for other car companies.

The retuned 3.8-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder engine not only produces more power and torque but also uses less fuel (11.8L/100km). The almighty Porsche-destroying Nissan GT-R has gained an additional 14kW and 20Nm of torque (there is no official 0-100km/h figure but we suspect it’s starting to get closer and closer to the 2.9 second mark).

But it’s not just the increased power figures that tell the story, Nissan says engine response and torque at mid and low-speeds has been improved, as has power at high revolutions. This has been achieved through better intake efficiency and air flow resistance. The Japanese company has also improved exhaust emissions efficiency and enhanced control. It has changed the under floor catalyzer to be smaller and weigh less whilst a newly designed metallic sodium-filled valve has helped improve exhaust valve cooling and ignition timing.

One of the few criticisms we had of the 2011 Nissan GT-R was that its transmission was a little noisy, well that seems to have been addressed with the 2012 model now using a strengthened design of the shift fork arm and a firmer fixing bearing for the flywheel housing.

Not much has changed in the exterior styling department but dig a little deeper and you’ll find reinforcements to the engine compartment and dash panel for even better handling. Right-hand drive GT-R’s have had their suspension set asymmetrically to take into account the weight of the driver and the propeller shaft (both on the right side). Nissan’s engineers have enabled a harder spring rate on the left side while at the rear the suspension arm has been installed upwards on the left side and downwards on the right. Sounds complicated but the idea is to provide better balance. What the changes result in is an imbalanced wheel load when the GT-R is stationary, but an equalized load during driving. Nissan says the changes further improve cornering stability and ride comfort for RHD models.

From the inside you’ll be able to tell a 2012 Nissan GT-R apart thanks to the addition of blue lighting inside the tachometer ring (matching the shift position indicator light) and standard reversing camera. The sound system has been upgraded from Bose® sound system woofers to Bose® Precision Sound System woofers for extra doof.

The 2012 Nissan GT-R with land in Australian dealerships next March priced at $170 800 ($2,000 more than the 2011 model).

Whilst you’re waiting, read our Nissan GT-R Reviews.

  • dadar

    One please. In white.

    • Nissan

      I truely love these new GT-R’s but it has to be said that Nissan are idiots not to have one on the market with that extra pedal you need to really drive it.

      I dont care what people say but i will never buy an automatic, tiptronic, DSG, Dual Clutch what ever…

      • JHP

        get used to it, manual is 20th century stuffs now, in distant future, all the manual transmission will be gone. and there will only be an automatic transmission thats far better than manual transmission.

      • Superchargers for idiots

        Atutomatic transition is better when the vehicle is turbo charged.
        In that way Nissan can programme the gear to give you the maximum out come. Otherwise each driver would need ages to understand the configuration and the boost levels of the turbos. Yes, turbos are quite complicated!

  • No. 2

    I’m going to have say a few ‘hail marys’ before bed tonight ‘cos lord help me I jut dropped a few ‘F’ bombs in quick succession… That amount of power, attention to engineering detail and performance figures confirmed or not ought be the wet dream of any car nut and the envy for ANY other manufacturer.

  • STP

    The ultimate sports car of the modern world… LOVE IT!!!!

  • Blimey

    Why support the Japs when we have Commodres that are MUCH cheaper and arguably better in a few ways?

    • Jonno

      why buy commodores when we have trains which are MUCH cheaper and arguably better in a few ways?

      • vti07

        Why catch the train when we can walk which is MUCH cheaper and arguably better in a few ways?

        • Troutman

          Why feed a troll? 😉

          • dadar

            Successful troll is successful.

    • really….

      a commodore vs gtr?
      mate, a commodore will lose any day. even the fastest hsv one there is. lol

    • Alex Repsevicius

      Are you high? Commodore better then a GTR, tell him he’s dreaming.

    • Ford Fairlane

      What a aboslutely dumb comparison.

      • Bangel

        EXACTLY FAILANE i bet your ford would give it a run for its money .

        • Ford Fairlane

          and then backed up by another dumb comparison from Bugle.

          • Hung Low

            Who has instigated the initial dumb comparison in the first place. He is a world class Bogan!

        • Pro346

          A golf would be faster than the lot a diesel one.

        • Bangel

          WHAT THE! fung you dont hang out on sophisticated stories , might be bit complex for you to understand its capabilities , you stick to your taxi .

          • Pro346

            I reckon bangel would have to call roadside service to fix a flat tyre, stick to your front wheel drive hatchback.

          • Hung Low

            Bungle you talking about sophistication? I doubt you have a whole row of teeth and you would probably wear shorts on your wedding day!

    • Jim Sim

      You sir are an idiot.
      Why are you even comparing these two cars?
      Get back to class from your playlunch.

    • Robbo

      What a stupid thing to say in this thread, wake up to yourself.

    • JooberFPVGT

      Mate, No need for stupid comments.

    • Damian

      “Why support the Japs when we have Commodres that are MUCH cheaper and arguably better in a few ways?”

      Better at what, though? Falling apart and rusting?

    • Shak

      Mate im all for Supporting Local industry, but you’ve got to be kidding. We dont make anything in this country that even comes close to a GTR.

    • ze scheister

      congratulations you have just earned the honour of ‘most dislike post ever’ on CA

  • stan

    Porsche destroying ? Blah blah blah.
    Another fanboy peddling exaggerations & untruths..

    • Leaner

      “It’s like Apple and its iPhone, you need to buy a new GT-R every year just to keep up with all the changes”

      an iphone fan boi too…sad…android kills ios

      just like the genesis coupe should kill this gtr

      • Pro346

        Genesis coupe is a 370z rival not a gtr rival….

        • camaro

          Genesis isn’t really a rival to nissan performance cars.

      • AUS V8

        obviously you have never owned any mac products! Come out of your hole mate!!

    • Jimmy

      Well, Porsche destroying because that’s its closest competitor. It beats the 911 on price, performance etc. I didn’t see anything wrong with that comparison?

    • Anthony Crawford

      Porsche 911 3.8 Turbo S – $423,300 and that’s the best they’ve got and it can’t come close to a GT-R ($170K) in the 0-100 sprint.
      And just for the record a GT-R won the World GT1 race series recently over Lamborghini’s, Corvettes, Ford GT’s and Aston Martin. Porsche of course, don’t race in this series.

      • F1MotoGP

        Aston Martin won the the Team Championship and GT-R the Drivers Championship.

      • Pro346

        Yeah that gtr was fitted with a v8 and rwd .It was a race car very little in common with the road car just like v8 supercars.p.s I really like gtrs

      • igor

        Hi Anthony. Here’s a quote from Car Advice review of the 911 Turbo S. Do you take your reviews seriously ?
        If so, then why make the above statement ?

        ” So, at the very least, the Turbo S will crack 100km/h in 2.9 seconds and punch through the 320km/h barrier without breaking a sweat. In the UK, Porsche’s official acceleration figures have already been demolished on independent tests and it’s safe to say that the next generation Turbo models will push the performance envelope beyond what any of us thought possible.” – Keith Hackett, Car Advice. Oct, 2010.

        • AUS V8

          @Anthony Crawford

          You are a tosser mate

      • factfinder

        RE: Anthony Crawford.
        Nissan GTR = “(there is no official 0-100km/h figure but we suspect it’s starting to get closer and closer to the 2.9 second mark)”. -Car Advice, November 7, 2011.

        Porsche 911 Turbo S = ” So, at the very least, the Turbo S will crack 100km/h in 2.9 seconds…” – Car Advice, Oct, 2010.
        Please Anthony, we just want facts & consistency from the whole CA team.

  • igor

    Yeah, it’s a bit provocative.
    Why not “Ferrari destroying”…or Lambo ?
    Hope it’s not because of the Nurburgring thing because that’s never been independently verified, even though some journos have tried…& failed. It’s always been just Nissans word for it.
    I wouldn’t expect any credible journalist to publish something that hasn’t been independently verified.

    • omale

      Why don’t they just invite journalists for just a one lap demonstration to independently verify the times. It wouldn’t have to be the fastest time, but even if they were a couple of seconds off, it would be sufficient to silence the doubters…

      • Handsome Al

        Call the Mythbusters…

    • john

      i think the clip is still on youtube

  • Sumpguard

    Love it. End of story!

    • Sumpguard

      Ok so not quite end of story.

      How can the company that builds this truly amazing car be responsible for the Tiida?

      • JHP

        why don’t you ask renault?

  • Vdubs

    I could get 3 fully optioned GTI’s for that price. And they’d last a lot longer.

    • JJ

      I own a fully optioned GTI and don’t even like the GT-R… but it’s still better than 3 GTI’s.

    • Pro346

      Aren’t vws known to be unreliable?

      • bob

        Don’t say that or you’ll have bagel all over you. Sorry, meant Bangel.

    • JHP

      yes, you can buy 3 vw gti for the price of gtr
      but those 3 gti will never beat gtr in race, even if you combine them altogether, and gtr will have far better resale value than thoese 3 gti’s, since its not a commoners cars like gti
      and who said gti will last longer? vw epic fails when it comes to reliability.

  • Flam

    Can I have one with a clutch? Like a traditional GTR

    • Flam

      Clutch pedal

      • Frostie

        I want one with a traditional RB26.

  • Yeti Man

    Porsche and GTR are both great car, Respect!

  • Rick

    it would have to be the best performance car for the price

  • Tom

    Best bang for buck performance car on the road! Beats cars 100k more then it! Now all they have to do is ditch that Nissan badge and put an Infiniti badge nuff said

    • GT

      This is Nissan (read Jap)’s Hero car. Infinity (US) can stick with their G37.

  • JJ

    Personally I think it’s still just a Nissan and always will be… no matter what horsepower or figures it puts out, but comparing it to a Commodore? Surely that was a joke.

  • Rodge

    Good write-up, thanks. Astonishing supercar performance and handling for an asking price that’s realistic, unlike ALL its supercar competitiors.

    This is a supercar mere mortals can aspire to actually own one day if they work and save hard !!

  • Hung Low

    Brilliant machine and a relative bargain for its physics defying abilities!!

  • http://caradvice craigMM

    Please Nissan put this effort into your lower mainstream models!

  • Charger

    NUM NUM NUM Best Datsun EVER!!!

  • Rick

    They should replace the maxima with the skyline

    • Nobody

      For the same price would put Nissan on

    • Hung Low

      They should have given us the better looking American Maxima at least! Not bad cars, just wrapped up in lawn bowls styling!

      • tto

        Americans always get the good variants.. The Camry in USA has like full leather, wood upholstery, dual zone climate control, dual exhaust, has the much newer and smooth AZ engine and COST MUCH LESS THEN IN AUSTRALIA!!

    • JHP

      skyline is just an infiniti cars with nissan badge
      and i heard infiniti’s coming to australia sooner or later
      so why would they even bother replacing them?

      • Rick

        The infinity will cost a lot more than a Nissan



    take the “sole” of this car,add it to the years of racing/rallying you’ve experienced with previous models,and make the BEST SMALL MEDIUM HATCH/SEDAN that you can(pulsar much).do you really want to be australia’s biggest importer? the world is waiting…

    • maple leaf

      You mean soul? Right

      • JEKYL & HYDE


  • maple leaf

    Put an Infiniti badge on it and you have a winner, the reason this car is not desirable is the Nissan badge. Otherwise head to head it’s as good as it gets for the money.

    • Showtime

      What’s a badge going to do? Make it go faster? You should like a car on its credentials, and not the badge that sits on the front. Badge snobs are the worst.

      • Thrillhouse

        You’re kidding yourself if you think a badge won’t shift units. How do you think Holden manages to sell so many of those Daewoo Barinas?

        • Rick

          Look how many toyotas get sold, even Volkswagen’s for that matter , only thing is Volkswagen have actually improved their models with technology unlike Toyota or the aforementioned Holden small cars and captiva . Badges unfortunately mean more to some people than the car itself

        • Maple leaf

          Holden badge, hahahahaha! That’s your problem. Why haven’t they brought in the Cadillac?

      • Maple leaf

        When I spend 170k, I don’t want to be driving a Nissan. Period.

        • john

          when I spend 170k, I want to be driving a Nissan. Period.

  • DWS1

    These look even better in the flesh. Whats more there is no mistake on what this 2 door is for, it’s all about the go……

  • Yani Hendriawan

    it’s heavier then a aventador, less power then a aventador, cheaper then the aventador, but it’s probably gonna accelerate just as fast. how do they do it…


    here’s another couple of headlines(sadly not real)

    2012 gtir pulsar 4wd 205kw $45000

    2012 sss pulsar 145kw $32000

    if only…

    • JooberFPVGT

      GTIR should sit on 250kw at least, make as a bargain compared to lets say a RS3, Focus RS, 1 series M :)

  • Donerlich

    What…..a genesis coupè vs a gtr? Wahahaaaaa


    You just cant knock this machine for value and performance, and its amazingly gorgeous looks…
    What else is there to say? Seriously? Buy one!

  • Sam123

    I dont care that its a Nissan. One of these days a crack will appear in my wall of GT-R resistance and I will give into the urge and mortgage my house for a new GT-R. I swear, if they announced tomorrow that there will be no more GT-R after orders received by the the end of the year, I would be at the bank tomorrow organizing a way to do it….

  • john

    can’t wait for a comparo against the 458, mp412 and lfa

  • Altezza

    Let’s see how it performs at the infamous Nurburgring. Better lap times again?

  • dsfdsf

    This is the car

  • Troutman

    I thought that number sounded familiar!

    The Jaguar XJ220 had 404kW from its twin turbo V6 in 1992. It cost 1.75 million bucks though the Nissan accelerates several tenths faster.

    Almost reminds me of the computer industry… wait long enough and get something better at a tenth the cost…

  • Shak

    hmmm now im seriously re thinking my lust for the C63 AMG. While arguably the better daily driver, this thing is just head over heels mental fast! One of the few cars that i actually lust after…

  • Stooge

    Release one with a proper 6 speed already!!!

  • Jrw

    Still won’t beat a porche and please don’t compare it to Buggatti veyron again.  “The potential to cruze at 300 kph”……….wtf?  Maybe on the autobahn in europe somewhere where it is allowed to cruize that fast.  In Australia the first person to cruize that fast usually crashes and kills themselves.

  • Kolitha Gunatilaka

    i want one