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  • Technofreak

    Oh joy!! :D

  • DaveofKtown

    Were some of these school assignments?

    • Simon

      The blue ‘COBB’ one looks it, they even used texta to colour it in! The others look good though, at least a ‘B+’ !

  • Simon

    Is this an attempt to increase dwindling sales of the new Focus? I have to say, they look pretty impressive. I am sure the Focus sales will increase slowly over time and will gain the popularity of the current model (not that there are HEAPS of them on the road anyway)

    • DaveofKtown

      I am not sure if sales are dwindling, they can’t ship them! My gf bought one a month ago and still has a 4 week wait minimum ahead of her for delivery. They say mid december a ship is arriving. Maybe after that we will start to see more on the road.

  • Dave

    i think they just played need for speed underground before designing these

  • Pro346

    Out of all the awesome tuner cars at sema you choose these????

  • STP

    The Veloster looks so much better