• Alex

    Audi looks more utilitarian

  • Alexander

    I like it! i’d prefer it over a but GM/Ford/Dodge American truck/ute.

    • Ford Fairlane

      The Yanks build utes for working people,These are just show pony utes.

  • crouchy

    I actually think the rear is much better than some of the ‘pick ups’ ive seen on sale in the US

  • 3D4

    What is the car next to it in the garage?

    • AndyGF

      Volkswagen Touareg…

  • Nath746

    I don’t really think that any of them work properly – the ‘trays’ don’t fit the car, with the vertical rear window. With a bit of development though, I would go for the BMW unless I could have the Q7 with the V12TDI and a 6 speed Manual

  • Ford Fairlane

    The BMW looks better.

  • Jumbo

    Beemer looks better. But I think the ute style suits the Q7 a little better

    • Ford Fairlane

      Look at the proportion of the q7’s cabin to the body in pic 3,it looks unco.

  • David

    Poor cars.. Why didn’t they just buy an old Hilux and give the Q7 to me.. :-)

  • jack


  • Grunter

    time for a WRX Brumby

    • DGS

      if only.

      would be a bugger on primiums as not only would you have to contend with thieving little bastards, but also dumb assed patiotic bogans with overzealous loyalty to the two american brands built here.

      • chook

        Patriotic is the word…..unlike yourself !! . Maybe if you called germany home then you wouldnt need to import your audi or bmw !!. Your poor attitude to patriotic australians is a disgrace and if your care factor for this country is so low then you have no place here !!

  • Vince

    I’d buy an M3 Ute for sure.

  • Monk

    I like this trend. I feel I could add to it by chopping up a Camry… that’s all… just chop it up…

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Your thoughts intrigue me and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter

      • Monk

        Go back to your Prius, hippy!

        • Jober As A Sudge

          For a “Monk” you’re awfully lippy! Prius ute would be good though

  • Monk

    Gives those Greenies somewhere to load their horsedoo..