“Two time world rally champion Carlos Sainz tests the red hot Skoda Fabia Super 2000”

Anthony Crawford


It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Skoda Fabia becomes the best selling Skoda car in Australia, when it finally gets here.


The new Fabia is a great looking small car. Very chic and very Euro and perfect for these high priced petrol times. But that’s not quite what the rally master was driving.


Meet the competition version of Skoda Fabia Super 2000.


For all you tarmac only followers, Super 2000 is the class in the World Rally Championship (WRC), which the Fabia will compete in. These are essentially production-based cars with not a lot added to them in the way of performance enhancements.


This is the car Carlos Sainz was behind the wheel of in Austria, and its based on the second generation Fabia.

Under the bonnet of this sizzling little Skoda is a two-litre turbo-free four-cylinder petrol engine making a serious 280bhp. It’s mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission and a 4WD system, with three mechanical differentials.

We can only hope that Skoda produces a warmed up version of the standard Fabia once it starts selling in Australia. Knowing how the head of Skoda Autralia likes to launch his cars on race tracks, I’d like to think there is every chance.

  • Marketmaker

    Anyone know when the Fabia arrives in Oz?

  • http://www.car-worldwide.blogspot.com car-worldwide

    really nice looking…look like swift

  • Mitch

    hopefully it wont be over priced like the swift sport

  • Gavin

    I agree… The Australian market really need some more warm and small hatches and I think this would do the job quite nicely.

    I hear you Marketmaker – when is this thing getting to Oz?

  • Myke

    I read something a little while ago that stated Skoda Australia aren’t in a rush to bring the Fabia here. The problem is pricing, considering they get the Fabia from Czech and the VW Polo comes from South Africa, the Fabia if launched here, could cost more than its VW brother. I think they will launch the Superb here, before the Fabia.

  • Golfschwein

    Myke, are Polos no longer being sourced from Spain? My understanding is this: Polos from Spain, Golfs from South Africa, Beetles from Mexico, Jettas from who knows where and Touaregs and Passats from Germany.

  • Duck

    Yes the exterior reminds me of the Suzuki Swift alot!

  • Myke

    Golfschwein, I’m not exactly sure, it’s what I read, perhaps they were refering to the next generation Polo. But even if the Polo is from Spain and the Fabia is from Czech, pricing will be pretty close. We have already seen that with the Octavia and the Jetta, and we will probably see that with the Superb and Passat aswell.

  • Yianni

    Indeed it will be hard to price the Fabia compared to the Polo.

    To sell I think it would need to be cheaper than the Polo like the Octavia is to the Jetta.

    I have driven one of these in Greece and I have to say its a quality drive. The only thing you need to get past is the image and the name “Skoda” which is associated with problems in the past with quality and reliability.

    The Fabia is needed more than the Superb to be honest looking at petrol prices so they should bring the Fabia over first. My prediction is it will be Skoda’s number 1 selling vehicle in Australia.

  • http://smart Tom Jakovljevic

    Yianni – 20 years ago Hyundai was laughed upon as virtually another spelling for rubbish.

    These days they make award winning cars, and are now looking to branch into serious performance models which will threaten the tradition big players.

    I see Skoda as the European version of that – being under the VW wing means quality will no longer be an issue, and the horror stories of 20 years ago will eventually be forgotten.

    If they can bring in a 4wd turbo version with performance to even remotely match the new sti/evo x, at a price to compete, watch out.

    Major fan of the matte black too!

  • Richo

    Tom – Its not so much a case of skoda being the next hyundai, as hyundai being the next skoda! Skoda have turned it around for a while now.

  • http://smart Tom Jakovljevic

    Hyundai have been turned around for the last 10 I dare say.

    I think their time lines are actually pretty close to being side by side in terms of improvement.

  • Tomas79

    Tom Jakovljevic, Although I do agree Hyundai have come a long way, I don’t think they quite up to the same Quality Standard as SKODAs. Also Hyundai wasn’t around more then a century ago as SKODA was. And lets not forget that SKODA only become dodgy when the communist started running and controlling the company. Which was only a relatively short period, if you take into SKODA’s History as whole.

  • Marketmaker

    This is a better car than the Polo so I don’t think they will need to worry. I agree with Yianni that they need this more than the Superb.

    People will be reluctant to part with $50k for a Skoda with its current name (or lack of it) in Oz, where as they would pay $20-$25k for a Fabia I think.

  • http://smart Tom Jakovljevic

    Tomas – Im not comparing the quality of cars from the two manufacturers – Im merely comparing how the public perception has changed in recent times as the quality of both products has improved.

  • sc

    When is Skoda bringing the Fabia to Australia? Fancy selling the Roomster here, but not the Fabia!

  • nojunkmale

    We just bought a Roomster 1.9lTDI and drove from Sydney to Brisbane.What a hoot!!120K/H and 2500Rpm.It has the highway performance of a 6 cylinder. Much fun was had passing “ordinary” cars,who then tried to catch-up [perhaps to see what the %$#@ it was that passed them?].
    Handling,brakes etc were excellent.A very solid,well-built un-ordinary car!
    [Deisel mechanic nojunkmale]

  • Rick

    I bought a 2.0 petrol Octavia a year ago and have been very happy with it! Great car! I drive between Sydney and Brisbane a couple of times a week for work and will be looking at buying a new Skoda probably towards the end of this year as I have already put 260000km on mine! And it never missed a bit. I’m a bit disappointed, however, about the uncertainty as to when will the Fabia be in Australia as I am looking at replacing my wife’s Yaris. The Fabia is a quality car. I rented one for a week when I was in Germany and found that it’s also a great little Autobahn muncher :-)

  • Michael

    Fabia 1.6 is now made by VW in Shanghai China, put to Market last December, priced 80,000-120,000 Chinese YUAN (briefly A$18000-A27000), hot here. The Shanghai VW is regarded as one of the best quality makers. Maybe, give the Oz importer a yell.

  • Michael

    I really hope to get one at such pricing back home.