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  • Mikey

    I wonder if you can get an aftermarket turbo for it….
    Either way I still want it!

  • Mr Gaspo

    Being based on a Toyota means that this will be by far Aston’s most reliable car.

    • RD

      You mean only…

  • Snoop

    I like it. Why the hell not?!! Enzo built production cars to fund his racing, so why can’t Aston build small fuel efficient luxury’s their luxury sports line up can continue?
    For 45k, (or whatever the cost around the world) it will be a small market for this car to start off with but, I hope it takes on. Good on them for having the balls to expand.

  • Don Quay

    I think I’ll keep on saving up for the DBS.

  • Alexander

    While i think the positive review is due to the base Toyota iQ being a very good car, i think it’s a very, very smart idea on Aston Martin’s part. Like the Ferrari edition Fiat 500, this isnt going to be bought buy someone who buys a Yaris, or even a 3 series, more someone who as Anthony says ‘wants the ultimate fashion accessory for a price less than the stone they have on one finger.’

    Although it’s an Aston Martin, yet it has the same side mirror controls as my Prius… awkward…

    • Camski

      I spotted a lot of shared switchgear too. The pedals, window controls, central locking rocker, “AUX” font/flap, ceiling mounted grab/handle (granted it’s wrapped in a piece of leather, otherwise it’s exactly the same) and I think even the indicator stalks are the same.

      I couldn’t have put it better myself; awkward….

  • Snoop

    RD, sorry. I meant, SO, their luxury sports line up can continue.

  • Tom

    Would it kill them to add some forced induction and some better internals!

  • Bangel

    Brilliant , crowded euro cities are this cars home base ,the IQ is already seen in numbers in london ,paris etc .

    This is just perfect for the well healed about towny who needs a city car when away from the estate .

    No point in taking the DBS into the city , no parking spaces , bogans will key it , bad economy .

    • MRL

      The type of bogans that key a DBS will probably still key this..

  • crouchy

    I find it impossible to hate this car, no matter how hard I try.

    • Thrillhouse

      Try harder, it will come.

  • Alex

    Oh Aston what have you done :(

  • Henry

    This is good for kids like me at the age of 13, but not sure about anyone else. I quite like it :)

  • Travs

    Very clever ploy, watch sell like hotcakes compared to the 1 series,

  • nickdl

    Great review Anthony. I agree with all that you say. The Cygnet will hopefully only be bought by those who already have an Aston or some other supercar. Joke’s on anyone who buys one of these and pretends that they’ve got a real Aston Martin.

    I couldn’t imagine how stressful it would be to own a car worth $200K plus and drive it in the city, let alone in Europe. Think about any car worth that much today: it’s either a 5.5m long luxury barge or a low, wide supercar. You’d never run the risk of taking it to a supermarket, and just driving in a European city would be a nightmare – as Top Gear exhibited a couple of years ago in Paris with 3 supercars.

    I think it’s important that Aston Martin make the Cygnet somewhat of a rip-off so that the brand will still be exclusive. That said, I’d price it even higher and reduce the price for existing Aston owners – perhaps they could get one thrown in at the dealer much like we get floormats or a full tank of fuel!!!

    I suppose the other thing is that people may want the features of a luxury car but only want something half the size, with an efficient engine. The Cygnet does mostly well here but there’s a few Toyota switches and other things still there, such as the pedals, and the afterthought GPS unit. It does slightly detract from the overall image although it isn’t too bad I suppose.

    I’m sure this will be a great success for Aston Martin, and will provide income and emissions (or lack of) to keep building the best looking, best sounding cars in the world.

  • victor

    I think it would have really benefited from turbo charging.
    Also, I think Aston martin should also venture into S.U.Vs like Porshe’s Cayenne or Bms X6 albeit with more economical engines in the line up for the sake of reducing emissions.I think that is a niche that they would really succeed in.

  • PoisonEagle

    Is it coming to Australia?

    • Toyota Guru

      Probably never, much like the iQ.

      • Nissan

        Read the whole article…

        “Aston Martin’s Asia Pacific Operations chief, Marcel Fabis, told CarAdvice that the company is working towards an Australian launch sometime in 2012.”

  • Pauly

    Aston what have you done? I can’t wait to see the idiots that buy these in Melbourne and Sydney thinking they own an Aston Martin…

    Direct conversion is $45,000 so when it arrives here it will be more like $55,000 to $60,000.

    I know, why they have done this, but common seriously? It’s just a massive joke and any customer that buys this is just going to look like a complete idiot.

    For $60,000 there are soooo many other cars you can get.

    On the plus note, if Aston start selling this here in Australia does that mean that Toyota Australia will pull their finger out and bring the IQ here? If VW can bring the Up!, Suzuki have the Alto, Toyota should bring the IQ.

  • Chucky

    Sorry, but I think most Aston Martin owners would have enough sense to avoid this abomination, especially with that weak engine. More likely that this will be purchased by fathers for their little princess’ sweet sixteen birthday party. Is that really what you want to be associated with?

  • RedBack

    Pauly, Chucky,

    Live in Europe for six months and you’d have a different opinion.

    There are laneways literally too narrow to drive your DBS or Rapide down, but those same backstreets would be a breeze in the Cygnet.

    I was fortunate enough to be passengered through Paris in a Rapide a few months ago. It was a nightmare. With the traffic, (almost) no parking and narrow lanes, the Cygnet would probably have been a more enjoyable experience in the city itself. …and I wasn’t even the one driving.

    One such journey and you’d appreciate the reasoning behind this vehicle. (Not to mention the corporate emissions average.)

  • Leigh

    Seeing its a Toyota underneath does that mean we are going to see Aston Martins accelerate by themselves too and add to the millions of re-calls Toyota has had recently? Luckily this car has so little power it wont be huge problem!!!!

  • Gianni

    Big waste of money. You can get much more desirable and faster cars for THAT kind of money. Naming Golf GTI or Mazda MPS. This is just way too overpriced for a Toyota.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      Gianni, anyone looking at a Cygnet is not the slightest bit interested in a GTI or MPS. If they want to go for a quick drive, they’ll hop in their V12 vantage or DBS.

      • yuri

        So only existing AM owners will purchase this ? If thats the case Anthony then it seems you don’t expect Aston to sell too many.

  • Mazdaman

    The Emperor’s New Car?

  • Fred

    I think this emissions ledger issue is stupid. Firstly, Aston won’t do it if not for that. Second, they rebadge an entirely different car to what they’re known for. Just by employing the shark grille and luxurious what-nots doesn’t make it an Aston. They should be asked to develop their own vehicle. That means Ferrari, Lambo, etc. can simply grab a small, efficient car and apply their own insignias to make it theirs.

  • theillestlife

    I’d buy one, but sadly, living it Australia will most likely see a ridiculus price tag of like 80K at least i believe. zzz

  • kazuo

    considering fiat 500 cost already 30k over here, the aston martin badge do make sense

  • steve

    Hate to get t-boned by a 4wd in this.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

    Well that would ring true for every light car marketed today wouldn’t it. And then there are the micro cars, what about those?

  • Maple leaf

    Prediction: Toyota will end up buying Aston Martin.

    • mtbsafari

      I think you are on the money, Maple Leaf. But let’s hope they keep out of the styling department. Toyotas, whilst reliable, are notoriously boring design.

      BTW. I love it. I would buy one in an instant if I had the $$.

  • yuri

    How to devise a sinister scheme for a sports car company to cheapen their brand & trash their image ?
    Market an underpowered, overpriced & rebadged Toyota hatch.

  • mmmmm

    how does it compare to the iQ?
    obviously a better interior
    but it’s about 3 times the price.
    is there really much thats different to the donor car?

  • http://www.twitter.com/#!/darrensrjohnson Darren

    I’d be interested to know how much it has been changed form the iQ as well.

    Sounds like they did a good job on the suspension and interior.

    I hope it does well, as I love Aston Martin and hopefully selling these little things will let them continue to build the great cars they’re known and loved for.

    I still think they should have warmed over the engine though. I can see everyone and their grandmother lining up to “drag off an Aston Martin”.

    And for $45000, you shouldn’t be in fear of Corollas. Other than that, sounds great.