Holden has revealed the pricing details of the 2012 Holden Cruze range, with the upgraded sedan and all-new Australian-designed hatch on sale from mid-November.

The Holden Cruze hatch will be priced identically to the sedan, and will be available in all model lines and with all engine options.

The price of the CD and CDX models has increased $250 compared with the MY2011 vehicles, while the SRi and SRi-V both increase $500.

Among the new additions to the 2012 Holden Cruze range is standard Bluetooth phone connectivity – previously a $600 dealer-fitted optional accessory.

The Bluetooth system facilitates hands-free phone connectivity but does not include audio streaming for wireless music playback.

Two new colours have joined the range: Perfect Blue, a solid colour inspired by Peter Brock’s Formula Blue, and Chlorophyll, a metallic teal colour. They will be available across the range, replacing Voodoo and Poison Ivy.

The addition of the hatch body style will no doubt strengthen the Cruze’s position as one of the most popular new vehicles available in Australia.

The Cruze is currently the third-best-selling passenger car for 2011. A total of 22,686 Cruze sedans have been sold in Australia so far this year, trailing only the Mazda3 (28,736) and the Holden Commodore (28,265).

2012 Holden Cruze sedan and hatch manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • CD 1.8 petrol – $21,240
  • CD 1.4 iTi petrol – $22,490
  • CD 2.0 diesel – $25,240
  • CDX 1.8 petrol – $24,740
  • CDX 2.0 diesel – $28,740
  • SRi 1.4 iTi petrol – $24,990
  • SRi-V 1.4 iTi petrol – $28,490

Note: Manual prices shown. Automatic option adds $2000 to the price of each variant.

Read CarAdvice’s reviews of the Holden Cruze.

  • Lucii Pooky

    Eww! I have to admit but they really stuffed up the hatch! I think the only reason people will buy this car is because of its badge.

    Smart people will go elsewhere.

    • Shak

      As much as i agree with you, it will still sell in drove guaranteed. I mean just look at how well the lancer hatch and the impreza hatch do for their respective model ranges.

      • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

        It will sell, this is the new small/mid sized fleet princess.

        Being buit in Australia with a Holden badge is it’s trump card. If it was sold on merit I doubt it would be popular.

    • Dave S

      Why does everyone have to complain? It’s a great looking car. Of course the hatch looks different to the sedan. The profile is not unlike others on the market, made in Australia (something we used to be proud of) and feature packed for it price.

      Driven a series 2, thought they were pretty good. Nice features, easy to drive. Roomy enough for short family trips. This is Australia, if i want performance i buy a v8.

      Also, why do people try to compare the Cruise to the Golf all the time? I would prefer to drive a car I can afford to service and own long term than a Golf that looks the same as all the other Golfs on the road (I know some Golfs are silver and some are blue).

      • Andronicus

        @ Dave S – A great looking car???

        Compare this to the images of the new i30 which is in the same class and tell me if you still think this is a good looking car.

        It is dated already before release, especially that back end. We all know it will sell but not for the reasons that people should be buying vehicles for.

      • Peter Stone

        Enough with the lame VW service excuses all the time, take it to an authorised mechanic or a VW specialist and you’ll pay barely more than any other manufacturers small cars. Only idiots do all their services at dealers. VW’s parts are surprisingly cheap….. unless your mechanic is rorting you.

  • Clem

    Holden Cruze is still a Daewoo Cruze. Lousy car. No deal!

    • Ample Parking

      I’ll second that.

      All of the European car haters have a fit whenever they hear that something like Bluetooth streaming isn’t standard on a new European car. But regarding this Korean designed (apart from the rear hatch) ‘Australian’ Holden, I doubt that they will do any complaining.

      • BOB

        Broo, the cruze was designed by australians, americans, germans and koreans together through their various studios, before being tuned for our driver preferences and terrible roads in Aus. While the cruze hatch was a mainly australian incentive….

        • whatthe..

          Therein lies its problems – it looks like a “designed by a committee” car

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        it should have bluetooth streaming(commodore does)but at least it has factory usb…

    • DE

      OK lots of missinformation and hype about this car. Here’s some facts:
      – Delta II “lead” design team GM Daewoo (now just called GM Korea). It’s a Daewoo.
      – Daewoo engineers travelled to Germany to use GM Opel’s R&D facilities. Does not make it an Opel.
      – Opel looked at the rear suspension and said WTF, but we’ve got no money, OK Watts linkage will have to do. Remember Ford used it …. in 1986 XF Falcon. A broke Opel did the upper spec rear end. Call it Opel-Watts link.
      – Cruze lead design team GM Daewoo. It’s a Daewoo.
      – Styling is Korean interpretation of what the US want for a Chev branded car. But it isn’t a Chev design.
      – Hatch (B pillar back) styled and engineered by GM Australia (Holden). On it’s own it IS good work and deserves CREDIT, however it just dosn’t work with the fronal styling. Not their fault, can’t fix what’s not in the brief. The “Hatch” IS a Holden design.
      – Over 75% of parts for the Australian assembled Cruze is imported, mostly from GM Korea. It’s unfortunately still a Daewoo.
      – In Australia, it wears a Holden badge, will have all of it’s weak points well marketed as strengths and will sell by the truck load, especially to fleets.

      Biggest losers on the Australian front will be the other fleet princesses, Commodore, Corolla and i30. (Oh and the poor b*st*ards who have to drive them).

  • rentakeyboard

    When are you guys going to accept that this is Chev that has been engineered by Chev and Opel!!!!

    If its such a lousy car then why do the sales continue to climb?

    • Ample Parking

      Chevrolet hardly stands for quality.

      And the only thing Chevrolet about it is the badge they slap on it for the US and some other markets.

      And popularity has never had a direct correlation with quality. Have you heard of Paris Hilton or McDonalds?

      • Jack

        Price, Perceived Patriotism, Ignorance to the alternatives and Brand Loyalty.

        I’m also going to presume that Holden are offering some pretty hefty fleet discounts

    • Alexander

      It’s clearly not a daewoo, it’s GM global designed, keyboard warriors just like to think otherwise.

      The hatch is indeed ugly, although I suppose looks are subjective & i’m sure it will still sell well no doubt.

      • Ample Parking

        The majority of the design work was done by GM Daewoo in Korea, since renamed as GM Korea. So if it’s anything, it’s a Daewoo.

        Holden fanboys just like to think otherwise.

        • Alexander

          Buddy I’m not a Holden fanboy, I’d never buy a Holden.

        • boganator

          Engine & gearbox – Daewoo
          Suspension assemblies – Daewoo
          Steering rack, alternator, starter – Daewoo
          Wiring loom, ECU’s – Daewoo
          Seats, trim – Daewoo
          A few panels and some plastic rubbish pieces counted to make local content look good – Holden

        • Says

          Holden had a controlling stake in GM Daewoo and its design team consisted of majority Holden designers at the time.

      • Zej

        The problem is that all these ‘car enthusiasts’ know that the Cruze was originally built in Korea, and design input from Daewoo. That already makes it a crap car. As if they could tell the difference behind the wheel. Tell them it has Lotus-tuned suspension they’ll be raving about how well it can handle.
        If a handful of the Cruze’s detractors (badge snobs in denail) can say exactly why it is so bad compared to the Focus (apart from the aforementioned knowledge of Korean involvement), I’d be surprised.

        • WQF

          Lack of an Independent Rear Suspension is a GLARING omission. Focus has a higher quality interior and hasn’t been on the market for a couple of years. Comparing the Cruze with the i30 or Elantra would be better. Focus competes with Golf.

          • Zej

            Oh that’s so cute! You think IRS makes a good car! I bet you also think that the Golf/Focus rear wheels behave independantly of each other despite having an anti-roll bar, and that any car running a torsion bar rear axle would lose it’s tail on a bumpy mid-corner. Having put 80’000kms on my diesel Cruze, I can tell you that the front end is it’s limiting factor, not the rear. That, and the fact that badge snobs like to smugly point out that it’s a Daewoo and it’s made in Korea, as if I had no idea about where it was made and was suddenly enlightened by this knowledge of my car buying folly.
            When you state that the Focus has a higher quality interior, it shows that you haven’t compared them back to back. Not exactly a plastic connoiseur myself, the Cruze is at least equal to the Focus in plasticy feel, and quality of finish – just run your fingers along the inside of the door pockets next time you sit in a hallowed German-engineered Focus. But what would I know, I also have a Peugeot 205. Sorry, but a 4 speed automatic in the petrol Focus is a glaring omission, vs the 6 speed in the Cruze. I’d have had to fork out an extra $6-7k extra for the 6speed diesel Focus. Oooh, but it’s German engineered…. Just like the Holden Epica with it’s Porsche-designed engine – and we know just how highly regarded that Epic-fail was.

    • NotTheStig

      Engineered by Opel ? – ah, what is your evidence of that ?

      • Alexander

        I’m pretty sure the diesel and 1.4 Turbo are Opel designs, as is the platform (loosely).

    • Clem

      Why the sales continue to climb? Bcos australian has no idea of what they are buying.

  • Justin

    Hideous! Buy a focus, better looking, superior technology and german engineered

    • Andrew

      Yep, buy German engineered and not support the ASUTRALIAN ENGINEERED car ?

      • Tim

        I get what car is better; not what is Australian or European.

      • Bangel

        Yes australian engineered hatch thats all , probably 2 guys and 3 weeks work , wow .

      • Justin

        It would have been built in Australia if people actually decided to buy fords but that plan was scrapped when the GFC came along

        • BP

          “better looking”. Ahh no. I’d rather been seen in a Cruze Hatch than either a new Focus Hatch/Sedan. What a fussy front end that is, & only the titanium looks mildly good looking.

      • Seymour Butts

        The Australia car industry is on borrowed time, it’s all going to head off-shore, it’s inevitable. It sucks, but it’s about time we acknowledge that Australia isn’t a viable long-term option to build cars.

    • Phillip Mcdermott

      Focus that’s your answer ?? Hhhmm have you drivin one?

  • Grady

    Any news on a wagon or 2-door?

  • paulb

    First time ive seen the Cruze hatch.Lots of negatives have been spoken.
    Cruze Hatch looks as good if not better than its competitors.

    • Joker

      If by looking good you mean, two different cars welded together, then yes… it looks good.

    • Bangel

      Looks too much like a down market imprezza hatch , fail .

    • anthony

      The sedan is good looking,the hatch is HIDEOUS,I saw it at the MIMS,and thought YUCK.

      • Old Dog

        You actually saw the concept, a white one. That looked good in comparison with its integrated side skirts, although you could see where the bog was.

  • Andrew M

    Looks ‘old’ compared to the new Focus.

  • Altezza

    Smart buyers will wait for Opel Astra or the recently release new Ford Focus. They are much better built cars than this junk.

    • Anthony

      actually smart buyers will drive all the cars available within their budget and make a fully informed decision based on their needs and wants.
      Stupid buyers will listen to some of the dribble posted on this comment thread and base their decision on that.
      Not all buyers have unlimited car budgets, nor do they wish to be financed to the eyeballs to boast owning a german car.

      • InTheMarket

        Couldn’t agree more Anthony. Ratings are only as good as the idiots giving them.

        After driving a Focus I was impressed. Cruze had mega turbo lag in auto. Waiting to drive new Impreza.

      • K

        Whoa! Why the well thought out and rational thoughts???

        I don’t get the hate associated with vehicle purchases.

        If someone does think they got a good deal on a Great Wall that suited their needs, budget and wants based on an informed choice, then good on them. Not everyone wants to be the “cool” kid in class.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Horrible exterior look. I really don’t like the exterior styling of the Cruize sedan and hatch at all. The interior is better though. The other thing that I think is poor is the urban fuel consumption figures of the diesel auto… way behind the figures you would get from a VW. This is a car you would buy on price.

  • Westie

    I’m guessing the “Perfect / Formula Blue” is slightly less cringeworthy than the Brock Samara, but surely it would be more suited to the SSV?
    That’s if they must insist on making money out of the memory of PB…

  • Car Fanatic

    Delta II is General Motors’ future compact car platform, which was developed by Opel in Germany. It is the successor to the GM Delta platform. Internally it is simply known as a new Global Compact Vehicle Architecture or GCV.

    The platform features an torsion beam rear suspension with optional Watt’s link which improves vehicle handling; such configuration is used in the Opel Astra and the American-market Chevrolet Cruze. [1] [2]

    GM chose this compact vehicle architecture for its first Voltec application, the Chevrolet Volt. Production began in November 2010 with the first Chevrolet Volts delivered to retails customers in December 2010[3]


    Production vehicles based on Delta II platform:

    2008 Chevrolet Cruze, Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, Holden Cruze[4]
    2009 Opel Astra, Buick Excelle XT/GT
    2010 Chevrolet Volt
    2010 Chevrolet Orlando
    2011 Buick Verano
    2011 Opel Ampera
    2011 Opel Zafira

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    i think it looks ok

  • starry

    Very disappointed that they are replacing Poison Ivy. Teal is revolting.

  • Torque

    It kinda looks like a re-engineered XD Hyundai Elantra.
    I took a closer look underneath of some sedans on a car carrier, the suspension mounts etc and design was actually impressive and looked german-ish to me. I was surprised as I thought it would look like a POS. I still would not buy one myself.

  • boss


    • Alexander

      They’re Opel engines…

    • Says

      Series 2 doesn’t!

  • Krish

    I may have to pay a bit more, but I would take a Focus anyday! The styling of the Cruze Hatch just looks wrong to me.

  • Ryan

    I’m going to reserve any major judgement until I’ve seen one in person and driven it.

    • Zej

      Here are wise words spoken.

  • Noel

    LMAO….this is terrible. Sorry Holden fans, the rear end is just so poorly executed it is beyond belief.

    • Bill

      Totally agree Noel, also not a fan of the series 2 updates in styling. The first series looked alot better.

  • Tony M

    There is only one way to describe the new Cruze Hatch. DULL.
    The new Ford Focus and Hyundai I30 look modern. I would suggest because of the variety of cars in this segment, Suzuki, VW, Honda etc, the Cruze will age very very quickly.

  • Tronic

    So many hypocrites have posted above, and quite frankly many are just biased!

    Got news for you lot – Hyundai/Kia are getting rave reviews with their latest offerings for both styling and engineering, moving up the further in the sales ladder because of good product at a good price. Now why is Daewoo, also a Korean car company, lambasted? Hmmm because they are connected with Holden? They are also making great strides and advancing the quality of their vehicles. Most of what I read above is just drivel from small minded people who still thinks the sun shines from anything european and they are willing to pay extra for the badge.

    • boganator

      There is a huge difference between Hyundai/Kia and Daewoo, always has been, and Hyundai/Kia are accelerating away at an ever increasing rate. Biased? People that buy whatever rubbish Holden dish up because of the badge? Thats bias.

      • Zej

        Your illogical post has just reinforced Tronic’s argument.

  • Marcelito

    Too boring.. the new i30 looks awesome by comparison


    I see all the Volkswagen and Korean try hards have put there two bob in on the Cruze Hatchback.Australian Trolls.

  • Axel

    auto is a $2000 option eh – stuck in the 90’s lol!
    Anybody noticed it is 2011 already? Unless I want to drive a performance vehicle, I want my everyday stuck in traffic car to ‘shift itself’
    We are well into the 21st century ffs!

    • Toxic_horse

      Then you are not a real car fan. go somewhere else

  • Patrick

    I can’t wait to order a new Cruze hatch, I picked up a brand new SV6 this week and the sales guy at North Shore Holden in Sydney said they have a waiting list on the new hatch already.

  • Toxic_horse

    Daewoo nolonger exists so how can this car be a ‘Daweoo’

    • DE

      Because they were called Daewoo when they designed it!

      Changing the name on the factory door and the company leterhead doesn’t change all that much.

      GM Deawoo = GM Korea. Same **** different day.

  • Chris H

    Finally! Factory Bluetooth!! Unlike that tacky button stuck on the window near the sun visor like an afterthought. Better late than never I guess.

  • Rohit Chand

    Does this hatch cruze include a driver’s left footrest?? I remember the sedan versions didn’t have one but what about this one?

  • emilio scalzo

    Can we have a Holden product released without the self proclaimed motoring experts bagging it. Holden is a reliable, value for money contemporary motor vehicles. I won’t b wasting my money on anything else.

  • Ron

    Everyone seems to be forgetting one major point. This is a girls car, designed to appeal to women. It is they who will make most of the purchasing decisions on this car.
    Women love appliances, and they’ve been given one. Enthusiasts need not apply.

  • Phillip Mcdermott

    I love my cruze I got the CDX Diesel series 2, it has had several issues in its short life but that’s cause the way I drive 😉

    I previously owned a VW golf and yes it was nice also but no nicer than my cruze and what I paid for my cruze is about half of what I paid for the VW,

    And yes if I didn’t get bored I would buy another one does any one have any real sujestions on what to get next for under 50k ?

  • qector

    cruze timing chain or belt

  • Michael Sultana

    I own a 2012 Cruze CDX sedan and I am surprised at prices / value….