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The Hyundai i40 Tourer is now on sale in Australia, offering a sharply styled medium wagon package with a competitive entry price, high equipment levels and an efficient diesel engine.

The Hyundai i40 Tourer shares its platform with the mid-sized i45 sedan. The base model wagon starts $5590 above the price of the sedan.

The Hyundai i40 Tourer will compete with the wagon variants of the Ford Mondeo ($32,840-$48,490), Mazda6 ($35,050-$42,525), Peugeot 508 ($42,490-$45,990), Skoda Octavia ($26,990-$43,790), Subaru Liberty ($35,990-$56,990) and the Volkswagen Passat ($40,990-$57,990).

The i40 Tourer Active with the 2.0-litre petrol engine and six-speed manual transmission starts the new range at $32,490 before on-road costs, while the most frugal i40 Tourer Active with the 1.7-litre diesel engine and six-speed manual will use fuel at a rate of 4.7 litres/100km on the combined cycle.

Both engines are available across all three trim levels. The Active is available with both transmissions, while the mid-spec Elite and range-topping Premium are available only with the six-speed automatic.

The 2.0-litre direct-injection petrol engine produces 130kW of power (at 6300rpm) and 213Nm of torque (at 4700rpm). The Active manual uses 6.8 litres/100km on the combined cycle, while the auto models use 7.5-7.7 litres/100km depending on spec level.

The 1.7-litre diesel engine uses 100kW of power (at 4000rpm) and 330Nm (manual)/320Nm (auto) of torque (2000-2500rpm). The Active manual is the fuel miser, achieving 4.7 litres/100km, which surprisingly matches the i30 diesel and betters its competitors. The auto variants are also among the class leaders, using 5.6-6.0 litres/100km.

All models (petrol and diesel) are fitted with a 70-litre fuel tank. There is 553 litres of cargo space in the boot, which expands to 1719 litres with the 60:40 split-fold rear seats folded down.

The standard safety package in the Hyundai i40 Tourer is a big leap forward, with nine airbags (dual front, front side, rear side, curtain, and driver’s knee), electronic stability control, hill-start assist, daytime running lights, automatic headlights, bending headlights and LED taillights.

All variants are fitted with alloy wheels (and a full-size alloy spare), increasing sequentially in size from 16 to 18 inches from Active to Premium.

The Active comes standard with four-speaker/two-tweeter audio system with auxiliary, USB and Bluetooth for full audio and phone connectivity. Interior features include cruise control, electronic park brake, paddle shifters (auto), manual air conditioning, cloth seats and centre-rear armrest.

For an extra $5000, the Elite adds bigger wheels; premium audio system with six-CD in-dash stacker, amplifier and woofer; electric driver’s seat with lumbar support, height-adjustable passenger seat; rain-sensing wipers; chrome door handles; fog lights; alloy pedals; interior chrome/brushed aluminium highlights; footwell lighting; dual-zone climate control; glovebox cooling; cargo blind and luggage rails.

For another $5000, the range-topping Premium scores the 18-inch alloys, adaptive front lighting system with HID headlights, rear camera integrated into rear-view mirror, 4.2-inch LCD display, electric folding side mirrors, panoramic glass sunroof, tinted rear privacy glass, ventilated front sports seats, driver’s seat memory, electric front passenger seat with lumbar support, heated leather/leatherette front and rear seats, satin exterior door finish and stainless steel scuff plates.

Hyundai i40 Tourer manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • Active 2.0 GDI manual – $32,490
  • Active 2.0 GDI automatic – $34,490
  • Active 1.7 CRDi manual – $34,490
  • Active 1.7 CRDi automatic – $36,490
  • Elite 2.0 GDI automatic – $39,490
  • Elite 1.7 CRDi automatic – $41,490
  • Premium 2.0 GDI automatic – $44,490
  • Premium 1.7 CRDi automatic – $46,490

Metallic paint $450 (Active, Elite)

  • Al

    Actually looks quite good

    • wd

      its hard to admit but it does!

  • m2m

    Fairly big leap from Active to Premium, however it’s IMO the best looking estate on the market. Sat in one at the Motorshow and was seriously impressed.

  • Lucii Pooky

    Anyone here think this is a bit expensive? I mean its the same price (or more) than a Mondeo, 508 and Superb!

    Nice looker though!

    • Mr Plow

      Yep, too expensive. The 1.7 diesel is lower spec (less power and torque) than the Mondeo diesel and others in its class (Passat 125 TDI etc.). 45K drive-away for the Premium diesel would be fair but in WA we’re looking at around 51K drive-away. Crazy.

    • o

      Just slightly to expensive, no sat nav?

      • Lucii Pooky

        Was trying to be nice so fanboys didn’t get angry, but yes having no satnav is very annoying(like all hyundais & kias) and also most people will think of this as a i45 wagon so..


        • anthony

          Thats exactly what I was thinking.
          The Accord Euro is the mid sized benchmark,but are missing a huge opportunity but not offering the very good looking wagon.
          I saw them recently in South Africa,with the diesel engine.

          If Honda wanted to,they could also offer it with a V6,as they do in North America.

          They should drop the Thai built Accord,as noeone seems to buy them anymore.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          No Satnav? Just go and spend $250 on a TomTom/Navman/Garmin…

    • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

      I think it still comes in as cheaper then the Skoda Superb.
      The Skoda gos from 45 to 55k driveaway (if you take out the v6).
      And you do get a lot of things you don’t with the Superb.
      I think it’s a very good package but even I think it may be a little too expensive.
      Still we always want something cheaper don’t we?
      I would have liked to seen sat-nav. Although it doesn’t cost much to get one (or free if you have a smart phone) if you are paying around 50k for your car it is something that you woould like to be included.
      Other then that it comes with a lot of kit for the money and it would go on to my list of cars to look at in this bracket.

      • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

        Oh and I also think it is the best looking wagon in it’s class.
        So that would count for something. :)

  • CJ

    Looks like a Mazda 6, priced like a Mazda 6, think I will keep my Mazda 6!!

  • crouchy

    50k for a Hyundai wagon? Looking back at the old Hyundai Lantra ‘Sportswagon’, its almost impossible to believe how far they’ve come.

    This my western friends, is why we’re screwed.

    • fuckthem

      So a company making a better product then they once did is a bad thing?

  • MattP

    Saw one of these in the carpark near work around three weeks ago but couldn’t get close enough to see the badge other than it was a Hyundai. Looks good.

  • bbb

    Looks like Hyundai have pulled a Honda pricing on us!

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    Full drive review please CA????

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    This is what the new Liberty wagon should of looked like/been!!, great sporty sports tourer styling, advanced petrol DI petrol engine or efficient diesel!, nice shifting 6sp manuual (no clunky cable shift), and brilliant proper 6sp auto, No revvy/compromised CVT!!, most importantly classy, well made interior with quality plastics/finish!!! well done Hyundai you have done what Subaru and Honda etc dont seem to be able to do anymore!

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    Also commended on there std safety items and new safety technology (9 airbags, VSM, static bending lights, emergency brake signal) all very commendable even on std models!!

    • Where-is-yr-Emergency-Brake-Assist-Hyundai

      What use is the Emergency Brake Signal, without the Emergency Brake Assist, a standard Bosch item available on just about every small car upwards, which Hyundai has cleverly omitted from its Australian models, presumably to save cost?

      They appear to be trying to incrementally raise the prices to make up for their past years of discounting, but you can only make profits if you cut costs, and quietly, such as EBA, which most people don’t ask about.

      Not good enough if you ask me, leaving out a simple basic safety item like EBA, much like Toyota used to quietly leave out Stability Control on its Corolla …

      • http://caradvice OSU811

        Where you getting that info from???
        All I40 in oz have, VSM, ESC, TCS, ABS, EBD, BA!!!
        PLUS 9 AIRBAGS, so yes it does have emergency brake assist standard!! the emergency brake lights actually work of the EBA and activate at the same time as EBA is activated! get your facts right next time mate!!

  • Able

    Make no mistake I love the i40, it’s Hyundai’s best car yet, but it is too expensive. The Active doesn’t come with much equipment and the $12k jump to Premium doesn’t even add sat-nav! The Premium diesel (100kW) is $52k on-road here in NSW and to me that’s scarily close to the top-spec diesel Skoda Superb, VW Passat, Peugeot 508 and Ford Mondeo which are all bigger than the Hyundai, have better resale and come with more (well the Superb and Mondeo do anyway). Hyundai rethink pricing and the i40 will be even better!

    Where is the non-Active manual too? It’s like people who like driving are relegated to crap specs and this car was developed in Europe!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      Check out all the specs especially on the Elite! its not over priced!, I agree though a manual Elite model at least is a must!!

      • Jake Williams

        The Elite is fine yes, but the Premium? Sheesh… It’s the most expensive Hyundai no (maybe the Santa Fe Highlander is)?

        And Peter have you checked out the Superb Elegance specs? It has more than the equivalent Passat and the i40 Premium (sat-nav is standard, xenons, memory front seats, heated front and rear seats and so on). It’s a much bigger car, particularly in the cargo area and has more power/torque. The i40 also doesn’t park itself (ParkAssist is standard on all Superb wagons). If Hyundai dropped the price I’m sure it’d be better value.

    • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

      Yeah I agre with OSU811 the Supberb may be close in price but not when you add up the extras that VW charge through the nose for. Where as everything is included in the Hyundai.

  • Whitbomb07

    I like everything about this except for the engine. Should be the 2.4 GDI from the i45 and the 2.0 or 2.2 R CRDi. It’s underpowered compared to the likes of the 6 Diesel (2.2lt 132kw, 400nm 1800-3000 5.9l/100km) but has near identical economy in the top spec (albeit with an A/T)



  • Martin

    Why is there a i40 sedan and an i45 sedan? I thought the i45 was the sedan version of the i40 wagon? Or is it the same car (reskinned) for different markets?

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      no different cars!, we should get the I40 sedan here next year!

  • Martin

    Oh from what I just read the i40 is the euro medium sedan and the i45 is the american medium sedan. We’re lucky to get both. Maybe it’s to take on the 2 accords?

  • Jase

    At about $48K driveaway for the Premium petrol and no SAT NAV included unlike the i45 is a deal breaker.

    It should be $5K less on the entire range.

    I was holding out on purchasing a wagon for the family until the i40 pricing was announced. Looks like I will be shopping elsewhere.

  • Sonic

    If anyone is thinking of buying one of those silly compact SUV’s, please reconsider your thoughts and buy one of these instead. You will be doing everyone (including yourself) a favour.

    I think this even looks a bit better than the Mazda 6 wagon. Looks great!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      Totally agree..

  • PhantomHamster

    Well I think it looks nice… regardless of who makes it and how crap it is or isnt, think they have done a good job on the design… wish we had a Accord Euro wagon tho.

    • anthony

      Yes,the Accord Euro wagon is the best looking of the bunch by far…

  • bruzzer

    wow, great looking wagon.
    too bad its under powered.

    i checked a youtube review of the british model with 1.7 diesel and apart from the great styling and lots of goodies the drive was underwhelming.

    not my words, the reviewer.

  • HJP

    Very nice looking wagon but a bit pricey for the underpowered diesel. The underpowered diesel should be priced the same as the petrol version which has more power. The whole entire range should be $4000-$5000 cheaper.

    • o

      Id say the entire range is about 3k overpriced, it should be in line with accord euro pricing.

      • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

        I’d go with this.
        I think it’s about 3k over-priced.
        Possibly 45k drive-away would be good IMHO.

        • Scott

          Underpowered Diesel? Youve done well to drive one already?

  • BP

    I frothed over VE Commodore Sportwagon & i’m frothing again over the i40 Tourer. Looks so good, can’t wait to see it in the metal 😀

  • Greg

    Why do the Koreans think we need heated front seats (in Australia) over BlueTooth and SatNav.

    Fit these and I would buy one tomorrow.

    • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

      “The Active comes standard with four-speaker/two-tweeter audio system with auxiliary, USB and Bluetooth for full audio and phone connectivity”

      So yeah does come with bluetooth. Just not SatNav.
      As for heated seats it depends where you are and when you drive your car. I would definietly like it some mornings.

  • gti

    Surely this is hands down better than anything out of Europe.

    In every way.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Great, Huyndai releases a decent diesel wagon… However it is priced in such a way to make me want to buy a Passat. Good car.., not worth the asking price.

  • superVan

    I’ll wait for Opel Insignia thanks.

  • Superb

    Waitfor the next 6..

  • Tom R

    First Hyundai to ever look half decent… Its nice!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      what about new Elantra?

  • Karl

    Stunning car, but my god it’s over priced!

  • Scott

    Hyundai have struggled with finding a Sat Nav system for Australia. The new Granduer in 08 was supposed to come out with it but was scrapped a few weeks before launch because of glitches in Australia. The main problem is Although Hyundai in Australia is a big player (and growing fast), Hyundai Australia VS Hyundai America or Hyudai Europe is a tiny tiny market so we often don’t get much adaption. Long story short, they tried to get Sat Nav’s in Hyundai using other market Sat Nav’s, it didnt work and now isnt a priority in Australia…

    • o

      I actually don’t care about the sat nav itself, what I would like are the nice big multimedia screens at least, they make the interiors so much nicer.

  • AndyGF

    Very tricky to make a big wagon look good. Look at the Mercedes R Class, arguably the nastiest looking thing to ever come out of stuttgart.

    Good job on the i40!

  • Martin Wright

    I have been awaiting the price for the i40 wagon and read on the net that it would be priced the same as Uk which is the equivalent of $28,500. Once again the Australian buyer is expected to pay a premium for an imported car. To be fair Hyundai have normally priced their models the same, world wide now they are joining the rest in the greed stakes!!

    I agree with many others for gods sake Honda bring in the Accord Wagon I would buy one straight away

  • Tim

    What will you buy when japanese and and korean makes are priced at par? Answer is very obvious. IMO Hyundai is rushing bit too early pricing themselves up with other credible car makers.

  • Ken

    Nice looker but too expensive. Considering it’s just a 5 seat, mid size car. You could buy a Santa Fe or KIA Sorento with the 2.2L Diesel and 6 speed Auto for that money with all the gear and a bonus 2 seats.

  • Shawn

    I had a look over one today. Sadly I think I will be ordering the i30 SLX after 7+ month wait for the specs to show. You have to go for the elite just to have simular features as the i30 SLX and that is $12,000 more. If the elite was at the active price then it would be logical step up to the i40 from an i30. But $12k is a bit too much, especially since once again Australia misses out on sat nav.

    • Bob

      I agree. The Elite in the UK is $38,000AUD and comes with Sat Nav.Premium is $42,200AUD

  • Darcy Dunbar

    UGLY beyond belief!

    Zero ground clearance – you would hang this up on the crown of most Aussie country roads.

    • Karl

      How can you think this is ugly?
      My commodore is lower than that, but I’ve taken it places that would make many SUV drivers would think twice.
      What is it with people thinking they need Landcruisers just because there’s some leaves on the road?

  • maximark

    Why wouldn’t I buy a Japanese car over a Hyundai if they are both sold for the same price? Hyundai just got into the market and already started to put prices of their vechicles up, very bad marketing I think.

  • Car Fanatic

    Why do you keep mentioning the Skoda Superb? The Octavia wagon is it’s Direct competitor. I’d spend 3 k more on the RS Octavia wagon over the Elite i40 and get Bluetooth and GPS standard, same fuel economy, 147kw and 280Nm of torque. Superb is much bigger, will give a much smoother ride and it has satnav and voice recognition as well as a more powerful Diesel engine for only 5k more.

  • Shockjock

    Way too expensive. A passat 118 tsi dsg wagon can be had new for under 40k. It comes with a far more sophisticated engine/gearbox, full heated leather and front and rear parking sensors. Different class of build and properly engineered. I know where my money is going.

  • Matty B

    Does anyone else have a sense of deja vu here ? Everyone’s saying the exact same thing they did with the I45, Sportage, IX35 and pretty much anything else out of Korea in the last 12 months. They price their cars to take advantage of the new car prices. Then once demand slows down they’ll discount them.

    Only problem I can see with this car, not having driven one is the size of the engines. But they’re never going to be world beaters performance wise anyway.

    And as much as I like an multimedia screen in the car, I couldn’t really car less about Sat Nav, I’ve had cars with it and rarely used it. Yet I’ve always got around where I need to in a car without it. I really don’t think it’s as big a deal as it was when it came out as “most” built sat nav units are horrible anyway.

  • Hung Low

    How does one say rip off in Korean?
    Seriously, if you are going to price it the same or above established models, the new comer should better them at most facets.
    Judging by my mothers IX35 which this looks like a flattened version of, the steering and ride is woeful, nvh is ordinary.
    Hyundai has proven that their reliability and build quality and technology is on par or better, but they still have a way to go with driving dynamics, ride and the finish of interior materials.
    This should be priced at least 4-5k cheaper!

  • Age R

    So yet another Hyundai comes to Australia without a touchscreen Multimedia display option. I too don’t care about sat-nav but that’s no reason to deny us the option of MM display for other benefits.

    All eyes to the upcoming Veloster and whether Hyundai Aust butchers this fine looking vehicle by removing the STANDARD 7″ Touchscreen LCD that offers great new features like Gracenote Album Cover Art, Pandora Internet Radio, Eco-View, RCA AV Input etc.

    Any money we will end up with the only Veloster in the world that replaces this STANDARD equipment with a Digital Clock …

  • Car Fanatic

    I think the world has come to an end as I find myself agreeing with Hung.

    • Hung Low

      It must be, because I agree with you re: the Octavia RS!!

      • Car Fanatic

        Lol, oh dear.

  • Where-is-yr-Emergency-Brake-Assist-Hyundai

    [Reply to OSU811 3.20pm 4-Oct about Hyundai’s everything but EBA]

    Aww take a Bex and please don’t yell at me …. but if you HAVE to, yell at Hyundai’s Aust website and compare the specs they have there, with their NZ specs at http://www.Hyundai.co.nz – you’ll see every car from the i20 to the Santa Fe has EBA, but a very quiet omission from the same range in Aust (as far as I can tell only the i45 has EBA). I’ve researched, because I’m in the market for a car and since the day I drove the i30, my estimation if Hyundai has transformed – just a crying shame they’ve cynically cut out a safety item because no one’s noticing …

    Of course it could well be Hyundai hasn’t checked their (Aust) facts … 😉 … mate.

    • R-Series

      This does have EBA as standard along with the i45.

      • Where-is-yr-Emergency-Brake-Assist-Hyundai

        Thank you R-Series – I stand corrected, yes the i40 does have EBA, it was embedded in its specs page:


        Keep it up Hyundai …. 2 cars so far with EBA …. let’s see you extend it to the new i30! :)