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  • Bangel

    Great car , checked it out recently , very close to the golf in quality , this is fords future , well done .

    • AndyGF

      Definitely the blue ovals best…

      I like that yellow too, never thought I would say that, ever! Really suits the car, something different!

      • me-all-day

        You call it yellow? I was thinking baby s#|^ Mustard.

        • AndyGF

          I drove a BMW M3 in that colour, I jokingly called it; ‘Camel Cotch’. ^_^
          Still was interesting… Its one thing to give that colour to a sports car, another to a family hatch.

          Brave move of Ford, but I think it will pay off, suits the shape IMHO?

      • focuschicky

        That yellow you are talking about well its Mustard Olive, i bought one and its catalogue colour does nothing for the real thing. I love my new focus and everyone who sees it says its a great colour…

    • jimmy

      I just can’t go past that price tag though. It’s a decent car, but at nearly $40k it brings a lot of other ‘more decent’ cars into the ring like the Golf TDI. I know I’d much rather have the Golf over this.

      A small to mid sized Ford should not be over $30,000.

    • Aim

      Golf is not the best example of quality, i had one, and the interior fell apart. The German Sourced focus are really good, The S. Afr. sourced ones were rubbish.

      The reason why it is good quality and similar to a European VW, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Opel and EU Toyota (yes they are actually good) is because they are in the sector. Hopefully they will maintain the EU quality when they will get sourced from Malaysia.

      • hugespud

        I Thought Focus were built in South Africa and Belgium, not Germany.

        • Random Month

          This Mk III Focus is currently being sourced from Saarlouis in Germany.

          When production comes online later next year, sourcing will be switched to the new plant in Thailand which also supplies the Fiesta, Mazda 2 and the new Ranger.

    • Sreips

      Brought one on the weekend, Trend Sport. The sport is definitely worth the step up in price from the Trend. I couldn’t quite stretch to the Titanium.

      Great interior, rides really well, cant wait for delivery.

      • James

        What dis you pay if you dont mind me asking?

  • o

    I love everything except the lack of the big 8 inch screen found in the US and Euro models.

    • Tim Johnston

      UDB =$34.95

    • me-all-day

      I personally don’t like big screens in cars. Find them distracting and something costly to replace outside of warranty. Prefer a dark cabin – I’m thinking soon you won’t be able to buy a car without a screen in it.

  • Giles

    Way too expensive for the top of the line Titanium Hatch. No sat nav is a big let down also.

    • Tony M

      Sat Nav!!! Have you ever tried to get the maps updated with cars that have sat nav. Costs heaps, almost the same price as a good sat nav off the shelf. And if you have it done every couple of years it will cost you about a grand. Buy a decent sat nav with updates included and you can go on a holiday every couple of years.

      • AndyGF

        I agree, Once you spec’ed it on your car, its often more of a chore, cause you have to learn how it works, wonder if you can you trust its map, ect.

        My cellular phone has proper GPS sat nav too, most do these days. On the very odd occasion I get lost the cellphone is always there on you when you need it. IE: you dont have to sit in your car fiddling with your cellphone sat nav, you can configure it while you are outside your car. Much more convenient…
        Why would you want a big screen distracting you all the time while you drive too?

        • http://CarAdvice Tony C

          As for Sat Nav, you can use you bluetooth streaming off your smartphone with its navagation feature on and the voice will come through the sound system as integrated sat nav would… Bonus

    • Planned_Obsolescence

      What is the big deal factory sat nav…they are way overpriced, upgrades cost a fortune & I hope you have very deep pockets should the stop working.

      The only upside is the more integrated look & if you’re willing to be robbed blind to get that..good for you.


      • Planned_Obsolescence

        Ahhhh…that should read about factory sat nav

      • Camski

        Tunnels. Integrated units do NOT ‘need’ a satellite signal to track the position of the car. Speed and direction of the wheels can be measured while the car is moving and so the car can be ‘tracked’ even without a satellite signal.

        Convenience. No more windscreen mounts, wires dangling everywhere.

        Fashion. It makes a statement, mixed with convenience. Sitting in a sweltering hot car on a typical Aussie summers day while you fiddle with cables and suction caps with your mates burning their arses off in the back seats isn’t exactly flattering on your part.

        “upgrades cost a fortune”. Although I don’t endorse it, you’ve obviously never heard of… oh I don’t know… “the Internet”.

        Function. Although portable units are now picking up on a lot of the functions that were once exclusive to integrated units, some functions such as verbally inputting an address still aren’t found. Screen size (have you seen the size of the screens they’re fitting to cars nowadays?) adds function when it comes to viewability and the amount of information that can be displayed (such as ETA, speed, speed limits, red light/speed cameras etc.).

        I’ve used everything from iPhone (4, if it matters) based TomTom software, Garmin software, dedicated TomTom and Garmin units, Navigon software. I’ve even layed down $900 for a Navman PIN PocketPC back in 2007. All said and done, I will still take an integrated unit any day of the week, be it a Toyota based system (very common software [not mapping data] from various manufacturers not limited to just Toyota), BMW’s iDrive, Audi’s MMI or even Benz’s COMAND.

  • Phil

    THE PRICE!!!

    Did this reviewer ever see a old Focus, let alone drive one?
    “very conservative and pedestrian in the way it drove and the way it looked.”

    I’ve never heard a single person say the old Focus was weak to drive, nor was conservatively styled.
    If fact every other review of the new Focus I’ve seen so far, says it feels softer and not as sharp as the old one.

    • me-all-day

      Partially caused by the fact it’s much heavier than the old model.

  • camaro

    too expensive. with that sort of money there available a alot of choices for us as accord euro lux 40000$, hyundai i45, @ same segment should take a look for mazda 3. definitely it’s not for me.

    • GB

      And it better than all of those!!

      • hugespud

        Really? this is a car that has has preformed as well as those cars in the public arena on the amount of sales. I not saying that the focus is a bad car but people have put their money elsewhere.

        • hugespud

          I meant not as well, sorry

  • People

    Choose white with black out rims!!Mmmm…..sporty~~

    • Karl

      …not so sure about the blacked out rims part.

  • K20A

    Great car. Was considering this car myself for the missus. My only gripe (same as the reviewer) is that 6-speed manual should be available across the range. It’s pretty standard these days really.. Golf Mk5 had.. current gen Corolla has it..

    The (petrol) engine in this car is the first time in years that made me think of not getting a diesel.. it’s so competent.. and drinks 91 too! However I believe the quoted power / toque is on 95.

    Lastly, I also agree that the ‘sweet spot’ is a petrol Sport hatch, in manual.

  • Milsie

    This car is going to look very dated very quickly…

    • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

      You mean like it’s already done to the Cruze.

  • save it for the track

    Undoubtedly the Focus is a good vehicle, and in it’s home and more relevant markets has been lauded by overseas publications and the likes of Jason Plato and Tiff Needall as the small car benchmark for many years now. Having driven older model Focus in Aus and overseas I always found it to handle well (even with a 1.4L motor in Europe)
    I believe that in Aus, there is still a psychological block to many buying small vehicles costing as much or more than medium or large vehicles. Despite in many cases the smaller cars being better appointed.
    Why is it that none of the Ford reviews appear in video form?

  • Sully

    It is one uuuuugly mother, particularly the rear three quarter view. This is where Ford are continually losing it. They make great cars dynamically (read Falcon, Mondeo) yet nobody will buy them becuase they have no “driveway appeal”

  • Yonny

    Would be interested in seeing a review comparing the base model Focus with its competitors. I’m not sure the value for money equation is right with the base model.

    But yeah, I’d sure like to drive/own the Focus TDCi Titanium!

  • save it for the track

    From Fifth gear. “…Ford has clearly changed the, er, focus of the model towards refinement and away from handling…”
    “The handling is still good, but the steering is a lot lighter than before. Although we usually reckon smaller wheels work better on most cars, the Focus is an exception: the optional 18-inch wheels give a bit more feel. Overall, we still reckon this Focus is the best car in its class, but the gap to the Golf is far smaller than it was five years ago.”
    So, according to Fifth gear (and in my own experience), the Focus is STILL the best in class and the gap has gotten SMALLER now than it was even 5 years ago. (suffesting that Mk II was dynamically better) Of course Fifth Gear and many european reviews always put more stock in handling than gadgets.

  • save it for the track

    Oops (suggesting that Mk II was dynamically better)

  • Jerrycan

    When I looked at buying a new Mk 2 manual diesel Focus about 4 years back. I was sold on the handling, performance and general feel.
    However my wife made me look at the rest of car and made me aware of the NVH issues, the lack of refinement especially in the back seats and fact you could see bare metals and welds. Not sure if this was because it was made in South Africa?
    The finish and comfort compared very badly with the Renault Megane sedan (made in Turkey), which I was also deterred from buying because of the rumoured poor reliability of the electrics.

    Ended up buying the Skoda octavia 1.9l diesel manual wagon, and have been pretty happy with that.

    Would be very interested in revisiting the Focus again though, based on this test.

  • Mr Gaspo

    I understand the pricing… Sourced out of Europe, limited supply = demand should match the limited supply. Roll the clock forward 18 months and supply is now more plentiful and at lower cost out of Thialand = product and price readjustment. This car will be a good buy, but not right now. Ford will not do big volume untill the price and equipment is fixed. Of course by then the new i30 will be ripping up the sales charts… Could it be a case of history repeating? Good product without the sales volume it deserves… Ford marketing strikes again?

  • Noel

    Just a quick couple of question (probably for Paul M), doesn’t the executive pack come with a sunroof? and from what I have seen so far when looking at these, the Titanium has a power drivers seat as standard, I’ve noticed the Ford website suggests it is part of the exec pack too, which is it?

    I think this is one of the best Fords for as long as I can remember, it’s not going to sell near as well as it should though which is such a pity.

    • Paul Maric

      Hi Noel,

      The Titanium comes with four way manual adjustment as standard. A four way power driver seat can only be optioned with the Sports Executive Pack.

      The optional pack also comes with a sunroof.

      • Noel

        Thanks Paul

      • hairdog


        i bought a new Titanium Diesel without the executive pack. it comes standard with powered drivers front seat!!!

  • Pauly

    The Price Ford! The Price!

    I understand it comes out of Germany like the Golf, but you cant charge Golf prices for a car in Australia, as VW is considered to be more premium then a Ford.

    Overseas it maybe a different story, we all understand this, but in Australia VW is seen as being premium, thus they can ask and get away with charging more.

    Here hoping when they come out of Thailand, the free trade agreement and the great Aussie Dollar, we will see a reduce in the cost!

    • me-all-day

      The Focus is arguably a better car than the Golf yet VW has the premium image and accordingly, a premium price tag.
      Resale will be interesting as the Golf does particularly well.

    • me-all-day

      Oh and don’t expect the price to drop when they import them from Thailand. They will simply throw in more goodies like MyFord Touch to justify the price.
      The only thing that will cause a price drop is if they don’t sell.

  • Joe

    I have been driving a Titanium TDCI Sedan for the past 4 weeks and have covered approx. 3000 km’s and so I feel qualified to talk about the new Focus.
    I agree with Paul that the Focus handles brilliantly and that the fuel economy(I am averaging 5.8l/100km)and torque from the TDCI are fantastic.
    I think that the build quality is right up there with the best in class, after all it is made in Germany, and that the styling does take a little time to appreciate but after 1 month my family and I are really starting to fall in love with it’s presence on the road.
    As far as the interior in concerned, yes there are an awful lot of buttons etc. but after a short time they all make sense and work very well and have a quality feel about them.
    Lastly, whilst they are considerably more than the run-out model Focus’, the LW model is still good value compared against the Mazda 3 and VW Golf etc. Anybody considering a Korean/Asian C Class car is obviously price driven and will always think that a Euro car is too expensive and in any case I don’t think that’s who Ford are targeting anyway.
    My rating for the Focus Titanium TDCI is 8.5 out of 10.

    • hairdog

      I drive a hatch Titanium diesel, and I do mainly city driving, and i get 7.5L/100km…so not sure how you guys are getting 5.8L/100km. i have travelled 2700lm



    pretty sure turning circle has nothing to do with tyre size.(overall diameter remaining approx the same)suspension design yes,rack yes,wheelbase yes,tyre pressure yes,tyre size no.(if anything the bigger tyres should make is easier to turn,through stiffer sidewalls)just say it doesn’t turn good.i’m sure ford will still loan you other cars to test…

    • Paul Maric

      The Titanium tyres are 30mm wider than Ambiente and 20mm wider than Trend and Sport, so the width of the tyres has a great effect on the vehicle’s turning circle.

      • JEKYL & HYDE


        all things considered then,it should be what 60mm(6cm)more then?same rack,same wheelbase,same suspension.tell me i’m missing something.

        do this.park both models.turn rack as hard as it goes in one direction.make a half turn.measure the difference.see if i’m right or not…

        no manufacturer displays different turning circle’s depending on different sized tyres within models.

        it just don’t turn as good as you would like…

        • Paul Maric

          I’m not expert on the technical side of the Focus and have sought clarification from Ford, but my understanding is that a ~13% increase in tyre width per tyre would result in a proportional increase in turning circle.

          As such, the 11m turning circle of the Ambiente would increase by ~13% to around 12.4m.

          Like I said, I was happy with the turning circle in the Sport and Ambiente, but the Titanium’s turning circle was noticeably larger.

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            learn’t it all,forgotten most.maybe ford increased the castor settings to fit the wheels in(lenghtning the wheelbase,changing the inclined angle(a.i.))maybe the rack ratio is different.no doubt they will tell you,and then you’ll know…

          • Sledge

            I don’t think that it is that mysterious. There are adjustable bump stops and limit switches in the steering rack/column and suspension uprights. These stops are set so that the tyres don’t foul the guards/ suspension arms etc and a small decrease in steering angle can dramatically increase turning radius.

            BUT the amount of dynamic and visual benefit gained by the 235/40/18 Michelins would outweigh the disadvantage in my book.

            Apparently Ford are going to rectify the turning circle when Thai production starts – presumably with some new mouldings or pressings to accommodate the bigger rubber. Good on ’em I say, If you listened to some of the half-witted journo’s(not you Paul) the answer is to fit smaller wheels.

  • LSD

    You get what you pay for. This is far and away the best car in this class so it figures you might pay more, who pays sticker price anyway……..i would rather pay a little more for a great car than pay a little less and get a LOT LESS car, Cruze for instance.

    Why people throw their hard earned cash at crap cars is beyond me……

  • David

    Great car by all accounts but they’ve priced it all wrong. $38K+ is up in Accord Euro, Mazda 6 territory.

    • anthony

      I agree,this is very over priced,would far rather have a Mazda 6,Accord Euro,or VW Jetta…

  • ryan bane

    As for the statement,
    “Enter stage left the Ford Focus Mk3. Featuring a radical concept car design”,

    hmmm, whilst less bland than the Mk2, it has no where near the “OMG!” factor the Mk1 caused at it’s release.

    To me, just looks like a puffed up Fiesta (not that that is necessarily a bad thing).

    For me the downsides are the busy interior (not the buttons as such, just the look), and that price!

  • me-all-day

    I’ve test driven the TDCi Titanium.
    The handling is brilliant. The engine is brilliant but only once rolling. Off the mark the turbo lag is clearly evident.
    The cabin isn’t what I’d call amazing but it nice and snug with reasonably good (low) NVH levels.
    The parking assist feature is a total gimmick. If you can’t park a focus you should really ask yourself if you should be driving at all!

  • davey

    At this price, surely you strongly consider the stunning new Kia Optima. Everytime I see one of the new Optima’s, I want one, even though I shop in a higher price bracket.

  • me-all-day

    1.6 L Ecoboost NOW!

    • Philthy

      Damn straight! The 1.6t is supposed to be a peach from what I’ve read.

  • Steve

    Davey, i agree. This is Optima money and its a stunner. The Kia is a styling gem.

  • al

    Semi-automatic Active Parking, electric steering. What a load of crap. What happens when it fails? Electric steering failure on the highway at 100 km/h?………..
    Crap, crap, crap. Overbuilt, expensive, crap.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      I think you would find al that just like a hydraulic system you would still be able to steer the car by applying a more effort. Plus electric steering has the potential to be more reliable than a Hydraulic system becasue unlike the hydrualic pump in a Hydraulic system, the electric motor only runs when it needs to.

    • Phil

      al, it’s not electric steering. It’s MECHANICAL steering with electrical ASSITANCE.

      If the “electric steering” fails, the steering will still fuction exactly the same except it will be heavier.

      The electrical assitance is variable anyway and you will probably find that at highway speeds the assistance level is zero.

  • Shak

    Sorry…39K for a small hatch. Even with all that technology and its brilliant driving style, 39K just seems like way too much. Considering some cars a segment up from this one are cheaper and drive better…it really does make this car a bit pointless.

    • DaveofKtown

      Thats the asking price. No one would pay 39!

  • http://aca Shane

    For the price of a top-of-the range ‘Ford Focus’ … i could buy a ‘Lexus CT’ instead with superior build quality, technology, refinement, customer service and of course the traditional Lexus traits of impeccable reliability, dependability and durability.

    Just a thought … !!

    • Phil

      It also reaches the price of a entry level BMW 118i, Audi A3 or Alfa Romeo Guilietta.

  • Henry

    Hate the PRICE!!!!!, Hate the drop box ad! but it’s an ok car!

  • Barry Banks

    I purchased a Trent auto petrol two weeks ago for my wife and have done 1300km running in
    Money wasn’t an issue but I believed the Teend gave better value for money. It has bluetooth , USB and reversing sensors. These are the most ctitical items currently (besides safety)
    It rides very well on the 16 inch Michelin rubber.
    The motor is still tight but the car is averaging 6.2 l/100 km.
    I drive a Mondeo TDCI with 120,000 on the clock. The diesel is an excellent engine but unless you do lots of km,s it is hard to justify the extra $3700.
    I find the Focus on par with the Mondeo for ride comfort and NVH,

  • hairdog

    Lets face reality here. If the Focus was a Holden, everyone will be saying great value car!!! Holden badge a Daeqoo aka Cruze, and it has a price premium on what a Daewoo would sold for usually. and everyone loves the Cruze. i wonder if holden rebadged the Cruze as a Daewoo how many would buy it?

    A CDX cruze Diesel is 32K drive away, I got my Titanium Diesel for $36500 drive away…better engine, better gear box, more features and looks heaps better so the extra $4 500 is money well spent. Plus it handles heaps better.

    • focuschicky

      after considering a Holden cruze, i finally decided on the Sport Focus because of the engine, gearbox and features as you just mentioned… so glad i did.

      • hairdog

        I know people say the Focus is expensive, but this is not your normal Ford. The engineering and quality is quite impressive.

        I love how people pay extra for a Lexus..which is just a posh Toyota.

        • Wxthree

          We are so often sold an inferior product for too much money here in Oz that when they finally give us something that’s good we think it’s justifiable to pay the earth for it. The internet use it to look at the same products overseas and prepare to get depressed.

  • DaveofKtown

    After testing heaps of cars. I just ordered a Sport Hatch auto in Panther Black! Cannot wait for delivery. Got them down to $29,600 drive-away from $33,180 list price!

    • James

      I got them down to 28500 with the sat nav so the 2012 model, that was for a petrol auto sport hatch. Very happy with price :)

  • focuschicky

    I researched for months and decided on the focus sport auto hatch also. I am more than happy with it and i chose the Mustard Olive, Great car. Im still trying to get used to the voice activted features, a rain sensing rear window wiper when reversing in the rain is cool too. LOVE IT…

    • hairdog

      My voice recognition is a mixed bag…doesnt always listens. I suppose it is a female that is requesting the commands…hence why i may not have luck with it at times :).

      I wanted the Mustard Olive, but settled for the Ink Blue as I got a demostrator with 400km on the clock, and I didnt want to wait 2 months for it.

  • Kat

    I got a demo Trend model in manual, I love it! I would have liked the yellow colour but I was not going to be picky about colour when I was getting $8500 off the price! I was considering a Mazda 3 or the new Hyundai Elantra but went with the Focus because you get so much more for the $$! The quality of materials in the car is fantastic, comfortable, it’s fun to drive, plenty of power (2.0 lt) and I’m getting a combined fuel consumption of around 7-7.6lt/100km which I think is pretty good. I am not bothered by all the buttons, they all have a purpose and everything is within good reach of the driver. I love my Focus!

  • Good EffortFord

    I have just taken delivery of a Focus Titanium TDCi hatchback in Candy Red with sports exec pack. 3 month wait, but thankfully well worth it. So far, its been a brilliant little car. I think the price is actually good value for money if you option the sports exec pack, once you count the technology that is in this car. Ford have moved this car further upmarket, hence the higher asking price. The sports exec pack option is well worth the asking price, and also includes a tilt/slide sunroof. I traded from a LT petrol Focus Zetec, and after 2 weeks with the car, this car is streets ahead of the LT model (which was also a good car). Build quality of the German built car is better too. Only major drawback is the LT sedan boot is far bigger than the new models (sedan or hatch) boot. I am currently averaging 7.3L/100km with shortish (10km) suburban trips with around 400km on the clock. The economy should improve a fraction as the motor runs in a bit. Sport and Titanium spec models also have sat nav included now.

    • hairdog

      I personally think it sucks that after 3-4 months Ford upgrade specs of the upper models Focus. Seriously owners who have bought their cars without the SatNav should be given the upgrade.

      I have never heard of any car compnay releasing brand new cars and change the specs in such a short time.

  • James

    I cant decide between the manual or auto for the sports hatch petrol? Any suggestions?

  • Nicholas

    Has anyone checked out the different rates of fuel consumption using 91/95/98 RON fuel?

  • DaveofKTown

    Picked up the Focus Sport yesterday, problem was, I had to pick it up from Sydney and drive it back to Melbourne! We ordered the Focus back in early October and were told we would have it in October, then told December, then we rang them in December and they said that it was built but they (Ford Germany) forgot to put it on the ship and it would be on the next ship in Feb/March!!!!

    So I found one in Sydney. City Ford in Melbourne refused to ring and see if they could put it on a truck! We got a better price from the guys in Sydney and then City Ford in Melbourne told us that we had been a waste of their time. Such a rude bunch of useless gutless guys in there!

    I knew more about the car than they did, even to the point where I knew it would have Sat-Nav when the date got pushed back.

    I could not more highly recommend the car but the service from City Ford Melbourne was appalling to say the least.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      i’d imagine there’s many side’s to this little story…

      its obvious that city ford haven’t done all they could of done…

      telling them to pick up a car for you in sydney that you’ve bought from another dealer after them(and you) waiting months for is a bit like pissing on their shoulder and telling them its raining though.

      did you go straight to the big boss at city ford and state your intentions if they didn’t get you a car asap? that’s what i would of done.that way arse is kicked all the way down the line….

  • Wxthree

    Much larger touchscreen available in the US, similar to system in Territory and now new Falcon. Should be available in the Wildtrack too but won’t be. Another half assed job by ford oz, just like the poxy diesel in the Territory. A great product let down stupid management decisions and pathetic dealers.

    • Kat

      My grandparents in Canada just bought a Focus, it has the Ford MyTouch system and they hate it, they say it is not user friendly at all. Why would you knock a car just for that? I don’t get the point of it anyway, don’t you just use the controls on the steering wheel for everything? I know I do on mine. It’s a great car and the dealer here in Townsville was brilliant!

  • Ford-Fan

    Just ordered a new Titanium sedan TDCI in Candy red. Great looking car, drives beautifully and now standard with sat nav. Great car, cant wait for pick up! 

  • Greg

    Geezez I wish people would stop going on about the VW Golf like they talking about a BMW or the like.  VW sucks big time!  Endless reliability issues.  Until I bought a Toyota (after my VW) I thought weekend car maintenance and visits to the mechanic were normal. Sort of like having an unwanted hobby. Ford has certainly lifted their game and this is not like the Ford of yesteryear.  These are all Euro designed and Diesel engine fuel economy.  Wow,  wake up Toyota and Honda I’m about to buy a Ford!!  (Read reviews on VW overseas from people who drive them rather local reviews by people paid to be nice.)

  • Ghia

     The turning circle is a huge disadvantage. I drove a Titanium and a Sport for a weekend, great driving car that I almost purchased. I wanted the Titanium, but they killed it with the wheels. My experience:
    * Attempting a U turn on a main road (in the same manner I have done many times in my Ford Territory) the Focus almost did not make it, it is almost gutter scrapping.
    * Parking in tight shopping centres; turning in requires a slight turn out first. It just does not feel as easy to park as the Territory with a 11.4 meter turning circle.
    * Places where I can usually make U turns do not exist anymore in for the Titanium Focus.
    * Noisy tyres, too firm on the road.

    Ford should have kept the Titanium withe 17in wheels, and made the 18’s an option.

    The poor decision making cost them Wheels Car of the Year.

  • Jmds

    The ford focus 2012 is manufactured in Germany and started production  in Thailand in august 2012.They are exactly the same as the one made in Germany.I have the one from Germany and my wife just bought the new Ford focus Trend  made in thailand.

Ford Focus Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$10,230 - $11,630
Dealer Retail
$11,750 - $13,970
Dealer Trade
$8,100 - $9,300
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
159Nm @  4000rpm
Max. Power
92kW @  6300rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.6L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:0  Unbrake:0
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/55 R16
Rear Tyres
205/55 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Lower control arm, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Control Blade, Multi-link system, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Hill Holder, Traction Control System
Adjustable Steering Wheel - Tilt & Telescopic, Power Steering, Trip Computer, Voice Recognition System
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Rear Spoiler
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Front Floor
Country of Origin