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  • Lucii Pooky

    Lets hope this review doesn’t turn into an argument involving the usual suspects (Jimsim, gmh-bogan, freddo, bangle, etc) comparing this 2 a Golf GTI….


    • Bangel

      Yes nice boot in a GTI , this is all to lttle too late , they should put it in the territory , no one wants large sedans , except cops/cabbies .

      • Lucii Pooky


        Thanks for proving my point….

        • Bangel

          Any time love debating the demerits of the falcoon .

          • Ben

            Phil, when was the last time Ford offered a 3 speed auto in a Falcon? Something like 22 years ago. So that’s your limited level of understanding then. It’s probably where your idea of brake fade comes from (some of those early EA’s did have brake fade problems when you put super cheap chinese pads on).

        • gmh-bogan

          Have to agree with you Pooky.Golf drivers lack testosterone.

          • Lucii Pooky

            No Gmh. My mum owns a GTI so I do like them.

            What I’m trying to say is the Golf is a small car designed for inner-city people who live own their own or a couple/small family who need a decent car. The Falcon/Commodore is a car designed for people who have tall kids, need to travel far and do lots of highway and country road driving or just want down right performance!!!

            So basically I’m trying to say your comments are worthless and don’t make sense when compared to a golf.

            If you compare this to a Commodore/Aurion people won’t complain because they’re actually its rivals!!

          • Bangel

            POOKY yes i love the highway 188kw and 400nm plenty of grunt with the bonus of economy great handling in a classy euro package , which can easily take 4 normal sized people ,not bad for a city car, sorry fat bogans may need a falcoon , and then you can only get 2 fatties in the back .

            You can keep your taxi on gas , dont forget to get A $10k discount , gonna need it as it depreciates like stone in a pond .

          • garywhopper

            400nm, wow tht ebay chip is sensational, wow i wish I was ther for the dyno runs surrounded by the cast of Pizza

          • Phil

            Ummm Pooky, I think its your comments that are a little worthless.

            Falcon designed for Country driving? A spare wheel is a $250 option in this LPI version for crying out loud! Who would go out for long drives in the country without a spare wheel?
            Also if its designed for lots of highway/country driving, why is the fuel tank so small in the normal petrol version? Only 68L is puny for a large 4.0 engine car. If it was designed for long trips, it needs a much larger tank.
            If it’s designed for tall people, why is the roofline so low? Tall people would probably fit better in something like a Honda Jazz let alone a Toyota Tarago.
            If it were designed for “downright performance” it would have reasonable sized brakes, instead of ones the size of a farthing. Also if people were actually buying Falcons because they “just want down right performance”, then why are 99% of Falcons fitted with a auto gearbox?

            LPG is the only thing this car has going for it – and even then, sales have shown people aren’t really interested in LPG cars.

          • Andrew M

            “Also if people were actually buying Falcons because they “just want down right performance”, then why are 99% of Falcons fitted with a auto gearbox?”

            Well in the case of the ZF6sp auto, which is the standard auto on the Falcon, it is actually more fuel efficient and faster than the manual version.

            Your comment about tall people fitting better in a Honda Jazz is laughable.

            You seem to have a lot of ideas on whats not a good car, well what would you consider a good one then?

          • Phil

            Yet Andrew, when Ford offered a awful 3 speed auto on the Falcon against a superior 5 speed manual, around 99% of Falcon buyers went straight for the 3 speed auto.

            Jazz offers a interior that has a floor around the same height as Falcon, with a roof that is much higher than Falcon.
            Do you understand how vertical dimensions work?
            Do you understand how to sit up straight with good posture? Though I guess people with poor posture who like to drive in a reclined position would fit better in Falcon.

          • Harry

            @Phil I am 6’5″, get a Jazz??? you have no idea what it is like to be over 5’5″. Both are fine for head room, but in a Jazz your knees are forced up into your face so you can’t breathe. I thought the average Australian male was supposed to be 6″, why the hell do 90% of cars only cater for the average Asian guy who is as tall as you? For all the tall people I say we should be grateful as hell that Holden and Ford are still producing decent sized cars – especially when every generation is taller than the last and unfortunately fatter.

          • Andrew M

            So are you saying when people get taller its from their waist up??
            Most people that are taller than the average usually are longer in the legs not to much the torso.

            And also, hows the shoulder width in the Jazz??
            You even rub shoulders when its 2 in the front for christ sake

          • Phil

            Which is why seats are mounted higher off the floor in most tall hatchbacks like Jazz.

            Generations of Australian aren’t getting fatter by accident…

            Who measures height in 6″? Imperial measurments went out of this country in the 1960s.

          • al

            In Europe they don’t.

          • Harry

            @Phil, my guess is you’re under 6 feet, which is why you don’t like talking about height in feet. In centimetres though you are really tall, over 100! maybe even over 150!!! I bet you measure other stuff in centimetres too not inches. Everyone knows how tall they are in imperial, it’s how we can get comparison with older generations.

            raising the seat height won’t do much, first you are more likely to touch your head on the roof (look to falcons as opposed to commodores to see that the roof always seems lower), secondly it is the distance from your hip to your knee that is the main concern when the dash seems too close. For a tall person one of the coolest cars to sit in was the old zeds, being built for an American market they had the seat low on the floor and the the pedals mounted far out in front of the steering wheel – awesome.

          • Rick

            @bangel just curious but doesn’t a golf gti make 155kw and 280 nm or is yours the golf r which makes 188kw and 330nm I can’t seem to find a golf with 400nm . If the R is the one you’ve got more fool you $53,000 for a car that makes that much power, all to save 1.1ltrs of fuel per100km ( ADR.) over a falcon that makes 7kw and 61nm more and is $10,000 less in xr6 form simple economics genius, at 1.1 ltrs /100km and a $10000 price difference and fuel at $1.45 you will have to drive around 658000km to make up the price difference alone . That’s if you run the xr6 on premium like you have to with the golf R .Just imagine how much worse this would look if I included service costs between the two, you would have to do close to 1000000 km good luck with the golf lasting that long ,but as taxi drivers can attest, falcons have no trouble doing it. Also I could have made this worse for the golf owners by comparing it to the lpi falcon

      • BatmanSV

        hahahaha 109 dislikes!!!

        Love it!!!

    • Jimsim

      Sorry mate, I wont comment, except for the fact that I hate Bangel… That idiots annoying. Go back to Germany.

      • Lucii Pooky

        Phil, a Jazz????? First people were comparing the falcon/commodore to a small car and now a supermini??And Jimsim no worries, judging from the many dislikes I don’t think everyone likes Bangel too.

        But seriously a supermini? What has CarAdvice come to…

      • Prabhnoor Singh

        The only positive thing bangel ever said on caradvice was in the limited edition black FPV GT article. He was actually praised for praising the car!

        • Phil

          Get real Harry.

          Of course I measure everything in cm not inches. Are you Geriatric or American?

          A raised seat height WILL work if the roofline is higher as I already pointed out. Why do you think tall people fit better in many 4WDS? They have seats that are as close together as sedans, however people fit more easily by means of a higher seat with a higher roof – as opposed to a lower seat that set further away from the seat in front/dashboard.

          Anyway, face the facts. Falcon is incompatible with todays car buying trends. Sales are down from 8000 a month to 1500. It’s dead. LPI might give it a handful of additional sales but it will never reach a profitable level again.

        • paulb

          Prabhnoor can remember Bangel saying something nice about Falcon Ecoboost.The quote he gave was (it might be enough to save Falcon)something like that.

    • BatmanSV

      I think the excess hair product has gotten too much for Bangel.

  • Terry Zarzoff

    Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Da Dat Da Daaa….vrooom! Yes, that is literally how long a gas powered Falcon takes to crank. I’ll stick to petrol thanks.

    • Andrew M

      Didnt you read the article??
      Cranking time has been reduced to match petrol variants by using some fan dangle new priming system.

      The old system wasnt that bad to start. When it was warm it would crank as quick as a petrol version. When it was cold probably twice as long to crank, and on a bad day perhaps 3 times as long.

      I used to have an E-Gas and one trick I found was to put a better battery in it. When mine totally died I opted for the dearer battery with more cold cranking amps and I reckon it cut down cranking time by 25%. It was very noticable.

      But either way, having to hold the wrist on the key a little longer at times was nothing compared to the big fuel savings and better down low torque

      • Terry Zarzoff

        “Cranking time has been reduced to match petrol variants by using some fan dangle new priming system”

        With all due respect Andrew, thats a similar load of tripe Ford fed me when I purchased my new E-Gas powered BF. 120,000 ks in and it runs like a pig.

        • Andrew M

          Well now you have reason to believe it this time.

          With all due respect they may have been talking in comparison to dual fuel systems which most are tuned not to start on LPG.

          This is a different beast to the last.

          • Dr wEvil

            er no i have got a XR6 EcoLPI cranks and starts pretty much straight away..only difference being is you turn the key to start then release and the computer starts it. Littletrally no more cranking than the petrol.

    • Don Quay

      I used to know your cousins, Bernie, Bluey and Rudi. How are they going?

  • paulb

    6GE Ecolpi would be one to wait for.Nicley finished with the new LPI engine.Need to go to plan b on that spare tyre.Bangel mentioned this idea a roof rack spare tyre.
    Read on the weekend Global Ford are 6 months away from a decision on there Global Large car platform.

    • Andrew M

      Yeah 6 months away is my guess, I reckon they would wait to see how thw market takes to the new terry, LPI and then Ecoboost next year which apparently has fleet deals all over it

      • paulb

        Surley they have to give the Mark 2 and lpi+ecoboost a chance.Mr J Mays was quoted at the Frankfurt motor show last week.Dont think he will get caught out again by our local media.

        • me-all-day

          Which begs the question, why would you review the FG LPI Mk1 (which already has been reviewed here) when then Mk2 is nearly out!?!?

          • Andrew M

            Mk1 Lpi hasnt been reviewed yet, the initial report which you refered to was a press show/drive day conducted by Ford.
            This is the first full review by CA

          • me-all-day

            And how was that different?
            Seems they’ve only roadtested the stereo this time.

  • Andrew M

    Sounds pretty good,
    Might wait till the face lift though before I have a serious look.

    How do you know they had to de-tune this so it wouldnt embarass the petrol version?
    Im not doubting it, I just want to know if ford has come out and said this officially.
    Also, while you are at it, I want to know if Ford has been approached about a turbo version.
    Its well known that LPG likes boost and there has been a bit of interest in an LPG turbo on this site alone

    • Camski

      Leading on from what you said Andrew, I’d be curious to see what the peak power/torque figures are, that can be worked out of the “stock” or “tuned” version of this engine with the LPG. It may not entirely negate the need for a turbo version, but maybe offer a G6E EcoLPi as seen in the review, then have an optional performance package that adds the de-tuned KW/NM.

      That can then bridge the jump between the naturally aspirated and the turbo charged model.

      Alternatively, why not leave the EcoLPi with all of it’s power? Incentive to go “green(er)” and try the new LPG technology over the petrol, maybe? This is what Ford needs, especially to get over the LPG + taxi “stigma” attached to LPG fuelled cars.

      However you look at it though, I’m really liking this new LPG technology and I come from a background of strictly petrol powered cars.

    • Paul Maric

      With regards to detuning, that was communicated to me by a Ford engineer and isn’t ‘official’. At the end of the day, you could easily obtain more power and torque from the package, but the trade off would be with fuel consumption.

      I think the current level is reasonable on both power and fuel consumption.

      I’m not entirely sure if a turbocharged version is on the cards or has been tested by Ford. Buyers of Ford’s performance products will generally sacrifice fuel consumption for performance. Adding an LPG element (opposed to a dual fuel system such as that featured in some HSV products) would decrease range and I’m not sure it would be viable for buyers wishing to travel further distances.

      • Andrew M

        Range in the Lpi version is actually 18ks more than the petrol version.

        The range in the Turbo petrol version is less then the NA petrol version so what makes you think people wouldnt sacrifice consumption for power in an LPG version aswell?

        In the Holden dual fuel version dont forget they slap a silver bullet of a tank in the boot. The Falcons could be doubled in much the same way but 700+ k’s to the tank is enough for general driving if you ask me.
        150 litres of fuel is a lot to carry around and fill up not to mention the task of parking at 2 different bowsers

  • Shak

    Ford seem to have the perfect LPG package on their hands here, and they could genuinely bring back a lot of people who weren’t interested in a Large car! All they need to do is market this baby!

    • Jacob

      They should fit this liquid injection LPG technology in a Ford Focus.

      I would happily pay $500 more for the Focus if it had this cool LPG liquid injection.

  • People

    Buy a large car because space is important. I am not saying Ford doing anything wrong to try things differently but when u open the boot…what the? Even ask the sales people down on the floor would know this is a car very hard to sell.

    • Andrew M

      Its hard to sell because of mis conceptions about big fuel bills.
      People are running scared from continuous threats about bowser prices.

      Shak is right, they will need some clever marketing to change around the bad perceptions of what is now a massivly cost effective large car.

      Today Petrol was $1.42, and LPG 57.9

      Keep pumping the $1.42 stuff into your corolla and it still wont be as cheap to run as the Lpi Falcon, thats what makes this no sacrifice large car a great deal

      • Phil

        Did you work on the “no compromise” advertising campaign for the Camry Hybrid? “No compromise” (for the Camry) being a REDUCED BOOT SIZE, ZERO TOWING CAPACITY, slightly HIGHER START PRICE and INCREASED WEIGHT.

        Your “no sacrifice” Falcon also enjoys the same logic that Toyota employed: REDUCED BOOT SPACE, NO SPARE WHEEL or $250 EXTRA for spare wheel and then SEVERLY REDUCED BOOT SPACE, slighty HIGHER START PRICE and INCREASED WEIGHT.

        By the way, the person you were responding to said the car would be hard to sell due to the bootspace problem, not the question of fuel. This article included a picture of the boot, can’t you see a problem with it?

        • Andrew M

          Throw a space saver in, its a no cost option. I cant remember how long its been since Ive pulled a flat off of a car so I wouldnt be deterred by not having a full size spare.

          I never saw the Camry advert so forgive me for not following your humour.

          Also, stop throwing in so many capital letters, you are starting to look like a campaign yourself how you try to hide certain words and only focus on words which seem to tell a negative story.
          For eg..
          slightly HIGHER START PRICE……why didnt you say….
          SLIGHTLY higher start price?

          Anyway, all you have got is reduced boot space, but only if the owner requests it to be reduced. Personally I would be a ute buyer, and the Lpi can be had with full size spare and tank all tucked in their usual places.

          Things like increased weight count for nothing when its half the price to fuel over a standard Falcon.

          The extra price premium pays for itself unlike a diesel which can be a $5000 price premium on some models (twice the premium of an LPG option before Gov rebates)

          • John of Perth

            Problem with flats is they will occur when you least expect them – I have had two blowouts in over 35yrs of driving and one was 800kms and the other 200kms from any decent tyre shop.

            I always carry a full size spare.

          • Phil

            Andrew, the capitals are to try and get the point across. I’m not sure what else to use.

            Let me try and explain it again:

            Petrol Falcon bootspace (with full sized spare): 535 Litres

            LPI Falcon bootspace (with temporarily Mobility Kit): 464 Litres


            That means you lose 71 Litres of bootspace going to the LPI before you add the spare wheel you lose from the petrol.

            Now what happens when we “Throw a space saver in” as you suggested?

            That means
            whatever the space saver takes up
            = even less bootspace.

            It’s even less again if you go for the full sized spare and judging by the photo, it’s halved.

            Now as “People” said, the point of going to a large car is for the space. Might be fine for the UTe, but the sedan is obviously sacrificing space.

          • Ezz

            Such a big deal about a space saver. I can’t think of any car makers that will be offering full size spares and the accomodation for them in the future.

            Even most SUVs these days have the space saver with no room for a full size spare.

            It looks strange having the full size spare in the boot like it is, but I think the idea is not to have a full size spare at all.

            Ford should have had photos without this being displayed…so that cultural cringing dribblers don’t have something negative to hang their hats on.


          • Andrew M

            That 71 litres comes from the tyre well that people like you complained about because the floor wasnt flat.

            Honestly, crack open the average car boot and you will find not many people keep more than a water bottle in them.
            People who desire good boot space probably wont look at a sedan. The opening size on sedans is a bigger limiter than the actual volume.

            Come on, cough it up, whats your ideal car since you too right know what isnt ideal (apparently)

          • Phil

            Andrew, why does the method of which the 71 litres was lost, suddenly mean it wasn’t lost at all? Regardless of the excuse, the fact is, the bootspace shrunk. I didn’t complain about a wonky boot floor.
            You say it’s a “no sacrifice” car, yet clearly there is some sacrifice.

            I agree most people wanting good space, won’t go for a sedan – and there we have one of Falcons problems. It’s supposed to be a big family car, yet offers little in terms of boot space and interior versatility. LPI would’ve been much better in a wagon, since they could prop up the spare wheel vertically against the side window like they did in the old wagon (or Merc has it hidden vertically on the side corner in their E wagon to allow for two extra rear facing seats to stow in the floor).

            I “drive” lots of cars including Falcons. I own BMW 535i – shares some of Falcons problems like fuel economy and poor versatility, but it has better economy anyway and offers several far more efficient engines, plus it comes in a wagon (which I didn’t get as I could only find wagons with smaller engines and auto gearbox, so I went for a more powerful manual sedan). Full sized boot with full sized alloy spare too (though I think the spare wheel has vanished from the current model).

        • paulb

          Phil what car or cars do you drive? My guess is Jazz Mazda6 or Skoda or Passat.
          Dont keep us in suspense any longer.

          • chook

            He wont tell us paulb . I think he drives one of those frog ugly citroens from the 1960s , …you know the ones that look like a french frog . It might suit him !!

          • paulb

            Phil belongs in one of thoes citroens,seen one the other day.

    • chook

      Agreed , but theres a bolt which holds the spare where it currently is , and it will screw out and so free up the boot space in the rear of the boot . The spare can then be moved to lay in the front of the boot . My son did this with his BF falcon . Yes , its a great job done on the FG LPI but for the spare to be in the rear of the boot…..it makes no sense .

      • paulb

        Your right chook,they have to sort out this spare tyre.Not in the boot,Falcon sedan=massive boot.

        • Phil

          By the way guys, those Citroens Ds’ were released in 1955 and among other innovations had powered disc brakes and independent suspension from the beginning.
          Falcon lagged behind untill 1973 with disc brakes and didn’t bother with independent suspension untill well into the 1990s!

          No need to go to personal slurs just because you can’t understand Falcon is dead.
          Just face it – sales are down from 8000 a month to 1500. It’s dead. LPI might give it a handful of additional sales but it will never reach a profitable level again.

  • Gibbo

    Interesting read, deffinately onto a good thing here Ford. Would be even better if it was offered with the turbo though. Just think, a car that does the 0-100 sprint in 5 seconds and only costs 60 cents a litre to fill up.

  • DAVE


    • LPi > you

      With all due respect, they I am sure did try to find a resolution for this but probably couldn’t really find anything suitable.

      I am no Physics expert, but since the LPG is under pressure, it is a given that the tank design must accommodate for a high pressure storage, where as the petrol tank as far as I know can just be made of plastic or whatever and could potentially be any shape really, where the LPG tank must be a cylindrical shape to ensure maximum strength.

      Don’t quote me, but I think that was the issue.

      Either way, it’s not a hugeeee deal.

    • Dr wEvil

      um they already did it

  • nickdl

    Why have I not seen one single ad from Ford for this brilliant car? The G6e is probabaly the best Falcon all-round, especially in LPi form.

    • LPi > you

      Not sure but it could be because FG II is just around the corner and probably not good to put money into advertising the FG I right now.

      Don’t hold your breath but let’s hope with the release of the FG II they will start to really market it.

  • Troy


    if bootspace is the ONLY tradeoff ( and it seems to be ) this car is a winner.

    Ive driven a g6e, and found it brilliant, smooth, quiet, and good handling for a tank. I’d Love one in that great burgundy red (seduce) with eco Lpi.

    VERY under rated car, i just wish australia would lose its holden bogan mentality. it seems the day people stop getting southern cross tattoos is the day falcon will sell again?

  • Wayne Kerr

    So Ford now has a direct injection LPG engine, would this mean a direct injection petrol isn’t far around the corner?

    I’m all for the I6 moving forward.

    • Kennyboy

      Wayne the direct injection LPI refers to the way the LPG is injected as a liquid, not converted to gas, its not a true “direct injection” engine :)

  • Mr Gaspo

    Great job Ford. The car needs a conformable fuel tank to get it’s boot back and the Terry should have EcoLPi as well.

  • Tronic

    Think I’ll wait for the new dedicated LPG Commodore – I believe it will have it’s gas tank where the current fuel tank is – ie no loss of boot space.

    • Andrew M

      I would be keen to see if they do, Ive heard they cant put LPG tanks under seats which is apparently whats causing all this fuss.

      That is new vehicles cant place them under seats, after market fitment like holdens method has a less tighter set of rules

  • DAVE


    • LPi > you

      Holden is too slow. Ford has beat them to it.

      Plus, this exact system on a Holden SV6 (when or if it happens) will still results in inferior V6 performance and less torque than what the Falcon has.

      I know I’m going to get a few bogans mad… but whatever 😉

    • Tronic

      Lifted this from Go Auto’s Ron Hammerton article dated 22/7/2011

      A NEW dedicated LPG system for Holden’s Commodore range will dispense with the conventional space-sapping boot-mounted tank, not only paving the way for a return to LPG in the Sportwagon but potentially giving sedan and ute models a cargo advantage over Ford’s new EcoLPi Falcon and aftermarket systems.

      The Holden Eco-branded system – mostly engineered in-house – is set to get a tank tucked under the back of the car when it replaces the current dual-fuel system in the New Year.

      Insiders say the new LPG Commodores will lose no boot space, unlike Ford’s just-released Falcon EcoLPi sedan, which has a shallower boot than petrol models but also loses the full-size spare wheel as standard equipment”

      Apparently the tank will be under the car.

  • rentakeyboard

    For dave

    • Andrew M

      Thanks for that Rental,

      So, Holden havent confirmed what they are doing with the spare tyre yet. if they found a magical solution Im sure they would make it front page. They say the Gas tank will sit under the boot. Read between the lines and that means no tyre space below the boot.
      My guess is they will offer the repair can like ford.

      And on Boot size, the Falcon starts with a boot that is 40 litres bigger than the Commy anyway.

      Funny thing is that article you linked also claims th e commodore will gain a competitive edge over the falcon ute Lpi in terms of space aswell.
      I dont know how since the Falcon ute doesnt lose any cargo space even with a full size spare. They claim the falcon does lose space, but thats incorrect.

      In summary, the Commodore will be the same setup as the Falcon in regards to space.

      Just enjoy the many other benefits rather than fussing over tyre space in a boot that gets rarely opened in most cases

  • LPi > you


    You guys keeping hanging it on the Lpi. Wait till I come up to you at the lights in your torque-less VE SV6 and give you a beating.

    All you’ll see is a flashy “lpi” badge leaving you in the dust.

    The ford sounds better, goes harder and seriously… I think we all know the SV6 has jack all for torque. Haha, what fun is that thing to drive. GG.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      It is not hard for an engine to sound better than the V6 from the Commodore LPi>you, ESPECIALLY the pre-VZ models that were fitted with the old Buick 3.8!

  • DAVE

    thanks for thelink rental. nice work. no mention of gas on the v8’s however??? cant wait. the current dual fuel ve runs extremely well. if no boot space/tail gate space is lost, this will be sweet, especially in a calais.

  • Daid Watson

    Yet another review and the same discussion point regarding the spare, however Ctl F never mentions the word “split”…. split fold seats, I would say that in my car and my wifes hatch we use thw split fold seats about 100(probably more) times more often than a spare.

    I’m sure that someone has done the maths on the spare tyre usage, in order to use a spare it has to be inflated, able to be lifted out of the car by someone, legal(not really an issue but you might want to check to see if your insurance covers you, i’m guessing not), fitted by someone, dressed appropriately??? …. what are we at now about 10-20% of cars on the road? if that?

    Christ no wonder we’re called bogans!

  • http://Canberra Jackson

    Had my EcoLPI XT for a little over a week now and couldnt be happier. The performance is sparkling, even with only 400 ks on the clock. Just to clarify one thing, it does require a full 10 seconds to prime on cold mornings otherwise it IS reluctant to start. I found this out on my second morning when it took a bit to fire. Otherwise it starts as per any normal Falcon.

    • GMH Thug

      Dude thats pretty pathetic that a brand new car needs to be primed to start, it is 2011 afterall. I gotta glow my Landcrusier on cold morninigs, but that was made in 1992!

      • DE

        ^^ Troll

        Do you even understand what this technology is?
        You don’t seem to realise that this is the FIRST and ONLY single fuel Liquid Injection car designed and built by any manufacturer anywhere in the world.

        Be critical all your pathetic little mind wants, but at this point, this is the world’s best!

        HSV bolted on an aftermarket dual fuel system and GM Holden are just catching on to the single fuel concept and are years behind this. In fact my tip is the next manufacturer who might be able to do something as good as this might be Hyundai.

        • GMH Thug

          hey hey hey princess, dont get your panties in a twist. If its SUCH a technologically advanced system, why havent they worked out how to get them to start properly yet? Sure, they might run alright when new, but go sit at any airport and listen to how Falcons carry on with a few miles on the clock.

          • DE

            Thanks for proving my point. YOU don’t understand.

            This system is new. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it IS the world’s BEST, because nobody else has managed to do it at all, let alone better.

            Anyway, we’ve gat a couple of well flogged previous gen e-gas Falcon at work and a rellie has a BA. Starting is not a problem; put key in ignition, turn to ‘on’ position, put on seatbelt, start engine – first time every time!

            GM Holden are only now developing a dedicated (single fuel) LPG installation, Ford have been doing it for 10 years. Come back in 4-5 years when GM work something out for liquid injection single fuel LPG (or more likely buy the tech.)

  • Kane Alto

    53k they are dreamin.

  • andy

    I have a BF wagon with aftermarket SVIinjection gas after fitting extractors/exhaust/XR6T intake it makes about 220kw after having the gas system tuned. It kills all but V8 commodores, low cost, super cheap to run. One important thing, had a donut tank mounted UNDER the floor and have acres of room in the back…bring back the wagon ford. Teritory is too heavy

    • GMH Thug

      does it take ages to crank?

      • Andrew M

        If its a dual fuel it wont start on LPG.

        All dual fuels I know start on LPG until it reaches a certain temp or speed

      • DE

        What Andrew meant to say was:
        “All dual fuels I know start on PETROL until it reaches a certain temp or speed”

        Why doesn’t this idiot get the point that longer cranking times is a single fuel thing not a Ford thing? And if you do it right it’s not a problem anyway.

  • DAVE

    i assume you mean start on petrol. ford were meant to have solved this by having the system prime when the unlock button is pressed to reduce crank time when starting the dedicated gas system

  • Cut it out

    Well I have to say it was a pretty basic road test, eg no real world fuel consumption test just quoting the easy ADR combined result. A more relevant test would be to run the LPG car back to back with an equivalent petrol Falcon and actually calculate pair’s consumpton between fills to see which one more closely matched the official result.

  • Tronic

    Just off track a touch – that first picture of the Falcon does it no favours – the car looks very “frumpy” from that perspective, I think the VE is still better looking than the newer FG.

    Anyway getting back to the critical boot space issue, I can’t believe that no one has designed a tank yet that will allow full boot space with A SPARE!!

    LPG has such great potential, but lets face it people are flocking to SUV’s because of their superior space usage, and here we have a new Ford that is DECREASING it’s load carrying capacity………….

    • Phil

      Not to mention that there are any number of medium to large station wagons avaliable that offer bigger boots with far more versatility + full sized spares AND they offer similar fuel costs as Falcon LPI.

      For instance, Mondeo wagon makes far more sense than this Falcon LPI for familys. Huge boot with full sized spare with similar fuel costs as Falcon LPI (Sure diesel typically costs just over double what LPG costs, but funnily enough, the Falcon LPI consumes just over double as much – 12.8L\100km vs 6.2L\100km).

      • Tronic

        Not a bad alternative but I would expect that the diesel in no way compares to the Falcon in performance and I would also suggest that the Falcon maintenance costs would be far less than the Euro Mondeo.

        If those things arn’t a concern the Mondeo makes a lot of sense.

        • Phil

          I’m sure Mondeo is slower than Falcon but is that really what family car buyers are looking for? Booming sales of sluggish 4WDs suggests not.

          According to Ford’s capped price servicing, Mondeo diesel is slightly cheaper to service than Falcon LPi.

          • Karl

            Few things there Phil;
            Falcon @ 12.6L*0.54= $6.80/100km
            Mondeo diesel 6.2*1.41= $8.74/100km
            (Prices are current from RACV website).
            Even with diesels economy, there is still a note-worthy difference in running cost.
            In terms of servicing, why bother taking a Falcon back to the dealer? Any mechanic in Australia could do it. Parts are cheap and plentiful.
            The Falcon is never going to have as much room as a wagon. However, to suggest it has a small boot is misleading, as the tank only slightly intrudes into the boot (still has a bigger boot than a Focus sedan).
            In that holiday example, add a caravan(or boat etc.) into the equation. The balance of rear wheel drive and more torque and power will come into its own.
            Not that you need to be towing something to appreciate RWD.
            LPG also emits less toxic emissions than a diesel does. Yes, diesel engines have come a very long way, but LPG is still cleaner.

  • Dimsim

    I could never imagine paying 53k for a Falcon, as far as I’m concerned it’s a 30k car full stop.

    • Phil

      I’ve seen some Ford dealers advertising brand new XR6s for $32,990 with free auto and free on road costs. Pop in and haggle and I’m sure you could get it for 30K.

      I wonder if the Ford fans you see commenting on here paid full price for their Falcons? The list price for a XR6 Auto is $43,990 + on road costs (about $2500 extra).

      • Dimsim

        Sorry to mislead you Phil, I would never buy one. I don’t need a car to carry 5 adults, for the kind of money they ask for one of these I can get into something decent. I find it odd when people compare cars based on how big the car is for the money, I mean not everyone wants or has to taxi people around. With the quality of the car we produce in Australia it makes more sense to buy a used low km car, one that someone was stupid enough to pay full price for. Plenty of low km G6E’s and XR6 turbo’s around for the mid 30’s, you could definitely get one of those for about the 30-32k.

  • paulb

    Fair GO Phil,what do you drive.If its BMW,Mercedes,Audi,Lexus you cant bench mark thoes expensive $150,000++ prestige cars against a Falcon.
    You are driving me bananas,what do you drive????

    • Phil

      I didn’t know the Mondeo was made by BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus?
      No benchmarking for Falcon against those brands on this page except for brief mentions of Tarago, VW, Jazz or are those cars from that expensive foursome too?

      What I drive is mentioned on this page and on several other pages. Maybe if you weren’t so busy thumbing down my comments, you might be able to read them more easily.

      Have you bought a Falcon before paulb? Did you pay full price or graciously take a massive discount?
      You do realise that part of the reason Falcons failing is due to people refusing to pay anywhere near full price?

  • paulb

    Yes Phil on my fifth one now.My drive is a BA ute was 2 years old when i took ownership.My wife and our family car is a BF Fairmont Ghia S1,was previously owned before my family.But less than 1 year old.Added a direct inj LPG system and will get pasted if was to sell now.
    Fair comment about buying new,Mondeo ok.Just talking about resale.Series 5 BMW new $100,000 a 2004 model the owner told me he got $28,000 with factry service history.

  • Ben

    Great read! i cant pick a single reason that Ford will not do well with ECO LPI Falcon.. You hit the nail on the head when you said Gen Y buyers want rear wheel drive with power but with economy aswell, this car will not fail. All the crap about Ford pulling the pin on Falcon production in Aus is media speculation doom and gloom.
    Fleets and tradies will flock to the ECO LPI Falcon and Ford will not be able to keep up. Well Done Ford!

  • me-all-day

    The servicing costs are substantially dearer than the petrol Falcons – check out Ford fixed price servicing at their website.
    VERY Disappointing Ford!

    • Karl

      Take it away from the $1500 a year your going to save in fuel and you’re still doing well.

  • Ric Rack

    Looking through the comments, there has been some discussion about the spare wheel, lack of boot space but mainly about performance and cost savings. Unfortunately Ford has not delivered the car that people have been expecting, a true dedicated LPG car with a proper design. It is just a ‘petrol car’ with an LPG motor. A proper design would have a proper ‘gas tank’, so the spare wheel can be located in a depression as in petrol cars, leaving a full, usable boot for the owner to use. Until dedicated cars are correctly designed, they will not sell well, irregardless of whether it is a Ford or GMH.

  • orca

    All we need now is a station wagon. Please Ford, make a station wagon, diesel or LPG. You make such good sedans, it is a pity we can’t get a wagon. And please don’t tell me to get the Territory, it is a big tall heavy car that negates any fuel savings we get by switching to diesel or LPG

  • Andrew

    Have any of you actually driven or physically seen this car? I mean not just in pictures on the internet?
    I have and it drives beautiful. Is cheap to run and better for the environment than your average car. Having driven this car, stood over the boot and seen the tanks, they do not reduce the boot space by that much at all, infact it is barely noticable.
    On a side not this thing has as much if not more pick up than a petrol G6E.
    As somebody who works in sustainable motoring, I would certainly buy one of these as a stop gap until tech in EV’s improves. It is like running a large sedan for the same cost as a small vehicle.

  • David Ashton

    The general feeling about large cars is that they will no longer be wanted. My prediction is that a resurgence in popularity will come from late 2012 onwards. Nothing beats a large car for travelling in. Small cars are just so very tiring for longer trips. The ECOLPi Falcon will turn Falcon sales around. The same discussions and general feelings about these sized cars always happens when petrol rises faster than our pay packets (1973-1974 people dumped their large cars but realised the error of their ways after this.)

  • Hans


    I have a question for the “In the know” on the Falcon Eco LPi.

    It it correct that the ambient working temperature of the above vehicle lies in the range of -10oC to 49oC. as I read to-day.

    What happens when occasional summer time temperature rises above the 49oC range?

    Thank you for your coming reply.


  • Darwin69

    the petrol still makes more power and is peakier thus more potent at actually accelerating (hauling) so you get 208 kilowatts of power at 6000RPM and over 420Nm of torque between 3000 and 3500RPM. Something that GAS version can not achieve. We are talking about a car that will out spring the LPi model by a full car length or more any day any time on RON98 petrol.

Ford Falcon Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$12,100 - $13,750
Dealer Retail
$13,510 - $16,060
Dealer Trade
$9,600 - $11,000
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
371Nm @  2750rpm
Max. Power
156kW @  4750rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
16.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/60 R16
Rear Tyres
215/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Control Link, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Leaf spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Traction Control System
Premium Sound System
Aluminium Tray, Metallic Paint, Tow Pack
Safety Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin